The First 15 Minutes of Disco Elysium: Game Boy Edition
The First 15 Minutes of Disco Elysium: Game Boy Edition by Colin Brannan.
Game can be found at:

  • 95North

    Is it weird that the font itself & the way ellipses are spaced out . . . makes me so nostalgic??

  • UncleBibby

    my gameboy can play CRYSIS apparently

  • Nero Red
    Nero Red

    GBA plse!

  • Martin Mejia
    Martin Mejia

    Still waiting for console 😐

  • Mr. Snake
    Mr. Snake

    On gameboy. Why do i feel so emotional right now?

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson

    This is so cool, might have to give it a go. Would miss the music though I think.

  • Nathan Mabie
    Nathan Mabie

    Sweet! The console version is finally coming out

  • Hanzo Yamazaki
    Hanzo Yamazaki

    Wtf GameBoy Well guess ill have to go through the attic to find my 24+ year old GameBoy now 🙂

  • Keanu Cheez
    Keanu Cheez

    Hey fellow IGNers, I’ve been stopping myself from starting a INlabel gaming channel for years, now I’ve finally started my dream, and I would be eternally grateful if you would sub and check out my work. 🙏🏼

  • Noob Abyss
    Noob Abyss

    I really thought they playing this ps1 game on ps4 for a sec.

  • Feverroneous

    wtf they made a gameboy port while I've been waiting over a year for a playstation port?!

    • Feverroneous

      @Michael Towns i know just joking.

    • Michael Towns
      Michael Towns

      Fan made yo.

  • VTorner

    Where is the Xbox One version? This game is a great swan song for this generation of consoles.

  • booker dewitt
    booker dewitt

    can't wait horizon zero dawn ported to gameboy or sega genesis.

  • Drangus

    lol wat

  • Oaktown Klaygounds
    Oaktown Klaygounds

    Ok this is pretty cool. My originalliy game boy still freaking works to this day. Got it in the early 90s by saving up my allowance money as a kid and it did not disappoint. Links awakening, Mario land 1&2, donkey Kong country ports, Tetris, I can go on an on

  • Martín Mina
    Martín Mina

    Never clicked so fast on an IGN video

  • LazerBabyCatastrophe

    Yeah, but why though.

  • _ Electric Blues _
    _ Electric Blues _

    What! Didn't know about this, how awesome. 👍

  • derty MI QWERTY
    derty MI QWERTY

    Weak and boring

    • Thompson51

      Like you and your comment

  • Ak47

    so same company?

    • Michael Towns
      Michael Towns

      Nah fan made

  • Jerr Dnn
    Jerr Dnn

    7:41 At first I was intrigued by the dialog, Interested by the stats and roles. But seeing a scene this grim in game boy graphics...

    • The Jiffy
      The Jiffy

      @Jerr Dnn happy to help 😁

    • Jerr Dnn
      Jerr Dnn

      @The Jiffy After a few moments of searching I watched a video and immediately realized there was a non GB game. Needless to say I'm both impressed and a little annoyed that the game has managed to stay off my radar lol. Thank you for the recommendation

    • The Jiffy
      The Jiffy

      Have you played the original version? If not, I highly suggest you check it out. It's bloody excellent!

  • Dm Dkm
    Dm Dkm

    What is year ?

  • Holzkopf Baumfaust
    Holzkopf Baumfaust

    impressive. totally looks like a Gameboy game

    • Vercetti Gaming News
      Vercetti Gaming News

      Definitely noice.

    • Holzkopf Baumfaust
      Holzkopf Baumfaust

      @Pesoedit ᜐ they still make Gameboy games? 😲 noice

    • Pesoedit ᜐ
      Pesoedit ᜐ

      it's a gameboy game.. visit thier website..

  • V

    What's wrong with the audio

  • Game Buoy Games
    Game Buoy Games

    More GBStudio games like this on IGN please haha

  • Just Stuff
    Just Stuff


  • DrVince


  • josh Liang
    josh Liang

    It’s just not the same without the great music and fantastic art.

    • Sceptical Automata
      Sceptical Automata

      Its gameboy edition

  • Frank Pham
    Frank Pham

    Both the original and this Gameboy version are different yet similar works of art.

  • Philip Banks
    Philip Banks

    How about the Disco Elysium PlayStation 4 footage?

    • Thompson51

      There is no at the moment.

    • Tamer Ciftci
      Tamer Ciftci

      Hopefully it will also come to ps5. Then id rather wait and buy it for that instead of ps4

  • LethargicGoblin

    The one time I want to rotate the screen to fit in portrait mode is the one time its not available.

  • BeeStripes 030
    BeeStripes 030

    Well this was... unexpected

  • Geralt whit 50 subscribers challenge
    Geralt whit 50 subscribers challenge

    is it just me or did i hear the voices of the lines in the first min or 2

    • Kobain

      "NEVER EVER BABY!" Nah bro i heard the words in my head too man they are so...distinct you can never really forget exactly how they are spoken to you.

  • The Volcanic Masochist
    The Volcanic Masochist

    Right but where is the console version

    • The Volcanic Masochist
      The Volcanic Masochist

      @Tamer Ciftci a ps4 version will automatically work on ps5

    • Tamer Ciftci
      Tamer Ciftci

      Its coming. Just hope that it releases on ps5 👍

  • HardCodedDragons

    Oooo nice

  • Vault Dweller
    Vault Dweller

    Yo it’s the switch version

    • JustJoshin

      I wish, this looks Dope.

  • Michael Towns
    Michael Towns

    Oh hell yeah, didn't expect to see some GBStudio games on IGN. Dope!

    • Hunter W
      Hunter W

      @Michael Towns why does it matter what platform it's on? PC you can play with any controller you want

    • Michael Towns
      Michael Towns

      Nah, been indiegaming on PC for decades, tis a bit fresher to see 'em pop up on retro systems but.

    • Hunter W
      Hunter W

      Lol.. if you like indie games you need a PC. Endless games like Disco Elysium.

  • AJ

    Why is this giving me nostalgia?

    • iamjob

      Because it's old.

    • Southend Busker
      Southend Busker

      ....gameboy maybe ?

  • The Star Toys
    The Star Toys

    I have a INlabel channel too

    • The Star Toys
      The Star Toys

      Hope you love it

  • Shinkei DEI
    Shinkei DEI


    • Simon D. Ivanoff
      Simon D. Ivanoff

      TO THE MEGA!

  • TomThehTmoT


  • Ahmed Nabil
    Ahmed Nabil


  • Mike N
    Mike N

    I immediately thought of Renegade Cut



    • Bradley Coresh
      Bradley Coresh


  • Maynard Alipin Torigoe
    Maynard Alipin Torigoe


  • Bradley Coresh
    Bradley Coresh


    • Bradley Coresh
      Bradley Coresh

      @KDYYY no

    • KDYYY

      tryna steal my spotlight>:(

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