Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2020 - Official Trailer
Check out the trailer for Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2020 seasonal event which is available now and ends on November 3, 2020.

Earn new cosmetics and take on a new version of Junkenstein's Revenge in this seasonal event.
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  • vasalem

    blizzard murdered the starcraft shooter for this crap, and they don't even bother to do much with it. blizzard is a cementery of potential.

    • Monkey D. Lex
      Monkey D. Lex

      So we just gonna forget they’re making overwatch 2? Lmao

  • jordan davidson
    jordan davidson

    I see a werewolf skin has finally been added but on the wrong character, no matter I'll still play the game.

    • Nobody

      @jordan davidson oh i see, fair enough. Thnks for the details.

    • jordan davidson
      jordan davidson

      @Nobody Every time this event starts fans of the game have been begging and begging for a werewolf skin for Jesse for decades but it never came true disappointing a lot of people, the only thing close to werewolf McCree in game was a conversation between Zenyatta and Jesse which was released in one of the previous Halloween Terror events but that's it. This year I figured Blizzard would finally give them what they want so they could stop asking for one boy was I wrong instead they gave it to Winston but I'm not complaining there's still fanart, fanfics, and tumblr posts that would have something Werewolf Jesse McCree related.

    • Nobody

      Who should have been the werewolf??

  • Logan _
    Logan _

    you should’ve picked mercy

  • Proxy Payload
    Proxy Payload

    Yet Warframe brings out more stuff for free.

  • Zero

    wait this game isn't dead??

  • nasser khalid
    nasser khalid

    No new map design for Halloween, tf are these designers even doing

  • Terminator Bob
    Terminator Bob

    Is it me or do I feel like the game will have flashing lights

  • Bien Asa
    Bien Asa

    Overwatch: It's still the same event, but with more skins and challenges!! TF2: 2 dead brothers ordering their mercs to send either of them to hell....

  • Humans are trash Corona do your thing
    Humans are trash Corona do your thing

    I haven't played this game in a year, idk why they're doing a sequel.

  • The Intellectual
    The Intellectual

    'That's cute' Scream fortress .

  • Just Some Pony With a Mustache
    Just Some Pony With a Mustache

    Scream Fortress 2020 beat you by about a week

  • Luke The Babe
    Luke The Babe

    People still play this?

  • Ryuko Matoi
    Ryuko Matoi

    I NEEEED that Echo skin

  • ThatoneStormtrooper

    Literally this whole comment section is *dead game* why watch the trailer if u don't like the game

    • Ryza

      @yubel_uchiha Stabilizing and dead is completely different just because you and your friends stop playing it doesn't mean it's dead. It's still popular in Korea and it won't be dead until it's dead there as well in America which it isn't.

    • yubel_uchiha

      The skins are cool but the game is dead

    • Ryza

      It’s not dead just stabilized a lot. It’s not as popular as it used to be that’s for sure but to be fair it’s a public video and people are very opinionated online regardless of how dumb they sound.

  • Renee Cobb
    Renee Cobb

    I got the genji and the sigma skin in my first loot box together lol

  • Nazareno Hossfeldt
    Nazareno Hossfeldt

    I. Am Chinese and I approve of this announcement.

  • African Campus life
    African Campus life

    Awesome, @Steve.watcher hepled me gain back my disabled account in a matter of seconds. Find him on Instagram to get this incredible service and lots more

  • Ninja da Noite
    Ninja da Noite


    • ThatoneStormtrooper

      I do and a bunch of other people

  • The Egg
    The Egg

    Same old event, new things to buy.

  • علي فارس حميد
    علي فارس حميد

    Hanzo be like 👹

    • Hana Song
      Hana Song



    “are you scared?” “dont be scared”

    • ZUMAN

      @Holly Dot very deadly one at that too xD

    • Holly Dot
      Holly Dot

      This is why Ana is the most supportive support character 😂

    • John-Paul

      “This is not a costume” “I’m a party animal”

  • Broken Shadow
    Broken Shadow

    This will NEVER top scream fortress.

