How Did This Make It Into Smash Bros? - IGN Daily Fix
In today's Daily Fix, Sydnee wonders how a certain win screen in Smash Bros. Ultimate made it passed Nintendo, there's a reason the PS5 is so tall, and how Ubisoft is making both male and female Eivor canon in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.
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  • Haseeb Khan
    Haseeb Khan

    "Steve's just exited to be here" "So Steve in particular might be easy to BEAT" 😑

  • Vijay Ananthan
    Vijay Ananthan

    I am thinking about sheldon explaining fun with flags

  • HeelTaker7

    Did anyone else here it as "Steve's windscreen" and were mighty confused for a bit like me?

  • Porter Quarter
    Porter Quarter

    I love how she's freaking out about how Steve looks when there's nothing actually wrong.

  • Edwrd Edwrd
    Edwrd Edwrd


  • 848 W6sq3
    848 W6sq3

    Japan & steve hell nightmare, next on hell men only hollywood, hell never ends

  • Gonzalo Coronel308
    Gonzalo Coronel308

    I'll always found the intro so funny

  • Khalid

    I find it funny how no one from the ign stories comments actually watches these

  • MidKnight Blue
    MidKnight Blue

    It’s not the news that’s upsetting me. It’s the fact that we all have our heads too far in the gutter.

  • Gabriel Campos
    Gabriel Campos

    Is strange to see this character on a nintendo game, but I don't mind at all

  • Edvin VF
    Edvin VF

    He may be easy to beat but damn have you seen how he beats down those trees?! Don't wanna mess with those STRONK hands

  • MarekUtd

    Its off putting that shes not looking at the camera you can see she's reading off notes.

  • Brandon Herrin
    Brandon Herrin

    No idea how it got through? Easy...the developers aren't a bunch of pervs.

  • King Of Mount Olympus
    King Of Mount Olympus

    Sydnee liked Steve's naughty brown toy

  • Jack Palmer
    Jack Palmer

    I don't get what's wrong with Steve in the game?

  • Mitchmo Delmar
    Mitchmo Delmar


  • starman69

    It’s just a man holding his meat. Get your mind out of the rectangular gutters

  • YagRoLo III
    YagRoLo III

    I wouldnt say it's a mistake people are just dirty minded

  • RaffiNGO

    I feel bad honestly bad for the designers not because of their “mistake” (mind you, it’s not a mistake) but because they will hear how infantile the western media is looking at their work, in a way they hadn’t even considered. 🤦‍♂️

  • G.I. JOE RO
    G.I. JOE RO

    What's the mistake with Steve??

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer

    Tommy Vercetti's original outfit from Vice City


    Steve is holding out his "meat" in the thumbnail.

  • Giancarlo Thomaz Senoni
    Giancarlo Thomaz Senoni

    0:37 Nintendo you can't show something that imply a obcene/inadequate act, there children who plays your games.

  • Chief LEGO Lover
    Chief LEGO Lover

    Sydnee Goodman- “Steve might be easy to beat!” Me: “HAVE YOU SEEN HIS MOVESET?!”



  • Edward

    First time I’ve actually watched this lol. Here for SG

  • Sky Hunter
    Sky Hunter

    I don't get the issue with steve.... Someone mind explaining?

  • Hudson Rials
    Hudson Rials

    The real question is how is wailugi not?

  • Feike H
    Feike H

    Version of Ivor? None

  • trivolution1

    I wasn't thinking about it or saw it that way, so to the dirty minds out there, no thanks for telling us clean people.

  • The Red Naxela
    The Red Naxela

    Y'all tiny or somethin? How is the joke going over this many people's heads

  • PunkRockZombie205

    Gender swapping vikings, ugh

  • Jacques M
    Jacques M

    Steve got some meat XD

  • hassmann2000

    Nice thumbnail. Very appropriate for kids.

  • Freezeburn 98
    Freezeburn 98

    I have never seen anyone grasp at straws so hard

  • The Wu Cru
    The Wu Cru

    It took me 20 minutes to understand what the hell was wrong with the win screen and I'm not even sure if I'm right

  • Manny

    i clicked this video for all the wrong reasons

  • Games For Cykits
    Games For Cykits

    And we still can't get purple L into smash lol big sad

  • Amar Aone
    Amar Aone

    XSX- world's powerful console PS5- world's largest console

  • Michael

    So this is the daily fix

  • Panda三さん

    Uhhhh . . . I think that thumbnail is missing a censor bar . . . Steve was smashing with his fly down 😳

  • Eddie Garcia
    Eddie Garcia

    ....... it’s literally what he does in his game. Y’all are just immature, and reaching

  • Arpit Pandey
    Arpit Pandey

    That's a big Boi!

  • legulon

    The comments section here are way different from the timeline comments section.

    • Roman Withrow
      Roman Withrow


  • Cococrash11

    Awesome Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Video.

