Xbox Series X: The Final Preview
We take our most comprehensive look at the Xbox Series X yet after living with it for a few weeks, including playing new games like Gears Tactics, Dirt 5, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon, plus the Xbox Series X-optimized version of Gears 5 that features a 120hz framerate in Versus multiplayer. We also tackle the topic of heat, Quick Resume, and more!

  • Chopperwocky

    “ We gave The Last Jedi Of Us 10/10 “ - IGN.

  • Ryan Hammond
    Ryan Hammond

    I still want it.... Whenever

  • WindWakerJinx

    there's no way these operating systems are taking up almost 200 GB of space

  • Universal_Wisdom

    Props to the One X being somewhat of a next gen experience without being next gen. I’m glad I could experience it. I’ll be selling it and even after a few years of use, it doesn’t have any problems.

  • Universal_Wisdom

    I hope there’s a massive main menu update for the Xbox Home Screen. After the Series X is in our hands.

  • Universal_Wisdom

    So anyone know how much space i should pave for this console? The cooling fans are somewhat the entire purpose of the console design, and I’m not sure if I should put it on its side.

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams

    It looks ok when they coming out with all virtual reality gaming when u are in the game no control s

  • Supermanjonny96

    I think the design of the Xbox Series X isn’t that cool. But neither is the PS5. These generation designs are horrible. But the specs look amazing.

  • Iam Uhoez
    Iam Uhoez

    Real gamers get both systems

  • Carlos Betancourt
    Carlos Betancourt

    Thanks for the video IGN, I been wondering how the power connection for these generation consoles looks like? Are those huge like the ones for xbox one ?

  • Stratos Fear
    Stratos Fear

    This console is meh, microsoft needs to focus on games

  • Clover Vue
    Clover Vue

    Junk just go pc.

  • Dustin Montgomery
    Dustin Montgomery

    What pisses me off is that racing games such as Dirt and Forza do not realistically simulate racing or driving. At all.

  • Dang Le
    Dang Le

    Needs to have snap. PlayStation stole snap for their new ps5

  • Glazeko

    This man also said there isn't a obvious change between 60 and 120 frames......

  • Glazeko

    Nothing satisfies IGN... losers

  • Gert van Bruggen
    Gert van Bruggen

    Oke about the heat probably not an issue but he says the Series X is a bit warmer then the one X under GPU load so the same game on both consoles sould be more stressful for the One X then the Series X right But still the Series X produces more heat What will that do when we get Games who really use the 12Tflop how much warmer wil it get.

  • Arron o
    Arron o

    If you think 60 fps to 120 fps isn't a noticeable difference you might wanna see an optometrist. That's double the refresh rate and if you have a 120hz monitor you can easily see the difference. There's no way you aren't seeing double the frames. Talk about growing old

  • sisir360 || TheLoneGun101
    sisir360 || TheLoneGun101

    This is disappointing. You’re telling me this console will be out in a few days, and it doesn’t have a single next gen-exclusive game on it? People aren’t spending $500 to play old games with resolution bumps, Microsoft needs to acquire/partner with dozens of more studios and ramp up development ASAP. PS5 at least has 3 or 4 true next gen games this year, and way more coming early next year. You don’t have to buy a PS5 and play only PS4 games.

    • Smelliott

      Lol ps5 fanboy

  • Planet Nate Gaming
    Planet Nate Gaming

    did this video just confirm RDR2 back compat?

    • Gábor Budinszki
      Gábor Budinszki

      As I know all games will be backwards compatible. The question is if the tite would get a next gen update (higher resolution, frame rate cap etc.) or nor.

  • Dustin Gowens
    Dustin Gowens

    Been proven now that series x runs colder than one x and ps4 pro so Ryan you're wrong

  • Korus Airsoft
    Korus Airsoft

    Ps5- I'm so cool Xbox-Not today *box Series X is announced*

  • 2 Train
    2 Train

    No wonder it didn’t sell out as fast as ps5

  • CurbKillaz

    I can't wait until nov. 10, because all videos on INlabel shows more or less the same material.