  • Sean

    All of these event skins 👌🏽

  • Potato Tablet
    Potato Tablet

    What's this game again?

    • ThatoneStormtrooper

      @Potato Tablet No problem

    • Potato Tablet
      Potato Tablet

      @ThatoneStormtrooper thanks

    • ThatoneStormtrooper

      a game

  • Víctor Serrano Morales
    Víctor Serrano Morales


  • Kirby C
    Kirby C

    Is overwatch 2 still a thing?

    • Erisen

      It will be.. Got some delays because of this Corona. Some talk that we might get at least a beta at the next Blizzcon. (supposed to be early next year).

  • ItsTheEnigmaEOTN

    So new skins, but the same damn mode each and every year. Do something new

    • Anomaly

      Best mode in the game lmfao

    • PshyCover

      @Isaiah Deleon everyone is waiting for week 3, the skin is phenomenal and the spray where she looks in the mirror while fixing her strings oh dear

    • Isaiah Deleon
      Isaiah Deleon

      @PshyCover. Briggite’s skin is a nice addition, and Sombra’s is also cool. Echo’s skin screams horror and Halloween. Can’t wait to get it.

    • PshyCover

      @Isaiah Deleon you forgot to mention that this is just week 1, week 2 got two more variations and week 3 got the final two variations

    • Isaiah Deleon
      Isaiah Deleon

      They did. They added new variations of “Junkenstein’s Revenge”. One of them is simple, enemies move faster. The other one is absolute Hell. A ghost, that cannot be touched, will follow players around dealing constant damage, making staying in groups less effective.

  • SpikeTheWolf

    Why cant you play as everyone in the zombie one??

    • SpikeTheWolf

      @John-Paul yea that would be fun

    • John-Paul

      Too OP. Bastion, Orisa alone could probably take on a legendary run. It would be fun though. 😈

  • SpikeTheWolf

    Dva cute but who is she?

  • Marcel Hotze
    Marcel Hotze

    people still play this?

    • ThatoneStormtrooper


  • A Guy Stuck In The US
    A Guy Stuck In The US

    People talk crap about fortnite yet praise this

    • John-Paul

      Fork knife is boring.

  • JazzisnotDead

    Where are the crit pumpkins?

  • Blaxkstar

    Ppl still play overwatch

    • platnium chicken
      platnium chicken

      yes play with me

  • Giorgos Zalogiannis
    Giorgos Zalogiannis

    Literally no one cares.

  • Case

    Neeeerrrrffff mercy

  • Okami93Kage

    The same damn halloween event every year, come on you uninspired gits, just because its easy doesn't mean you should recycle the same event every time. BORING! but hey, the skins look cool

  • Edmundo studios
    Edmundo studios

    Same shooting range every year dont see the appeal

  • Brendon

    Rule34 artists when they see new dva and widow skins: My time has come

    • Jocose Sonata
      Jocose Sonata

      @Anthos Lykos You're the man that gives nightmares inspiration. I applaud you.

    • swenpai

      @Anthos Lykos nah bro ABORT

    • Anthos Lykos
      Anthos Lykos

      More like R34 artists when they see a new Winston skin.

    • Isaiah Deleon
      Isaiah Deleon

      Not gonna lie, D.Va’s new skin is very nice

  • Dustin Hemmer-Ritchey
    Dustin Hemmer-Ritchey

    It's an Overwatch Halloween, and the candy's fresh. Cause it's the time for tricks and treats, and for being who we detest. For just this very night, our world will get a fright! Cause it's the time for Halloween Night! (Lyrics for a potential rap song)

  • L0U13 __
    L0U13 __

    Genjis a kenku and hanzos a tengu


    Dead game, lol

  • Power House
    Power House

    4 years of the same exact mode with the same exact map

    • Terrence Walls
      Terrence Walls

      That vengeful spirit I'd annoying

    • PshyCover

      This year it got 6 different variations but still the same map though

  • Rocket Hot Pockets
    Rocket Hot Pockets

    An Overwatch event... I thought this game has been forgotten

  • Shotpack 837
    Shotpack 837

    I love genji skin

  • Luan H.
    Luan H.

