The Life-Size Gundam Gives Us Hope In These Crappy Times
News this year has been mostly bad, but updates on the life-size walking Gundam mobile suit that's been assembled in Tokyo have been awesomely uplifting. Maybe we can go see it in person someday.

  • Ryan Eble
    Ryan Eble

    This Gundam needs to be recognized as a cultural landmark. But ryan it’s not a plac- I DO NOT CARE!!! It is of cultural significance

  • ミスターツイーティMrTweety

    that life size gundam is in yokohama city

  • TheDaybid

    Yes, I definitely want to see that if we can ever travel there. I loved my visit a few years ago.

  • Brumas

    "Life size Gundam gives us hope" Then Operation British came..

  • Harvey Britland
    Harvey Britland

    Take a shot every time he says the word Gundam... :)

  • inSolus

    Now we need nervegear and sword art online

  • Robin Banatin
    Robin Banatin


  • pokeill1

    When i saw the video thumbnail and title i knew max was in this. So is this as big as a space shuttle. Im impressed. Little japan making big things:p

  • TheRManProds

    GIANT GUNDAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheRManProds


  • Bruh R
    Bruh R

    The dude talking is sus

  • Firuz Majid
    Firuz Majid

    Just wait until the DARPA pulls up a totally functional Imperator Class Titan...

  • Edwrd Edwrd
    Edwrd Edwrd

    Unit 01 now japan

  • SkittleXero

    Japan getting ready for the future of giant mechs. Next we'll see the O.G. Megazord. Fingers crossed yo haha

  • BeyBlazmon AnimeFanshow
    BeyBlazmon AnimeFanshow

    Gundam are awesome

  • [SFW]Mark

    Works for ign but no real headset. That's how you tell these folks don't game.

    • UncleBibby

      “doesn’t game” just happens to know 10x more about mecha anime than you

  • 香港和台灣和澳門67立刻死亡

    not only yours . Japanese also treat me nothing .since tool . help advertising

    • 香港和台灣和澳門67立刻死亡


  • Afterfall81

    Ok so i have a theory. In 1945 after WW2 Geneva Convention Stated that Japan and German aren't allowed to produce, engineer or distribute a weapon for 75 years. Now 2021 is closer and those 75 Years gap will end so what if Japan Preparing for something, yeah they make a harmless mech but what if they weaponized it ??

  • Yugo Beppu
    Yugo Beppu

    It's a prop that's secretly fully functional mobile suit in case of alien attack. And it's pilot is a grandson from a lead designer who will come to turn of his destiny when the need arises.

  • VMH

    What next Japan? Godzilla?

  • Ayush Apoorva
    Ayush Apoorva

    That's like 30km from Tokyo, it's in Yokohama.

  • 9M Hiro
    9M Hiro

    You know this could be part of their plan of revenge from nuke twice...D

  • Alexander Xiong
    Alexander Xiong

    Japan preparing for that Alien Invasion in early 2021, Japan is getting ready.

  • Lemony Schnitzel A Series Of Unfortunate Content
    Lemony Schnitzel A Series Of Unfortunate Content

    THE OLIMPICS!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! YOU FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • волк

    Hope Hasbro makes life size transformers (this life size gundam is made by Bandai, license owner of Gundam)

    • Wongedan Motovlog
      Wongedan Motovlog

      Actually transformers made by Takara, Hasbro bought the license

  • ZRF CEO of CEOs
    ZRF CEO of CEOs

    we Need a Real Dr.Minovsky

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee


  • kamal fin
    kamal fin

    you built gh uc msm 03c hygogg

  • Sheep Boy
    Sheep Boy

    japan is building a gundam that can carry 2 atomic bombs. let's how your country likes it.

  • The Based Don Holy
    The Based Don Holy

    A boomer gundam fan

  • Putra Setyo
    Putra Setyo

    Too bad the mecha genre is dead

    • Jay Binx
      Jay Binx

      Dead in anime, maybe. But in real life...

  • Derrick Jones
    Derrick Jones

    How in the hell you don’t like Gundam Wing!!!

