Ghostrunner Developers React to Incredible Demo Speedruns
Ghostrunner hasn't even released yet, but that hasn't stopped the speedrunning community from spending dozens of hours with its demo to figure out the ins and outs of what is possible in this game. So ride along with Radoslaw Ratusznik (Game Director) and Maciej Lorenc (Lead Animator) as they get a glimpse of what's about to come when the full game releases on October 27th, 2020.

Check out more from both speedrunners here.



  • m ej
    m ej

    Hey @ign do a devs react to titanfall2 speedrun.

  • In8_ras

    You have to understand that many thoughts come to mind of the devs every lvl he skips, decision he is making etc etc but by the time they go to talk about it, the opportunity is gone xD. Imagine < 2min to talk about the first speedrun.


    Devs react online be like : speaking over each other

  • Ruben de León
    Ruben de León

    Come on, this game seems almost designed for speedrun... 😜

  • ksawik 1212
    ksawik 1212

    Basically: **confused screaming**

  • N. Riffer
    N. Riffer

    That was funny 🤣🤣🤣


    poland have the best games :D



  • Wakil Ur Rahman
    Wakil Ur Rahman

    I don't know why people are complaining about these guys. Their excitement is kinda endearing ngl.

  • Tushar Chawla
    Tushar Chawla

    I found this really funny. The devs were genuinely shocked how the hell could this happen. 🤣


    Company Releases Demo. Speed running community: that was a fun 30 seconds you got any more.

  • Cinbass Droper
    Cinbass Droper

    This game is like a first person katana zero.

  • Xx_iPrOx_Wolf_xX Gaming
    Xx_iPrOx_Wolf_xX Gaming

    Is it speed running if you cheat?

  • Mallchad

    You put a timer in and put in fast fluid mechanics. You asked for this.

  • Seth Grey
    Seth Grey

    I love the reactions so much. So freaking pure!

  • Brittany Page
    Brittany Page

    I actually like them talking over each other. Shows how excited they are. Everyone is so salty damn.

  • Ethan Price
    Ethan Price

    Edit: the devs just play along because they have no idea

  • crash bandicoot
    crash bandicoot

    Never herd of this game befor but it looks dope i may have to cop this to hold me off till ciberpunck2077

  • Mo_ Musashi_28
    Mo_ Musashi_28

    No wait rewind !

  • MTRNord

    no offense but tbh most other devs knew better how their game works :/

    • MTRNord

      And this is sooo hard to listen too. If you cant listen dont talk. Please. communication isnt that hard

  • Morningbot

    i'm so sad cus my first run was 6 minutes 😔 and I'm not even new to speed-run games...


    Bilibili hell yeah

  • Saúl Rozz
    Saúl Rozz

    This game must be played with the mouse and keyboard. The pace is awesome!

  • Lucian Lopez
    Lucian Lopez

    Lol ok

  • Crimson 92
    Crimson 92

    Hold on I am so confused there is a channel ing but this is the wrong one the other one has scary games gameplay and stuff

    • Crimson 92
      Crimson 92

      Hold on nvm mine it's called IGP

  • Newt

    Wow IGN pulled content from BiliBili (China's INlabel pretty much), very surprising to see. Nice to see them pulling from CN runners though too, might be the first. 2:16 - 6:45

  • xerohmega

    this legitimately seems like a bit 😂

  • Siris The Dragon
    Siris The Dragon

    "What? how? what?!" "Oh look he's doing a thing.." "Yeah, no I see that; I'm more talking about how he skipped the whole game!"

  • Gregory Whatley
    Gregory Whatley

    I love these devs so much

  • Battleaxe Gaming
    Battleaxe Gaming

    Can i get 1 subscriber🥺 My channel isn't growing 😔

  • Siilvxr Y
    Siilvxr Y

    Any information about a next gen update

  • Iconof Sin
    Iconof Sin

    I dont see the fun in playing the game like that... WoW..

    • Finley Bell
      Finley Bell

      I speed run sekiro and it isn't like you just jump straight in. I did 11 playthroughs and wanted more to do so I decided to speed run it and the rush for getting a world record is awsome

  • Patrekur Róbertsson
    Patrekur Róbertsson

    Let them pause and talk please, this is riduclous haha, the speerunners are so fast that they can't talk about anything they did or what they thought.

  • Filip Carlsson
    Filip Carlsson

    Plz do mirrors edge and mirrors edge catalyst

  • Bladeerrader

    I like how they said most of the game is cutscenes in the first run lol

    • Marlon Valdez
      Marlon Valdez

      can confirm: it's not

  • Jochem W
    Jochem W

    A couple of game testers are definitely getting fired after this...

  • Simon Johansson
    Simon Johansson

    Really cool speedrun, but I had to turn of the sound. The constant interrupting and talking over each other was unbearable to listen to.

