Nintendo Sues TikTok Star + PS5 UI Tease - IGN News Live
It’s good to be the King. The Burger King, that is. We’ll explain why, and get into Nintendo’s latest legal action, Rockstar’s latest acquisition, what’s new for Mad Max and League of Legends, and, if you can believe it, more. This is your News, Games and More for October 13th, 2020!

  • Amit V
    Amit V

    Idk why ign does this. There are many shows in ign which does the same thing

  • Rebelheir

    Get a new phone every year sheep --Apple

  • The Tinker
    The Tinker

    @26:44. Logic / Programming is a very dedicate thing. Execution orders, function call orders, timing of multi-thread calling function, etc. If you change the fps without INTENSIVE QA from the BEGINING to the END, every inch of the game, game MIGHT crash. Modders on the other hand, don't have that burden. If the game was build with dynamic fps in mind, yeah, easier.

  • Jakob Bourne
    Jakob Bourne

    Popularity in tiktok is defined by your engagement rate, and you'd want to get that appraised using tools such as *phlanx's tiktok engagement calculator* rather than doing it manually

  • Angel

    I wish apple would of stayed with the iphone x. They could of had an iphone 12 and an iphone x4 or whatever. I think I`m staying with my 3 year old samsung for now. Pixel phones are starting to look interesting lately.

  • jenova1st

    i bet they wont go after china with their knock off pokemon merch

  • Jose

    Rockstar is working on a Knights of the Round Table game

    • Jose

      Lots of clues and tips for this in RDR2. No spoilers, but, Athur Morgan, Lancelot, the next book to read should be one of knights instead of cowboys...

  • sharon Gonzalez
    sharon Gonzalez

    IPhones are usually for smooth brain people

  • samuraigundam0079

    It’s time for Sneak King 2!

  • Anthony Hero
    Anthony Hero

    I don't feel bad about what nintendo did, suing someone for miss use of conduct with out permission wether it be adult content or not it's still up to legal action

  • CP3

    Janet was super entertaining today

  • Novus Grimnir
    Novus Grimnir

    We can't have Pokemon associated with acts of physical love. Now let's all enjoy some digital dog-fighting! /s

  • Novus Grimnir
    Novus Grimnir

    Great crew today. :)

  • GrimReaper4383

    Burger King & PS5 13:13

    • exSPiDERmate

      can you put the other timestamps

    • exSPiDERmate


  • johnDomain

    "TikTok Star" LMFAOOO

  • carguevara130

    Did she just said she had a boyfriend

  • Benjamin Swain
    Benjamin Swain

    I drew a picture of Mario the other day and a bunch of lawyers stormed into my front door.

    • EmuNext

      Only Piantas can draw a picture of the perpetrator.

    • number 11
      number 11

      The fabled Nintenjas

  • Derik Irelan
    Derik Irelan


    • Karam Nabil
      Karam Nabil


    • Ammon William
      Ammon William


    • Taimat CR
      Taimat CR


  • beavis4play

    did that moron in the right bottom corner just ask " is there going to be a Days Gone 2" ???

  • Blazing flame
    Blazing flame

    Now nintendo being petty they don't even fix joy-con drift and they didn't bring their old game to the switch that you don't own by the way.

  • Carl Wheezer
    Carl Wheezer

    Hello everyone

  • lastmexicano

    Nintendo sued Alvin Earthworm for Mario Bro Z and now a tik tok Star? Greedy bastards

    • Biohazard Studios
      Biohazard Studios

      They didn’t sue him, they sent him a dmca takedown notice There’s a big difference between lawsuit and cease/desist letters

  • Spirit of Omega
    Spirit of Omega

    That’s cool and all but Xbox just got a new 660 MB update. Changed the UI. The guide is more “rounded.” Lots of changes in this.

  • T Time
    T Time

    He's buggin dragonite is a dope pokemon may not be the one of the coolest now that we have so many but was definitely one of the top 1st generation (Kanto Region) pokemon.

    • Itari Wasashi
      Itari Wasashi

      Did you know Drogonite = Dragon Knight

  • Konkey Dong
    Konkey Dong

    Hello there!

  • J Breezy
    J Breezy


  • Mr Boom Tuck
    Mr Boom Tuck



    What's the song.

  • Sam

    Sup guys how’s life treating you today

  • haileefap

    Wow can't wait for the PS5 now!!!

    • Chinese communist party
      Chinese communist party

      You are a perv dude

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