XIII Remake - Official Weapons Trailer
Check out the good old weapons from XIII, a stylish remake of the cult first-person shooter released in 2003.

  • Remy R
    Remy R

    I just want to see more of this gamee :(

  • AgentCell

    Lol that cover art is Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell Conviction


    Why do people waste there time with games like this?

  • The Batman
    The Batman

    Ngl the old one is kinda better

  • Connor Treado
    Connor Treado

    Make. Compatible. For. Lower. End. Consoles.

  • faraz bahrami
    faraz bahrami

    Omg!! I had totally forgotten about this

  • ִ

    12 more days!

  • Legion12Centurion

    Have they fixed the cliffhanger ending, fans of this have waited longer than Half Life 2 fans for a conclusion.

  • Abrahamic Religions Bow Before Nate
    Abrahamic Religions Bow Before Nate

    Who else thought FF13

  • Masdargames

    Will play this game on my Radeon HD 5650 at 4K. ;)

  • Daniel Etesech
    Daniel Etesech

    Is in Nintendo switch

    • ִ

      Yes but delayed to March 31 2021

  • Herdar

    Hope we get a multiplayer-trailer as well.

  • WhatIsTime

    Thought it was ff


    Please tell me they changed the ending

  • Josh dakarami
    Josh dakarami

    I forgot all about this game till I saw the first min of the trailer

  • Rav The Deity
    Rav The Deity

    I haven’t seen this game since jam pack 2004 I’m shook that they’re remaking it

  • soupy cannoli
    soupy cannoli

    The tone of this trailer feels so off and generic.

  • Robert jan bolt
    Robert jan bolt

    I never got passed the army camp winter map a whole bunch of years later i shall try again

  • Karl Mark666
    Karl Mark666


  • Snipe M.D
    Snipe M.D

    This game is still coming to Switch right? I didn't see it at the end screen...

    • CriminaL 277
      CriminaL 277

      They'll release it in 2021.

  • Luigi Thebaud
    Luigi Thebaud

    This game was the goldeneye of my gamecube, and the AI of the enemies in multiplayer mode were so smart. I always wanted a sequel, since the game ended in a cliffhanger

  • DjBiggz L
    DjBiggz L

    So there’s strong language in xiii?

    • DjBiggz L
      DjBiggz L

      @CriminaL 277 wow! I didn’t know that!

    • CriminaL 277
      CriminaL 277

      It has f word usage more than once.

  • Mr. sexy
    Mr. sexy

    Was't it supposed to be released on the switch too?

  • nightmuffin937

    Wtf!!? No Nintendo switch!!!?

  • gabriel felix
    gabriel felix

    i would like to see more levels and new weapons,and also give the weapons equipments;patch the ai of enemies...more types or enemies;not like the original with clones everywhere,more animations and clothes for the enemies and the alies ;i expect the game will be fast as the original

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important

    Did they censor the game or is it just because trailer is not age restricted?

  • Yossarian the Assyrian
    Yossarian the Assyrian

    Really looking forward to the remake. The original was a fantastic shooter and stealth action game. I just hope that it doesn't end on the same cliffhanger as the original...

  • Taysiir Fatally
    Taysiir Fatally

    Still have the game box and discs. Loved that game. Glad to see it's coming back.


    Back to Ps2 era


    I'm not sure sure about this, something looks off.

  • Jacob Staten
    Jacob Staten

    But will the main character still sound sleepy the whole time like in thr original?

  • Freedomlanders United
    Freedomlanders United

    Man my childhood!

  • Boyd Seabiscuit
    Boyd Seabiscuit

    still remember playing the demo over and over as kid

  • holtolee

    Playing with friends on ps2 with multitap was awesome back in time !

  • TheDude

    Where is the blood

  • Aaron Agbayani
    Aaron Agbayani

    2020 is the year of remakes.

  • Lone Wanderer
    Lone Wanderer

    They're remaking this? Sweet!

  • Lamont Cranfield
    Lamont Cranfield

    Oh wahw

  • juan cenobio
    juan cenobio


  • juan cenobio
    juan cenobio

    Mini uzi

  • Seba

    Wait a minute.. I just bought a comic called Integral XIII in my country ( in our Croatian language). The comic is about how people found a guy with XIII tattooed on his body and he lost his memory but people try to kill him. Is this game attached somehow to it?

    • Gambino Crime Family / Don_L_Gambino /Tattaglia CF
      Gambino Crime Family / Don_L_Gambino /Tattaglia CF

      Yes it is. This game is based of the comic books.

  • Potato

    I remember when this game flooded every bargain bin

  • Tony Müller
    Tony Müller

    NO BLOOD???????

  • N D
    N D

    "Clip size "

  • Dynamation

    Its not a remake its a remastered

  • Droopy Piles
    Droopy Piles

    Does anyone remember a cell shaded game that had a angled top down view, it was marketed as some sort of spy game, and it was one of those that you would walk into the next scene. I "think" it was on the original xbox. Always tried find the name

  • Ciro Nesi
    Ciro Nesi


  • Captain Vin
    Captain Vin

    I hope the multiplayer is also back?

  • Dalton james
    Dalton james

    I don’t see it in the PlayStation store

  • noobkiller noobes
    noobkiller noobes

    comic book FPS? ok I'm game. also remake black?

