Yakuza: Like a Dragon Xbox Series X Hands-On Preview
We played Yakuza: Like a Dragon on Xbox Series X, and while we didn't find a very high "next-gen" factor, we did find a delightfully weird, self-aware JRPG that we're eager to play more of.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be released on November 10 for Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox One, and PS4.
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  • Tyler Barnes
    Tyler Barnes

    "18 minute cutscene!" *Yakuza hype intensifies*

  • Adrian MH
    Adrian MH

    Looks like a ps2 port

  • SW

    Yakuza is a great series. Every game is available on PS4 now either as remakes, remasters or directly made for it. I recommend starting from the bottom and going through from Yakuza 0 to 6

  • caio alvarenga
    caio alvarenga

    24 fps

  • PacketLost

    Why did he play the dub

    • Sharpie

      Because people wanted to see the dub

  • IT CodeX
    IT CodeX

    Damn I want it :DD .... seriously each of Yakuza games weren't serious :D. The story was entertaining and in depth :D that's the more cutscenes there are the better XDDDDD YAKUZAAAAA!!!

  • mira11

    So sega trying to make more fans out of the xbox community now right ? That's why they're more commercials for xbox than playstation. So kiryu > playstation Ichiban > xbox

  • FireKidSFFD

    Im gonna miss playing as Kiryu

  • SamDeFallenNumbers

    Why dod the combat change

    • Sharpie

      Its not that bad


    what about normal mode on series s !?!....i mean on the 4tflops 1440p 120fps console.

  • Shadowsim Architect
    Shadowsim Architect

    What's the frame?

  • IrritationPersonified

    When I first saw this as a launch title I though "Great, another soulless JRPG. ". How wrong I was to assume so...

  • Elias Nicolas Miranda
    Elias Nicolas Miranda

    This just looks...bad Sega abandoned Sonic as their milking franchise and now they are focusing on milking Yakuza

    • Sharpie

      Sega barley milked Yakuza wtf are u talking about

    • Jacob Perez
      Jacob Perez


  • Pelo Yane
    Pelo Yane

    Reminds me of Watchdogs on PS4. After lying to us with an amazing trailer... Well u know what happened next

  • Layra Vazquez
    Layra Vazquez

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Michael Brookes
    Michael Brookes

    Why would anyone wanna play this game could be 10k still would not give it the time of day


    can I play adult mini games thats all I need to know

  • Слава Лисянский
    Слава Лисянский

    Series X can't handle native 4K 60 fps in this game. Is it s bad optimization, or what?

  • Meme Roberts
    Meme Roberts

    I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥

  • trollfacepow

    Why the English voiceover tho 😭

    • Sharpie

      Because people wanted to see it

  • Pixel GeeK
    Pixel GeeK


  • pokeill1

    Yakuza in english. Bleh. It hurts my ears. Im not that kinda sub is better than dub guy but dayum its just weird to hear

  • AwesomeNick94

    I wouldn't call it a "proper Series X game" considering it was released a year ago in Japan

  • Gerrard Centeno
    Gerrard Centeno

    SO, Which is more funnier Yakuza 4, Saint Row 4, or gta 5?

  • Lazypoisonfl

    Please tell me I can switch to Japanese voice acting

    • Sharpie

      U can

  • Wilfred101

    I don’t don’t care what people say, this game looks fun and I can’t wait to play it! 🤩

  • Henry Holland
    Henry Holland

    0:59 I quit my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • gun datsun
    gun datsun

    Looks so much like Persona 5 in the world environments

  • kent gabucan
    kent gabucan

    this is so weird. will buy

  • Ozbully Morales
    Ozbully Morales

    Screensaver mode, or was it overwhelmed by the graphics and gameplay?

  • SneakerFetish420

    Looks last gen af

  • Jose Zamora
    Jose Zamora

    it looks great straight for a ps5 like the saga on ps4

  • Orion Pax
    Orion Pax

    voice acting makes me puke

  • Devin Forman
    Devin Forman

    Isn't this coming to Game pass?

  • sunnymadethat ,
    sunnymadethat ,

    i hope we can get the yakuza collection on xbox this game looks cool but not my cup of tea...

  • Feverroneous

    Just because a game releases after or at the same times as the new consoles doesn't mean they are next gen. This game came out a year ago in Japan.

  • MR Doom
    MR Doom

    somehow weird is called when you don't know what is going on.

  • Kohmelo

    Can't wait for Finnish release... oh wait.

  • Addison Cheddie
    Addison Cheddie

    Nobody plays jrpgs on xbox

  • Perfectly Sliced Egg
    Perfectly Sliced Egg

    1:53 It says *SEGA*

  • IKKIsama

    Wow you IGN facks had to spoil the game, smh.


    I'm happy for our Xbox fans but I still don't understand why the PS5 version is not until next year. I guess this will be my first PS4 game that I'll play on my PS5.

  • Simon Maduxx
    Simon Maduxx

    game is gonna rock, but ill be damned, this is a last gen through and through.