  • gerardo aguirre
    gerardo aguirre

    I just want to play GTA 5/ DAYZ without lag 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • T DoubleU
    T DoubleU

    can a American ever go 5 sentences without using the word literal/literally or real quick

  • clutch2 point1
    clutch2 point1

    Pretty sure what was advertised was 4k 120fps lmao FAIL in my book.

  • 16

    I hate ps4’s user interface feels so empty and lonely and it’s just not clean and sleek. I was an Xbox fanboy and loved my 360, I only switched cause the Xbox one was so bad when it released. I’m so glad Xbox is back

  • andell ryan
    andell ryan

    All these games are so boring

  • banana

    "the difference of 60 fps to 120 fps isnt as obvious as 30 to 60 fps" im assuming he never used a 144hz monitor?

  • Metal Beard Shinobi GAMING
    Metal Beard Shinobi GAMING


  • Jedite X
    Jedite X

    Welcome back, Xbox.

  • Izik Guzman
    Izik Guzman

    Question on November 10 will I be able to go to the store and buy one ?

    • Planet Nate Gaming
      Planet Nate Gaming

      probably not

  • ruben alejandro uvalle
    ruben alejandro uvalle

    there is no rtx features in dirt 5 or gears?

  • dom nick
    dom nick

    Can someone explain what the hype is around the next gen Xbox. Like it’s the same interface, same controller, practically the same design of the Box and theirs no new exclusives. It’s essentially just a better Xbox one.

  • Scorpion King218
    Scorpion King218

    So like will Xbox one players be able to play with series x players and be in parties together or will it be completely separate

  • Junior Theking
    Junior Theking


  • Blasts Mods
    Blasts Mods

    "nvme ssd hard drive" wot

  • airforcexy air
    airforcexy air

    MS learned from all the INlabelrs; generate content and buzz. Next “retail unboxing.”

  • Heath's HobbyLobby
    Heath's HobbyLobby

    The Xbox.series X looks like its upside down when you stand it up, such a bad design to put the disk drive at the bottom instead of the top!

  • Deckard

    If someone has a 4K gaming monitor and a 5.1 surround system which only accepts optical in and HDMI for sound , it will be impossible to connect Xbox Series X and PS 5 to this sound system. (New consoles won't have optical out) .

  • Sniper Scope
    Sniper Scope

    It’s like a car 🚗 you own one but buy a new model cause you can drive around with more power and more comfortable !! I’m looking forward to playing all my games enhanced and faster on new series X

  • Jesus MLG
    Jesus MLG

    PS5 runs cooler and quieter. Extra 1.7 Teraflops makes no difference.

    • SongJiangShiJin

      Great that you act like you understand anything

  • Xgamer2462

    Great preview

  • Satisfactory

    Everyone talks about next gen as if it’s a big leap.


    Can't wait ☺️👍🏼👌🏽

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores

    Hey Xboners, Get the Ps5 for games and get the Xbox Series X for those cold winter lonely, lonely, lonely nights to heat up your apartment. Your all set!

    • SongJiangShiJin

      Sure thing Ms Salty

    • zemabinks

      Youre so funny

  • ractsninjas

    Not 1 word about using headphones, I can use my old crappy headphones, but my new $200 headphones??

  • Nordic6lack

    Is this game journalism?! Wtf is this?

  • Aakif Raza
    Aakif Raza

    3:41 SSD Hard Drive XD

  • Metzler Inc.
    Metzler Inc.

    Officially switching over cause of Bethesda 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Aditya Ajay
    Aditya Ajay

    For a few weeks? Is that you MKBHD?

  • randomsimplemovies

    That first point of there not being any games that aren't available on Xbox one is exactly why I just can't understand why people want to jump into the new generation at launch, just because it's the new thing. And the PS5 is no different. I know people who'll be spending £500+ to play miles morales or AC Valhalla, and simply don't get why you wouldn't just spend literally 10% of that to play them on current consoles.

  • Ride The Gamer
    Ride The Gamer


  • Requiem

    I think Microsoft hit it out of the park with this generation. Now we just need those game studios to deliver and its a wrap.