  • Idiot

    This game looks like a blast to run. Can't wait for it to release


    It’s kinda funny and cute at their amazement 😂

  • Simon

    worst devs ever😂

  • Joe Estrella
    Joe Estrella

    Devs: ok. This game is made for speed runners. Also Devs: Why.... How he skip those cut scenes?.. I mean yeah we made that game.

  • Ash Scott
    Ash Scott

    Wow the devs are hard to listen too. All they do is over talk each other

  • Vishwam c.k
    Vishwam c.k

    they are so excited that they dont even care they talk over each other lol

  • Gaia The Goddess
    Gaia The Goddess

    Lol their expressions just like how asmongold reacts to speedrun. "Wow" "How did he do that" etc. 🤣 Would love to see devs' faces when they see speedrunner doing cool trick or sth

    • Newt

      I like Zach but after watching Asmon so much I can't deal with his facial expressions anymore lol - they're always the exact same, I get it though, it's apart of the act. I do enjoy his ZackRawrr videos though.

  • Jeroen Brattinga
    Jeroen Brattinga

    "what the ghell is ghappening?" Yeah, I was wondering the same thing ;-)

  • Gavin Chew
    Gavin Chew

    I don’t understand what these 2 are talking about

  • TheFab 80
    TheFab 80

    Impossible to watch as the two morons kept talking at the same time...

  • pk

    It might be an idea to make sure nobody's lagging on the call before recording these

  • S B
    S B

    the way he says what the hell 😂

  • Merciful Bear
    Merciful Bear

    the most talkative developers, I've ever seen or heard.

  • Enrique Renteria
    Enrique Renteria

    Everyone needs to chill these are the developers of this game ! There just very impressed and flabbergasted at how fast he's going.

  • the_black_leg _sanji
    the_black_leg _sanji

    My head is dizzy watching this game

  • Marek Jarzyński
    Marek Jarzyński


  • Mikecycle

    this might be the best reaction ive seen lol

  • M4sterGrim

    If these developer's are any indication of how the game is, i can only imagine the game is annoying and boring. Yes there is obvious lag between audio for both ends but that doesn't stop the other from interrupting. And that's annoying, selfish and disrespectful. They will not have my support

  • Ceres Core
    Ceres Core

    they can't talk unless someone else is talking

    • MathRaven

      that's a whole paradox

  • incog cheeto
    incog cheeto

    This was hard to watch lol.

  • Danilo Del Rosario
    Danilo Del Rosario

    Dev: whoa wtf is that!?!

  • GrimReaper4383

    Game looks boring. Learn to talk 1 at a time!

    • GrimReaper4383

      Guess that would make sense.

    • Pian-0 G
      Pian-0 G

      It’s the delay. Something went a bit too wrong with the call

  • Ali Da Vari
    Ali Da Vari

    I didn't know the vampire from What We Do In The Shadows make video games!

  • Just Say NO
    Just Say NO

    This is unwatchable , voices are everywhere

  • Phillip Viera
    Phillip Viera

    When we have conference calls at my job on Skype there is also a lot of lag... so I completely understand. You think you’re jumping in to talk during the moment when the other person pauses but by the time you do they have already started speaking again.

    • crash bandicoot
      crash bandicoot

      Lmfao soo true bro lmfao

  • Afzal Sama
    Afzal Sama


  • scotty28653

    The person running the game is absolutely zoned in like a robot. It's amazing how some people can achieve this level of concentration.

    • Mallchad

      You actually get quick relaxed once you get consistent.

    • EverythingLegit Bro
      EverythingLegit Bro

      Maybe it’s a bot

  • Lord Spade
    Lord Spade

    Cut dialogue from uncut gems

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man

    They should call it speed talking, each racing to talk over the other 🤣🤣

  • eckosama

    despite what people say about the gameplay i still wanted to get this game, but seeing as i cant even find any physical copies, not even on secondhand or ebay, im beginning to worry

    • FlippyTheDuck

      It literally says in the description it's not out yet.

  • Symion

    Really should have done a second take, second guy constantly stepped on the first guy's words and even when he stops to let him speak the second guy stops and starts at the worst time.

    • Pian-0 G
      Pian-0 G

      I think it’s delay

  • opl500

    "they have to watch it every single time, because you put so much effort into it"

  • Kunle F22
    Kunle F22

    More accurate title: Ghostrunner Developers Repeatedly Talk Over Each Other

    • Björn Nilsson
      Björn Nilsson

      SUPER annoying

    • baked potato
      baked potato

      Talking over each other was so bad, but the game seems to be pretty awesome!

    • David Njihia
      David Njihia

      It's cool tho. Celeste was built with speedrunners in mind, and this IGN series encourages game devs to think about speedrunners.

  • Over Heated EsKim0
    Over Heated EsKim0

    People saying it's because of lag but are they that dumb not to realise they are doing it.

