Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Best Loadouts to Unlock First
The best loadouts to unlock first in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.
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  • Gaby Ram
    Gaby Ram

    Is it just me or do I all of the sudden all of my weapons are maxed out

  • Sebastian Alstrup
    Sebastian Alstrup

    me playing the game for 2 hours and onlock full atachments to evry gun

  • King K
    King K

    14.3m subscribers making a video about cod damn, never seen this

  • Big Yoshi Memes
    Big Yoshi Memes

    IGN: Weapon progressions very slow The beta RN: everyone has everything

    • James Mier
      James Mier

      Fr why is that

  • Amazingipod 115
    Amazingipod 115

    Stoner 63 with the 125rd mag and all recoil reducing attachments kills people in like 4 shots across the map

  • Merami

    Knife and 1911 done

  • Esteban Serrato
    Esteban Serrato

    I have a question can someone pls reply to me is my Cold War weapon load outs gonna save after beta ends and will it be there when the game comes out I grinded day and night for all the weapons

    • Esteban Serrato
      Esteban Serrato

      @Julio Arevalo I pre orderd the game so I’m guessing I do right

    • Julio Arevalo
      Julio Arevalo

      No it won’t whatever u unlock in this game will not go to the full gam, at least it’s not supposed to buy they might let u

    • James Mier
      James Mier

      @Esteban Serrato yeah

    • Esteban Serrato
      Esteban Serrato

      Thanks I wasn’t tryna going again for the weapons

    • James Mier
      James Mier

      Yes brother

  • Ben Sarling
    Ben Sarling

    All of the warzone kids complain about Cold War being bad as theyve never played any black ops game

  • WorgenatorWoW

    "we recommend all the weapons with the first attachments because we haven't actually played a lot"

    • H8timusPrime

      And pair them all with the same sniper rifle and exactly the same equipment and perks. Lol. This video is a joke.

  • Yondaime H
    Yondaime H

    You guys didnt even take the time to unlock the attachments....... Yikes!

    • James Mier
      James Mier

      @Yondaime H bro haha I meant like what level I would have been

    • Yondaime H
      Yondaime H

      @James Mier Level cap is 40 dipshit.... Plus I was talking to the ones making this video, they have no idea what they're talking about.....

    • Darth Plagus
      Darth Plagus

      @James Mier that's depressing.

    • James Mier
      James Mier

      Level 122 rn

    • James Mier
      James Mier

      I did

  • Kong

    I like modern warfare Better than this game. The movement in mw is way better in my opinion. (If you’re gonna be toxic with you’re comments just don’t bother commenting) :).

  • Aran Erem
    Aran Erem

    It looks cool

  • Bruhda Gamer
    Bruhda Gamer

    Lol for the mp5 it’s what I was already using

  • North 29th
    North 29th

    For me personally, I recommend any gun that can kill within the flicker of time.

  • So fine
    So fine

    I just got back my account thanks to @steve.watcher such an incredible hacker. Find him on Instagram🤗

  • Maxwell Warren
    Maxwell Warren

    It is a little funny seeing literally all the same attachments for all of the guns. The gun progression is way to slow

  • ishyaboiflow

    how do i check weapon details statictics ON PC

    • Kubilay

      Select an attachment and press "2" on keyboard

  • gannon stesiak
    gannon stesiak

    does my progress in the beta transfer to the full game?

    • Arnel A
      Arnel A

      @Goulão google

    • gannon stesiak
      gannon stesiak

      @Goulão it’s been confirmed

    • Goulão

      How do you know...

    • gannon stesiak
      gannon stesiak

      @Goulão it doesn’t and i’m sad now

    • Arnel A
      Arnel A

      @Goulão no it doesn't

  • Dpain 24
    Dpain 24

    Call me crazy but I genuinely like this game more than MW. Like it's not annoying at all to me

    • Lexos aka alex
      Lexos aka alex

      @Gloku and ur a dipshit

    • Gloku

      You’re crazy

    • Lexos aka alex
      Lexos aka alex

      Your not alone Its 3 million times better

    • Blade BK
      Blade BK

      @Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX most has to do with sbmm and netcode

    • Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX
      Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX

      Same tbh, I can sorta see why the game is getting a bit of criticism but I feel like most hate is unnecessary


    awful game, everyone refund now

    • Frog Man
      Frog Man

      Wow talk about quick to judge a game in its beta

  • Gerard Minor
    Gerard Minor

    The snipers are slow and do not one shot in most engagements they are weeker than other cod snipers they dare i say need an adjustment in damage

    • Jolevi

      @Bossy Coconut they need to greatly increase flinch you get as a sniper when ur shot

    • BIG BOI
      BIG BOI

      Tundra is the best sniper and wrecks people idk what game ur playing 😂😂

    • Bossy Coconut
      Bossy Coconut

      LOL no, we don't need 1 hit kill, instant ADS snipers like in MW

    • Jolevi


  • sir cheeburg buddernubs
    sir cheeburg buddernubs

    im out here using the overwatch pre-made load out for the beta weekend...


