9 Monkeys of Shaolin - Launch Trailer
9 Monkeys of Shaolin is a side-scrolling beat 'em up with a story that echoes the kung fu films of the 70s.

  • Super shimada brothers
    Super shimada brothers

    I love it that it is the same voice actor of jin sakai in ghost of tsushima

  • Black_ Ghost005
    Black_ Ghost005

    I love this game its so fun

  • школьник петя
    школьник петя

    Петрович успокойся, ты не японец, усатый.

  • Darwin Sujaya
    Darwin Sujaya

    Is this Shaolin vs Samurai? the villains looks like Japanese...

  • Soshi12005

    Where are the monkeys?

  • Shaheer Chowdhury
    Shaheer Chowdhury

    played the demo, not that interesting.

  • UncleBibby

    the production value looks incredible and it’s probably fun, but damn man it looks so fockin generic like why put so much art & effort into such a vague boring non-premise

  • Mathew Cruickshank
    Mathew Cruickshank

    "gotta get back! back to the past!"

  • Kaizer14th

    At the end it looked like Ang and Sakka from Avatar the last airbender lol

  • Eeyazz Yazmi
    Eeyazz Yazmi

    Duuh Mortal kombat shaolin Monk on ps2



  • StoicSwordsman

    The 2nd trailer on steam was like "game is set in medieval china with all the fantasy elements that go with it"... *puts in ninja and samurai *

  • Val Frost
    Val Frost

    Been looking forward to this..

  • Mihai Ioan Tabacaru
    Mihai Ioan Tabacaru

    Awesome cinematics but shitty in game graphics. A shame.

  • Metallica98189

    the guy kinda sounds like samurai jack lol

  • Ibrahim Pallikkal
    Ibrahim Pallikkal

    I don’t understand why Chinese people do hate Japanese.

    • Ibrahim Pallikkal
      Ibrahim Pallikkal

      @Pigrain then there are lots of countries who want to revenge their enemy countries for nowadays, and why about China 🇨🇳.

    • Pigrain


  • Antonio QP
    Antonio QP

    It's funny the main character has a similar name to the Sleeping Dogs guy!

  • Ahmed Al Kathiri
    Ahmed Al Kathiri

    Reminds me of Okami :(

  • Fariz Shadier
    Fariz Shadier

    Another beat em' up games cool 😀👍

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos


  • D. MW
    D. MW

    Meh. Looks too linear. Looks boring.

  • Patrick Janes
    Patrick Janes

    That guy knows bojutsu just like me.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Thumbs down, I only saw 2. Wheres the rest? Bet you the rest is probably DLC, or loot crate.

  • Andy M
    Andy M

    Jin Sakai ? Is that you ?

  • Tom Knott
    Tom Knott

    Just looks like a button masher. Pass!

  • BigBproductions

    ...Where are the monkeys?

  • Silent-Assassin

    Omg this reminds me of Jackie Chan game on ps2

    • Antonio QP
      Antonio QP

      Ps one for me

  • Dan Nguyen
    Dan Nguyen

    Still being worked on

  • edgarector

    I tried the demo. The game is solid.

  • Maher Badhawi
    Maher Badhawi

    I hate these kind of 2d games. Game looks like it has potential but it should be 3d

    • Maher Badhawi
      Maher Badhawi

      @e? i meant like the camera should be movable to all directions like gta or cod not sure what to call this not a fixated camera😅

    • e?

      This is 3d?

  • P0werJack

    Sounds boring, all I can ear is the same *Pock* Pack *Pock*

  • ZOOM 15th
    ZOOM 15th


  • Ziggy Hixson
    Ziggy Hixson

    That transition from cutscene to gameplay was real disappointing ngl

  • BlueBallz


  • Hoang Bui
    Hoang Bui

    Is that jin voice actor i hear?

  • Yoboi rr888
    Yoboi rr888

    This feels Japanese not Chinese. Yes there are differences between the 2 cultures.

  • Aidar Zh
    Aidar Zh

    looks like lego ninjago, but not lego

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak

    SWITCH.. thank u Dev. This type of game best playing on Nintendo Switch

  • excludedkratos

    You can keep it.

  • Adrian Vargas
    Adrian Vargas

    This is a perfect game for Wu-Tang Clan to jump on

    • dodekaedius

      actually it is Afro Samurai, you're talking about

  • Adam D.G
    Adam D.G


  • Lkassimi10

    Sounds like jin sakai ghost of tsushima

  • Bruce LeeVsWalking Dead
    Bruce LeeVsWalking Dead

    I wish they made a game which emulated Jackie Chan movies, like you can completely use the environment and all sorts of furniture as weapons

    • Bruce LeeVsWalking Dead
      Bruce LeeVsWalking Dead

      @ChuckPalomo Yeah that too. But what I mean to say is how in those movies he'd basically use everything and do parkour in the same time. Like many of the scenes in Project A. Yakuza also lets you use anything as a weapon there's not that same level of freedom all the many creative ways Jackie takes down foes. I know it'll be very difficult to give that level of freedom in a game but it's just a thought

    • ChuckPalomo

      @Bruce LeeVsWalking Dead What about Yakuza? its pretty much the best 3D beat em up out there.

    • Bruce LeeVsWalking Dead
      Bruce LeeVsWalking Dead

      @ChuckPalomo Oh yes, I remember that. But that was really limited due to its time, still a great game. I wish they made something with modern generation tech. Sleeping Dogs comes close.

    • ChuckPalomo

      Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster on the ps1 did just that.

  • Mushy Cookies
    Mushy Cookies

    Tralier looks cool and stuff .... ... but the Game... Meh..