    • Pian-0 G
      Pian-0 G

      They were doing it on purpose? NANI

  • Hanzo Slayer
    Hanzo Slayer

    They sound disappointed just a lil hopefully take this and see how to improve platform and challenge

  • Yuri Arakaki
    Yuri Arakaki

    if you grew up with fighting parents, this video is actually very easy to understand LMFAOOO

    • aiyuku nasayu
      aiyuku nasayu

      yeah it was easy for me :(

  • Andrew v
    Andrew v

    Honestly them talking over eachother is the equivalent of people in party chats talking to one another

  • Bradly Jones
    Bradly Jones

    is the speed runner video on 2x or what

  • Rashed125

    Imagine watching this speed run in VR, your brain would melt


    Not ur best video IGN. I was like "Are they doing it on purpose? " Freakin annoying

  • Jenna Talia
    Jenna Talia

    This looks like the next gen hi definition version of cyberpunk 2077.

    • M4sterGrim


  • Awakened Spirit
    Awakened Spirit

    Love the reactions

  • Shinov Wakamane
    Shinov Wakamane

    Devs should use this gameplay as promotion :0

  • Its_Drea__ Chat with me come to my cannel
    Its_Drea__ Chat with me come to my cannel



    Director seems pretty chill

  • Barkin Inci
    Barkin Inci

    I dont think skipping chapters should count

    • Pian-0 G
      Pian-0 G

      This is glitch speed running, aka no rules as long as it’s vanilla

  • VoiD7

    I don't know why but a lot of polish devs just have this broken English and they always seem like they're stressed while they're talking. Also this video shouldnt have been published with a audio delay like that

    • dani

      wow its almost as if its not their first language, how crazy is that

    • Odile Mwaro
      Odile Mwaro

      Am I the only one who wouldn't mind subtitles?

    • Carlitto

      @Jeremi Kwiecień well, just make sure you know what u're sayin and its gonna be ok. And RELAX, the most important part

    • Jeremi Kwiecień
      Jeremi Kwiecień

      You are not wrong, for almost everyone that I know, speaking english is pretty stressful and usually because of it they make a lot of mistakes and I have the same problem

  • GhostX

    Anyone remember when this was a ripoff of Karlson lol

    • Gondala Satvarsh
      Gondala Satvarsh

      Lol it was only a meme

    • The same person
      The same person

      It was never a ripoff

  • Alexander Mzhavia
    Alexander Mzhavia


  • Abedo

    Wtf is going on? Man these guys are annoying

  • Bright Space
    Bright Space

    Unfortunate delay.

  • Djfahreal 2020
    Djfahreal 2020

    Game looks shitty

  • TophatVamp

    Lol those cut scenes tho.

  • Roberto Rebola
    Roberto Rebola

    Best reaction from devs ever 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Antryg Revok
    Antryg Revok

    Wonderful to hear youse guys getting bamboozled by this guy! Wishing youse all the best! For the speedrunners benefit, please consider making the cutscenes skippable after the 1st view of a session? Or something like that... Salut, Namaste, & Kaizen, eh? ( :

  • soullegend5

    I wasn't impressed at all

  • Ashutosh Joshi
    Ashutosh Joshi

    This game would look even better in third person tbh, hope they give us a setting to switch into third person

    • Pian-0 G
      Pian-0 G

      Wouldn’t work as well. You need to be very precise and and all with the deflections and such, and because it bounces towards the direction you’re aiming, for third person, you would need to change the gameplay a bit and have a bit of magnetism

  • V4l3r1

    Speed runner: the video game

  • NGT OI
    NGT OI

    They literally only talk if they are both talking

  • 335449286

    as much as I love this series I hope we can go back to watching speedruns of full games and not just demos

    • Marek Nomad
      Marek Nomad

      @Mark _Medina_IGN let then feature some actual setup prep or devs with basic communication skills, thanks

    • Mark _Medina_IGN
      Mark _Medina_IGN

      This is the 2nd time we've done a demo, but both games will still feature full episodes when the game releases. 99% of Devs Reacts to Speedrun still is, and will continue to be, full games.

  • marc07112

    This game looks broken lol

    • Pian-0 G
      Pian-0 G


  • Marek Nomad
    Marek Nomad

    hey IGN, how about preparing a stream and testing it before recording so that both commentators can actually hear each other enough lag-free in order not to constantly talk over each other, turning it into completely unintelligible garbage that you somehow decided to publish anyway. Why?

    • Muhamad Adli
      Muhamad Adli

      Theyre lazy

    • BlackEagle352

      @Marek Nomad well technically it is possible, so don't say that. It's just that you won't go through with it.

    • Marek Nomad
      Marek Nomad

      @BlackEagle352 not possible

    • BlackEagle352

      Did you watch until the end?

  • ChronicKane

    They keep talking over each other, stopping to let the other speak but then they both start at the same time lmao

    • dominguez

      yea that wasnt realy enjoyable to watch, i think its because of a delay perhaps?

    • ニカイドウ


    • Philip Banks
      Philip Banks

      I couldn’t help but laugh each time

    • Roberto Pereina Perez
      Roberto Pereina Perez

      Lmaooo i started laughing every single time they stopped 😂

    • David Stewart
      David Stewart

      Its arguably more amusing than the video itself

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