Outriders: 7 Things We Know So Far
From the playable classes and upgradable abilities to the hostile alien world primed for exploration, here are seven things we know about Outriders so far. Sponsored by Square Enix.

  • Dj Genius
    Dj Genius

    I wish this were an mmorpg

  • Loud_Snipez18

    honestly havent been this hyped since anthem but i never got anthem because i knew it wasnt going to keep me going with the amount of content i knew coming out with it. so hopefully this game actually has a lot of after content and intresting activities..

  • Win From Within
    Win From Within

    Glad they pushed it back. The game needs alot of polish

  • JVD 333
    JVD 333

    So... Borderlands with better graphics. - Never played Anthem, so Idk how similar it'd be to that.

  • Book of Enoch
    Book of Enoch


  • You Can Run But Can't Hide
    You Can Run But Can't Hide

    Dam whatever happen to the game coming out in December???......NOW I JUST LOST MY APPETITE FOR THIS GAME!!!!!

    • thedarklordx

      Cyberpunk is coming out in December now, this game would never survive.

  • Beast Within Gaming
    Beast Within Gaming

    Getting big destiny vibes here

  • Eric Perry
    Eric Perry

    So like season 7 of the 100 on drugs, but cooler

  • Neal Trevena
    Neal Trevena

    I'm hoping this has more substance than anthem. Anthems gameplay was fun but the quests and story were full and uninspired.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    This game will be a flop. Mark my words

  • Mr Cranky
    Mr Cranky

    This game looks gorgeous though

  • chronical

    Its comes for next gen, it isn't first person unlike some prestigious games, count me in!

  • Soap MACtavish
    Soap MACtavish

    Sounds interesting

  • De1usionsofGrandeur

    Dont really care anymore since it's not coming till next year

  • Simmons Simmons
    Simmons Simmons

    Wait wait wait wait wait a minute.....4 classes to choose from; but a 1-3 player co-op?

  • Adam Harmon
    Adam Harmon

    Pretty stoked for this. Looks like a gritty sci-fi Division 2

  • Michael Adesina
    Michael Adesina

    Draws power from the entity? This sounds like culty heresy to me. The inquisition shall here of this.

  • Raska Me Lasbolas
    Raska Me Lasbolas

    When i see massive talent trees all i see is useless abilities. Another wanna be and soon to be like Anthem, a failure

  • Steven Martinez
    Steven Martinez

    Remnant? I hope its better because I loved Remnant and I still play it till this day

  • Nekminute

    N O P E

  • Battleaxe Gaming
    Battleaxe Gaming

    Can i get 1 subscriber🥺 My channel isn't growing 😔

  • ZeeTheFuture

    I hope this is not a reskin of destiny games

  • Pur3n8tive 710
    Pur3n8tive 710

    still has buttons

  • Klondike

    The 100 - The Game

  • David Oakley
    David Oakley

    Oh oh cross play 😲

  • M W
    M W

    Why does IGN use so many British ppl?

  • Alex Hirom
    Alex Hirom

    Same as genshin impact

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong

    Looks like remnant def gonna get it.

  • Vigilante Film and Design
    Vigilante Film and Design

    devs: no season passes in sight... me: its battle passes i hate, not season passes, ugh

  • Farid Ronin
    Farid Ronin

    I hope it wont get Anthemed. Really looking forward to it

    • Wraith Gaming
      Wraith Gaming

      They r rebuilding anthem from the ground up and so far it looks amazing

    • Wraith Gaming
      Wraith Gaming

      Its legit search it

    • Farid Ronin
      Farid Ronin

      @Wraith Gaming i didn't know bioware was working on anthem 2.0. is it legit cuz they are working on next Dragon age

    • Wraith Gaming
      Wraith Gaming

      Old anthem defo not anthem 2.0 is looking very promising though ud say this was moe destiny meets mass effect

  • Jenna Talia
    Jenna Talia

    the characters look like xbox360 1980ish

  • SectionEight

    I keep forgetting that this game exists.

  • Philip Banks
    Philip Banks

    Another anthem experience

  • Ravi Pathak
    Ravi Pathak

    I'm excited for the game but I'll wait for the proper reviews from SkillUp and AngryJoe Games like Anthem and Avengers have taught me to never trust a looter shooter

    • jlowe92

      i know joe and OJ have already played early versions of this on their channel and said they enjoyed it

    • momintim

      This isn’t a GaaS while the other were full of micro transactions on the promise the game will get better

  • Wolf

    If it was colorful I’d get it in a heartbeat

  • sicdedworm09

    Looks like a games as service. As in you’ll be running the same levels until your eyes are bleeding. That’s the feeling destiny, the division and avengers gave me. Also the gameplay looks generic

    • Phillip Forrest
      Phillip Forrest

      Supposedly it's more of a story based RPG ala Mass Effect, actually.

