Apex Legends: Champion Edition - Official Trailer
Check out the trailer for Apex Legends Champion Edition showcasing character unlocks and exclusive items. Mirage also catches you up on the story so far.

  • Robsos2010

    oh look more Apex Legends cashgrab

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns

    It says six skins but he said 3 I’m confused

  • Gail Orenstein
    Gail Orenstein

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  • ツ MauDead ツ
    ツ MauDead ツ

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  • What The Flip
    What The Flip

    I listened to his narration in this video in the voice of Deadpool in my head.

  • FCO Meu Príncipe
    FCO Meu Príncipe

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  • nally queen
    nally queen

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  • byron ruano
    byron ruano

    These still a thing? It’s gonna die like fornite lol.

    • Agent Nibba
      Agent Nibba

      Don't ever disrespect Apex Legends again

  • Earlymation

    I love the voice actor mirage his personality i so great

  • aman shakya
    aman shakya

    Isn't this game dead now?😂

    • Msaas




  • darknid159

    That voice actor was in SSX3

  • Aripeko

    everything u need to become champion in this game russian cheats for 30 cents XD

  • Jorge Garrido
    Jorge Garrido

    “Please don’t eat me 🥺”

  • James Schneider
    James Schneider

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋


    Hahahaahaah LOL This just made my day Mate Cute Hooooooo

  • Ángela Monroy
    Ángela Monroy

    Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

    • Msaas

      Where banana?

  • vignesh harish
    vignesh harish

    What happened to bloodhound ?

  • Alex Turner
    Alex Turner

    Not actually the voice of the voice actor for mirage in this trailer sounds similar but its not.

  • Former Auror
    Former Auror

    New legend?

  • TheKingSlayer745

    Mirage is a bamboozle character. And he is telling us who is the new legend. I think respawn is fooling us, AGAIN.

  • abakusx

    I hope it gets released on the Nintendo Switch soon

  • shtupurgnamakit

    Will the Trackers for the legends come with the champion edition? I missed the wins and kills of Pathfinders trackers because I was away.

  • YC1073

    They are out here spending on trailer after trailer, how about make the game better

    • Olivia Garcia
      Olivia Garcia

      How about getting better at the game? I’ll admit it’s got it’s issues here and there but the devs are always on it when it comes to fixing things 👌🏻

  • DuckLingGaming

    Wraith and rev ALWAYS get legendary skins. Give some to other legends for once in the pass. I get it, wraith is the most used.. bloodhound is always on a team though..

  • James Jaurequi
    James Jaurequi

    How much will this cost?

  • roxxie s
    roxxie s

    Every now and then we get some new blood first of wich was this guy (octane) but wasnt caustic and mirage himself the first new bloods lol also will these skins be available for the people who already have all the current legends separately

  • Kin Grey
    Kin Grey

    Loba is a "Badass" fighter

  • eazygaming

    Where the Halloween event??

  • mistercr0wbar

    HAHAHAHA I love how the rhetoric now is that Crypto is the old man 😂

  • itsdomin

    An edition like this should not only give you all the characters but also all the upcoming characters as well. Also, only 3 legendaries and a gun charm? Really?

    • Al Malone
      Al Malone

      You can just play the game to get credits Daily and weekly challenges makes getting credits easy I always have more than enough for a new champion

  • iam Lexikon
    iam Lexikon

    After every update, Apex just keeps on getting better and better.

    • Nilocke -
      Nilocke -

      @Zackychan _ same bro i also hope that respawn takes there game somewhat more seriously but they have already linked apex to titan fall

    • Zackychan _
      Zackychan _

      It keeps getting cornier and cornier, if they would make it a lil more serious it’d be cold af, or actually link it to the titanfall universe to get way cooler lore

  • Ch4rl13 Moore
    Ch4rl13 Moore

    What's a Necron doing here?

  • Nana Addo
    Nana Addo

    Yay more micro transactions

  • R3APER

    Everybody loves Mirage that's for sure

  • Moe LongJohnson
    Moe LongJohnson

    Mirage sounds like he sold weed in high school but only vapes now .

    • Gabsomniac

      Probably run out of weed

  • manny silveira
    manny silveira

    I’m broke ign let me get some money lol

  • Remidee 727
    Remidee 727

    Would be nice if this was super cheap for existing players so they too can have those legendary skins.

  • gagtjs

    Did they just completely skip over caustic what the hell

    • Sith921

      Yeah they did my boy dirty

  • ace 39
    ace 39

    This game still exist? Thought this was a dead game already.

