Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 12 Minutes of Minecraft Steve Gameplay
Minecraft Steve is unlike any character Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has seen yet. Check out what he can do in 12 minutes of gameplay featuring Steve, Alex, and Enderman.
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  • sejie zapanta
    sejie zapanta

    where can i get the nsp update pack :)


    minecraft pvp

  • Pabszito

    this is the strangest thing i've seen on my life

  • Doom Imposter
    Doom Imposter

    Idk why but it so sastisfying

  • Lemon Zest
    Lemon Zest

    They missed the opportunity to make the characters make the "tick" sound and turn red when they get damaged.

  • Stuart Doperalski
    Stuart Doperalski

    Didn’t like the creeper

  • Manly Astronaut
    Manly Astronaut

    steve looks kinda strong tbh

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson

    Sonichu would have fit better to be honest. What's next, fortnite guy?

  • RegentDragon650

    Steve is honestly a Boss character as he is soooo over powered!

  • Diaboros Yuzuha
    Diaboros Yuzuha

    You know what I more think of Steve's animation and model? Trouble Bruin from Dynamite Headdy.

  • Raffi Molero
    Raffi Molero

    1:56 *crafts diamonds* *dies*

  • ProfessorPotat0

    this isn't actually a joke are you kidding me

  • mellisa lisa
    mellisa lisa

    Wow, that Creeper is cool! It's look like an elite class of Creeper!

  • Galactic_ClashX

    Steve looks over powered af

  • kevy

    he looks balanced.

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez

    Is it me or can Steve lock his enemy up in very long combos with relative ease? Although the incineroar did not seem to know how to defend itself much

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez

    I love this so much

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore

    Man Steve is just super Unga bunga.

  • Xefros Brown
    Xefros Brown

    this doesnt feel real

  • Mr OwOs
    Mr OwOs

    9:47 Steve: Finally a worthy challenger, our battle will be legendary Creeper: Oh, so you're approaching me?

  • Jahiem Holder
    Jahiem Holder

    Steve is just to op

  • Southern Mercy
    Southern Mercy

    This is a ridiculous move on Nintendo's part.

  • Caleb Comet
    Caleb Comet

    it's obvious that whoever is playing incenerboi doesnt usually play that character. at least, not against whoevers playing steve

  • jaytheman04

    We need Goku next

  • The Nightmare
    The Nightmare

    3:38 - LOL I love how they both spawn and immediately start mining and crafting to get the diamond. 😂

    • TheDrunkenSlayer

      That’s practically the Steve meta, get the opportunity to mine for a bit, then when you get the chance craft the diamond and 3 stock your opponent. And in Steve duels it’s a battle of wits to see who uses that “diamond” opportunity to use it.

  • Flame Vell
    Flame Vell

    Someone make a Steve is op montage

  • Duff Man187
    Duff Man187

    Idc what people say,this will be the best game ever by time the dlc is done

  • Spinz Fn
    Spinz Fn

    Now this... this is power

    • Niko

      And this is to even further beyond

  • Necos

    Damn, mitch is a gamer!!

  • Majora Ren :3
    Majora Ren :3

    that outro is super fire, steve to ign

  • Retr0

    I don't know why but Steve looks kinda overpowered...

  • Ken Brando
    Ken Brando

    When you kill Steve’s dog:

  • Elijah Mcbroom
    Elijah Mcbroom

    0:42 hahahaha just like sakuri told us how to use it

  • Fire_Gamer Br
    Fire_Gamer Br

    Playing Smash with any character: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Playing Smash with Steve: SUPER SKYWARS ULTIMATE

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
    r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    If you can master Steve, you’ll be one hell of a force to be reckoned with.

  • Wahyu Darma
    Wahyu Darma

    I want to see Etika reaction 😭

  • NaMbow

    tf this creeper

  • Cococrash11

    Awesome Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Minecraft Video.