  • Justin Riley
    Justin Riley

    As soon as another country makes one that can move faster we're all SOL

  • Peter Morris
    Peter Morris

    I think this is currently being installed in Yokohama at the the new Gundam Factory.

    • campkira

      some part are from that og odaiba... it just fiberglass after all...

  • Joshua420 0
    Joshua420 0

    How much would that cost

  • CobraTrouser

    Max with the absolutely based taste in suits, Hygogg gang rise up

  • escaladism

    US and the Brits gov.: let’s declasifies our UFO report Japan: casually warming up their Gundam

    • 香港和台灣和澳門67立刻死亡

      Millennium falcon . gamble won stuff .

  • Steward Appiagyei
    Steward Appiagyei

    Japanese government: uh, yeah... hope... that...

  • Boung

    Port Mafia approves 👍🏻

  • Lux

    Looks like WW3 will be fought with giant mechs

  • cfb1

    I need go to Japan!

  • Thunderbolt Gundam
    Thunderbolt Gundam

    The Gundam franchise needs to become more internationally recognisable.

    • The Tinker
      The Tinker

      Japanese kids don't even fancy giant robots anymore. Gundam and other bots are for old folks.

    • волк

      Less gunpla, more entry level figure(not robot damashii or metal build) make gundam more popular

  • Silent One
    Silent One

    We need life size transforming Optimus Prime!!!!

  • Gadgeto Gudamu
    Gadgeto Gudamu

    Omaiwa Gundamda!!!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩

  • dafullclip


  • African Campus life
    African Campus life

    So glad my account was finally recovered by @steve.watcher such an incredible hacker. Find him on Instagram 🤗

  • Marcus Shaffer
    Marcus Shaffer

    It's been a great year this year. Politics? Health? 11/10

  • KrayzieBuddha

    Some news media calls it a transformers 🤦‍♂️

  • markeith collins
    markeith collins


  • Cpt.Philippines

    I find it funny that Bandai is planning on making a 1:1 scale in China of the Freedom Gundam lol

    • campkira

      chinese money...

  • Youssef Osama
    Youssef Osama

    2020:corona virus 2021:a gaint robot that can walk destroying earth and humanity

  • Kervens Metellus
    Kervens Metellus

    Great! Now all we need is an incredible Triple A action/adventure or RPG for next gen consoles

  • Darth Derp
    Darth Derp

    Idk why but reminds me of pacific rim

  • Wild wild West93
    Wild wild West93

    Naw all i see is a foreign government with a giant killing machine next thing you see will probably be its kinetic shield

  • Nordlaw T
    Nordlaw T

    I like how much press this is getting. Seig Zeon!

  • MaskHero Zo
    MaskHero Zo

    If this thing can walk with no support. You know we are in the endgame.

  • excludedkratos


  • Game Sphere
    Game Sphere

    We should use it to invade China and destroy the corona labs 🧪

  • mylittlepkle 1
    mylittlepkle 1

    America needs to build Megas XLR in retaliation.

  • R H
    R H

    Gundam sounds weird now

  • iSolvano HDR
    iSolvano HDR

    Gundam is Chinese Transformers?

  • Erik Palafox
    Erik Palafox

    Germany is already building the zaku 2

    • Joseph Guerra
      Joseph Guerra

      Then I'll wait for the gelgoog

  • MonstersRules

    Gundam and Gunpla is life 🤩

  • Mast3rBlast3r

    How dare you not like Wing (Zero) !!! Ok sure it's not greatest show ever but the versatility of that Gundam was awesome. The only thing better than a Gundam is a Gundam that turns into a Jet (that isn't pink/purple sorry Saviour)

    • campkira

      the show where teenager keep blow himself up...

  • Mr. Mystery 25
    Mr. Mystery 25

    I guess people are preparing to fight Kaiju now, 2020 is crazy.

    • Chrono S
      Chrono S


    • Crimea River
      Crimea River

      It's a jaeger

    • Yolo Loyo
      Yolo Loyo

      Probably they know a colony will be drop on earth later

    • Ian Henery
      Ian Henery

      Mr. Mystery 25 not funny tho

    • Mr. Mystery 25
      Mr. Mystery 25

      @Ian Henery It's a joke, damn.