    • santhosh sridhar
      santhosh sridhar

      @Michael Rackham just get one with hdmi 2.0 ports. 4k 120fps in games are barely achievable by even the 3090 so obviously, 4k 120fps is impossible on the ps5 and the series X. It will be more like 1440p120fps which is pretty fine.

    • Michael Rackham
      Michael Rackham

      I think we're gonna get there quickly. I'm personally excited for Cyberpunk and seeing how it performs. I just wish there were more hdmi 2.1 monitors out there so we could utilize 120hz and the better HDR support.

  • Chris Johnston
    Chris Johnston

    so stick to pc.. Gotcha lol

  • Tyger Jo
    Tyger Jo

    How can it be the final preview if it’s boy the final build?🤔

  • watchful.

    The new xbox looks just like a DWAVE quantim computer

  • Applied Karate Academy
    Applied Karate Academy

    Powerful system no games

    • Applied Karate Academy
      Applied Karate Academy

      @SongJiangShiJin you are missing out on some of best games on Nintendo and PS. I feel sorry for your single mindedness. But if you enjoy the catalogue of old xbox games then so be it. Personally I play the best from all studios.

    • SongJiangShiJin

      @Applied Karate Academy if you tell me the platform where I can play my already owned 400 games and do this on the go as well as at home. I'll gladly switch. Just repeating "it's the worst platform" doesn't make it true. There's no "superior" platform, only personal preferences. After all, we are talking about a fricking toy. Nothing more nothing less

    • Applied Karate Academy
      Applied Karate Academy

      @SongJiangShiJin unfortunately its worst platform so bad choice. But its seems you enjoy which is the main thing

    • SongJiangShiJin

      @Applied Karate Academy lol "pointless". I play Xbox because I enjoy it. It's not about playing every single game that's out there. I quit having multiple platforms when I went to university 15 years ago. After that, I simply haven't had the time. So I choose what offered me the most value on the dollar and offered me full backwards compatibility for the library I already owned. I stopped upgrading my pc 7 years ago because I have a company pc. I'd you have time to piss away, your approach might be feasible. If you just want to to enjoy games, don't worry about getting the "newest games" and are just doing it for fun, xbox is a great service

    • Applied Karate Academy
      Applied Karate Academy

      @SongJiangShiJin play PC, PS and Nintendo. Xbox pointless as games are on PC


    Why does no one talk about the series S?

    • TYRANT

      @Junior Theking who cares what it looks like?

    • Junior Theking
      Junior Theking

      It doesn't look next gen

  • This Is Caspa
    This Is Caspa

    What a yawn fest.

  • Jaki Udarac
    Jaki Udarac

    MicroSofty has more EXes then me...

  • mynamesmatty

    The console styling doesn't look as nice as ps5. I'll go with ps5

    • Arron o
      Arron o

      Performance over style. Are you gonna be looking at ur games or your console? LOOOL

  • Donn Beats
    Donn Beats

    Can i charge my controller on top of the console like a wireless charger? That would be dope.

    • Timothy

      You can't also it wouldn't be the best idea to obstruct the venting

  • Donn Beats
    Donn Beats

    Only game I saw that wow me on the xbox series x is Hello Neighbor 2.

  • Maciej Sulikowski
    Maciej Sulikowski

    00:21 is it Xbox 360 game ⁉️⁉️🥔🥔

  • Sensei

    Xbox sux

    • Junior Theking
      Junior Theking

      @AnotherGuy12 powerful systems with no new games ps5 best

    • AnotherGuy12

      PS5 is the worst console ever made

  • Trey Love
    Trey Love

    As a long time PC player the Xbox One x is actually making me consider getting back into console gaming. Being able to run native 4K at 120 HZ is unthinkable for every graphics card except for the 3080 and 3090