  • R.O.T.C SEEM
    R.O.T.C SEEM

    They move like something you get out of a trophy

  • ARMS Study Lab [Tips & Tournaments]
    ARMS Study Lab [Tips & Tournaments]

    So far, this character seems pretty... well-Crafted.

    • Braulio Israel Islas Torres
      Braulio Israel Islas Torres

      I think that’s a very.... Blocky Situation...

    • Josh Lara
      Josh Lara

      Crash for Smash! ✊🏿 ✊🏿 ✊🏿

  • TrewerX

    damn so op @Dream pls play as steve on super smash bros ultimate

  • Mr. Anonymous Gamer
    Mr. Anonymous Gamer

    What happened to the building ability?

  • phexitol

    I didn't think the Switch had enough dedotated wam to run this.

    • Dairy

      *wun dis

  • Nook n crannie
    Nook n crannie

    great video bro, Keep up the great content!


    We have steve in minecraft so where my KNACK bae

  • Kari kora
    Kari kora


  • jksanrio

    Mitch left IGN so long ago. Why is everyone still using his account lol

    • JurassicRabbit

      Are you talking about Mitch Dyer? Different Mitch

  • Habiyeru

    I can't get over this. It feels like one of those really well made fan animations.

  • john Snow
    john Snow

    I think the tnt is uhmmm...nvm hshsh

  • pro zen
    pro zen

    It looks so neat

  • Succ Boah
    Succ Boah

    Everybody be Gangster till the Steve mains be typing out: /Kill @e

  • Cuzzer55

    So DMC Dante is next? 🤔

  • Rebelmode -16
    Rebelmode -16

    I thought that this was a joke🤣

  • osyrys official
    osyrys official

    Steve does not belong in Smash. He's not a nintendo character or known for Nintendo even like banjo

    • YoBoiColin

      But it’s great to have third party characters, having them makes the reveals more exiting

  • aBueLiTa OpeN The DoOr
    aBueLiTa OpeN The DoOr

    9:47 Creeper and Steve Creeper aww man

  • Yenooc

    When it commin out

    • Jamie15211_Comments

      It’s already out

  • Noodle Kujo
    Noodle Kujo

    But can he defeat Goku?

    • DANB

      Yes he can

  • hecklefruit

    *eye of the spider*

  • TheDubstepBeast

    Looking at the movements it just looks like a third person perspective of dreams videos


    Wtf is this timeline

  • Emerald Knight
    Emerald Knight

    Steve is OP!

  • Browncheeze

    Wut I thought this was just some advanced keyframing some guy made a video about lol

  • ICE

    This is POGGERS lol

  • m mib
    m mib

    This feels so off

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett

    So demented yet so casual

  • Jesus Ayon
    Jesus Ayon

    I can't believe I fought this guy He was mario and I was Zombie/steve Gg

    • Raijen Agbunag
      Raijen Agbunag


    • JurassicRabbit


  • Hikari Sakai
    Hikari Sakai

    I like how they implemented crafting into the fighting, that's creative af lol

    • Rob Mike Huck
      Rob Mike Huck

      nice pun

    • Mike Duque
      Mike Duque

      No it’s survival

    • Bullman

      Ha, creative

  • Marcus Wright
    Marcus Wright

    Dumbest thing I have seen all day

    • Niko

      Did you look in the mirror?

    • Llamada sin respuesta
      Llamada sin respuesta

      Well, you are here...

  • Ben Klein
    Ben Klein

    I’ve never seen someone grabbed and thrown so much since my brother lost my Moms IPhone at the mall.

    • MegaNoobyOfThePIEZZZ



    Alright, now I wanna see Scout, Heavy, and Soldier from Team Fortress 2 in Smash. Nintendo, please make it happen.

    • Samarth Gour
      Samarth Gour

      Is tf2 or tfc on the switch ?

  • Nick Hall
    Nick Hall

    The Minecraft moves look badass!

