PS5 Backward Compatibility Finally Explained + Avengers Disassemble - IGN News Live
On today’s show, we’ll be diving into the PS5 Backwards compatibility. Sony has confirmed PS4 to PS5 save transfers and which PS4 games are not backwards compatible with the PS5, Marvel’s Avengers game sees a significant drop in its playerbase but the devs are confident you'll return, the new live-action XBOX Series X commercial featuring Daniel Kaluuya, and the gigantic Japanese script for Cyberpunk 2077.

  • FactSpeaker-chan UwU
    FactSpeaker-chan UwU

    meanwhile on xbox series x/s, ALL previous xbox titles are backwards compatible. once again showing xbox superiority over piss station. xbox>>>piss station.

  • Sajad B.
    Sajad B.

    You can transfer your save data for your ps4 game to ps5, the part that is at the devs discretion is the data transfer between ps4 titles and ps5 titles that are cross-platform.

  • K. Irvin
    K. Irvin

    What about the games purchased through the ps store like streets of rage 4 , Blasphemous, hollow knight & etc ?

  • Gab Inidal
    Gab Inidal

    Sony's main priority is more on creating exclusive games. Back compat is just a feature for them... A great feature that is imo.

  • King Of Mount Olympus
    King Of Mount Olympus

    That chick is hot!!!

  • Rudy Aguilera
    Rudy Aguilera

    Okay we hear that there won't be backwards combatibility wih ps3 2 and 1 but then they say that there bringing remasters of these old games so can you make a list of which ones are coming to the ps5 its like your asking to the work

  • Alexander Martinez
    Alexander Martinez

    Seriously we can’t edit the beginning out?

  • sj.tm7

    I don't know any of the games that won't get backward compatibility

  • Habibi91

    Wish Widows LOOT TABLE was fixed!! Ridiculous

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez

    Microsoft must give IGN ALOT of free stuff lmao jesus christ

    • Oh Aww Geez
      Oh Aww Geez

      Ugh that’s what everyone says when they give them praise. Last video someone said IGN is biased because their video was sponsored by a Sony branch that had nothing to do with gaming.

    • Albastine S.
      Albastine S.

      Not really how that works. In a big corporate environment, that stuff is very controlled. Sony just isnt in the conversation with how they are marketing next gen by drip feeding information while xbox is giving so many journalists preview units to use and have been marketing the console for months now.

  • Kenye Charles
    Kenye Charles

    No PS3 games? No PS2 or PsOne wtf

  • MindAtLarge010

    Avengers free 2 play is the way to safe it

  • reyesarsenal9

    Finally explained... something we have known since road to PS5...

    • Earth in the comments
      Earth in the comments

      Kevin Murphy Yes we did

    • Kevin Murphy
      Kevin Murphy

      No we didnt

  • Steveypoos

    Can I play my PS4 indie games on PS5? Like Spelunky, Binding of Isaac and Terraria.

  • Borderlands808

    Will Skyrim Remastered work? And all the borderlands games?

  • Sammy D. KING 👑
    Sammy D. KING 👑

    Marvel Avengers could hv just been exclusive to ps5. Cus as an Xbox user I feel like am buying an incomplete game

  • Khassé Sy Savané
    Khassé Sy Savané

    I don’t know his name but he’s such a great host. Funny & on point with the arguments 👏🏾

  • Jan Rikardsen
    Jan Rikardsen

    Sony still can't get it right. Maybe MS can help them again

  • KlassicKrusty

    I hope they make PS3 b/c a priority eventually once they have a team of engineers that can fill the bill.


    What’s the purpose of wasting 14mins of video

    • Juwan Vibar
      Juwan Vibar

      it was a livestream

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    my question is, let’s say if i put the modern warfare disc into the ps5, will online multiplayer included?

    • Edis Mehmedali
      Edis Mehmedali

      Why wouldn't it be?

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne

      KlassicKrusty thank you for answering

    • KlassicKrusty

      Yes of course

  • Bret Petersen
    Bret Petersen

    Quit wasting time and money on backward comp....if people want to play their old games they should just keep their old consoles. New consoles should be only new games

    • Gareth Brown
      Gareth Brown

      Next Gen Consoles are more appealing if you can carry over your current collection of games. It's a logical thing to do from a business viewpoint. Purchasing a next gen console to only have the launch titles available will put some people off. People will then wait until the library of games fills up. PS4 had a terrible launch and was only appealing imo 6 months after release. I just hope that these new consoles aren't plagued with bugs and problems.