  • Mark Langston
    Mark Langston

    Not that faster loading times and Quick Resume aren't outstanding features but is it worth $500 when the games that will actually take advantage of the console's power won't be out for 6 to 12 months? Dirt 5 looks cool and all but, I mean... let's not act like the Dirt franchise is a system seller. I don't want to come across as a Sony loyalist but I just don't see a compelling reason to invest into the Series X, at least not now. Maybe once they get some exclusives that take advantage of all those t-flops but when I think about the controller being mostly unchanged from the One/One X as well as the same UI and access to the same library of games via GamePass, not to mention that all of this is also available from a PC, I just don't see the $500 justification. I would rattle off a list of things that differentiates the PS5 from the PS4 but anyone reading this likely already knows, but I commend Sony for the steps they've taken to give consumers a compelling reason -- whether you agree with that strategy or not -- to invest in the PS5.

  • Kiwi Kicker
    Kiwi Kicker

    Man this gets me hyped for the PS5

    • Junior Theking
      Junior Theking

      @AnotherGuy12 powerful systems with no games ps5 best system with games that y it will outsell xbox

    • AnotherGuy12

      PS5 is garbage and you are a fool for wanting one

  • ɨɴcoɴveɴɨeɴce

    I don't want a bunch of games I don't want. Xbox game pass is a deal breaker for me...

  • Justin Timm
    Justin Timm

    "SSD drive", "NVMe SSD hard drive", "hard drive space". Look, can we please use the correct terms for components when you're previewing/reviewing a device? The second D in SSD stands for "drive", so "SSD drive" is redundant. An SSD and a hard drive are 2 completely different components, they are both storage solutions but are fundamentally different in their operation and design. I know this is pedantic, but it comes across as super unprofessional. How are we supposed to trust your coverage on tech if you can't even be bothered to use the correct terminology while covering it?

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin

    They have the next elder scrolls and that’s about it or what matters. All the best games are still on PlayStation or multi plats so it doesn’t matter if it’s 0.001% more powerful... it still had a terrible controller, and a weaker game library which can be played entirely on a superior PC It’s not PS5 Vs Xbox because that’s a no contest, it’s actually Sony Vs Microsoft and game pass, that’s the real choice. Personally I’ll keep playing on PlayStation and PC

  • Makaseru •
    Makaseru •

    60 FPS won’t tell you the difference between 60 hertz and 120 hertz. The console has to reach those frames in which they don’t. So enabling it won’t make a difference.

  • KamiEuKiTo

    Couldn't they get someone other than Ryan to do this? The guy bleeds green & I'm pretty sure he must have a Harry Potter like X mark somewhere on his body. It would have more credibility if they chose someone who wasn't sold the moment they touched the shipping box the thing came in.

    • 0IIIIII

      Don’t do him like that

  • Mason Storme
    Mason Storme

    BUT IM GIVING @WAY SO MANY GAMES! Watch Dogs Legion - Assassins Creed Valhalla - AND - Call of Duty Cold War 💎 ITS FRREEEEEEEEEE💎💎💎

  • Ryan Mcbride
    Ryan Mcbride

    But does the dvd/blu ray player work everytime you put a dvd/blu ray disc in?!

  • mylifeintheknifetrade

    Worst launch lineup ever. While I love Microsoft's backwards compatibility, buying a new console just to play old games, and new games already available on Xbox One, isn't that enticing. The least they could've done was enhance more 360 games & Xbox One games to run in 4K for launch. I like how old games get HDR, but I wanted more.

  • zeephus

    Its design ? Its pc!

  • MrXxsesshomaruxX

    Does anyone know if Control will get a SX upgrade? I haven’t played it because I’m waiting for SX to play it.

  • klaus porno
    klaus porno

    Ohhhh ign dident like xbox!?? Wow

  • Disboiwavie


  • Silvio Fischer
    Silvio Fischer

    Fantastic console, i will have one

  • Bradmorrison

    Why are people gonna rush out to get a console that doesnt even have any new games on it? A bit much for $800

    • Junior Theking
      Junior Theking

      Ps5 got new games

  • Jetli333

    Definitely pushing this with cyberpunk 2077 200+hours of gameplay. I just have to wait for Amazon to wale up and let us know an update on our pre orders🤞🤞

  • Katie Persons
    Katie Persons

    Everyone keeps screaming they need exclusives. But them buying out Bathesda doesn't create any new value for them, it only denies value to their competitors. The only value in exclusives is to the console maker, never to gamers.