    Alot of frustrated ex-overwatch players here... Yes, ppl still playing, and have fun, not everyone just lose, blame blizz and quit the game like you

    • Trash

      Paladins is way better

    • SpikeTheWolf

      Who mad?

    • Aye Me
      Aye Me

      @Jordan Kinney lol what?

    • Jordan Kinney
      Jordan Kinney

      If y’all really expect me sit on game that this bad right now you really got it mess up yt here so many other things to play go play that

    • John-Paul

      Preach. So many softies.

  • carrier

    I can't believe how dead this game is

  • Pooper

    People still play this?

  • Ankur Saikia
    Ankur Saikia

    Nailed it.

  • phoenix-force411

    Waste of money. Just wait for Overwatch 2.

    • Scott Arnone
      Scott Arnone

      Literally everything from 1 carries over to 2.

  • Brock Whiting
    Brock Whiting

    Where is overwatch 2?

  • Dante Son of Sparda
    Dante Son of Sparda

    Dead game

  • Michael JAMEZ
    Michael JAMEZ

    Its creepy and greedy

  • Berto Gametight
    Berto Gametight

    Ppl still playing this game lol where part 2

  • I'm sucotik
    I'm sucotik


  • kat

    people still play this game? does the game still have loot boxes? is the game still all about nerfs and buffs? is mercy still dead?

    • philanderer


    • SpikeTheWolf

      Mercy dead? I don't get it

    • Venomous Thunder
      Venomous Thunder

      Yes Yes Kinda but not as much No

    • Overlevel Kill
      Overlevel Kill

      I like loot boxes.

  • TheAdiosluan

    That would be awesome, in 2018.

  • Rylie Mcguire
    Rylie Mcguire

    Does anyone even still play this horrible game

    • Imhanlahimi Cassidy
      Imhanlahimi Cassidy

      Yeap, enjoy warzone or whatever y'all play these days

    • Mushcap 801
      Mushcap 801


  • T roy
    T roy


  • Black-Jack Alpha
    Black-Jack Alpha


  • NerdWithABlade

    Time for my yearly return to overwatch

    • Juice AFFC
      Juice AFFC


    • Gobbledy Gooker
      Gobbledy Gooker

      Lmao same

  • Luis Tello
    Luis Tello

    Who still plays this game?

    • IchigoTheNumberOne

      Not me!

  • StevieG

    So they are still milking this game for money?

  • Abiy BattleSpell
    Abiy BattleSpell

    giving the asian girl (i kno shes not japanese) whos prob closest to loli body a 1000 yr old soul maby im overthinking but.... ha i still find it funny

  • Azsolus

    This game is wasting and draining Blizzards resources , nobody cares or actually enjoys this game

    • Jules

      I guess I am nobody then... it is always great to have people telling the truth in a respectful way.

    • John-Paul

      This game is amazing. Most of the people hating on this game are burned out cause they spent 💯 plus hours attempting to go pro. It’s a game not a lifestyle. Find joy where you can in your life and stop sapping it from others.

    • Imhanlahimi Cassidy
      Imhanlahimi Cassidy

      I enjoy it speak for yourself, and stop bitching like a cry baby

    • Dusan Stojanov
      Dusan Stojanov

      I enjoy it.

  • Communism O'Clock
    Communism O'Clock

    Eh, would rather fight 10 levels of Merasmas than play Overwatch again.

  • AdamnCx

    people still play this game?

    • Rodrigo Gamer 034122
      Rodrigo Gamer 034122

      yes buddy

    • You[']r[e] wrong
      You[']r[e] wrong

      Umm yes? Millions of people?

  • Noodledoodle07

    Genji is a fuckin bird and I love it

  • shwifty sniper
    shwifty sniper

    Not nearly as spooky as pre nerf Brigitte

    • You[']r[e] wrong
      You[']r[e] wrong

      Don't give me war flashbacks.