  • Mateus Madureira Dias
    Mateus Madureira Dias

    I wanted mojang to do these animations in Minecraft

    • DirtyDirtsGT

      It's very lifeless tbh His get up roll is so weirddd

  • Nick Hall
    Nick Hall

    Steve is that dood!!

  • Connery Milne
    Connery Milne

    This will never not look like someone made a joke mod

    • DizzyStosh

      Hahaha true

    • Sun


    • K1rby

      Actually the more you look at it the more it starts to look natural

  • megamanjim12093

    He is more broken Than hero.

    • ThatBlackNerd

      Hero isn't really broken, he can easily be countered by characters with better mobility and aerials

  • Toad Jones
    Toad Jones

    Between Simon Belmont, Kriby or Steve Minecraft, I dunno who the biggest Christian is...

    • AZPlayz

      @Josh Lara would you shut up kid

    • Enmanuel Canabal
      Enmanuel Canabal

      @Derek Handson lmao that is true, simon wins

    • Josh Lara
      Josh Lara

      Crash for Smash! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

    • Derek Handson
      Derek Handson

      Steve practices magic and necromancy so IDK if he counts as Christian lol.

    • Toad Jones
      Toad Jones

      @Chris Barrera I think you should watch the Kirby Lore playlist on Terminalmontage's INlabel Channel

  • Zombiesatejack

    we will *never* know how steve is feeling. he is completely unreadable because he doesn't show any signs that he feels pain.

    • Muhammed Asghar
      Muhammed Asghar

      I guess he's a stone-cold killer.

  • Angry Dinosaur
    Angry Dinosaur

    Looks like a high skill ceiling character

    • Niko


  • vrueda1094

    I still can't believe that this isn't a mod

    • DirtyDirtsGT

      @Backup Khan the animations look very fan made

    • Backup Khan
      Backup Khan

      Ikr. It doesn't even look real.

  • Crft hero
    Crft hero

    Etika would have loved this

    • Your alt Account
      Your alt Account

      Really had to make me sad now

    • Josh Lara
      Josh Lara

      Crash for Smash! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

    • Wahyu Darma
      Wahyu Darma

      I want to see his reaction 😭

    • Almighty Dreadhead
      Almighty Dreadhead

      🕊🕊🕊 fly high

  • tyshawn fertil
    tyshawn fertil

    Don’t worry the “NERF STEVE” complaints will happen soon

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep

    this feels.... *cursed* to watch

  • PurpleBrand

    still looks fake

  • garudafalcon

    So many jukes in that Capt. Falcon match

  • Tazerboy10

    I feel like I am not *CRAFTY* enough to play as Steve though this *MINE BREAKING* to watch... (I thought the other character/fighter was a CPU...)

  • ImJackos

    Worst smash character ever

    • YoBoiColin

      Stop being so toxic

    • Niko


    • ImJackos

      @Piet Jan yes because it's op it's always fun to play an op character

    • Tomoko

      I think Byleth and MinMin where the worst I mean at least Minecraft Steve is actually fun to play.

    • ImJackos

      Why ?

  • ErenPlayz Gamez
    ErenPlayz Gamez

    Wait till steve goes on creative mode

    • iam made out of star stuff
      iam made out of star stuff

      @Josh Lara stop spamming

    • Josh Lara
      Josh Lara

      Crash for Smash! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

    • DialingDock2

      If only

  • Elijah Aponte
    Elijah Aponte

    Lol steve really got a moveset😂😂😂😂

  • Aneel Ahuja
    Aneel Ahuja

    1:57 timed w the music

    • The Guitarist
      The Guitarist

      Obstacle course - yoshis island

    • nunya

      @The Guitaristwrong one I mean 3:55

    • The Guitarist
      The Guitarist

      Gourmet race

    • nunya

      What's this music track called. Anybody know?

