Lonely Mountains: Downhill Developers React to 27 Minute Speedrun
Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a game about riding a mountain biike...downhill. Spoiler alert: it's much harder than speedrunner hhEnso makes it look. So "ride" along with the folks from Megagon Industries -- Jan Bubenik (Co-Founder), Daniel Helbig (Co-Founder), and Noah Carev (2D&3D Artist) as they watch five years of their hard work get beaten in less than a half hour.

If you like what you see, Eldfall Island (a brand new DLC) will be here on October 22nd! Learn more here: lonelymountains.com/

Check out more from speedrunner hhEnso here:
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  • Chonkables

    I love this game so much and this makes me want to start speedrunning


    This game is beautiful. Looks really fun too - Surprised I hadn't heard of it!

  • 0BlaiddDrwg0

    "It's really schwer-...." When you speak english but still think german

  • Adam Rasmussen
    Adam Rasmussen

    Is that Steve Burke? I think it might be Steve...

  • Mundane Pixels
    Mundane Pixels

    Such a fantastic game

  • gatin

    is it just for me that the audio at 14:06 gliches a little bit?

  • fadola panoli
    fadola panoli

    My friend hit a tree and died like that

  • GeniusK

    Noah from blackthroneprod ?

  • Goat

    This game looks sick

  • Ethernet

    I love how they're both mesmerized and annoyed at the same time :) sometimes the devs just whine about how the speedrunners are ruining their game

  • The CrazY Bass Man
    The CrazY Bass Man

    Remember old ps 2 down hill game ? PepeHands I member

  • Dan Esp
    Dan Esp

    You know gameplay is really well designed when speed runners only use one glitch.

  • Rahul Pandey
    Rahul Pandey

    Game looks cool I will buy it.

  • Im_So_Zoned

    The one guy that mentioned he did the placing of objects sounds defeated watching this. Lol poor guy.

  • B U T W H Y
    B U T W H Y

    I hate time trials but this looks insanely fun and well designed

  • J T
    J T


  • Mour 1's
    Mour 1's

    So the Dutch brothers from beer fest chose to become game developers. Great career switch. We see ya!🧐

  • Jaskirat Singh
    Jaskirat Singh

    This game would be very pleasant to play if they added more checkpoints. The distance between checkpoints makes this much harder, and it makes me simply not wanna play it.

  • cgpinata514

    I don’t even play this game nor even heard about it... yet I can’t help myself from watching both myself and the devs be impressed with what this person does to these games

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M

    need to find a TAS run of this

  • Dromero VA
    Dromero VA

    They look at this and gonna patch everything

  • Derp


  • 88th Spell
    88th Spell

    Are we going to see Hades Devs react to Hades speedrun in a few days?

  • Jacob Zavala
    Jacob Zavala

    I’ve seen this game so many times and I thought it was like a trials fusion knock off but I’m actually gonna try it out now

  • RobGcraft

    To be fair, this is the type of game that actually makes sense with speedrunning. Downhill mountain biking is supposed to be fast, precise, with a bunch of weird strats to improve time

  • Ryan Mecillas
    Ryan Mecillas

    "He knows how to use the angles." Nahhhh 😂😂

  • GVilleAnarcho

    I had never heard of this game till i saw this video on my feed. I saw the thumbnail and like immediately knew what it was about. I didnt watch the video, i just went and found it on xbox game pass, and ive not been disappointed. Now im just watching to see how he does the first two mountains. This game is wicked fun

  • Bio Blitz
    Bio Blitz

    This is the ultimate, “my partners aren’t home” kind of run.

  • Pat Dorsman
    Pat Dorsman

    Such a great game

  • Draegoon

    Would be cool if the Speedrunner would join the conversation, but its already pretty interesting to watch.

  • laos85

    This speed run is much longer than that Flatout clone game speedrun. Forgot the name.

  • Rd

    What is this?! This game looks fun as heck.

  • DesertCow1000

    I feel like speedrunning this game fits with the spirit of the downhill mountain biking experience ... skipping turns, pioneering new trails/jumps, etc.

    • Jupiter Fox!
      Jupiter Fox!

      The path less traveled... or the path that hasn't been discovered yet

    • Mtb and rock climbing
      Mtb and rock climbing

      Yeah I totally agree

  • Matt Tyrrell
    Matt Tyrrell

    Downloaded on game pass after seeing this. Seems his time will be safe from me, forever.

  • JJBudinski

    this reminds me of Excitebike on mega steroids, angle control seems to be crucial. Cool looking game I'm gonna check it out.

