Mystery PS5 Announcement Teased by Burger King - IGN Daily Fix
Burger King's latest ad teases something with the PlayStation 5, Rockstar buys a game studio, and someone gets Doom Eternal to run...on a fridge?! It's Sydnee Goodman with your Daily Fix!

  • Cik awang Manisah
    Cik awang Manisah


  • Cik awang Manisah
    Cik awang Manisah

    Saga jb

  • Nathaniel Howard
    Nathaniel Howard

    Oh I’ll give u that meat😏

  • Jordzyi1

    Bla bla

  • Shujatur Rehman Shujarur Rehman
    Shujatur Rehman Shujarur Rehman

    Hi nice

  • SpiraLHub

    It's definitely GTA 6.

  • Arsenal Esparza
    Arsenal Esparza

    Burger kings slogan is “your way right away”

  • chuckie the gamer
    chuckie the gamer

    So no new burger kings games like they did over a decade ago.

  • 조승빈

    ???:i want to buy ps5! BK: u can buy 71 whopper. ???:then u will give ps5? BK: i will give u ps5(if u r selected 1000/n) ???: ok! I will buy 71 whopper 10-15 ???:fxxk i wasnt selected! BK: LOL

  • Gabriel 1
    Gabriel 1

    This is a scam that producers use to get people to buy there products have you ever heard of the winners to these give always ?

  • Lime Obeans
    Lime Obeans

    u make me wannua buy gaems

  • Tooturntt

    Sydney Goodman needs to be fired no cap

  • Manea Al Manea
    Manea Al Manea

    I'm going to cancel my Hardee's order

  • Ali Aziz
    Ali Aziz

    SONY SONY SONY 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  • Julian Saunders
    Julian Saunders

    Is this Confirmed

  • Issac Nunez
    Issac Nunez

    2:00 I remember Burger King's slogan being "Where Kids are King"

  • Frosty Iceman
    Frosty Iceman

    My mind was completely innocent when she said "Give me the meat", but then she just had to go on and say "There's no way that's right".

  • Diego Jimenez Caldera
    Diego Jimenez Caldera

    Buy a burger from burger king then buy a large or medium drink from taco bell and now your a epic gamer

  • racingmaster703

    Who is here after Sony revealed the PS5 UI?

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez

    I love you I'll give you the meat lmao

  • Andre Bernardo
    Andre Bernardo

    Give me the meat. How can you say it so casually. Damn it.

  • GalaxyGamerOK

    Ok I will admit the only thing I like from burger king is spicy nuggets and french fries

  • Nain Martinez
    Nain Martinez

    She said: "Give me the meat" nobody gonna talk about that?

  • Shaheer Jazbhay
    Shaheer Jazbhay

    They announced that they're getting married of course

  • Spartan Blueberry
    Spartan Blueberry

    Did she just said "Give me the meat"??? I'm dead 😂😂😂

  • Kay Kay kay
    Kay Kay kay

    Plz don't tell me that you can play skyrim on a fridge

  • Joe

    What’s up everybody

  • Milan

    false, that bag isnt nearly big enough to hold a ps5

  • Nazmul Hasan
    Nazmul Hasan

    I don’t care about the products, I am here for SYDNEE GOODMAN

  • Diz Collis
    Diz Collis

    Sneak king 2 FTW lol

  • Hand of Hattori
    Hand of Hattori

    Back when the 360 released my friend won the Mountain Dew contest and got the 360 right when it released. I can confirm people do win these 😎

  • Ovrlrd Unknown
    Ovrlrd Unknown


  • Insomania

    2:01 yeah Sydney, that’s totally it

  • Headbutt Studios
    Headbutt Studios

    There's just something about Sydney

  • S7eventhHeaven

    Imagine playing The Medium on a Samsung Smartfridge

  • S7eventhHeaven

    Bonkey Kong and give me the meat? Someone clearly thinking about a certain thing lol

  • SirIsiah

    Was that fake roommate story necessary

  • David Dryml
    David Dryml

    Original DOOM runs almost on every electronics. Last addition is pregnancy test.

  • The Midnight Otaku
    The Midnight Otaku

    Playing DOOM on your smart fridge? It must be a cold day in hell.

  • The Midnight Otaku
    The Midnight Otaku

    Dunk the BURGER in the DRINK what the heck is WRONG with you? I’m calling poggers on this idea.

  • Adnan Asif
    Adnan Asif

    They are releasing some burger king themed game on ps5.

  • Justice Rodz
    Justice Rodz

    I think they are gonna pull a willy wonka by putting seven golden tickets in a whoper then whoever gets it gets a ps5 and a tour of sony and they are gonna kill 6 then whoever the guy/girl thats survive will win sony

  • 27retrodaze

    "Your way, Right away"

  • Hols man
    Hols man

    give me the meat

  • David Norris
    David Norris

    I won a Sega genesis at blockbuster in a drawing back when the Super Nintendo came out. My buddy filled out about 300 tickets and I got tired after 20😂 Blockbuster called me on Christmas morning to inform me that I had won the Sege Genesis drawing and I could come down and pick it up. Next day I took to the navy exchange and traded for a Super Nintendo. I already had a genesis. Best Christmas ever.

  • Zerospacedude

    Am I the only one who remembers and hopes for another Sneak King and PocketBike Racer sequel?