    Ak truss its godly

    • Xo Combos
      Xo Combos

      Very godly

  • Cain Marko
    Cain Marko

    i hope I can play it

  • NoTreading

    lol. I sold my ps4 for a ps5. I cant even play this game.

  • Ayyterio

    look at my channel i got a video on this also

  • D Burk
    D Burk

    Soo dumb how you talk about the uzi and it's best attachments but the only attachments you have are first ones you unlock. You do this for the sniper too. You obviously just used the popularity of this game to put out a quick video because you did this for every gun

    • alltick comma
      alltick comma

      Not coming at you or anything but he said at the beginning of the video he was only going to make loadouts out of the low tier attachments because leveling up your gun is noticeably harder than modern warfare.

  • Endra Nuriman
    Endra Nuriman

    i cant play it yet :(

  • ADAMantiumBomb

    "A broken mess" has never been soo much fun to play...or watch!!! See my experience with the new COLD COD WAR 'Alpha' and 'Early Access Beta' (New videos posted weekly!)

  • Top COLD WAR Moments
    Top COLD WAR Moments

    Some people: The game isn’t going to change much from the alpha to the beta. Treyarch: observe.

    • Daniel Fleck
      Daniel Fleck

      @Löwe King Very nice bro! I just downloaded the beta last night and have yet to play it. I’m pretty pumped for it but kinda hesitant with all my progress on MW and Warzone. Have they released how Warzone will work with Cold War yet?

    • Löwe King
      Löwe King

      @Daniel Fleck I remember the days of playing cod 2. And world war. I left at bo3 and I’m joining back in Cold War and let me tell you I haven’t lost it I was top of the leader board with a knife

    • Daniel Fleck
      Daniel Fleck

      @JB My bad my bad, I actually meant COD 2 for me i get the two confused a lot lol and nice!

    • JB

      @Daniel Fleck I said before 4. I started playing from the first call of duty on ps2. P.S World At War was on Ps3 after cod 4. Get it right mate 👍

    • Daniel Fleck
      Daniel Fleck

      You guys talking about starting in 4 meanwhile I started playing world at war on PS2 lol (please don’t take this as a hate comment at all I just found it kinda funny. GG guys)

  • skye⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    If you have to look to IGN for loadouts you probably should not be playing an online shooter

    • Dusty bot
      Dusty bot


  • Silver

    The type 63 is op

    • Silver

      @PGG_Simulation I just realized it got nerfed

    • PGG_Simulation

      It isnt it gets outgunned by every other ar



  • phresh07

    I say use the AK47 (if you're not a sniper) and equip Ghost. I got to level 40 in the beta with that baby

    • Poo Gaming
      Poo Gaming

      @skinnylongblack. Well you can now. In the first 2 days of the beta you could only get to level 31

    • skinnylongblack.

      @Poo Gaming You can get to level 40 in the beta?

    • phresh07

      @Poo Gaming I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m level 37 with my Xm4 right now

    • jztstarful

      @Poo Gaming lmfao u busted this kiddo😂🤯

    • Solid Sniper29
      Solid Sniper29

      Ak is op you can top frag every game

  • Jacob Ross
    Jacob Ross

    Best load out is the cr-x don’t buy this game amax

  • V I B E S ツ
    V I B E S ツ

    whats up i just canged my channel name on INlabel to V I B E S and now nobody can find my channel anymore so can you subscribe to me so people can find me

  • Throwaway Account
    Throwaway Account

    My honest best loadout is mp5 with hauer

  • Mrkipousa97

    Just me, that thinks that u shouldn't recommend loadouts in a beta, effectively narrowing down the setups that will be tried, and ultimately reduce the sample of feedback given when it comes to gun balance.

    • Oscar Ramirez
      Oscar Ramirez

      Someone’s gonna do it anyways

    • RX 580
      RX 580

      @Jacob Ross His point wasn't about beta but more so about this early on. So like MW most players will run same loadouts

    • Jacob Ross
      Jacob Ross

      This isn’t a a beta the game releases in like a month what you see is what you get

  • Mac

    Compared to the excitement and fervour generated by MW prior to release, this year's CoD is just damp, bland and lifeless.

