Cyberpunk 2077 - Official The Styles of Night City Trailer
CD Projekt Red details the visual styles that dominate the world of Night City, which you'll be able to experience in Cyberpunk 2077
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  • MMA And fight advisor
    MMA And fight advisor

    MMA And fight advisor This actually is a really Utopian future if you think about it . “ more people living behind the poverty line them anywhere else” Implying the rest of the world has far less poor people then this technology advanced city .

  • Thelema9331

    What music is at 1:14 ?

  • Michael Caulder
    Michael Caulder

    What song is this?

  • nobody nowhere
    nobody nowhere

    looks like crap, the same horrible poorly animated characters as in any game. literally a reskin of gta

  • Robert Deffenbaugh
    Robert Deffenbaugh

    Because the game takes place in California Night City is like home to me.

  • Randy Martinez
    Randy Martinez


  • Monsieur M
    Monsieur M

    They create a real world in a virtual world.

  • Acerola Orion Heart under blade
    Acerola Orion Heart under blade

    If I can't play as Motoko kusanagi I'm gonna be disappointed.

  • Press Play, Mike!
    Press Play, Mike!

    the last style segement: kanye west , cardi b and all mumble rappers breathing heavily .

  • Robert Bowser
    Robert Bowser

    Who is back here after the delay to December 10th.

  • Gabriel Keegan
    Gabriel Keegan

    looks really rough

  • Pain Man
    Pain Man

    1:07 This is one of the most unexciting things i ever heard...

  • Naruto



    just release it already man

  • Your Kommandant
    Your Kommandant

    If this were our future reality and 76 years old me discovers a poster saying “3 mouths one desire” (1:25) I'd probably give up on life 20 years early.

  • Kevin AFK
    Kevin AFK


  • Shiki *
    Shiki *

    "3 Mouhs 1 Desire" Lol.

  • LiftediHD

    Need the name of this track

  • Raymond M.
    Raymond M.

    Holy Christ! these people/artists are pumping out masterpieces. I'd give a testicle for a Witcher4.

  • VIS35

    Neomilitarism like Nazism ... but this style suits me.

  • EZ

    I'm a fan of "assassin's hoods", do we know if there will be any cloth giving the option to keep the hood up?

  • Vaibhav Tervankar
    Vaibhav Tervankar

    2.24 is that Chris brown 😯😯

  • Bo Warner
    Bo Warner

    Really disappointed literally every hair option in this game is short.

  • Adept

    Is there anyway to become a top secret super cop in charge of a certain *section 6* lul

  • Ishak Kasap
    Ishak Kasap

    01:20 Justin Bieber 02:36 Kanye West 😂

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson

    Augmented animals (NeoKitsch), wtf. Really? We'll see, I guess.

  • Joshua Drogmiller
    Joshua Drogmiller

    Going entropism or neomliltasm

  • Brazy Lane
    Brazy Lane

    I'm so jealous of my future self creating his character right now

  • Sirbu Florin
    Sirbu Florin

    Not much of a chance to see a medieval armor i guess or even an armored suit inspired by the dark ages😕

  • hamsterminator

    Gotto say I don't see where the draw of this game is meant to be. There doesn't seem to be any compelling narrative to draw you in like there was in Deus Ex, and the gameplay looks less interesting than GTA. I loved the Witcher series so I am hopeful, but it's a bit concerning how heavily they are having to advertise this in order to get interest.

  • Starbeek Beek
    Starbeek Beek

    Is this something u choose when on character creation?

    • Starbeek Beek
      Starbeek Beek

      PugIGuess oh thank you

    • PugIGuess

      No, but you do choose your lifepath (background)

  • Nemus

    Cant even imagine how badly this game will be downgraded for release ;В

  • Lavi Bookman
    Lavi Bookman

    Where are the metalheads aaat

  • Loskenne

    What is the song in this trailer?

  • DiDierro

    Love that Animatrix/The Second Renaissance intro vibe!

  • Studio Maalstroom
    Studio Maalstroom

    Haha wow I hope the game isn't hyperfast like these trailers; with shots rarely longer than a second gives me headaches. I want to take it all in, not fly over it.

  • Cazmo ken
    Cazmo ken

    Style won't matter if you're stuck in FP mode tho.

  • Mauro Monteiro
    Mauro Monteiro

    02:22 is that Chris Brown 🤔

  • Ariel Ricardo
    Ariel Ricardo

    1:47 ete e sech

  • Dollar Sharma
    Dollar Sharma

    the art and the design is insane


    1:18 I thought tht was fkboi bieber for a sec

  • Keith Inman
    Keith Inman

    What's the point of showcasing different styles when you can't see your character.

  • milbo007

    Why do character movements look so twitchy?

  • Ori

    This game will be effay

  • diezray

    This is NOT going to be the game we were promised.


    game looks fire, but this trailer comes off kind of pretentious to me

  • Sergei Maksimov
    Sergei Maksimov

    Does the game have the COVID home distance style?

  • Jesus García
    Jesus García

    The song in trailer please!!!!!

  • KittenPyroNao

    Neomilitarism is definitely my type of style

  • NiepoprawnyNick

    Music in this game will be awesome .