  • Highflex

    I have the original singleplayer mode burned into my mind playing it like 40 times and then countless days of multiplayer sessions, i am sorry to say but the animations are really lacking and very rough especially the first-person ones ( its more of the chosen style/firearm interaction i can't enjoy ). It would have been better to just base everything on the original animation data and improve to work on the new models, hoping to see mod support as that would be the first thing i would adjust. Its hard to gauge the NPC/character motions from the short footage but they seem to be way off compared to the very stylistic and cartoony keyframe work of the original. Also the ragdolls lag/interpolate at a lower framerate which is another critical issue. Seeing that launch is next month i don't expect any drastic changes anymore but please just give us official mod support then the community will take care of the rest. Everything else like levels and models looks great, i could instantly figure out which section of the story was shown :).

  • Aaron Gray
    Aaron Gray

    Why does this trailer assume gamers have no idea what weapons are? 😂

  • Tom Philpott
    Tom Philpott

    Timesplitters remake PLEASE!!

  • Dennis Voorhees
    Dennis Voorhees

    Uhm, where is the blood?

  • Mohammad Naziat Alam
    Mohammad Naziat Alam

    Definitely getting this

  • benmorax

    Local multiplayer 4 players please

  • Botzz

    I had bought this game back in 2003 and now yeahhh is back for some action!

  • Marko Stamenkovic
    Marko Stamenkovic

    I loved this game!


    It says on its description that it has the multiplayer. I'd love to see some gameplay of the remake multiplayer

  • nagz-youtube

    i mean... what is new here?

  • Stan Darsh
    Stan Darsh

    This is a horrible trailer for a great game.

  • Panca Yoga Purnama
    Panca Yoga Purnama

    Never heard this game before

  • one time
    one time

    The narrator sounds like Dempsey from COD

  • lol nope
    lol nope

    Totally forgot this existed tbh. Hypeee.

  • Big Punisher
    Big Punisher

    Generic: the video game!

  • Pál Gábor Korom
    Pál Gábor Korom

    I still don't like the new graphics though.

  • Andrew Baillargeon
    Andrew Baillargeon

    I remember this game being so tough. Looking forward to seeing how well its aged since 2003!

  • Andrew Baillargeon
    Andrew Baillargeon

    I remember this game being so tough. Looking forward to seeing how well its aged since 2003!

  • snoochshepard


  • Ro Lira
    Ro Lira

    Just thinking of this old game..

  • Sam

    That mag reload though

  • Tactical Scouser 27
    Tactical Scouser 27

    Just give me time splitters 1/2 remastered already

  • MeLlamoDani

    Animations, lack of blood... this game still needs to improve a lot of things. But It looks incredibly well (visually). It has a lot of potential to become the remake we all look for :)

    • Gambino Crime Family / Don_L_Gambino /Tattaglia CF
      Gambino Crime Family / Don_L_Gambino /Tattaglia CF

      In the screenshots it shows blood. I think they disabled it for the trailer. On the original XIII you could enable/disable blood.

    • Elliot Johnson
      Elliot Johnson

      Animations/blood won't change much, if at all. It still looks great. Can't wait.

  • Bruce W
    Bruce W

    Bunch of crybabies crying in the comment section. This game looks amazing. Gonna buy it first day.

  • Bat Bat
    Bat Bat

    The pistol view models would look a lot better if they were one handed. Also it's an RPG not a bazooka

  • J Alvarez
    J Alvarez

    I hope this remake will have online multiplayer

  • Zack Bindseil
    Zack Bindseil

    im so glad this is coming back, ive always talked about this game being a great remake and here we are. my wee lad times are coming back

  • robert watson
    robert watson

    Loved this game

  • do re
    do re

    Damn. Next gen is going to all remakes?

  • Ilqr D.
    Ilqr D.

    I feel like it used to look way more stylish originally?

  • Reverend Pain Hernandez
    Reverend Pain Hernandez

    Loved this game. Seriously.

  • Zeyad Aqeel
    Zeyad Aqeel

    Where is the blood??

  • The JJtao
    The JJtao

    This feels like a game we keep having played again and again and again

  • Chris Winspear
    Chris Winspear

    I don't think this will be uo to much, original was great, but something about this looks off... I see old skool fps gameplay not being translated/modernised well.

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J

    Forgot the Switch?

  • smith alexander
    smith alexander

    hoi4 vine destiny 80smusic 2k20 loudobbs

  • Donát Turi
    Donát Turi

    I waited so long to play this again

  • Benjamin Davis
    Benjamin Davis

    Really looking forward to replaying this! Remember loving the original start to finish but it has been a long time since I played it!

  • Youuu Boiii
    Youuu Boiii

    Amazing game

  • dave microwave
    dave microwave

    Where is the gore

  • igotyou62

    this was an awesome game which got a lot less love than it deserved

  • Lalo Hummel
    Lalo Hummel

    Somebody see samfisher ?

  • Roland The Great
    Roland The Great

    Верните мой 2003! За переиздание очень рад, классный ремейк, спасибо разработчикам!

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex

    Где кровь блять


    Очередное дно

  • 1231231232972

    physics engine, never heard of it

  • Jimmy Olsson
    Jimmy Olsson

    Based on the wonderful comic series! Which you definitely should read!

  • Saibot MK
    Saibot MK

    Awesome channel "Smarttaura" for script hack mk11

  • Mad Jack Churchill
    Mad Jack Churchill

    Them showing off the special tools like it isn't a linear game that requires you to use them at certain points.

    • Max F
      Max F

      Yeah, you use the spy micro for like one minute in the original...

    • Elliot Johnson
      Elliot Johnson

      Hmmm, I don't see it that way at all.

  • Colten Phillips
    Colten Phillips

    It would be nice for a sequel but unfortunately Adam West is no longer with us.

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