    • Largentina TM
      Largentina TM

      @Simon Maduxx Sorry I meant earlier this year, not last year. I played it in January 2020.

    • Simon Maduxx
      Simon Maduxx

      @Largentina TM um...its not out yet (O) ** here :P

    • Largentina TM
      Largentina TM

      Well, yeah, the game came out last year lol.

  • SHN SilentHillNetwork
    SHN SilentHillNetwork

    This is not nextgen

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis

    No wonder Microsoft waited all this time to show Series-X gameplay if this is what they have..lmao.

  • Atul Sangwan
    Atul Sangwan

    eww, english dub

  • Erroneous Botch
    Erroneous Botch

    Don't sleep on Yakuza 0 though.

  • Saif A.
    Saif A.

    lost me completely at turn based combat. Why on earth would they do that for a game like this?

  • HKgaming

    Ryan Mcaffery has never played a Yakuza game before despite three of the games being on gamepass and the titles reaching twitter meme status? Sounds about right 😒 Welcome to IGN guys

  • John Donovan
    John Donovan

    I know we all hate 2020 But I'm going to remember it as the year I discovered 3 (and hopefully 4) of my favorite games ever when yakuza started coming to Xbox. I was afraid max Scoville over hyped the series, turns out he may have undersold it. Thanks max and thanks gamepass

  • Zain Raad761
    Zain Raad761

    We just have to admit that this game doesn't represent the power of this console!

  • Dan Sawicki
    Dan Sawicki

    as if this franchise couldn't be any shittier

  • jay guthrie
    jay guthrie

    Yakuza has to be a series that knows what it is and knows how to be serious or goofy when 1 or the other is better

  • Tessou

    IGN: Yakuza is weird. Kiryu: "Hello chicken, your name will be... Nugget."

  • Arcade Area
    Arcade Area

    Once again Microsoft leaning towards 3rd party. This gen will be just like last gen.

  • Der Dude
    Der Dude

    PC and Playstation guy here....just want to say how awesome it is to see these games finally arriving on the xbox....play it...this franchise deserves more attention

  • Ak47

    18 minutes is piece of cake compare to the rest

  • youtub top
    youtub top

    اشتركولش في قناتي ولد بلادكم انشرلكم ما تريدون

  • Rob F
    Rob F

    I can’t get used to the English voice over.

  • Tetsu Hatano
    Tetsu Hatano

    “Here’s what I learned about yakuza so far, it’s weird” Really was his first yakuza game

    • Leo Degiovanni
      Leo Degiovanni

      tbh they're really amping the weirdness on this one

    • Plasma

      Yeah bro when I tried Zero on the game pass I wasn’t expecting this goofy game I thought it was a serious crime drama game, still fun tho

    • Christof Kessler
      Christof Kessler


    • Christof Kessler
      Christof Kessler


    • Christof Kessler
      Christof Kessler

      H 5

  • YoungAbel15

    Oh... Don't get me started on those cut scenes.

  • jared watts
    jared watts

    Started on yakuza 0 on xbox now palying yakuza 5 remasterd as haruka as a pop idol lol on ps4 excited to go back and finish 6 with alot more understanding of the backstory leading up to it

  • Ray T
    Ray T

    Playing yakuza 3 remastered right now and I feel ya on the 20 minute cutscene. Always been a problem for me with this series. Blah blah blah, so. much. dialogue.

  • Big_Galch

    So far, Dirt 5 and yakuza both with underwhelming "next gen" graphics.

    • EJS

      Underwhelming if you are a casual who only consume IGN's content.

    • sleasy01

      What do you expect from dirt and yakuza. You won't see next gen graphics until something like Forza or hellblade. Or maybe resident evil. Or NBA 2k. Some devs don't aim for realism

  • Baroth

    For the first time I’m jealous of Xbox users. This game looks awesome and I really like the combat

    • Doom Slayer 47
      Doom Slayer 47

      @Baroth I want my cookie!

    • Baroth

      Doom Slayer 47 ?

    • Doom Slayer 47
      Doom Slayer 47

      @Baroth ALWAYS

    • JPgamerTV

      @Baroth True.

    • Baroth

      Doom Slayer 47 you want a cookie?

  • Im Famished
    Im Famished

    Pretty stoked for this and turned based being added is a breath of fresh air for this series, Yakuza + Persona= a really great fookin time!!

  • JT

    I love the yakuza series but I hate turn based combat 😭😭😭 Wish it was the original combat system from previous games might end up not getting it because of the combat

  • Rishav Nath
    Rishav Nath

    I thought Xbox players only play American overrated shooting games like halo etc etc ..

    • Rishav Nath
      Rishav Nath

      @Nyiko Maswanganyi yeah Japan is the only country in Asia . For u maybe

    • Nyiko Maswanganyi
      Nyiko Maswanganyi

      @Rishav Nath Xbox series X sold out in Japan. It's most likely not dead in Asia.

    • JPgamerTV

      Not all of them. A lot though.

    • Doom Slayer 47
      Doom Slayer 47

      @Rishav Nath It's all about personal preferences.