  • hardup29

    I’d be more impressed if it could walk unaided with a Japan guy in the head controlling all aspects

    • campkira

      it do walk... they made more movement.. all the time.. just it can not balance by itself.. it need that stand.. just like the toy...

    • Chrono S
      Chrono S

      Thats a MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM aka has a pilot 😉

  • Darksider95

    Playing so many OG Super Robot Taisen games throughout my childhood. My life is complete...

  • Lion

    Welcome to the inception of Neo Global Warfare...!😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Dollar Sharma
    Dollar Sharma

    I'm seriously pissed of people who misunderstood it as Pacific Rim, transformer or franxx

  • Andre

    I personally had a great year compared to others. I guess I'll leave now. Bye.

  • Joshua Ryan
    Joshua Ryan

    Isn't this the third that they built?

  • John Evanoff
    John Evanoff

    Simply incredible

  • Jeremy Thelen
    Jeremy Thelen

    That Gundam look like it's doing the "robot"

  • smokeldogg

    ...Actually, its a little more like fear than hope. Fear of retaliation.

  • Michael Pierce
    Michael Pierce

    Rude. 2020 was a great year. My first year of marriage and I’m social medialess so I don’t let everything that’s going on rule me. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Michael Pierce
      Michael Pierce

      JR28 lol so I can’t have a great year because everyone else let things ruin theirs??? Lol sorry my great year offends you 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

    • Flames Baldwin
      Flames Baldwin

      Dumbass this comment was rude.

    • JR28

      @Rodrigo Gonzalez you're right and neither do I, but these things have affected most of the world. Just because you aren't affected by them doesn't mean the whole world isn't in some way, and that doesn't make it a great year just because YOU'RE happy. The world doesn't revolve around you...

    • Rodrigo Gonzalez
      Rodrigo Gonzalez

      @JR28 Not everyone lives in the US ya know

    • JR28

      You heard of Corona virus or riots/looting before?

  • rafael pozo
    rafael pozo

    yeah, give us hope of a new kind of war

  • poisonjunebug

    Metal gear.....?

  • RC Addict's Garage
    RC Addict's Garage

    OMG! Imagine if they weaponize this thing! ✊🏾

    • RC Addict's Garage
      RC Addict's Garage

      @Ian Henery I know. Just saying "imagine". Would be dope.

    • Ian Henery
      Ian Henery

      it's pretty much just a puppet. It isn't an actual functioning mobile suit

  • Nasty Bedazzler
    Nasty Bedazzler

    I saw this awhile ago back when they only had like a moving hand or something. It's pretty neat looking and huge, it's just too bad when robotics start getting bigger they seem to move at a snails pace. I assume it has to do with the massive amounts of weight and the hydraulics systems, mixed in with all the processing going on in the background to make sure the thing doesn't tip over and create a tsunami when it falls into the ocean. Anyway, apparently this one is supposed to be able to actually walk on its own, I don't know how it would pull that off moving as slow as it does, but it would be cool to see if it actually works. It'll be horrible to see if this thing tips over.

    • campkira

      it was made from fiberglass... new one just a body...

    • racingmaniacgt1

      It really doesn't walk, the whole thing is supported by a platform behind it connected to the "mobile suit" in front of it from somewhere on the small of its back. All of its limbs moves and armor plates splits and articulate much like the gunpla kits, but it doesn't support its own mass(the platform does), but they can basically simulate walking/movement by syncing the movement of the limbs and the platform. Its basically still an animatronic thing like what you see in Disneyland but in much larger scale and more mass to manage obviously. Impressive nonetheless. If you watch the films they put out for it they did set some goals for it in that they want to make sure the whole thing weighs in similar range as how an actual Gundam would weigh if its a real thing(~18ton), all all the actuators, controls, etc have to be sized accordingly.

  • Amuro1X

    Max!!! You're awesome.

  • Israel Bueno
    Israel Bueno


  • Sho Brown
    Sho Brown

    This was built for the olympics sure, but the main reason for its construction is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Gundam franchise. Also, this in Yokohama, not Tokyo 🤙

    • Ziowes

      @Cpt.Philippines now i get you!

