Cyberpunk 2077: Keanu Reeves Helps Bring Motorcycles to Life in Night City
Keanu Reeves joined Arch Motors to help CD Projekt Red capture the sound and feel of motorcycles for Cyberpunk 2077's in-game rides.
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  • Jose Tan
    Jose Tan


  • TaSK

    I love how he's involved in this. He's not just a face in the game. He's passionate about these things.

  • Carolina Chavarria lopez
    Carolina Chavarria lopez

    nice nice motos keanu 😃😀😉🙂

  • That Guy Levi
    That Guy Levi

    Campervan, or ARCH Motorcycle...hmmm, decisions 🤔

  • Rohit Sinha
    Rohit Sinha

    This man is a whole new meaning of badass alright imma preorder it

  • GatecrasherSlim

    am i the only biker here who thinks the bike sounds absolutely shite in the game? :/ Hope they fix it. Not sure what was used in this vid

  • RaceRed5.0Stang

    Who's marketing who here? It looks like Keanu managed to get his motorcycle company involved in the game and CD Projekt Red just said w/e you say boss.

  • ItsReallyAGhost

    anyone know what the song at the end is ?

  • LuisMa Suárez Gutiérrez
    LuisMa Suárez Gutiérrez

    mean while EA : " slap another tshirt on messi and vamoos, fifa 2021"

  • Instrumental Underground
    Instrumental Underground

    I really hope the music is not related to in game music, i really wasn't impressed of Johnny Silverhand music theme with that Metal Rock music. KR still breathtaken!

  • Kathy Bobbs
    Kathy Bobbs

    One mean machine!!

  • Jesse Kohler
    Jesse Kohler

    Keanu's bikes cost an arm and leg. You can get one... In 2 lifecycles

  • Brett Mikey
    Brett Mikey

    Why are the streets deserted in the game

  • steelgabriel 009
    steelgabriel 009

    I never get tired of reading the comments in any video with Keanu in it. Lol. I just love seeing the love for this man

  • steelgabriel 009
    steelgabriel 009

    Keanu : I'm Keanu reeves Me: but... we already know you... Edit: forgot about the rest of the bad

  • Farhad

    CPR: what do you need? Keanu Reeves:, bikes, lots of bikes...

  • alienman

    Lol. U can tell mr. Reeves takes massive shits on his mechanics.

  • Nick

    Hopefully he's better with bikes than he is with acting.

  • Mortem’s Soul
    Mortem’s Soul

    Once there was an explosion.

  • Alvin REDDELTA
    Alvin REDDELTA

    his bike product was badass

  • Lone Rider
    Lone Rider

    I don't know... Riding vehicles still kinda looks off to me.

  • BlackoutZX

    He owns a motorcycle company? Wtf he's actually awesome, it's not just hype.

  • Dylan F
    Dylan F

    Bike will be my choice to get around town

  • ac3ZOrr

    I'm a simple man. I see Keaunu, I press like.

  • Valleyraven007

    Well forget that cool corpo car, going with the Keanu bike lol

  • Yoshi 187
    Yoshi 187

    Glad to see his motorcycle brand being the basis for the motorcycle vehicles in the game. Those babies are hella kewl

  • Aditya Soni
    Aditya Soni

    vortex from gta5

  • Cory V
    Cory V

    In other words he gets to promote his bikes.

  • Umbra Lux
    Umbra Lux

    Keanu Reeves is so wholesome. He's probably a beast in bed.

  • JpmestraoPSN

    that hat gives him a long head xD

  • Fatih Demirci
    Fatih Demirci

    My V will only ride this nice bikes

  • Tim2049

    Keanu, edgy gang culture, nudity....i think this game may just be a little too cool for me. At least we'll always have the mature, thoughtful Witcher 3.

  • Ashutosh Joshi
    Ashutosh Joshi



    does anyone has major deja vu from this?

  • Józef Bem
    Józef Bem

    I can't wait to hear the *cling* of engaging the 1st gear.