  • clerivaldo junior
    clerivaldo junior

    Obviously ea would make something to sell a free game

  • megaponful

    Thumbnail id a Necron

  • TECHer

    i liked the speakers flow :D

  • Anonymous Niz
    Anonymous Niz

    No wraith, Gibraltar or the gas guy

  • CactusJack

    why is every finisher in the trailers against octane😓

    • Lor Jayy
      Lor Jayy

      Hate us cuz they ain't us

    • Crfrando

      My thoughts exactly

  • PaoDeLua

    SE VOCE AMA SUA MAE DEIXA O LIKE!!* ❤❤ tenho um canal bem humilde da uma passada lá😁😁

  • JOSYON18

    Best BR.

  • item

    People still play apex?

    • MrReeval

      What are you playing instead?

  • akiramaister.

    The best boy narration is perfect. This seems like the kind of stuff Mirage would come up with in his bedroom

  • Veron

    sad to see what happened to this game...it died so fast

    • Nikita Gaidach
      Nikita Gaidach

      Still playing it, it's very alive, now with Crossplay even more

    • Qsky

      Game is not dead because you've stopped playing

    • F Kr
      F Kr

      Died? The hell? The community is alive and well

  • F Kr
    F Kr

    Goddammit. Thought this was another new trailer. But no IGN posts it one day later again...

  • Deku

    I wish this game had a story mode

    • Deku

      @J Dragon becuase it would’ve been amazing with all the characters personalities and side notes of their background hinted at us.

    • Zackychan _
      Zackychan _

      Titanfall needs to come back hard so apex can die

    • Breast Username
      Breast Username

      Titan Fall 2

    • Keno

      Season 5 and 6 pve/comics and titanfall 2:

    • J Dragon
      J Dragon


  • Maaz Kashif
    Maaz Kashif

    if you didnt know, it will cost you $39.99

  • Mozek Mrn
    Mozek Mrn

    Still the best BR

  • keng MG
    keng MG


  • RaZeyLWindBladE

    For a moment there... I thought it was kevduit that did the VA. Like...

  • Niko The Nomad
    Niko The Nomad

    These skins should be available for purchase for people who already own the game

  • Anyone


  • topher 319030
    topher 319030

    We’re getting a new legend already?

    • F Kr
      F Kr

      No. At the start of the new season

  • The Gaming Bay : Skeletor
    The Gaming Bay : Skeletor

    Yeah that's cool and all, but when is the game releasing on steam ?

  • Noob King
    Noob King


  • Jonathan Bahena
    Jonathan Bahena

    Focus on new MAPS, tacticals, new legends, guns

    • Connor McCartney
      Connor McCartney

      They don't like that

  • Tonyplays Gaming
    Tonyplays Gaming

    So switch port???

  • ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神
    ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

    Looks The Same Though

  • ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神
    ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

    Okay maybe I'll play this for once

  • High Tier Loot
    High Tier Loot

    Everybody waiting for Ash But got Horizon instead

    • iamsyckyyy

      i dont think ash should come in apex for some reason ( even though i want her to come in apex so bad )

    • Ihopeflimflamadds Lol
      Ihopeflimflamadds Lol

      Horizon isn’t bad in my opinion she looks like she’s gonna be a cool legend but don’t worry ash had to come soon

  • M M
    M M

    Is Apex still coming to the Switch? When y'all gonna present it?

    • Shreyas Diy and Computers
      Shreyas Diy and Computers

      Heard they had problems with switch and it is coming before the end of this year so not long. Maybe a month

  • Yong

    Bring back train

  • 仮面の男はかわいい

    Do people even know that this game is a titanfall game?

    • SAFIAN12

      @Korey Crawford my bad

    • Korey Crawford
      Korey Crawford

      仮面の男はかわいい no prob😄👍

    • 仮面の男はかわいい

      @Korey Crawford thank you 🙏 lol

    • Jay Ray
      Jay Ray

      What button calls down the titans?

    • Korey Crawford
      Korey Crawford

      SAFIAN12 I think he knows that specifically

  • ghost-legion on Android
    ghost-legion on Android

    Yesss can't wait for the new legend and it's another female

    • J Dragon
      J Dragon

      yes new legend? it doesn’t really matter if it’s a female😭.

  • Ramiz Rana
    Ramiz Rana

    I want Mirage to narrate every Apex video from now on!

  • Loreto Arizpe
    Loreto Arizpe

    So glad Justin Y isn't here.