  • Expo SUN
    Expo SUN

    is this offline game?

  • pokeill1

    Hey its plain destiny. Abilities. Guns. Iss nicee!

  • monster2654

    please don't flop like anthem did


    Looks dope wish they had a pvp though i can only imagine how fun thatll be

  • OlFilthy1

    "Complete adventure from Day 1" - yeah, we've heard that one before.

    • Ravi Pathak
      Ravi Pathak

      Not really. All we hear is "We'll be supporting this game for years to come"

  • Exchien Gaming
    Exchien Gaming

    One thing for sure I know about Outriders, it has been delayed till Feb 2021

  • John White
    John White

    Looks kinda shite and I can’t figure out why...

    • Mehmed

      "Next gen graphics"

  • Reynaldo Santana
    Reynaldo Santana

    This is gonna be better than godfall

  • Janusha

    So basically this is Destiny.

    • Phillip Forrest
      Phillip Forrest

      Supposedly more Mass Effect/Borderlands.

  • Richard B
    Richard B

    Looks like Division 2, which I thought was ok but not overly impressed with.

  • elgritton

    *-no micro transactions-* , I’m sold

  • kalhamm3r

    This game looks a whole lot like GEARS OF WAR.... and I am super cool with that

  • Nils Rodas
    Nils Rodas

    Oh look, another looter shooter with not even a dent of originality.

  • Airgun fun USA
    Airgun fun USA

    Loved bulletstorm so have hope for this game

  • Markel Anderson
    Markel Anderson

    I must be getting old cause I’ve play this game years ago 🤦🏾‍♂️ All the same over and over again

  • daerthan


  • Laurae Steele
    Laurae Steele

    Technomancer is such a waste of potential. Should've chosen something elemental.

    • Maurice Fields
      Maurice Fields

      They use ice and poison even though it’s not advertised here.

    • Devin Elie
      Devin Elie

      "Devastators are powerhouses of elemental force."

  • aaronjohn92

    Anthem 2.0

  • 502 [C.H]
    502 [C.H]

    Im so hyped for this game it honestly looks like EVERYTHING destiny, warframe, anthem, apex, and other looter-shooters should have been! Almost like all those games where combined!

    • Largentina TM
      Largentina TM

      @Thomas Prime In this context, yes.

    • Thomas Prime
      Thomas Prime

      at the beginning of the Vid they said its a online co op RPG, is it the same as looter shooter?

  • Hall.p

    Destiny/Division/Mass Effect *im in*

    • reece devon
      reece devon

      Well if it's like division I'm out that game and division 2 are utter broken crap

  • Sir Vader
    Sir Vader

    Getting Anthem vibes.. but better.

  • Sakray

    Release date?

  • Nolan Schotanus
    Nolan Schotanus

    Its weird that they have to now specify that it won't have microtransactions or season passes. Like its a normal game, why is that surprising?

    • Phillip Forrest
      Phillip Forrest

      Better to be clear up front no?

    • Ravi Pathak
      Ravi Pathak

      No looter shoo has been released without some form of monetization, that's why

  • Adam Berthiaume
    Adam Berthiaume

    No splitscreen, no sale.

  • Death Draven
    Death Draven

    Cant wait for this really bummed but happy they pushed it for quality....oh there’s a small competitor named cyberpunk ha

  • Guillermo Troisi
    Guillermo Troisi

    i like this video but the problem is that they also make one like it for: destiny, avengers and also Anthem and we all know how those game where at launch

    • momintim

      Those games had one thing in common they were GaaS this is not that kind of game or service

  • YFN Dorsey
    YFN Dorsey

    So ready for this game 💪🏾🔥

  • Monk Head Mike
    Monk Head Mike

    i wasnt looking forward to this having been jaded from a lot of game releases but after seeing more i have a little hope

  • Spicy Puffin
    Spicy Puffin

    And its online only :/

  • SFGiantsFan2482

    I'm interested but I'll wait on reviews. I learned my lesson from Anthem.

