Assassin’s Creed Valhalla - Official Deep Dive Trailer
Check out the latest trailer for the upcoming game for a look at how to grow your settlement, customize your Viking, and journey to new worlds as you expand your clan's influence throughout England and beyond.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla launches on November 10, 2020 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation4, Google Stadia, and PC. The game will also be released on November 12, 2020 on PlayStation 5.

  • WorldMaker •
    WorldMaker •

    1:15 this is literally kassandra

  • Chocktalk

    Cnat wait, this will be the best game

  • Ishtiaque Hossain
    Ishtiaque Hossain

    A viking game without any snow?

  • quazy quaker
    quazy quaker

    Let's just hope they get viking pronunciation correct....

  • Chase Stacks
    Chase Stacks

    Is that Cassandra

  • dan.gould33

    gives kenway vibes

  • TITAN *
    TITAN *

    Sad to see it's not assassin's creed anymore

  • Zechary Khoo
    Zechary Khoo

    Wait a minute... This isn't Cyberpunk.



  • Cook World Express
    Cook World Express

    It is sad to see beautiful games run poorly at 30fps in 2020. 60fps should have been the minimum. 4K resolution made a mess imho and 8K will make even more in few years.

  • Abidur Rahman
    Abidur Rahman

    oy why is the mc's voice so girly ???

  • Lil Lotüs
    Lil Lotüs

    You guys know they spoke old english right? So why is it modern english with a scandenavian accent lol

    • M. R
      M. R

      That is part of the lore of Assassins Creed.

  • Skorp

    Gaming is coming back finally

  • Clay S
    Clay S

    Ranvi looks just like Kassandra

  • Kakkarot Ssj
    Kakkarot Ssj


  • OSCAR23

    Why am I watching this knowing that my parents won't allow me to buy it...

  • Jeremy Conner
    Jeremy Conner

    Haven’t played any of these ac games. But want to.

  • Prajjwal Mathur
    Prajjwal Mathur

    Asgard? OMG!!

  • Incognitus

    Watch Thor's hammer be a weapons in this game lol since they mentioned Asgard

  • redhotchilli dazer
    redhotchilli dazer

    lol..looks like witcher 3 enhance

  • Duy Do
    Duy Do

    Imagine wandering around the wood and see Kratos''s house. Would you knock?

  • Cryptiix

    Really reminds me of Skyrim

  • IamJaySaul

    no facial emotion.. female lead talks about losing loved ones by campfire.. and the scene couldn't borrow a feeling if it put out its own cassette tape.

  • Comic Culture TV
    Comic Culture TV

    Just the first 3 minutes made so much more sense and sent me straight into Vikings. I love that show and I love this game!

  • Filip Gacic
    Filip Gacic

    Where are the black Vikings and transgender Vikings

  • Raheim Naeem
    Raheim Naeem

    Wait the females body didn’t change the janky clothes. Why is it so bulky like she’s wearing a bathtub.

  • PJ Arma
    PJ Arma

    Looks like Mercia is too far south on that map it is halfway into Wessex? :@ 1:21

  • ada hita
    ada hita


  • Aswin Unni
    Aswin Unni

    Ragnar lothbrok

  • Tech Abhishek
    Tech Abhishek

    what a game it is but i can't play it on my potato pc feeling too bad today


    Looks amazing I can't wait!!! 👀👀

  • Primal Preys
    Primal Preys

    When you finish The Last Kingdom and then find out this game is set in almost literally the same time period. And not only that has one of the actors of the show as the main characters voice.

  • Nikko Del Rosario
    Nikko Del Rosario

    Damn! Witcher + shadow of mordor + assassins creed story = epic!

  • Georgi Ganchev
    Georgi Ganchev

    Ok,that looks great and all,but WTF happened to the whole Assassins vs. Templars story?

  • Sumbody Real
    Sumbody Real

    how many times are they going to release the same game with a different skin....when all we want is another blackflag with better ship customization.

