G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout - Official Launch Trailer
Play as both Team Joe and Team Cobra in this team-based third-person shooter, available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

In G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout, play as 12 playable characters including Duke, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, Destro, Roadblock, Storm Shadow and more in this game which features over 17 campaign missions featuring locations like the U.S.S. Flagg and Cobra Headquarters, and more.

  • Chadd Franklin
    Chadd Franklin

    How much is it?

  • RetroPCGamer

    "Based on Hasbro's legendary franchise". Uh... Transformers would like to have word with you.

  • Socially Responsible Xenomorph
    Socially Responsible Xenomorph

    As awful as this game is, given they gave us other wonderful titles such as "Big Rigs Racing" the fact this is even functional is astounding.

  • dat_guy is nutz
    dat_guy is nutz

    They could've just made a stealth game with snake eyes

  • CheloVC

    Didnt knew Devs still making games for PS3...

  • docreg

    No uzi on destro? No armalite? Looks like an expensive fortnite skin. No GIJoe here

  • Gus David
    Gus David

    You mean this isn't a mobile game?

  • Andrew Penny
    Andrew Penny

    Feels kinda like borderlands meets agents of mayhem brick is road black and snake eyes is zero.

  • GarranTana

    I hear the devs are great people who want to hear fans and upgrade the game thanks to the feedback.

  • Nick Hansen
    Nick Hansen

    Honestly looks aight. It’s based more so on the tv and toys instead of those edgy garbo movies. I’ll keep an eye on it, especially if they have combined arms gameplay.

  • crithon

    Paul Dini's wife voices Baroness.

  • Dwayne Pinto
    Dwayne Pinto


  • Chuck_2050

    Looks dumb af

  • Sumit Chand
    Sumit Chand

    Jai Shree Ram

  • Owari Netsu 熱
    Owari Netsu 熱

    This is sad

  • Grant Ross
    Grant Ross

    LOL whole time I was saying looks solid for a mobile game...and then I saw the available console screen. WAA WAA

  • Sir Duksalot
    Sir Duksalot

    What is this, a mobile game??

  • Chad Chadingson
    Chad Chadingson

    Crackdown but make it broke

  • The Sword Prince
    The Sword Prince

    Roadblock as a chef. And when The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, plays as Roadblock in the second movie of G.I.Joe... *THE ROCK IS COOKING!*

  • kreco002

    Feels like agents of mayhem. Which makes enough sense

  • R33SS

    Wish this was on PC.

  • NYCrazyRob

    No PC/Steam release?

  • Ryuken

    Another forgettable quick cash grab

  • Too Good Content Universe
    Too Good Content Universe

    I just watched this trailer to see which characters they haven't made as Classified figures. This looks bad.

  • Rahmell Brown
    Rahmell Brown

    Current gen consoles? Lmao

  • Alonso Quijano
    Alonso Quijano

    When you unfreeze your game from the early 2000's

  • Dunston Diaz
    Dunston Diaz

    Milking the same cow!

  • Gazi Nafi
    Gazi Nafi

    Shouldve made it something like a free to play game

  • Darkkasuga

    Fortnite and Overwatch... yeah not buying it I already own them both.

  • Gamer Gaming
    Gamer Gaming

    Wait this is a 2020 console game? lol

  • The Movie God
    The Movie God

    great game really enjoyed it.

  • Robyne Kelly
    Robyne Kelly

    This looks better than the Avengers game that released this year.

  • Boom Daddy Cool
    Boom Daddy Cool

    Honestly I seen the title and clicked but then when I started to watch I thought it was some new fortnite skins🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Sh4unify

    Hey look another avengers game update.

  • Md. Ehsanul Haque Kanan
    Md. Ehsanul Haque Kanan

    Rogue Company seems to be much better than this game.

  • apple account
    apple account

    Destro better be immune to headshots

  • So fine
    So fine

    I just got back my account thanks to @steve.watcher such an incredible hacker. Find him on Instgram 💯

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    Who wants a body mahsarjjjjj?

  • Al Aok
    Al Aok

    The lack of effort is strong in this

  • Uncle Gahvage
    Uncle Gahvage

    No Sgt Slaughter?

  • Yeo Edwin
    Yeo Edwin

    If this game can rival Battlefield series.

  • John Feliciano
    John Feliciano

    No online multiplayer they lied

  • Aza

    2020 and people are still skipping out on PC versions?

  • Jazzrel De guzman
    Jazzrel De guzman

    Angry Joe and OJ should be DLC characters in this game 🤣 I'd buy that for a dollar 🤣

  • yashi.

    joe mama

  • Nazrul Hady
    Nazrul Hady

    Look like overwatch, but play as Joe's or Cobra' instead.