  • Sam Nhean
    Sam Nhean

    "All I need is my underwear, some bombs, and some trees" - Link

  • MadCharro

    Those guys should put Israel Adesanya as NPC that would be awsome

  • Meowdy Partner
    Meowdy Partner

    This game seem to be a great way to teach people about inequality

  • Jefferson Johanes
    Jefferson Johanes

    It seems to me that the futuristic style that they use here is retrofuturism from the 1980s

  • Gabriel Maria
    Gabriel Maria


  • corza bourne
    corza bourne

    the dlss is just so blurry. look at the textures on the edge of your screen compared to the middle. This game WILL be unplayable for the majority of us 100%

  • You cant park jimin Unless you ride him
    You cant park jimin Unless you ride him

    Think about vr on this game 🤤

  • Shadestcm

    WTF!!!! Chromatic effects in this game , disgusting

  • James Chris
    James Chris

    I can't wait to never see my character because it's only in 1st person...

    • PugIGuess

      You’ll actually see your character a lot, with mirrors, inventory, some cutscenes, photo mode, etc.

  • Christoph Biebas
    Christoph Biebas

    I really hope the hype is justified and CD doesnt loose face if it Flops.

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones

    Damn ,I can't wait !

  • alienman

    Cyberpunk, the biggest turd in the diaper

  • alienman

    Yall R SPOILING the damn game. By the time you release it, its already over

    • PugIGuess

      How? We literally know only the plot of the prologue...

  • WhatIsTime

    They are promoting this game like crazy

  • Spleen Eater
    Spleen Eater

    as long as i can make the most biker dude imaginable ill be happy

  • skellzor

    Anyone know the song that starts at 1:12? Shazam doesn't help neither does google

  • Watchdog

    Reminds me of Wildcard when they hype up ARK expansions and their broken pirate game ATLAS, both games full of bugs to this day.

  • Harrison Courtney
    Harrison Courtney

    blacked out cyborg ninja for me and 90% of players haha

  • GlaciusDreams

    Glad I'm spending all my time in Ghost of Tsushima until this releases. Will hop from one amazing world into the next with quite some contrast to them as well.

  • Diego Padilla
    Diego Padilla

    Just don't be a No Mans' Sky

  • Notacka

    Who else is playing Rise of the Dragon to get ready for this game?

  • Rimbaud Art
    Rimbaud Art

    1:59 hahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaahha

  • Fat Samurai
    Fat Samurai

    Grimes at 2:50

  • Nihit Borpujari
    Nihit Borpujari

    What is the song around 1:10

  • Bharath Kumar
    Bharath Kumar

    Anything that gives great expectations will often end up disappointing the most. Just saying.

  • Super Universe
    Super Universe

    There was a theory running around that your life path is a false memory. In every life path (Corporate, Street Kid, Nomad) Jackie is a constant. You are some sort of organic clone that will be used to IMPLANT A DIGITAL GHOST. Johnny Silverhand or Saburo Arasaka

  • Philosophical_Cactus

    Neomillitarism all the way

  • Retro

    I know we all have trust issues from are hype turning into disappointment 1000 times before BUT THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS TIME ITS GOING TO BE A MASTERPIECE OF A VIDEO GAME

  • Jack The Ripper
    Jack The Ripper

    Wait is it true that you can create a trans character (I ain't doing it, just curious).🤔

  • Jeskaisekai _
    Jeskaisekai _

    I want a Cyberpunksona

  • rainy raines
    rainy raines

    Give me the game already

  • Misha Miami
    Misha Miami


  • Johnny Comeau
    Johnny Comeau

    I really hope this game lives up to it's hype because it's definitely got everyone's attention

  • mynamesmatty

    People who are hyped for 77. Stand down and stand by

  • ControlAllDa1337

    I'm so hyped for this game I can't see how it's not gonna disappoint me in some way. It's looking like one of the greatest games ever made in my eyes

  • snakebiting 97
    snakebiting 97

    1:25 Three guys at the same time? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

  • Md. Hasibul Islam
    Md. Hasibul Islam

    Name of the song?

  • Charles Ahweyevu
    Charles Ahweyevu

    Whats the point of characterization if its first person. Someone explain that to me.


    This is why I want cyberpunk Fashion choices

  • jesus vallejo
    jesus vallejo

    Shut up and take my money

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G.

    Looks unimaginative actually.

  • Spagman

    If you can shoot all those annoying looking people then count me in.

  • Your FBI Agent
    Your FBI Agent

    NEOMILITARISM and NEOKITSCH are the first one's I'll try.

  • Work Station
    Work Station

    Intro song!?

  • Delatelin

    I cant imagine living life all jack up on prosthetics

  • there's a snake in my boot
    there's a snake in my boot

    Milfgaard lol, nice reference.

  • Ed Findlay
    Ed Findlay

    I will make it my mission to execute any person on the street taking a selfie.

  • Lets tacobout It
    Lets tacobout It

    Honestly I wouldn’t mind they delay it for another year to perfect it

  • Настя Вишневецкая
    Настя Вишневецкая

    Can someone tell me music from this trailer?

  • Wild Doge
    Wild Doge

    Get me a Bitch'n Leather Jacket with some Boots and I'll Go Out in Desperado Style.

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