  • C A
    C A

    I absolutely love watching people play this game

  • Seth Caughern
    Seth Caughern

    IGN should do ones where the devs interview the speedrunners that would be lit

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B

    How does he know where to go!? Or can you go anywhere! This looks so fun

  • Vishvesh Karthik
    Vishvesh Karthik

    15:39 why was his crashes 0 before and after he crashed? :O

    • Raptor000

      I think the speedrunner restarted the entire level instead of a specific section since that was literally b4 the 1st checkpoint.

  • havingacow

    "27 minutes and 51 seconds and it took us 5 years to make the game" big oof

    • Brendyn Findlay
      Brendyn Findlay

      This is one of the best games ever made

    • Ricardo Figueroa
      Ricardo Figueroa

      @Matthew Huang thanks for this perspective

    • Matthew Huang
      Matthew Huang

      yet this guy has probably put in some of the most hours in this game and thus enjoyed it for hundreds if not thousands of hours

  • Mikael G
    Mikael G

    Is one of you a Smurf?

  • Sam A
    Sam A

    this makes me really wanna try the game but ik its ganna be way harder than what this makes it look like

    • GVilleAnarcho

      Its easier than a hardcore platformer like celeste or meat boy.

  • CathodeRay

    This game looks so fun. I've never heard of it before.

  • JXPD

    alternative title: man kamikazes down mountain for 27 minutes

  • Wade

    Game looks really neat I’ve never heard of it

  • God Loves You
    God Loves You

    This game is beautiful!

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Speedrunners will speedrun any gane but if you put a timer in your game, that's where it gets real.

  • theKWOKA

    "not sure how many of the unintended shortcuts hell do since they're risky" Speedruns are about taking the risky path for .1 second cut off the time. Even if it's a low probability. Because you have to do the fastest route and that's it. There is no other choice.

    • michael gudgeon
      michael gudgeon

      That's not true, speedruns are about finishing in the shortest time. He doesn't take the fastest route because it doesn't lead to the shortest time 99% of the time. This is true in many other speedruns. However someone else will take one extra risk and beat his time at some point

  • Nate H
    Nate H

    Am I the only one who thought this was GCN channel playing the game? (For anyone unaware that is the Global Cycling Network)

  • Tegat Pratama
    Tegat Pratama

    Njn La

  • Tru Maverick
    Tru Maverick

    They are loving this! It must be amazing seeing someone putting so much time and love into a game you Created

  • Julio Bonetti
    Julio Bonetti

    I really love this series. Sometimes I don`t understand why the devs feel cheated when someone plays this insanely well. Trust me, devs, most of us have a lot of fun and feel like the game is pretty challenging as it is. BTW, I love this game.

  • Luis Gutierrez
    Luis Gutierrez

    This game looks pretty cool!

  • CnL

    Die drei ??? vibes.

  • Andrew Roy
    Andrew Roy

    These were amazing devs

  • Jonathan Kroiss
    Jonathan Kroiss

    This game was so much fun and relaxing / aggravating all at the same time

  • Gregory Alioto
    Gregory Alioto

    Best series.

  • Side Stepper
    Side Stepper

    This game is awesome. I’m glad we have it.

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin


  • Ryan Austin Dean
    Ryan Austin Dean

    This video convinced me to buy Downhill. I’ve got a crazy backlog, but started this immediately. Love it.

  • CraftingSam

    Looks amazing. Need to try this game.

  • Ritergart

    Awesome game! Also, you could invite some Dishonored Devs!

  • The Retro Macaque
    The Retro Macaque

    The speed runner is actually using a guitar hero guitar controller which makes this doubly impressive

    • Connor O
      Connor O


    • Defa Omega
      Defa Omega

      It's actually Dunkey and he's also blindfolded.

  • Skuxx Golfer
    Skuxx Golfer

    Please bring another map to this game!!!!!!!! Its AMAZING

  • CaesarIII

    Was it said it the speedrunner is using directional or relative movement?

  • Xamda Xilkas
    Xamda Xilkas

    Uyu898y798uuiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuu7uuu777777777777777777777777777777777777776666666666666667777777yyyyyy6666666666667766yyyyyýyyyýyy66ýy6666666666666666666666666677777777777777777777777 g v bài

  • Turtle Burn
    Turtle Burn

    my favorite devs so far

  • TheNoobPlayer



    I found this game to be rather disappointing and kinda janky.

  • Zatter G
    Zatter G

    If the devs are reading this I just want to say thanks for making such a wonderful game and such a wonderful community. Anybody who’s on the fence about getting it I say get it. It is such a beautiful and thought out game.

  • gabriel renald
    gabriel renald

    Why does every game developers got some sort of french accent

    • Marco Podda
      Marco Podda

      German actually, but close! ;)

  • joel morgan
    joel morgan

    He's making these precision based controls look easy. And I assure you to anyone who has not played this, the controls are solid.