    • Rishav Nath
      Rishav Nath

      @Doom Slayer 47 that's why Xbox is still alive in America , here in Asia Xbox is almost dead because lack of Asian games . It's hard to find Xbox games here anymore . Only playstation pc and Nintendo is famous here ..

  • LegalizeSpaceWeed2020


  • clefCity

    It is a legitmate requirement to have an annoying voice in order to work for IGN

  • Layra Vazquez
    Layra Vazquez

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  • Joojood

    The only reason I don't play japanese story based games cuz of the looooong cutscenes, I mean if they're hollywood like cutscenes ok but nah, they're just cringey anime style dunno wut they're called. Pls don't hate me :(.

    • Joojood

      @Largentina TM my mind is wide open bro it's just that japanese culture and anime stuff are not my thing and I don't think it'll ever be, I'm just skipping cutscenes and enjoying the game.

    • Largentina TM
      Largentina TM

      It's because you're used to american films and culture. Open your mind a little bit. Theres more to art than the art made in a single country.

  • Muzi Tshabalala
    Muzi Tshabalala

    I thought this was Japanese only

  • DirtyButler

    Who plays Yakuza in English. Its so dumb

  • Zero

    Oh boy. If he's the one doing the official review then a review from somebody who's never played a Yakuza game before should be... interesting lol.

  • glitch

    When will I be able to play as badass Lady in this game 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anthony Mark
    Anthony Mark

    Lost me after turn base 🤣😂

  • TimeToGG

    Region lock in 2020? wtf sega.

  • daniel j
    daniel j

    Yakuza is weird in general but that's why I like it 😊

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    Those textures. Jeez what's the point of upgrading?

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    This is next gen? I cant tell at all.

    • Majin Myron
      Majin Myron

      Yakuza 6 looks better than this

  • Raphy Martinez
    Raphy Martinez

    Next gen is making me sad

  • James M
    James M

    Is the DUB going to be in the game on day one?

  • HairlessApe

    The way he says yakuza makes me angry

  • ThisguyQuake


  • Misio Puchatek
    Misio Puchatek

    Been there, done that... In Yakuza games not the graphics is important. The story, however crazy and twisted it is, is the main reason to play.

  • SterlingK Art
    SterlingK Art

    Whats funny is that this game has been out for a year in Japan and ive seen gameplay and avoided all the spoilers.... Only thing that bothers me is seeing the English Dub, but i cant wait to play this on PS4 babyyy

  • Shumunya Cho
    Shumunya Cho

    Having played yakuza 1 on the PS2 Slim in 2007, Yakuza 3 & 4 on the PS3 Slim between 2011 to 2012 & Yakuza Kiwami 1 & 2 ( Yakuza 1 & Yakuza 2 Remake ) on the OG PS4, I'm quite accustom to the weirdness that unfolds in this magnificent franchise.

  • Markus Wijayaratne
    Markus Wijayaratne

    Ngl I was a little dissappointed when I found out this was turn based instead of original combat form. Still gonna buy this game tho cus its Yakuza :P

  • Ian Cruz
    Ian Cruz

    The four gameplay looks interesting.

  • Holle Bolle
    Holle Bolle

    Looks like a well made 360 title

  • Xavier

    Where is the next-gen lol.....current gen can run this the same way

    • Xavier

      @Macguyver Gaming well, if you have a pc anyway, no point buying an xbox...

    • Macguyver Gaming
      Macguyver Gaming

      I know right.. it runs at 30fps on 4k. Im thankful i didnt pre order anything yet. Im waiting to see how it all pans out over the next year.

  • CrimsonFlame

    Idk why people are complaining about the graphics? This came out on ps4 last year and it still looks great, the dragon engine is incredible. The turn based combat system though is something I'm not liking..don't get me wrong i love turn based rpg's but not in a yakuza title.

    • TerrorBillyDanny

      Same. Probably won't be buying this.

  • i paint houses
    i paint houses

    Always liked the yakuza serie ( stories ) . But Im afraid that the yakuza i knew , isnt no more. And i dont know what to think of turn based combat either. And is it me , did judgement looked better than this ?

  • kaholee

    keep on playing , the story in touching!

  • YurXire

    I finished playing Yakuza Zero and Yakuza Niwami 2 months ago on Game Pass and I am now a Yakuza fanboy.

    • YurXire

      @ALI M.ALI Nice

    • YurXire

      @ALI M.ALI I know

    • ALI M.ALI
      ALI M.ALI

      Kiwami 2 is now on game pass

  • Chinese communist party
    Chinese communist party

    Put the Japanese voice over back in )::

  • gamerdeel

    From a beat em up to turn based not for me


    3:32 Ryan: The world looks crisp and clean... Taxi Driver: Has seizure in car

    • Md Shariful Islam
      Md Shariful Islam

      Crisp and Clean Seizure in Car

    • Anarchy And Empires
      Anarchy And Empires

      What haven't you ever been to japan, AKA the seizure capital of the world? Look at him he's clearly watching pokemon on his phone while driving.

  • Konstantin T
    Konstantin T

    Looks like crap.

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