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne

    4:29 "Fantastic internal SSD" That's quite an exaggeration

    • Arron o
      Arron o

      @Max Payne doesn't matter ps5 had the graphical power of a rtx 2060 super while xbox has a 2080ti equivalent. Ps5 is going to be running games at 2k 120fps while xbox will be double that. It's clear which one is the true next gen console. Load times can be boosted through proper formated drives. Even external drives in the future can be faster. Ps5 already lost the race by having a weaker gpu

    • Max Payne
      Max Payne

      @thfddd dvd hc dvdrvrvvr xrexcrevtvycvrevtcvrebyc Are you drunk? The PS5's SSD is much faster. 5.5GB/s on PS5 vs 2.4GB/s on Series X

    • thfddd dvd hc dvdrvrvvr xrexcrevtvycvrevtcvrebyc
      thfddd dvd hc dvdrvrvvr xrexcrevtvycvrevtcvrebyc

      Well it's a very fast ssd and it beats the p5s storage by 2X

  • Lucho Gabriel
    Lucho Gabriel

    I'll wait for second or third edition, with the obvious factory mistakes fixed.

    • Nightbringer2000

      Same for me. I will be getting a Xbox Series X, but I’m waiting until it’s been out for 8-12 months. By then some more next gen games will be out, there should be an updated build model and I’ll wait until there’s some kind of a bundle deal, like a Halo Infinite bundle or perhaps wait until holidays 2021 when the stores have some deals.

  • TypicallyUnique

    "60 to 120 isn't as noticeable as 30 to 60"... Uhh, beg your pardon...?

  • Mikey 58
    Mikey 58

    Both consoles will be great.

  • Craig Sanders
    Craig Sanders

    So far my feeling is this.. what is the actual point in this console?

  • Storm Huigen
    Storm Huigen

    A final review, without any next gen games? Curious.

  • Josh Stanley
    Josh Stanley

    Why did they release this with no new game’s ? I thought this was just a beefy Xbox one x

  • Craig Weatherby
    Craig Weatherby

    Wow IGN, you guys are really professional 😂😂😂! "The SSD Drive", = solid state drive drive 🙄... It speaks volumes that there are no games at launch made to take advantage of the Series X hardware. Heck, most of the games Microsoft have revealed have no known release date, not to mention no gameplay and many had CGI trailers..... Just imagine, though how much more heat and noise the Series X will put out when it actually does have a game using all its 52 CUs to their fullest (if that day every comes). As for the Series X UI, it is like Microsoft is happy to push this upgrade image for their next gen, rather than a next gen experience (cut and paste controller, Series X form factor looks a lot like One X from previous gen, Microsoft seems to be focusing on older game ports, not pushing games to take advantage of the newer hardware instead they are pushing muti-platform games, UI almost identical). Hardly exciting....

  • Jamie Delahunty
    Jamie Delahunty

    SSD Drive? Lmao what a joke

  • Stephen Wakeman
    Stephen Wakeman

    $220 for a 1TB NVME SSD is disgraceful. You can get PCIE4 M.2 drives with similar performance for less, and those don’t benefit from the same economies of scale that MS can leverage with Seagate to make tonnes of the things. It’s not cost vs convenience when the cost is half the price again of the whole console, that comes with that amount of storage plus everything else. You telling me the 50% the BOM for a series X is it’s solid state storage chips. Pull the other one!

  • Mike Marin
    Mike Marin

    All I want is 60fps on all my games !! No fancy pants features. Pleeeeeeeease

  • Akhil

    Ps5 or Xbox ?

    • Junior Theking
      Junior Theking

      Ps5 best games

  • ZarianPalma

    cant even start MCC lol

  • The SonicPhoenix630
    The SonicPhoenix630

    On the website it literally says 2TB internal storage

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