  • Ian Cruz
    Ian Cruz

    This probably got nothing on ehat taco bell gots.

  • Jacob Jardel
    Jacob Jardel

    B O N K Y K O N G

  • Sorry N Advance
    Sorry N Advance

    Sneak King 2 let’s go!!!!!

  • Jojo Soprano
    Jojo Soprano

    You need to stop saying what’s up everybody every video very annoying


    Still don't know what is ps5 but she is damn cute ❤️

  • KrillKastFishing

    Damn that burger looks yummy play has no limits

  • Kurt Dreyer
    Kurt Dreyer


  • Jim Li
    Jim Li

    The new 8.00 update for ps4 ruined the voice parties. If it aint broke dont fix it and they straight up just broke it

  • Vince omnigeek
    Vince omnigeek

    I won the playstation vita from taco bell. Only thing I ever won from a restaurant.

  • gordon anirah
    gordon anirah

    I'll defo give her the meat

  • Oni Seven
    Oni Seven

    My stomach's gonna hate me. But it'll be worth it.

  • ChazyGT

    You will Not win the sweepstakes btw.

  • Kalder

    In the Netherlands this commercial makes sense, because what's on a hamburger? Onion, what's onion in dutch? "Ui"

  • Hans Meier
    Hans Meier

    PS5 Burger King Faceplate?!

  • Strawberry Joe
    Strawberry Joe

    I hope the ps5 is a bigger king theme

  • Spethman Jones
    Spethman Jones

    2:01 you got it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Forever Metal
    Forever Metal

    Things get weirder - 2020 at all

  • Maxx Koggen
    Maxx Koggen

    I replayed the BK slogan section so many times. "Give me the meat"

  • michial harris
    michial harris

    I won the ps4 when it came out through taco bell

  • Outside Da Box
    Outside Da Box

    Be your way. Is the BK slogan.

  • TheYorkshireBob

    I really wish IGN would “roll the thing” on this girls contract. She’s like a real life tigger.

  • Willy Romero
    Willy Romero

    Looks like I'm eating at bk for a while lol


    Taco series X vs Burgerstation 5

  • NvrStpGaming

    Not gonna lie I would absolutely buy Sneak King 2

  • WolfyGirl2077

    I wanna meet the guy who played Halo on the Xbox... I meant fridge

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze

    Lmao nobody cares about Xbox Sydney

  • Ayushman Verma
    Ayushman Verma

    Burger vs McDonald's lol

  • Will King
    Will King

    I won a Motorola razor from a Pepsi sweepstakes! Also are you okay

  • Grehdeep Sood
    Grehdeep Sood

    Whatssssss up everybody

  • Filthydank

    I see 😏, Burger King has came out the dungeon

  • pokeill bot
    pokeill bot

    Syd said gimme the meat

  • Abraham Lincoln23
    Abraham Lincoln23


  • Jay

    Burger king ....Fight night? Ugh probably not.

  • Lennie Godber
    Lennie Godber

    Eating at Burger King for every meal just to try and win a PS5 will probably net you won quicker than you buy one from a store given how few of them were actually available to order

  • Faaiq 21
    Faaiq 21

    Lol boys finally seen a daily fix with Sydney



  • Paul Trocio
    Paul Trocio

    I was stoned af went to Taco Bell to buy a big box meal and I entered my code, I won the Xbox one x lmfaooo

  • Sirill Entertainment
    Sirill Entertainment

    I won the original Xbox, (the old black one) off a radio station giveaway. I won something off the radio about once a month. Movie tickets, concerts, and that ol xbox

  • Anindya Roy The Tech master
    Anindya Roy The Tech master

    Plz put sydnee goodman in the thumbnail since I am only interested in watching her video... don't make me open a whole bunch of video just for this

  • samuraigundam0079

    It’s time for Sneak King 2

  • JPSkyWalker YT
    JPSkyWalker YT

    Sneak king 2 let’s go


    she is the only girl on earth who deserves to be my wife followed by Naomi Kyle :)

  • Heynzo

    When ps5 have 120 fps but most people won't able to notice it because they have a 60hz tv hahahah Simplest way is looking at it like this. Hz = refresh per second. That's how many frames per second it will out put. hahahha

  • Internet Mouse
    Internet Mouse

    That burger King person will always creep me out.

  • Neil VainIAm
    Neil VainIAm

    I’m in two minds. We are just a little over a month away from the console I’m slyly thinking I’d rather be surprised on how the ui looks when I have the console at home

  • Almost Troy
    Almost Troy

    I am once again asking you to swap “everybody” with “SimpNation” for your intro to the IGN stories.

  • Notshe

    Must be a slow day

  • Syed

    Did u're roommate also have an old man as her "friend"?

  • Eto Hige Gamer Culture
    Eto Hige Gamer Culture

    I'd eat Whoopers all day to get a PS5 where as I wouldn't even touch Tacobell food with a 10ft pole for an Xbox lol

  • Crimson ScyFry
    Crimson ScyFry

    Burger King of all places.

  • BattleModeBainbridge

    Prolly just a giveaway lol.

  • mutalix

    Give me the meat..... Smh

  • DeAtomizer

    "Give me the meat"... Lol

  • IMakeYouTube Thumbnails
    IMakeYouTube Thumbnails

    I do INlabel thumbnails fa 5$ lmk If u don’t like I’ll give you your 5 bacc

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