  • Tommy 999
    Tommy 999

    there’s like no info on stealth or assassinations or anything?

  • Alexandru Alexandru
    Alexandru Alexandru

    Vikings season 6 trailers looks so nice

  • Samuel DeRousse
    Samuel DeRousse

    Is anyone going to buy the new watch dogs?

  • Dave Knaus
    Dave Knaus

    Ubisoft always makes amazing trailers then the games are garbage

  • P mis74
    P mis74

    So basically 3D version of clash of clans

  • YazoTGamesDev

    **Je suis vraiment trop nostalgique des anciens assassin's creed, avant origins....**

  • Jake The Dog
    Jake The Dog

    why did they remove all the bloody combat i was looking forward to that

  • Soy Sauce
    Soy Sauce

    I just want sucker punch to make a Viking game. I already know that Ubisoft is going to have butchered this games stealth and parkour like they have done with every game past syndicate

    • M. R
      M. R

      The stealth is better than ever in my opinion. But the parkour not that much due to the setting.

  • Jan Michael Vincent
    Jan Michael Vincent

    Raven clan? Kinda lazy name of a clan consirding how prevalent the raven in Norse culture.

  • DrVince

    This is great and all but I don’t get why you can change your gender anytime you want😂

    • Jay Hilbourn.
      Jay Hilbourn.

      Because that’s a thing in Norse mythology

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh

    Im going straight to the Isle of Wight

  • Gonzalo Albarran
    Gonzalo Albarran

    The final boss is Kratos sitting on Odin's throne.

  • ROSE Bomb
    ROSE Bomb

    So it sounds to me like the brotherhood franchise is now just secondary missions now not the main one.

  • Steven Jimenez
    Steven Jimenez

    You: Changes your character from male to female mid game Your Viking wife: What??

  • 40 0Z
    40 0Z

    Last kingdom: The Game Beocca:You mustn’t go to thy land Wessex it’s not safe dare any man return. Uhtred:I will go and our enemy will find reckoning. Beocca:your a boyyyy

  • Cra5hOverride

    The Animus is a technological marvel that allows descendants to relive the lives of their ancestors by accessing memories stored in their DNA. Game: Soooooooo, do you want to be a guy or a gal?

  • Designer Azevedo
    Designer Azevedo

    i am sold!

  • Morphix007

    this video was not annoying at all

  • Jarebear 8
    Jarebear 8

    Wonder what the male to female choice ratio will be

  • adonael vitali
    adonael vitali

    i know these developers worked hard and all but im still not impressed with what im seeing. there's nothing that stands out to make me want to play this game. same animations,same movement, all the interactions are generic, i except more in 2020. just look at the games that are coming out and use that as a guide come on 🤦🏽

  • Pliskin Snake
    Pliskin Snake

    I cannot wait

  • Parth Parab
    Parth Parab

    damn can yall just call this series Historical Simulator Vikings Edition, and give the AC rights to a developer that will make and AC game?

  • Raw Frequency
    Raw Frequency

    This narrator makes this game sound so fking LEGENDARY!

  • Eru Ilúvatar
    Eru Ilúvatar

    Give us the option to play how we want to. Don't try and force us to play it a certain way. Also, please make the options for HUD and UI include turning it all off. I do not wish to see health bars or damage done or x4 combo counter. At least give us older customers at least one last title that turns and nods to the titles that pushed Assassins Creed this far.

  • Troy TheMighty
    Troy TheMighty

    The story of assassins creed is so long and hard to comprehend. Do ppl even play it for for the time traveling story, because I was only ever interested in the landscapes and combat.

  • Joel Mulas
    Joel Mulas

    Finally! I was waiting for a new season of Vikings! where's Ragnar Lothbrook?

  • Brett Waterman
    Brett Waterman

    Hold up,,,,,,, my guy just pulls out THE EXCALIBUR out of nowhere?