  • Unknown Valor
    Unknown Valor

    I'm more excited about the pending Angry Joe review of this game. :grabs popcorn:

  • THN

    Fortnite event

  • Sash Mishra
    Sash Mishra

    Ill be buying this!!!


    this is fortnite with guns having alternate fire mode

  • Umeriw Aeoket
    Umeriw Aeoket

    This looks like moded crack down 3


    This game is gonna be HORRIBLE



    • Random Name
      Random Name

      Thanks for letting us know the only reason I clicked on this video was to find out if you were gonna get it or not

  • George Stone
    George Stone

    What happened to the PC version?

  • Max Cooper
    Max Cooper

    1:02 Anyone else see Gypsy Danger?

  • Sultan Khoja
    Sultan Khoja

    It looks like fortnite and I hate it

  • Rugged _Chef
    Rugged _Chef

    🤨😐😑...if i can't play as either Storm Shadow or Snake Eyes...then i'm not interested.

  • Charlie Garcia
    Charlie Garcia

    Anyone else thought this looked like fortnite?

  • Perfect Enrager
    Perfect Enrager

    This trailer screams Fortnite.

  • mike korean
    mike korean

    it looks like a mobile game..

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero

    Hell no Snake Eyes always WIN!

  • Ovrlrd Unknown
    Ovrlrd Unknown


  • Mills Unpingco
    Mills Unpingco

    There’s like a whole army of diverse characters they can choose from and they still choose the same 5 from each side,

  • adedapo dacosta
    adedapo dacosta

    What crap is this. This could be a really great game. Like call of duty style. But no. Even Marvel vs capcom is better than this

  • Patrik

    Cobra Commander forever!

  • cyrus piranfar
    cyrus piranfar

    it looks like fortnite

  • Ahmad beik
    Ahmad beik

    Why does the animation have to look like that 😓

  • Piaz Gilang
    Piaz Gilang

    Made by Gameloft?

  • Qasim Malik
    Qasim Malik

    If it is like Overwatch but third person, then you have got me interested.

  • Raydenf1


  • The Holy Quran
    The Holy Quran

    ❤️Who wants to hear a voice that relaxes his heart and ends his worries, open my channel💝.

  • Harsh Pandya
    Harsh Pandya

    And I thought that's the third part 🙄


    I thought this was first person

  • alphaghoul

    So this is like a blood and goreless fps? Come to think of it I think it’s already a thing.

  • Zer0W1nZ

    Why does it look like Fortnite?

  • Alexei

    не ребята, хуета

  • Pif Paf
    Pif Paf

    Мультяшно детская хрень

  • spiltassasin

    new dlc for overwatch?

  • justruct

    This looks like garbage 😭😭💀 Issa no for me

  • War Child
    War Child


  • Ricky Law
    Ricky Law

    Reskins of Avengers game?

  • Jan Rikardsen
    Jan Rikardsen

    Graphics looks so bad!

  • Tomoya Toko
    Tomoya Toko

    Snake eyez

  • Shep Sheppard
    Shep Sheppard

    So this is a new mobile game?? Kinda looks like it

    • Cobra Commander
      Cobra Commander

      No its Nintendo switch, Ps4, and Xbox.

  • Wesley Ahearn
    Wesley Ahearn

    What i think they should if done instead is have you make your own character and rise through the ranks on either side.

  • Doules

    Put th arcade game out on digital

  • beep boop Beep
    beep boop Beep

    This is going to fail hard

  • D.jonson

    It took me like 40 seconds to realize that this was not a tie-in with fortnite

  • louwelljess calumpang
    louwelljess calumpang

    Nah fortnite's better 😂

  • SterlingK Art
    SterlingK Art

    Already looks better than Avengers

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla

    Why is it fornite graphics style

    • Andrew Manning
      Andrew Manning

      Because this game is meant to promote a newest toy line so it looks like fortnight because children play Fortnite and they want to introduce a new generation to these characters

  • Gamemania

    Borderlands meets Fortnite

  • Destructo X-6
    Destructo X-6

    Why it looks like a mobile game

  • DAVOS _04
    DAVOS _04

    Woooww another fortnite game jajaja


    I don't think it will suite in PC or Consoles except Switch, it will be more fun on Switch or Mobile.

  • Lorence Victoria
    Lorence Victoria

    fortnite looks better than this.

  • Vernon Hampton
    Vernon Hampton

    What Agents of MAYHEM should have been

  • Con Man
    Con Man

    Mild Blood Violence...😳🙁

  • unchartedrocks1

    Why does it look like Fortnite?????


    2 me it looks like old gen quality and low budget