    • Darkaria668 S
      Darkaria668 S

      @Stuart Bagley have no idea we’re you got that information from lmao

    • SmallTank

      If you pre ordered anthem.... you deserve to wait for reviews lmao

    • Geoffrey Lan'caster
      Geoffrey Lan'caster

      Dantron Does Games That wasn't meant for adults to enjoy during global pandemic FYI.

    • Dantron Does Games
      Dantron Does Games

      I learned my lesson from Avengers

    • Geoffrey Lan'caster
      Geoffrey Lan'caster

      I don't blame you. Especially, when we want to see evidence of ya'll actually working on games like this that took them 5+ years ever since that diabolical of a start of Anthem with Bioware and EA. Notice they said "creators of Bulletstorm" not "Borderlands"... Hmm. So, which one of ya'll is A Team and which is B Team(rhetorical). Whoever is A Team. I'll go with that but if they happen to be former "Gearbox" developers and now working for "Square Enix LTD". And if it's nothing but bad this and that. Well maybe A Team needs to stick with casual shooting without the RPG/Looter/Shooter.

  • Patrick Swayze
    Patrick Swayze

    Gutted about the delay, but happy to see what this is going to be like!

    • Largentina TM
      Largentina TM

      @Sonrayz *hole

    • Sonrayz

      Ikr it put a whole in my PS5 launch catalogue, but can't wait to get it in february.

  • Evil Gouki
    Evil Gouki

    Looks very familiar & knowing Square Enix the Michael Transactions won’t be far away. I usually wait and see how these gaas games span out over the first few months.

    • Phillip Forrest
      Phillip Forrest

      "Michael transactions" 😂

  • Robert Mastenbrook
    Robert Mastenbrook


  • Bevan

    3rd person does it for me tired of too many fps

    • Bevan

      All I can say further guys is I wish they could see our comment section and not saying it to be arrogant but if they apply what we are saying it will be one of the greats.

    • Bevan

      @Adam Harmon exactly they always say immersion as if fps is the only way to be immersed. Lol floating pair of hands😂.

    • chronical

      @Adam Harmon il just pray there is a DLC for thirdperson "eventually"

    • Adam Harmon
      Adam Harmon

      Think about all the options for adding body mods. Its literally what makes the game world what it is. Its a society obsessed with modifying their bodies. Yet, you cant see your character. They really missed an opportunity here. Couldve been one of the greats. Not saying that it won't, but I dont care for fps

    • Adam Harmon
      Adam Harmon

      You guys commenting here, don't know how many comment sections I've been in arguing why a game about body modification is dumb in 1st person. Everyone says its 'more immersive'. Pfft. A floating pair of hands is all but immersive. You guys are a buncha geniuses.

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan

    Seems fun, but does anyone else thing the UI is incredibly bland, and the HUD looks extremely cluttered and dated?

    • Mr Smiff
      Mr Smiff

      @Jason Morgan now a days we have to many opinions to the point that its ruining games and their developments. Enough with opinions and just enjoy the fact that someone made a game and that you have the freedom to play it.

    • Jason Morgan
      Jason Morgan

      @Mr Smiff I mean, I said it looks fun. I'm allowed an opinion am I not?

    • Mr Smiff
      Mr Smiff

      Picky... stop nit picking and enjoy it

    • Str8 Swishing
      Str8 Swishing

      Jason Morgan nope just you

    • tolmir

      I dont think it's clustered it's pretty clear and the UI is certainly not original but it does not feel dated , it's only infos you need : map , ally hp ( for healers ) , progression , quest , skills cd , weapons and ammunition . It looks a bit bland to me too I would have prefered prettier weapons pictures , colors and less edge (there is a lot of squares) but that's mainly taste other people may like it . There may be UI customization anyway .

  • LegendaryGamer

    meh, another Anthem and destiny.

  • J

    Anyone else feel this is gonna die as fast as Amazon’s game?👀

  • Jeffrey Visser
    Jeffrey Visser

    Similar as remnants from the ashes?

  • GpieTheEntertainer

    too lazy to look it up: what are the "next gen upgrades"? 60fps? ultra graffixx?!!?

    • Largentina TM
      Largentina TM

      @GpieTheEntertainer riiiiiiiight

    • GpieTheEntertainer

      Largentina TM your faith in your friends is yours! (Boom! Roasted!)

    • Largentina TM
      Largentina TM

      Your laziness doesn't deserve an answer.

  • Brotha BLACK
    Brotha BLACK

    this is a game i need right now !