  • C L I P Z
    C L I P Z

    I’m getting him

  • Jex Lorin
    Jex Lorin

    Steve looks kinda OP

    • K1rby

      @stan standerson He’s weak against rush down characters. Force him on the defensive constantly and he’s done

    • stan standerson
      stan standerson

      @Derek Handson but that frame data tho oh lord

    • Derek Handson
      Derek Handson

      He's definably a person that can be vulnerable though since it takes resources and time to power up.

  • Kannix Mononoke
    Kannix Mononoke

    Most character Models have pain reaction models... Minecraft characters are like... Yeah I'm up here... didn't hurt tho.. lol

    • Galactic_ClashX

      @John you mean the OOF

    • Jhosfab 19
      Jhosfab 19

      @Josh Lara stop spamming in every comment dude, not cool

    • Oh Canada
      Oh Canada

      Swing him get caught in a smash is hilarious because he just sorta doesn't react

    • The cool USDM9
      The cool USDM9

      I wanna like but it's at 69

    • Josh Lara
      Josh Lara

      Crash for Smash! ✊🏿 ✊🏿 ✊🏿

  • Gamer Dan
    Gamer Dan

    It's a wonder they didn't make it to where you lose your items in your taskbar when you lose a life. It would make sense since it happens in the actual Minecraft game(s)

  • TH Cool
    TH Cool

    I wish they made the oof sound when they’re hit

    • Elliottallen

      @SuperStarOof 123 well Roblox is as much as an Ooh as much as minecraft is then because I hear no F sound in roblox either

    • Chibi

      @Elliottallen Depends on the context really. 'Ugh' for example is a similar sound. Due to them not being actual words they're just phonetic spellings of the sound people make with their vocal cords where the 'g' sound can be heard. Also 'gh' can really make whatever sound it wants in English with words like 'cough', 'though' and 'ghoul'.

    • SuperStarOof 123
      SuperStarOof 123

      Actually, i used to play minecraft back then and the sound was an ooh not an oof

    • Backup Khan
      Backup Khan

      Okay guys but the classic sound they made was not an "oof" sound.

    • Elliottallen

      @Big Grandma oof is a commonly used word to describe the sound someone makes when they are hurt. If I’m describing the sound Minecraft steve makes when he takes damage I’m going to say he makes an oof not a goddamn oogle. Wtf is an oogle.

  • Becerra

    Smash Ray tracing confirmed 😱😱

    • Potato Tablet
      Potato Tablet

      Nah. It's just regular screenspace reflections that's been in use for decades now.

  • ralph

    If you're reading this then you can read

    • iam made out of star stuff
      iam made out of star stuff

      @Josh Lara stop

    • IsraelIsReal 27
      IsraelIsReal 27

      It’s at a stack of likes

    • Nicolas Hinds
      Nicolas Hinds

      I have never felt so accomplished in my life

    • Fanta O’Range
      Fanta O’Range

      Thanks Ralph

    • Cheng Bryan
      Cheng Bryan

      Ah yes and the floor is made of floor

  • Curri189

    This will never look not fake but I guess that's what makes it great

    • lego flashverse legend of spongebob morrow
      lego flashverse legend of spongebob morrow

      @Alex’s Food Review ultra shaggy next

    • Josh Lara
      Josh Lara

      Crash for Smash! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

    • JustLemres

      That was their point. It looks so fake despite being real which is why it's great.

    • Alex’s Food Review
      Alex’s Food Review

      ??? It’s real

  • Tara Rodriguez
    Tara Rodriguez


  • Venomous Thunder
    Venomous Thunder

    The blocking ability should’ve been a minecraft shield but this is still really cool

    • Nucleor

      It is if you perfect shield.

    • Aneel Ahuja
      Aneel Ahuja

      When he perfect shields

    • B. Knowlton
      B. Knowlton

      I think it is if timed just right with a hit

  • Tyler Regalado
    Tyler Regalado

    He sticks out like a sore thumb tbh

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