  • FreshAfroman

    22:36 best part lmaooooo

  • Benjamin Williams
    Benjamin Williams

    Great video thank you! 🥰👌

  • Blushing Ralsei UwU
    Blushing Ralsei UwU

    I wish this game got ghost function

  • Krokey

    I like the runners voice. It's so calming

  • raabdj

    0:48 Annyong

  • Jason Sturgess
    Jason Sturgess

    LMAO this is so funny !

  • Bryce Murphy
    Bryce Murphy

    I’ve seen 30 Wendy’s Commercials, one after another, on IGN videos only. If I see one more Wendy’s Commerical I’m never eating there again just out of spite for spamming the same Commerical 100 times in a row on me.

    • CraftingSam


  • Tyrone Walcott
    Tyrone Walcott

    Great job boys!!! I :heart: Megagon Industries The speedrunner is consistently blowing my mind with some of those shortcuts :exploding_head:

  • CapCapulet

    Definitely need a "dev attempts "blind" speedrun then devs react to wr speedrun" type video. Would be curious to see a dev's speedrun vs a runner's.

    • Megagon Industries
      Megagon Industries

      We probably will fail miserably... 😂

  • Danny

    Damn ads

  • ProfessorX 86
    ProfessorX 86

    I couldn't even get past the first mountain, this is nothing short of breathtaking to watch.

  • TechTite

    How can people play games that are so stuttery?

  • Crimson Sm
    Crimson Sm

    Jayden animation did it for cooking mama xD

  • smokebomb.exe

    Best video series in IGN.

  • Player 1
    Player 1

    These 15 second no skip ads are getting annoying

    • Basil Scruby
      Basil Scruby

      @Jollyman83 check reply

    • Basil Scruby
      Basil Scruby

      @isturbo1984no need all you have to do is just scroll to the end of the video and then restart it if youre on mobile :^)

    • Jollyman83

      @Basil Scruby youtube vanced

    • Mighty Megatron
      Mighty Megatron


    • isturbo1984

      @Basil Scruby pretty sure you can get some sort of adblock on your cell phone.

  • 335449286

    Great episode really enjoyed the devs this episode keep it up ign

  • cnl1213

    Thanks some crazy level of spatial photographic memory not to mention precision spatial awareness.

  • RollingGears

    My finger is on the button

  • African Campus life
    African Campus life

    I just got back my account thanks to @steve.watcher such an incredible hacker. Find him on Instagram

  • theLV2

    This is a great game and reminds me of playing those 2d bike flash games, but while it looks really chill, it's incredibly frustrating and difficult

  • breakdancingbusgo

    20:44 sums up every dev's speedrun reaction

    • Seth Wheeler
      Seth Wheeler

      Literally read this at 20:44 lmao

  • Ty-tanium

    I’ve never see this game before. It’s so beautiful!

    • Hypnostedon

      You can download it on Xbox gamepass

    • pk

      It's really wonderful, the sound design is great as well. Very relaxing, as long as you don't try to play it like this!

    • Teh Foxxy
      Teh Foxxy

      ikr, I've seen this style of 3d many times... but something about this game just makes it pop.

  • Chocolate Rain
    Chocolate Rain

    This would be perfect for the Intelevision Amico

  • Eona

    I feel like he makes this look criminally easy

  • Morris Smit
    Morris Smit

    Is this game on switch?

    • Anão do RezendeEvil
      Anão do RezendeEvil


  • bLiZmO 81
    bLiZmO 81

    This game is beautiful and really excellent I got it the day it dropped on Switch Night mode is really Brutal This run is completely insane! 🏆 Wow 👌

    • rakim

      @bLiZmO 81 thanks for replying dude, will get it soon 😁

    • bLiZmO 81
      bLiZmO 81

      @rakim no issues looks & runs great

    • rakim

      Any issues on switch?

  • Senshai

    Show , after prepare to try on ign,... that I enjoy and look forward to , each week .

  • Shane Rasch
    Shane Rasch

    best series ever. Seems like devs are getting more used to seeing their work completely demolished lol

    • Shane Rasch
      Shane Rasch

      @Megagon Industries the fact y'all replied to this is incredible. You guys rock and are incredible sports

    • isturbo1984

      Depends if the devs are actually gamers. These guys put actual hidden paths in their games for speedrunners to take advantage of.

    • Megagon Industries
      Megagon Industries

      Actually it is fun to see people getting the maximum out of your game even when it means they "break" it... however in this case there are only a few things we would consider broken, most of it is just very impressive skill. ;)

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