  • Baby Maker
    Baby Maker

    This isn't overwatch 2.

  • eric undar
    eric undar

    Aw cool

  • MirrorkatFeces

    By far the best event in Overwatch

    • Sergio Mordekaiser
      Sergio Mordekaiser

      I like this event, but the winter one is the best one for me, it holds a special place in my heart especially the music.

    • Humans are trash Corona do your thing
      Humans are trash Corona do your thing

      Its the same gameplay from the past 5 years

  • Simply B
    Simply B

    I'll be honest, I completely forgot this game was still a thing.

    • 2tvue

      Tbh wasn't there a OW2, like literally.

    • Jules

      I’ll be honest, I play this game regularly.

    • Ruvik

      Right lol but I did recently get into rocket league since it went F2P

  • Prateek Misra
    Prateek Misra

    People still play this?

    • Thomas gg
      Thomas gg

      It is kinda dead right now because we dont get new heroes but that should change with overwatch 2

    • John-Paul

      @Prateek Misra Thanks buddy. Have a great day!

    • Prateek Misra
      Prateek Misra

      @John-Paul You make a fine point there, cheers!

    • John-Paul

      @Prateek Misra Getting over 100 hours in a game is getting your money’s worth, most would say. I think a lot of people got burned out. OW is significantly harder 6V6. Puts more reliance on team/randos. R6 and OW are both great games that have existed for almost half a decade. They deserve all the love, but they’re games. Not life.

    • Prateek Misra
      Prateek Misra

      @John-Paul I've played it, put around 500 hours into it, if you're looking for a rush then Rainbow Six Siege is definitely something that packs more punch (source: I switched to R6 after overwatch, now have about 2000 hours on R6)

  • Ryan Jiang
    Ryan Jiang


  • Sound Wave
    Sound Wave


  • XxThe CreASIANistxX
    XxThe CreASIANistxX

    Got Genji’s new skin from my first box 🔥

    • ThatoneStormtrooper

      I got McRee and Genji from my 4th box lol

    • Mka 00
      Mka 00

      Same here

    • 不Path


  • RevucumberTechUSA

    They gotta bring out console cross play!

    • Guilherme Zalla
      Guilherme Zalla

      @Realkorti you mean against hackers?

    • Pontus Mattsson
      Pontus Mattsson

      @mrheytino As someone who plays 3-4hours a day for last 2~years almost..I can tell you that there are not that many hackers lol we seen 3 so far during last 3 years and all 3 got punished

    • Tobias322

      @mrheytino the overall experience is much better on pc tho, coming from an former console gamer

    • mrheytino

      @Realkorti It is known that PC platform is the worst by far.There are a lot of Hitscan hackers.

    • B L
      B L

      @Dale XCX it is definitely possible, just not as easy

  • Eyby Hernandez
    Eyby Hernandez

    Its the same event. cool.

    • MirrorkatFeces

      Yeah but they’ve added unique modes to it this time around, better than nothing

  • Wagner Silva
    Wagner Silva

    Let it die

    • Jules

      Why tho ? I enjoy the fact that it is not “your generic shooter fps game“...

  • abandoned project
    abandoned project

    Is this game still alive ? 💀💀

    • Thomas gg
      Thomas gg

      @John-Paul apex is also still alive. But valorant is dead

    • John-Paul

      Most definitely. Question is who is playing Apex or Valorent?

    • Dusan Stojanov
      Dusan Stojanov


    • You[']r[e] wrong
      You[']r[e] wrong


    • Over Salt
      Over Salt


  • 5k subscribers before my college starts
    5k subscribers before my college starts

    Tip: If you chew gum when you study a subject and then chew the same flavour when you take the test it can help you remember. I am very close to 2200 a little help will do❤️❤️🙏🥺❤️🙏🥺❤️

    • XIAO


    • Realkorti

      how about no

    • SkyDiams Team
      SkyDiams Team

      Yeah you should probably change your tip bot

  • Josh Travas
    Josh Travas

    no views gang

    • cody stunts gaming and more!
      cody stunts gaming and more!


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