    • Hamy Lee
      Hamy Lee

      Not me...

  • jam201984

    shame its 3months away

  • Alexander

    How come the source of powers is of mystical nature but technomancer creates mechanical gadgets?

    • Alexander

      Largentina TM fair enough

    • Largentina TM
      Largentina TM

      Because these developers didn't really think about lore and world building when making this generic looking videogame.

  • FREEflowingACID

    Is there an endgame?

  • The Egg
    The Egg


  • Christopher Jaymes
    Christopher Jaymes

    Looks like a typical Xbox game

  • LegionDaGhost

    It reminds me of Anthem mixed with Remnant and a touch of Destiny, all that said it looks fun...

    • 502 [C.H]
      502 [C.H]

      @KingGeedorah feburary 2nd

    • 502 [C.H]
      502 [C.H]

      With a tiny bit of warframe

    • KingGeedorah

      it literally comes out in q1 2021, i think in february.

  • Tanuj Keshav
    Tanuj Keshav

    This shouldn't have been class restricted... Classless gives more hybrid playstyle and it'll be more fun

  • Laurae Steele
    Laurae Steele

    The meat chunks is DTM

  • Plato86

    So Mass Effect meets Horizon Zero Dawn.

    • Largentina TM
      Largentina TM

      There's no H:ZD in this game. It's more like Remnant From The Ashes.

    • eXo

      HZD ? lol

  • Intellectual Black King
    Intellectual Black King

    I hope this is what Anthem was supposed to be

    • bostonianful

      you'll be seeing that in anthem 2.0, but sense they're reworking the entire game from the ground up, you probably won't see it until 2021 at the very least. but im sure this game will be fun

  • Jay

    Third person mehh

  • SterlingK Art
    SterlingK Art

    Im down for this...gives me Mass Effect/Remnant vibes

    • Jason dp
      Jason dp

      When does this come out?

    • psychee1

      Remnant wearing a Mass effect costume and I can totally get behind that.

  • Monsieur WOLF
    Monsieur WOLF

    Wow this game is amazing

  • Parallel

    Greetings, I put on Steam the game I'm producing called Parallel, producing games is not easy, promoting is also very complicated. 🙏

  • Marcus Kane
    Marcus Kane

    Gonna be a generic mess just like WD legion.

  • iSolvano HDR
    iSolvano HDR

    Like third person Anthem lol

    • Mai

      Anthem was 3rd person

  • Matt

    I just need to know when its out ! 😅

    • Phillip Forrest
      Phillip Forrest

      Spring supposedly.

    • Matt

      @adam gleeson-prata thanks now i dont have to👌🏼😅

    • adam gleeson-prata
      adam gleeson-prata

      you just need to watch the whole video. they say at the end it releases 2/2/21

  • iStealFasti'sdog

    Also it’s a third person shooter

  • Just Some Sasquatch With Internet Access
    Just Some Sasquatch With Internet Access

    Us Sasquatches are definitely bringing this game to our forest...

    • Just Some Sasquatch With Internet Access
      Just Some Sasquatch With Internet Access

      Zubair Shaik what lol

    • Zubair Shaik
      Zubair Shaik

      Did you guys get fiber yet..or are you still moving with that broadband?

  • Yon Sire Liege
    Yon Sire Liege

    15 tiers of the same level Aight I'ma head out..

    • SatsuiNaiku

      Not sure how creative it gets, but there was this one video of people trying to do all 15 (think they couldn't make it past 12) but as the tiers got higher the enemy started using new abilities as well.

    • sridhar ch
      sridhar ch

      Division one has only 5 tiers🙂

  • RagnarLothric

    Looks like Remnant From The Ashes 2

    • edward hansen
      edward hansen

      @M W What? I loved Remnant.

    • M W
      M W

      Lol that game is such a crappy dying simulator souls clone

    • psychee1

      Be still my beating heart :)

  • Jean Pantalleresco
    Jean Pantalleresco

    "creators of Bulletstorm" - say no more fam!

    • Ruff

      Yeah, it peaked my attention there and then!


      i loved that game so much

    • Avenge All Heroes - No Commentary Walkthroughs
      Avenge All Heroes - No Commentary Walkthroughs

      love bulletstorm

    • eXo

      .... and the epic Painkiller !!!!

  • TheCaptain

    I just need to see more of the game to decide if I want it. And so far I'm not really impressed.

  • Random User
    Random User

    The game might be fun but it just looks so generic and uninteresting

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