  • Abubakar Asif
    Abubakar Asif

    Me sees cyberpunk's trailer: Nah! Also me if there's keeanu reaves in the trailer:"This is what i came for"


    i really like shooters but mostly buying this game cuz like keannu is in it which is really cool.

  • Opal Star
    Opal Star

    Traditional ICE engine sounds are cool and all, but I hope in Cyberpunk 2077 I hope there are engine or motor sounds that are similar to the Porsche Tycan sound, or the futuristic race cars in Cars 3.

  • Jolie Warren
    Jolie Warren

    I want one....pppplease.

  • Austin Hill
    Austin Hill

    It's 2077 and we still use gas powered vehicles?

  • 10 pea em
    10 pea em

    You hear that? The Redditors are coming...

  • Alex

    Keanu Reeves looks like Professor Severus Snape


    Don't mind me just taking the week of November 19th off because i have covid🙄

  • Denis

    Well I can't afford one in real life, so I'll definitely have one in the game 😁😁

  • Franku Doge
    Franku Doge

    It's a pitty a basic Honda will leave it for dead.

  • elnubnub

    the thing is forced

  • justin tabernacki
    justin tabernacki

    I could easily do that. Hire me

  • Rene

    This game is going to sell so damn well, even the digital downloads will be out of stock for months.

  • mike gorden
    mike gorden

    lol are they ever gonna drop this game??

  • Filterdissman

    So you’re saying that if I ride this motor cycle I get to be like Keanu Reeves

  • Navaneeth N
    Navaneeth N

    I think Keanu should also introduce "the pencil" in Cyberpunk 2077 as a weapon of mass destruction

  • Vivek R Serleena
    Vivek R Serleena

    you know so far im not sold on cyberpunk 2077, but that bike might change that

  • T K
    T K

    So this is why it was the game was delayed....

  • Tushar Rajvanshi
    Tushar Rajvanshi

    Lmaooo ngl, from the thumbnail it looked like Keanu Reeves is ash from Pokémon ahahahahaha

  • google must_die
    google must_die

    Wait I thought the game was first person. Do you get to view it in third person when using vehicles?

  • Albert James
    Albert James

    Give this man Ghost Rider already !!!!

  • Bensen

    either this will be the most revolutionary game of this generation. Or the biggest flop, i can't handle anymore flops.

  • Muhammad Bilal Soorty
    Muhammad Bilal Soorty

    whats the name f the song at the end?

  • banana man
    banana man

    I wonder what would be going in if Keanu wasn't in the game

  • kenn gibson
    kenn gibson

    He's not joining Arch Motorcycles. It's his company he founded it.

  • Cosmic Blunder
    Cosmic Blunder

    He's so likable

  • Alexzandria Lyle
    Alexzandria Lyle

    thomas rhett

  • K13

    ok, now i understand why keanu ist in the game. thats part of the deal between CD project and Arch.

  • James Dixon
    James Dixon

    Coolest man on earth

  • Swarles Barkley
    Swarles Barkley

    Funny because ARCH motorbikes look like they're out of a cyberpunk universe

  • Benjamin Ashor
    Benjamin Ashor

    “but the source will be pure” Me: rewind

  • smokey smoke
    smokey smoke

    So when are you gonna show the character customization?

  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams

    I cannot wait to play that game!

  • Clark John
    Clark John

    At first I thought I was the only one who wondered why Keanu introduced himself. Found out I'm not the only one asking the same question.

  • Alcatraz

    this game is on another level

  • Lori Bohannon
    Lori Bohannon

    I Love the cyberpunk and Keanu your awesome and thorough in all u do.take care ❤

  • Sinister_Vulcan Games
    Sinister_Vulcan Games

    Just breathetaking

  • renslo689

    at 3:19 front wheel not moving haha

  • MistySpider

    This is my first time liking a ign video but it’s only for Keanu

  • SSJNoctis

    I think Keanu Reeves needs his own Whiskey.