  • NotAdayWithoutMusic

    I was gunna get this anyways because I’ve always been a gigantic ac fanboy. Plus I love horse myth. However this trailer made me genuinely excited for the game.

  • iMiinxx

    Vikings Creed: Valhalla

  • dennis gut
    dennis gut

    Heavy the last kingdom vibes

  • Rhinocort

    I really wasn’t too interested in this game, but this REALLY sold me

  • Lurking Buddha
    Lurking Buddha

    Ubisoft really knows how to make franchises boring. AC is already back to being cookie cutter generic Ubisoft crap. Time to change it all up again because this looks boring and lame.

  • Joshua Waddell
    Joshua Waddell

    Words can't describe how excited I am for this game.

  • master of bronze
    master of bronze

    0:07 an axe goes through a steel helmet?? How???

  • raidenontop

    looks great i just miss the outfit that made the assassin

  • Roby Durdstick
    Roby Durdstick

    Ubisoft reaally wants and AC game to be on game of the year

  • Yug YT
    Yug YT

    Can't wait to play this on my new helios 300 rtx 2060

  • SleepingSensei

    Yooooo! This looks amazing!

  • Fawaz Azim
    Fawaz Azim

    I hear Wessex and I immediately think of "Last Kingdom"

  • Daniel Jurišević
    Daniel Jurišević

    The reason for everyone to play Assassins Creed is stealth assassination. Every new Assassins Creed that comes out is less and less stealthy and more and more like Just cause xD

    • M. R
      M. R

      I disagree. It is as stealthy as you want it to be. In Origins and Odyssee I did every single encounter stealthy.

  • Mike C
    Mike C

    Less Assassin's Creed and more Witcher 3.

  • lil duckie
    lil duckie

    All this game play they showing us are fakes

  • Havoc .G
    Havoc .G

    If only they named this game Valhalla, it could’ve been the start of something new.

  • RJ John
    RJ John

    2:31 The narrator has a much better voice than the male Avor

  • king justice
    king justice

    Well I'm sold on this beauty

  • Hartmann

    Can't wait to see how bad this flops

  • Eric G
    Eric G

    I can't even take this seriously after seeing cyberpunk

  • Matthew Zadrov
    Matthew Zadrov

    Nah, eventually il get repetitive, go there do this, grab this , repeat.

  • XxDeadShotxX 77
    XxDeadShotxX 77

    This game looks dope asf

  • GlennsTechworld


  • Валерия Персик
    Валерия Персик

    I have little interest in assassin's creed , but the narrator, because of him,;now I want to buy this game

  • Jason

    looks like the witcher

  • juggaloashof831

    I can't wait to play its gonna be so much fun but i think ill play as the female

  • rianzog

    Is the "best friend" Ghost from GoT?


    Can 2080 super run this in 2k smoothly??? or will it burn my house????

  • Blueberry

    Best assassin creed was 3 can’t change my mind but this has high potential

  • Mary Ann Rabo
    Mary Ann Rabo

    Where’s Assasin’s Creed here

  • Guilty King
    Guilty King

    My PC not ready

  • Solly Dass
    Solly Dass

    witcher 3 mockup :')

  • Munish Adhlakha
    Munish Adhlakha

    they erased the stealth part of assassin's creed series

    • M. R
      M. R

      They did not.


      You dumb?

  • Fightingfitness 2015
    Fightingfitness 2015

    Assassins creed: SHINOBI PLEASE

  • Mohammad Fauzee
    Mohammad Fauzee

    My history teacher, how you know your history? For the creeds

  • Clayton Reeves
    Clayton Reeves

    Why does the strategic planner look like kassandra?

  • HolyXbord

    They really wanted to make a For Honor RPG so bad.


      What are you on about? Lol

  • Condogz

    I feel like the youtube videos aren't doing this game justice in terms of graphics.Cutscenes are great but the gameplay looks jaggered and a bit sub par compared to other triple A studios. Guess I'll have to wait till it's on my own system ;)

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