Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Review
Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit reviewed by Janet Garcia on Nintendo Switch.

  • Lucas Medeiros
    Lucas Medeiros

    My cousin asked if it could be played online and I was like 🤦‍♂️

  • Paco

    She should have rated the game an 8 because its not the kart's fault that her floors are dirty and full of her and her cat's hair, so, thats on period sis. this game is a solid 8!


    This is one of those novelty items that people 30 years from now will look at like we do today with the Power Glove. 🤗

  • Anson Chan
    Anson Chan

    Does the cat come in the box?

  • Cal Hackit
    Cal Hackit

    so wait... they're giving young boys floor camera with wheels? is this wise?

  • Andro dibox
    Andro dibox


  • Arcane Persona
    Arcane Persona

    As a ps5 player , all I'm thinking is : just Nintendo things 😂

  • WhatIsTime

    You already know this tech is going evolve. This is just the beginning

  • Sundown

    2:09 made me LOL

  • SuperSonicmania

    I'd love to play this but I don't think our house has the necessary open floor space

  • Zed

    A really cool concept that I'm sure will improve in time. Thanks for the concise review.

  • Haris Dwin
    Haris Dwin

    amazing but connection too poor , can't used on large room ..

  • teero121

    the cat is like the cows or dinosaurs in some of the classic mk tracks. its so perfect

  • Momo's Breath
    Momo's Breath

    Car maintenance is a real part of racing and kids would benefit just by learning it. This reviewer is a real noob.

  • Momo's Breath
    Momo's Breath

    A real reviewer would have bought another kit just to test the multiplayer. IGN is so cheap!

  • KM Reviews
    KM Reviews

    The cat popping in and out seemed perfect for this haha. Would be amazing if the price included 4 cars to play with friends though.

  • aibdan 2929
    aibdan 2929

    This seems okay at best. We wanted a new Mario kart game, not..a $100, faulty connection RC toy.

  • Dan Rockwood
    Dan Rockwood

    Janet's cat is a star!

  • wallie1994

    While this looks fun, I am 99% certain that all people who get this play it less than 5 times.

  • varkin7

    The game looks nice and all but your cat steals the show, he/she's just adorable

  • cringe furry man
    cringe furry man


  • thecrew x0
    thecrew x0

    If i bought this does it cat came with it?

  • ̵

    the cat is a nice enimi

  • giddeo

    They should have made something that maps and records the flat so that you can play it virtually. Then people would be able to share their courses with other people around the globe and play multiplayer both locally and online without all the problems that come with a physical car.

  • Lux Pro
    Lux Pro

    306 cats disliked this video.

  • Holden Tudiks
    Holden Tudiks

    Wtf tjis is like a one time thing for kids and they will never use again

  • Origami Productions
    Origami Productions

    5:22 Don’t worry if you don’t have a cat or dog, if you don’t then no hairs will get in your kart, I play this at home without a dog or cat and none got on. I went to my friends house with a dog to play, and it was FULL of the dogs fur.

  • MrBucketlist


  • AirMaxPenny

    Overpriced, failed tech execution and using games from the 90’s? Must be Nintendo!

  • thecodeinecowboy

    Really bad review, it’s an rc car toy and the main gimmick is driving that, and how well it controls and sets up, also of course online play isn’t a thing lolol

  • Gabriel Pereira
    Gabriel Pereira

    No kidding, but I really did this as a kid, pretending to "make" my own racing games at home.

  • Dan Reyes
    Dan Reyes

    So the cat is included?

  • DarthAsh π
    DarthAsh π

    Ok this is epic

  • Niki 9ine
    Niki 9ine

    Homeless people would have the best maps

  • Lit Sauce
    Lit Sauce

    This is obviously in a Prototype Phase for Nintendo, I bet the Tech for this Awesome Virtual Concept will get Better. This product was created for a kids enjoyment not IGN extreme attention to detail Negative reviews.

  • Dr.KarMichael And Jones
    Dr.KarMichael And Jones

    Bullet bill should destroy the things in your house

  • Teo Valdivia
    Teo Valdivia

    I had no idea this existed until now This is awesome

  • Jae Sambo
    Jae Sambo

    Quarantine kart

  • Mick Kenny
    Mick Kenny

    What an inconvenient mess

  • Reversible

    This was one of the best ign reviews I have seen. I would like to see more from this reviewer

  • 秋本明

    Seem like it's gonna be fun for the kid and cat but not for us the old-gamer :(

  • Vermilicious

    Hmm. Nintendo knows how to make interesting stuff, even though it's not always a success. This could go either way, I think.

  • Eduardo Bonet
    Eduardo Bonet

    I want a review made by the cat.

  • Syed Asjad Alam
    Syed Asjad Alam

    toy story racer vibes

  • Bronze Plays
    Bronze Plays

    ngl it should of gotten a 10 for the graphics

  • yabadaba doo
    yabadaba doo

    most of the problems you had sounded like a You problem If your going to play the game move your pet out of the way , clean your apartment , move objects out of the way IGN picked the wrong person and settings for this review I give you 2 thumbs down super lame

  • TheOneTrueJRW

    This reminds me of cheap, vr racetrack games sold in toy stores. I dunno, I never owned one but I remember the commercials. I just can't see who this is supposed to really appeal to. Certainly won't be any fun in my one bedroom apartment.

  • Jacob Quackenbush
    Jacob Quackenbush

    I’d rather just play with actual toy cars that are faster and I can use In my driveway.