    • Cpt.Philippines

      @Ziowes yeah I'm aware but it doesn't make gunpla a franchise. Gunpla is a product of the said Gundam franchise.

    • Ziowes

      @Cpt.Philippines i know, and 2020 is gunpla's 40th know, gundam aired first time in 1979, and the first gunpla came out in, if we just count...

    • Cpt.Philippines

      @Ziowes gundam franchise. Gunpla is Gundam plastic models.

    • Ziowes

      gunpla* franchise, the gundam anniversary occurred last year

  • arnez cooper
    arnez cooper

    this why love anime we dig giant robots

    • KrystCyclone

      *insert Megas XLR theme*

    • Johny Marcial
      Johny Marcial

      @arnez cooper Nope! Eccentric Boomers love anime for giant robots. Mainstreamers just love anime for sexual fanservice.

  • samuraigundam0079

    WHOAWHOAWHOA! You don’t like Gundam Wing? The Wing Zero is one of the greatest Gundams ever, and the story was great. I still think it’s miles above most of what came after, especially SEED.

  • Kaphale Khumbo
    Kaphale Khumbo


  • smosh3kids

    I feel like this is like an anime and the government is just hiding by saying it’s a prop bc they don’t want us to be scared of giants coming next year

    • Afterfall81

      @smosh3kids nah Fighting a kaiju is already troublesome but Angel Hisssh those are horror

    • campkira

      this is a county.. where you can find godzilla in shijuku.. unicon gundam in odaida.. that thing is in yogohama.. and eva and another godzilla in osaka... don't worry.. they will added more..

    • Yolo Loyo
      Yolo Loyo

      They're preparing for a colony drop freakin Char is still alive somewhere

    • smosh3kids

      Joseph Guerra big facts I wouldn’t mind being a mech pilot too unless we’re fighting angels tbh

    • Joseph Guerra
      Joseph Guerra

      If been a mobile suit pilot is an actual profesion in the future then I will wan't to be one.

  • Trippy Drip
    Trippy Drip

    Theyll use it for war

  • 10K Subscriber without any video Challenge
    10K Subscriber without any video Challenge

    Waiting for those person who will bless me ❤️❣️

    • samuraigundam0079

      Bless You.

  • Parallel

    Greetings, I put on Steam the game I'm producing called Parallel. Thanks guys, producing games is not easy, especially when you are producing alone. 🙏

  • DenverEight

    The robot brings me life. International news headlines for it do not.

  • M R
    M R

    Hope? Have you seen Gundam? Those are walking destructive machines with self destructive nukes inside of them

    • DOoggo -
      DOoggo -

      I remember hearing the GPO2 had literal nukes armed in it

    • Dio Brando
      Dio Brando

      @orphidian11 but is it a nuke?

    • orphidian11

      @Dio Brando Gundam wing also has self destruct


      Yeah man.i hate this things☹️

    • Nikola Dedić
      Nikola Dedić

      Only if you count Minovsky reactors as nuclear ones.

  • The Terbear
    The Terbear

    Was not a fan of unicorn gundam. They should have kept the Rx78 or something from Wing.

    • samuraigundam0079

      Yes. A life sized Wing Gundam from Endless Waltz would be amazing!


    Who else thinks they should make a transformers version of this?

  • vinoth kumar
    vinoth kumar

    Japan is preparing for the next thing...


    WIll probably be hard trying to get a visa to go to Japan to see the big Gundam.

    • campkira

      only if you came from country with no cov-19 problem..

  • christian rivera
    christian rivera

    That's no a gundam its a transformer

    • Danilo Borja
      Danilo Borja


  • Zilong X
    Zilong X

    I hope the Japanese would next make those *Life-size "72 Gundam Frames" from "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans"* lol

  • kat

    Disney is way too cheap to invest on making something like this

    • campkira

      you can not get something that size in disneyland and current economy.. doubt will get any soon..

  • Mysticgamer
    Mysticgamer there something japan's not telling us? I wouldnt be surprised if 2020 ended with a meteor falling on a city.

    • kabie bebe
      kabie bebe

      Worst could be zentratei

    • Ziowes

      or a colony...

  • criose

    Gundam is life.

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