  • Ajrook09

    Looks like an upgraded hello neighbor guy

  • Playall Gamer
    Playall Gamer

    Mobile k liye bi bana diya karo kuch bc

  • Zay Parham
    Zay Parham

    I guess

  • Lucifer luu
    Lucifer luu

    Doesn’t even look East Asian, what a joke ..... only one weapon! This game is whack

  • Madskilld james
    Madskilld james

    Nope the video is what the game should be not the actual game .

  • Gambello

    The art style is incredible

  • exSPiDERmate

    is this going to be 2 player local co-op bc there's 2 players in the trailer

    • Svetlana Rodionova
      Svetlana Rodionova

      local and online with friend

  • Leo Mikus
    Leo Mikus

    Why does he look french

  • Harahraj Singh Rajawat
    Harahraj Singh Rajawat

    Shadowless Fight 2/4

  • waalex11


  • Kaizen Mckenzie
    Kaizen Mckenzie

    Looks like a mobile game

  • waalex11

    Weird, it's not available for pre-order on the PSStore.

    • Largentina TM
      Largentina TM

      Most indie devs don't do pre orders.

  • silantbill

    The games art style should have matched the cutscenes. Cell shading is underrated.

    • Vercetti Gaming News
      Vercetti Gaming News

      It's all about the Gameplay with Sobaka guys. Great Studio.

    • Noah Miller
      Noah Miller

      It's kind've why Iove hades. same beat em up gameplay, but the detail of the world keeps you drawn in!


    Weird to see Edward Richtophen here

  • Jon kells
    Jon kells

    I need another shaolin monks game in my Lyf.

  • harry dixson
    harry dixson

    Looks like it would get boring after 5 min. No combat or weapon diversity.

    • Vlada Kovaleva
      Vlada Kovaleva

      try it in co-op, should be fun

    • Juanpi Jimenez
      Juanpi Jimenez

      It's a beat em up game, what do you expect?

  • The_Wilf

    Is the MC supposed to look Latino??

  • RandomGaming2.0

    i didn't see no monkeys

  • Master Otter
    Master Otter

    I hear jin sakais voice

    • Antonio QP
      Antonio QP

      @Vlada Kovaleva is legit?

    • Vlada Kovaleva
      Vlada Kovaleva

      Yes, it's Daisuke Tsuji indeed

  • johanazhari

    Looks quite fun!

  • Darshan Mohanty
    Darshan Mohanty

    Is this Johnny young?

  • JDauntless

    JIN quests will never be over.

  • Maor Amar
    Maor Amar

    Why does the main character looks like a british actor playing an asian character?

    • Vercetti Gaming News
      Vercetti Gaming News

      No way guys. This is made by Sobaka. They made Redeemer - Great Game for anyone if you haven't checked it out.

    • Krooked Vulture
      Krooked Vulture

      Why shouldn't he

    • Ibrahim Pallikkal
      Ibrahim Pallikkal

      Even developers don’t know about this😅😅😅

    • Trekkin18

      cuz hollywood ;)

    • jonahwizard1

      Richtofen with Takeo's haircut

  • Josh White
    Josh White

    The cutscenes were well done, then I saw the gameplay....

  • GORE


    • Antonio QP
      Antonio QP

      That's the reason that I'm here

  • Just Some Guy with a Mustache
    Just Some Guy with a Mustache

    *pretends I'm not the only one who just made a dog shadow puppet with my hand*

    • StoicSwordsman

      Youve beat me here once again.

  • Rayya Pen
    Rayya Pen

    Chinese Richtofen

  • Devon

    This actually pretty cool

  • 翁子晗

    looks great, but villains are samurais and ninjas, which is pretty odd for a game named with shaolin

    • Yoboi rr888
      Yoboi rr888

      @Morfeus Not main Shaolin. Shorinji Kempo is a Japanese Martial Art and was the most directly-influenced Japanese Martial Art by Shaolin, but it came in the 20th century.

    • Yoboi rr888
      Yoboi rr888

      @00ChosenOne00 Actually, there is no proof that the pirates were actually Japanese. They were called that just so that the Ming Government at the time didn't take the blame for carelessness. The pirates called themselves Japanese so they would be harder to arrest. As a retort to the Chinese, the Japanese began owning the word for themselves in a patriotic way that claimed that the Wokou were noble. However, this happened in the early 20th century. The wokou were from the 15-17th centuries. The only true Japanese Wokou were hired by Chinese Wokou, who also hired Koreans and other people. Most Wokou were Chinese. Besides, Ninjas weren't pirates. Ninja and Samurai worked for the government at that time, so it would have been obvious that the Japanese Government itself was attacking China, which it wasn't. The problem here is that they make everything feel Japanese in the game. Yes, Japan borrowed part of its culture from China. However, it has a lot of things only found it Japan. The problem is the stereotype that every East Asian thing was Japanese or Japanese-like. The stereotypical accent, the incorrect but common western idea of Bushido, the hairstyles, etc.

    • 00ChosenOne00

      In XVI century Japanese pirates constantly raided China. In fact Nioh 2 story is in the same period, but from another point of view. It's pretty interesting to find same historical figures and events in this two games.

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      I want to be neenja, I want to chop, chop, chop Chow down, take Chow down to China town. Now it all makes sense. 🙄

    • johanazhari

      There was an old chinese movie about shaolin vs ninja, tho..

  • 1 sub before 2021?
    1 sub before 2021?

    To the person who is reading this: Your amazing stay blessed stay safe and have an wonderful ‘rest of your day!✨

    • Md Mansoor
      Md Mansoor

      Ur Poppin everywhere.

    • TheMoogaKing

      You too, miss.

  • Dawgmc

    I’ll be doing a walkthrough on my channel!!!


    Is it for switch

    • Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite -
      Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite -

      Yeah. Switch, PS4, Xbox and PC.

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