    • Joseph Greenhorn
      Joseph Greenhorn

      @SSJNoctis his own car brand? gun brand? PERFUME? (or is that too creepy?) plush toys? just spitballing

    • SSJNoctis

      @Joseph Greenhorn agreed, name a few?

    • Joseph Greenhorn
      Joseph Greenhorn

      hmmm i think OTHER products should have his name slapped on it than just liquor

  • Glaster Wall
    Glaster Wall

    Welp I guess I know what motorcycle I’m gonna drive in Cyberpunk

  • K B
    K B

    1:36 :|

  • Art of Work Webhosting & Design GmbH
    Art of Work Webhosting & Design GmbH

    They know how to make it. Take them as an idol or mentor 🏍️

  • Messias Alves
    Messias Alves

    But can we play as johnny silverhand to complete the cycle?

  • MezzOps

    I never knew Charlie White was in Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Torgfried Nilzram
    Torgfried Nilzram

    Jeeeez I love the hole cyberpunk 2077 project ❤

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname

    Can't beat a game that has motorcycles voiced by Keanu Reeves.

  • Post Concussion Gaming
    Post Concussion Gaming

    Not sure yet on the game but if I do buy it's just to see Keanu Reeves in a game and ride his bike. It's one thing to have Reeves in a game but how honorable to know your bike will be in it as well.

  • Will de Jong
    Will de Jong

    Come on IGN. What's with the description? Keanu did not join Arch Motors to hype the game. Keanu co-founded ARCH.

    • Nexus Wolf
      Nexus Wolf

      @Will de Jong Yeah, bad word choice but you might be the only person to read INlabel descriptions to be fair lol

    • Will de Jong
      Will de Jong

      @Nexus Wolf It should have been something like “Keanu and Gard of ARCH Motorcycles work with CDPR ...”. As it is it makes it seem that Keanu had no prior relationship with a company he actually co-founded.

    • Nexus Wolf
      Nexus Wolf

      They mean it more like Keanu Reeves and Arch motorcycles help CDPR with motorcycles together rather than Keanu became a member Arch.

  • Paulmadafaka02



    Reasons to buy Cyberpunk 2077: - Keanu Reeves.

  • Darlin Vega
    Darlin Vega

    El Suanfonson

  • Ryan Rix
    Ryan Rix

    Gorgeous bike. Their best looking Arch motorcycle by far! *the one they were using for sound

  • Siddharth Yadav
    Siddharth Yadav

    Keanu saying “Iam Keaaanuu Reeves” is just what makes Keanu so breathtaking 💯🍻

  • Reazonn729

    Can you just release the game now

    • Reazonn729

      Or could I be a beta tester

  • Ravenant

    The way Hollinger looked at Reeves at 0:52 when they were describing their company made it sound like they didn't actuallu know what their company did.

    • Ravenant

      @Will de Jong I'm sure they do. I just thought the moment at 0:52 when they both look at eachother and stutter was kind of funny.

    • Will de Jong
      Will de Jong

      Nah. Gard and Keanu both know their company inside out. And Gard knows it the best. I think Gard is just used to letting Keanu be the face of the company.

  • Nicholas Bevan
    Nicholas Bevan

    Yeah.. /-Real guy Thought they were extinct`?

  • Mr7omah4wk

    They had me at "Keanu Reeves"

  • P F
    P F

    YEESSSS that American VTwin sound in a cyberpunk video game :D Take my money Keanu. You just named all my favorite things.

  • OrionFox

    I love him

  • Bence Gál
    Bence Gál

    “And I thought that was a very fine idea” BIRDMAN HANDS RUBBING TOGETHER

  • KableFI

    All the trophies this game will win while all the urinalists crying their eyes out

  • Sam Joke
    Sam Joke

    Why i think the man was robert dawony jr

  • Funkmeister

    2:47 Keanu Revs