    • Jan Rikardsen
      Jan Rikardsen

      You're dumb!

  • Novus Grimnir
    Novus Grimnir

    Akeem needs to host more shows. He's a natural at it.

  • Hyper Hoopa
    Hyper Hoopa

    Is that BeatEmUps on the top-left? 😅

    • Sando Player
      Sando Player

      😂 he would’ve got his entire switch collection behind him

  • Kill Steel
    Kill Steel


  • Scar Ryos
    Scar Ryos

    They need a free roam mode and they’ll win if free roam were in the game helping cops and people getting mugged in a city it would boost everything

  • William T
    William T

    Was gonna buy a ps5 but just won an xbox through the taco bell thing

    • baluk05

      @Thanos Joker Then tell me you favourite games that are worth mentioning.....?

    • Thanos Joker
      Thanos Joker


    • Albastine S.
      Albastine S.

      Congratulations! That means 19 left.

    • José Aldo Júnior P4P#1
      José Aldo Júnior P4P#1

      @Sando Player LMAO

    • José Aldo Júnior P4P#1
      José Aldo Júnior P4P#1

      @baluk05 That is the way....


    why Нitman Blood Money on preview??

  • Un Known
    Un Known

    Being able to play PS4 games on PS5 is backwards compatibility?

    • Albastine S.
      Albastine S.

      @Mazgic they have a patent to cloud game older titles.dunno how that will work out for us tho. PSNow I guess.

    • Albastine S.
      Albastine S.

      @Un Known ps3 is the wrinkle in the mix. Its architecture was impenetrable difficult to code for and is super custom. Backwards compatibility to older gens isnt that big of a deal since most dont have their old game discs. If it was, xbox would be killing it because xbox has Backwards Compatibility coverage going back to the original xbox. Sony needs to invest in a virtual console ala nintendo. That would be cool. Buy old games to play on an emulator etc. Maybe increases in quality, online multiplayer etc.

    • Mazgic

      @Un Known bro its like 10 games. 4000+ games confirmed to work.

    • Thanos Joker
      Thanos Joker

      @Mazgic Boyoboy thats a whole lot pf shilling

    • Un Known
      Un Known

      @Mazgic I got no problem with Sony only making PS4 games backwards compatible. I'm probably gonna get a PS5 just for the new games and exclusives, and then get an Xbox Series X because of its power and vast backwards compatible library of games. I already got a modded PS3 slim that can play PS2 games so it really doesn't bother me. Gonna keep my PS4 pro though cause they said some PS4 games might have issues running on the PS5.

  • Jeff De Leon
    Jeff De Leon

    Wished The Avengers had much more story as the campaign was fun, but the aftermath stuff just has zero appeal. More episodic content and story will help... but the game may be a bit of a lost cause at this point. If The Avengers 2 ever happens, maybe follow the Tomb Raider angle and make it a 40-hour single player game with DLC...?

  • JoanDaBomb

    Soo I can still play far cry 3??

    • Un Known
      Un Known

      Far cry 3 remastered? Yes.

  • Glass of Stupidity
    Glass of Stupidity

    Yay video games am I right lads

    • Thanos Joker
      Thanos Joker

      Babi gaem

    • Andy Morin
      Andy Morin


  • Slenderdubz


    • Slenderdubz

      @Andy Morin shnaple de wangus

    • Andy Morin
      Andy Morin

      balbo de wangus

  • HeartAche

    *Who else went straight to the comments?😂😅*

    • Archie Garcia
      Archie Garcia

      Only to find the timestamp for when the show actually starts

  • Shaurya Shrivastava
    Shaurya Shrivastava

    Am i slowly becoming a boomer?! Like, just last week i could not care less about news shows and podcasts but now i consistently watch news shows like this one and lew later

  • Hp The Doge
    Hp The Doge

    Just one problem. Can’t get hand on preorder yet.

    • Albastine S.
      Albastine S.

      @Thanos Joker the age old "preorders are evil" gamer mantra. HP the Doge is free to do whatever he wants with his money.

    • Thanos Joker
      Thanos Joker

      Heres a better solution to your problem...dont

  • asianmacker

    Show starts at 14:23

    • Oski

      Thank you, Ign is such a lazy channel for not removing 15mins of video.

    • Jason Brown
      Jason Brown

      Swizzy74 they’re ign they are lazy

    • Swizzy74

      Why don’t they just edit the video?

    • Roman Moga
      Roman Moga

      Thanks alot

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