  • Crow Migration
    Crow Migration

    100 dollars? Just buy a real RC for like 20 and you can drive it anywhere

  • Richard Petit-Frere
    Richard Petit-Frere

    A dog would of been to OP.

  • Ed Burton
    Ed Burton

    The star of this video: your cat :-D

  • Filiplee

    Verdict: clean your floors

  • Novus Talks
    Novus Talks

    IGN actually liked something for once? That’s a shock

  • Francisco Burgos
    Francisco Burgos

    I'm 40 but already want to buy one of those awesome little Mario karts... Nintendo knows its business!

  • Artimis Valentine
    Artimis Valentine

    It's frustrating that this came out now of all times because I can totally see this as a popular group activity at game stores and such.

  • sportsMike87

    It’s masquerades as a “new” game but its just a novelty activity

  • Alexandre Neri
    Alexandre Neri

    Perfect to play on a football Stadium.

  • Booming Blixer
    Booming Blixer

    This kart thing makes me sick.Ive never gotten motion sickness, but this thing is horrible if that's the case.

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee

    Someone should make a real toads turnpike from mario kart 64 track lol 😂

  • Christopher Stokes
    Christopher Stokes

    Does the cat come with the pack or is it a download?

  • Citizen of the world
    Citizen of the world

    You should’ve dressed up the cat as bowser.

  • ryancee7

    I have a spare room in my apt, that may just become mario kart room, that way I don't need to technically clean up the track, it won't be in my way xD

  • Charlie Meza
    Charlie Meza

    Bro the poor cat got hit so many times, almost looked intentional cx

  • Da Su
    Da Su

    No only play? What a shock

  • uhkingdom

    “There’s no online play” I mean...

  • radcow

    For rich kids with hard floors who dont pets

  • Sina S.
    Sina S.

    Crazy cat lady: This is something for us, friends.

  • braylen perez
    braylen perez

    does the toy kart come sepretly or do i have to buy another swithc just so i can play it

  • Jordan C
    Jordan C

    I love there’s so many comments for the cat but the reviewer does not mention anything about it 🤣. After this review, I’m more likely to get a cat rather than the game itself.

  • S B
    S B

    How in the world would Online Play work?

  • Craig Blanchard
    Craig Blanchard

    Beautiful voice

  • pct87

    For a adult, this is a great novelty. For a kid, this is amazing. I got two of them and it was super fun playing it with my niece and nephews. Christmas and thanksgiving will be an amazing time for this.

  • Wyatt Ellis
    Wyatt Ellis

    lol I'm okay with Mario Kart 64 but maybe next generation this will flesh out

  • lilMiggs

    The hair in the tires sounds like a you problem

  • Red Davis
    Red Davis

    Can somebody move her couch to the side just a smidge? That turn is really bugging me.

  • amanda clark
    amanda clark

    airfryer funkytown yes nerdcubed jeffy

  • exklim

    The new NSglasses VR headset would be extremely fun with this

  • Anthony Elliott
    Anthony Elliott

    Lol Janet you need a rumba

  • Lynx

    That poor cat🤯😃😂

  • Bre

    is there a free play or roam mode where you can control the car and not set up courses? pretty much gonna use this to stimulate my dog lol

  • Cris Fuentes
    Cris Fuentes

    It is a little something for everyone

  • Ultimate Monster
    Ultimate Monster

    I love that you can make your own obstacles like having a cat in the room or anything else that could get in the way

  • Jonathan S. Walker
    Jonathan S. Walker

    The thing about these reviews that bother me is that they do not consider how this is basically the only game of this genre out there. They have no baseline for comparison. So how could you give it an honest rating on a 1-10 scale without actually having that baseline or at least mentioning it in the video. I think the score is fair for the product. But considering it is a new realm of possibility for video games to come in the future I believe it deserves some form of extra credit.

  • Ethan Claridge
    Ethan Claridge

    Mario kart 8 is better

  • Kristian Nevoral
    Kristian Nevoral

    dont buy without cat

  • L F 4633
    L F 4633

    Did you guys see the cat

  • David Noyce
    David Noyce

    That poor cat :(

  • אביטל אוסטרייך
    אביטל אוסטרייך

    Me :I Me when cat is on screen :)

  • foxsound

    poor cat call peta

  • Inspire Wire
    Inspire Wire

    Crashing into the cat haha

  • KingsRight

    this game makes me want a switch so bad.

  • Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes
    Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes

    Reminds me of when our mum Let us keep up with this giant train track that we set up around half the house for like a week

  • Jhay Regalado
    Jhay Regalado

    Everyday we stray furder and furder from deway......ooh CAT!

  • Frxnkkk On Switch
    Frxnkkk On Switch

    I would give it a 10 because of that cat

  • Officer Tom
    Officer Tom

    It seems that the cat serves as an additional obstacle on the road.

  • Nuno Fernandes
    Nuno Fernandes

    How is it possible that IGN rates this innovative game 7 and gives FIFA 21 a 8????!!!!

  • TheCoffeePie

    If this game was on PlayStation IGN would have gave it a 13/10

  • MrSHIV923

    This seems super fun

  • Almond McClain
    Almond McClain

    Yeah multiple carts are awesome! Up to 3 so far...yeah got some hair around an axle too but not effecting speed, so been slacking on it..

  • Jasey Miller
    Jasey Miller

    Can I make a few tracks (say 10) and then save those to switch so I don't have to keep racing with camkart irl? Like, save 4 tracks for a tournament, then never have to use real kart on floor again?