  • Legend lucifer
    Legend lucifer

    My favourite battleroyale game❤️🔥

    • Legend lucifer
      Legend lucifer

      @Isamon Andretti i will try

    • Isamon Andretti
      Isamon Andretti

      @Legend luciferunderstandable you should try titanfall 2 if you like this games movement, there's far more movement in that game

    • Legend lucifer
      Legend lucifer

      @Unknown yeah feels so comfortable and those fast movements and flicks...just love it❤️

    • Legend lucifer
      Legend lucifer

      @Isamon Andretti its dumb game I dont know why but looks so boar and seriously not satisfied with warzone

    • Maxtrith

      Yeah no....never

  • Shawn YRS
    Shawn YRS

    Wats this 😂😂😂 allergic to staying still 😂😂😂

    • M D
      M D

      Man I hate it when you can't take moment relax when you allergic to that

  • PLC85

    We will win

  • Jiahni

    i like turtles

    • Korey Crawford
      Korey Crawford


  • Ramon Lopez
    Ramon Lopez

    Best game of 2020!

    • Connor McCartney
      Connor McCartney

      Doom ETERNAL came out this year

    • Ramon Lopez
      Ramon Lopez

      @Last Breath looks like someone has not played it 😂. Its free!

    • Last Breath
      Last Breath


    • ghost-legion on Android
      ghost-legion on Android


  • Just Some Guy with a Mustache
    Just Some Guy with a Mustache

    0:21 Mmm. Crispy.

  • Jacky Go
    Jacky Go

    Is it just me or is this a repost? I could have sworn I already saw this yesterday/a few hours ago... hmm.

    • Jacky Go
      Jacky Go

      @The Real Toast Woops... didn't realize I was on IGN. LMAO

    • The Real Toast
      The Real Toast

      Yeah apex released their trailer already IGN just uploaded it again

  • derrick farbes
    derrick farbes

    Oh look another cash grab

  • Matt Obrad
    Matt Obrad

    who else thinks Mirage should moderate the next presidential debate

    • justaperson comingby
      justaperson comingby

      @dodo2208 huh, he kind of fits. Lol

    • Jamie Mendoza
      Jamie Mendoza

      HA. no

    • dodo2208

      he should be in borderlands

    • damond green
      damond green

      MIRAGE FOR 2021 _Unlike an actual mirage this guys no illusion_

  • El Chancho
    El Chancho

    How much will it be $100?

    • InkSpot Z
      InkSpot Z

      They promise 40$, I think they still have at least some conscience, but with each increase in prices and conditions for the extraction of rare items, this is less and less believed.

    • NoOne


  • Aditya Rawat
    Aditya Rawat


    • Zackychan _
      Zackychan _

      @Al Malone I pre ordered titanfall 2 and was 100% satisfied

    • Eos Ranger
      Eos Ranger

      @Al Malone Check all modes 👍And sometimes it just depends on the time of day also.

    • Al Malone
      Al Malone

      @Eos Ranger I did with only attrition bounty hunt pilot vs pilot and titan brawl selected

    • Eos Ranger
      Eos Ranger

      @Al Malone Sign into [ADV] The Advocate Network and Boom you get matches in seconds!!!

    • Al Malone
      Al Malone

      1. That got cancelled 2. Nobody bought titianfall 2 anyway It takes me 4 minutes to find a match Not even 90s multiplayer shooters take that long

  • andre byrd
    andre byrd

    I always think I'm gonna be first to an IGN video, and it never happens

  • Jayce Griffin
    Jayce Griffin


  • The Electric Prince
    The Electric Prince



    Will there be a Loser Edition?

    • Dan iel
      Dan iel

      + 13 gold and odd number so u gotta buy more

    • Dan iel
      Dan iel

      Yh 3 grey skins and a L charm

    • Kubito

      But for free...

  • Zapatron Beastly
    Zapatron Beastly


  • Abdoo 3000
    Abdoo 3000

    not first :(

    • Abdoo 3000
      Abdoo 3000

      I will be 6 in November 😜

    • Joaquin Edgar Pelaez Arredondo
      Joaquin Edgar Pelaez Arredondo

      @kitty cat man so?

    • kitty cat man
      kitty cat man

      u are actually 5 years old

  • Santiago_ Salido
    Santiago_ Salido

    ppl still play this?

    • Luccini'Speed YT
      Luccini'Speed YT

      ooof yeah

    • NoOne

      Best battle royal ever made

    • Ramon Lopez
      Ramon Lopez

      Hell yeah! Hype af!

  • Bread Gaming
    Bread Gaming

    To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine My Dream is to have 1k. I been struggling to get there

    • future doggo
      future doggo


    • Qsky

      @John Marston Be quiet

    • John Marston
      John Marston

      @Qsky you really are

    • Qsky


    • Mozek Mrn
      Mozek Mrn

      Bless you Mr. Bread

  • E L
    E L


  • ricardo bravo
    ricardo bravo


  • VR Gamer
    VR Gamer


  • Jillu Rajeev
    Jillu Rajeev


  • Xavier Evans
    Xavier Evans


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