  • Klg 42
    Klg 42

    game is 🐶

    • Klg 42
      Klg 42

      @Turismet so of course its not 1 nomore

    • Turismet

      @Klg 42 are you illiterate it says 6 not 1💀

    • PGG_Simulation

      @Klg 42 I respect that

    • Klg 42
      Klg 42

      @PGG_Simulation 👍🏻

    • PGG_Simulation

      @Klg 42 say that to yourself

  • m mib
    m mib

    Not for 60€.

  • RevolveR

    It's too bad the game is horrible.

    • Epic King
      Epic King

      Its in beta LOL its litterly not finished

  • Wicked King
    Wicked King

    The xm4 is long-range. (Just unlock all the attachments!)

  • zebracakesmash

    I would never use a class suggested by IGN

  • 429 Subscribers with 26 Videos Challenge
    429 Subscribers with 26 Videos Challenge

    Will there be female soldiers in the game?

    • Gage Grimes
      Gage Grimes

      There is

    • sjakkoo gaming
      sjakkoo gaming

      Yes there are 3 in beta

  • juancena671

    maybe unlock all the attachments before giving the "best class setups"

    • D Burk
      D Burk

      That's what I said. Also he said they work on certain maps, said all the maps for each gun

  • Camden Murphy
    Camden Murphy

    I loveeee u who ever readin this

    • retroFIX Gaming
      retroFIX Gaming

      Even child rapists?

  • Monster Munch
    Monster Munch

    Game looks incredibly average

    • retroFIX Gaming
      retroFIX Gaming

      @Dan Nguyen Jesus you absolutely nailed it. Well I suppose they do do that much.

    • Dan Nguyen
      Dan Nguyen

      @retroFIX Gaming The task is simple, all they have to do is beat counterstrike and half-life, and have the stuff Battlefield has, and make it as fun as Valorant, and beat Halo

    • retroFIX Gaming
      retroFIX Gaming

      Dude this game is gonna blow. It’s like Bethesda gets all this crap about the Creation Engine when this series has literally kept the same one for all time. And if they have changed it, you can’t tell so what’s the point. This game needs an upgrade so bad

    • Dan Nguyen
      Dan Nguyen

      It looks like the same engine from 10 years ago, same Call of Duty and running animation with massive bobbing and gun bob, animations too

  • engineer gaming
    engineer gaming

    me a rebel: o ak 47? ye best weopen ever

    • k s
      k s

      same, i think its the best gun and its got amazing range with practically zero recoil once you can thrown a red dot and grip on it. Very underrated weapon.

  • Dane Whittington
    Dane Whittington

    Nice flip flop this will end up being

  • jason lansdowne
    jason lansdowne

    I just role with what guns I like

  • Michael Gareth
    Michael Gareth

    Game doesn’t offer anything new

    • Jacob

      Dan Nguyen yeah, they’re not gonna create a new engine every time they make a new game. I think it still offers enough new content to justify getting it though

    • Dan Nguyen
      Dan Nguyen

      @Jacob yup

    • Dan Nguyen
      Dan Nguyen

      It looks like the same head bob and animation, engine from Modern Warfare. I think Far Cry looks, looked better

    • Jacob

      Michael Gareth except new maps, new guns, new game modes and new attachments

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez

    Meh 😒 B iden2020 🇺🇸 🌊

  • The Star Toys
    The Star Toys

    I have a INlabel channel go check it out

  • Carter Fracul-Conti
    Carter Fracul-Conti

    Can't Wait!

  • King


  • TowersJ Gaming
    TowersJ Gaming

    Fact: Nobody cares if your first bro.

    • Commentary Hut
      Commentary Hut

      @429 Subscribers with 26 Videos Challenge stop begging

    • youtub top
      youtub top

      ممكن تشتركلي بقناتي

    • 429 Subscribers with 26 Videos Challenge
      429 Subscribers with 26 Videos Challenge

      But I care if you subscribe to me

    • Allan Allan
      Allan Allan

      @Daniel Rodriguez lol

    • TowersJ Gaming
      TowersJ Gaming

      @Daniel Rodriguez Ohhhh got em!

  • Ezechi Gabriel
    Ezechi Gabriel


    • carl-emil herdahl
      carl-emil herdahl

      You won

    • carl-emil herdahl
      carl-emil herdahl


  • carl-emil herdahl
    carl-emil herdahl


  • Macho Gaming
    Macho Gaming


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