  • otakukj

    Seriously....minecraft is so lame and nothing to do with Nintendo. Probably just made it into the game because young kids are obsessed with it

    • The Wu Cru
      The Wu Cru

      Lots of other characters in Smash Bros don't have much to do with Nintendo.

  • Whole Milk
    Whole Milk

    entertaining. thank you sydney!

  • Trizzy Mayne
    Trizzy Mayne

    Whats wrong with holding your meat?

  • Bradly Jones
    Bradly Jones

    Omg Sydnee smile can take my kidney 😘😘🥰

  • Adwait M
    Adwait M

    I did it. I finally watched The Daily Fix

  • byron ruano
    byron ruano

    Anybody here for her smile then leave?

  • shay allen
    shay allen

    We gotta move on pass the size of the consoles

  • Corvo Attano
    Corvo Attano

    Now we know how Steve got into Smash: his Grade-A Meat.

  • Snow Jester
    Snow Jester

    Why is this even a question? Minecraft is one of the top selling games atm so...

  • koelhohleok


  • Lucas Guerra
    Lucas Guerra

    It’s pixelated, so that’s ok for Japan I think.

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee

    Me: Are you gonna stop adding 3rd party characters into SSB? Sakurai: No... I don't think I will

  • Spirit of Omega
    Spirit of Omega

    I would’ve liked Herobrine in smash instead

  • Julio Vargas
    Julio Vargas

    I am going to be honest. It doesn't look like a c*ck. Even with that angle it looks like steak. It's not that Nintendo allowed that, it's that you people are just sick.

  • Azzaroth


  • yeet lord
    yeet lord

    Digimon for smash

  • Greatness Arrived
    Greatness Arrived

    I still am lost....

  • Addison Cheddie
    Addison Cheddie

    I feel like ac Valhalla is gonna sell really poorly

  • The Cold Blizzard
    The Cold Blizzard

    Steve is in Smash Bros because he’s Steve. Literally....

  • anthony savage
    anthony savage

    Yes let’s all make a big deal about it so that Nintendo takes it out the game and then we can’t laugh at it anymore. I hate the internet sometimes.

  • MrGurrenlemfox

    but x box series x have bigger cooling fan and it is smaller ?????

  • Mafioso pensativo
    Mafioso pensativo

    *Steve Sword is Raising*

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia

    The screen is fine. The media is just a bunch of pervs.

  • Angel Santos
    Angel Santos

    The thumbnail was kind of questionable.🤣🤣 but yeah, I honestly don't like the idea of Minecrap's steve on Smash but it is what it is. Atleast others enjoy the idea of it and are excited. That's what matters.

  • Ricaurte Almengor
    Ricaurte Almengor

    a hero rises

  • BLVDKillz

    Sure y'all minds just ain't dirty? Lol

  • Leman Russ
    Leman Russ

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees what I see

  • Chief Executive Orbiter
    Chief Executive Orbiter

    Because kids will buy anything

  • Tony Luo
    Tony Luo

    Minecraft's 'textures' never looked so weird, yet reasonable...

  • Novus Grimnir
    Novus Grimnir

    I don't get it. What's wrong with the win screen?

  • Antonio Montana
    Antonio Montana

    They got this box holding his box meat

  • Antonio Montana
    Antonio Montana

    I dunno but we better get Wah!

  • ninjaangel1151

    I want a refund for the steve dlc

  • Jarvis Cosric
    Jarvis Cosric

    I still wish Waluigi was in Smash

  • Fat Jesus The Messiah
    Fat Jesus The Messiah

    Because all us who grew up with mc can bow build all over you foolz

  • Appledeli

    Sakurai: There's nothing wrong with the win screen, Steve is just holding a big cooked piece of... oh nevermind I see it.

  • Juan Rocha
    Juan Rocha

    I'm confused, what happened with Steve ?

  • sonic the hedgehog
    sonic the hedgehog

    Y'all people dirty minded

  • Thatuglysenpai

    It's definitely easy to beat Syd 😉

  • ChrispyAKAKon

    Crash bandicoot not being in Smash Bros is a huge L

  • Freeswine07

    If you guys think this isn't typical of Nintendo, then clearly you aren't a nintendo fan

  • Santiago Perez
    Santiago Perez

    Sydnee Goodman? More like Sydnee Badman Haha

  • unchartedrocks1

    Me: Steve no. No. No. Stop it. It's just Syn. Put that thing away. She's married. I said down boy. Kratos i need ur help. Kratos: Im here, boi. What's is the prob -- WHAO WTF is that!!!???

  • Elvin Rivera
    Elvin Rivera

    Tbh, the only problem here are the pervs, not really Steve's pose

  • ChopSensei

    Meat cutter

  • Yenooc

    Im currently trying to master steve he is soo fun

  • Lawrence Abangiba
    Lawrence Abangiba

    She had me when she said "easy to beat "😀😂🤣

  • Randamu Shō
    Randamu Shō

    Sydney 😳

  • Corvo Attano
    Corvo Attano

    On another note, can someone do a tally report on how many innuendoes she tossed in there?

    • Roman Withrow
      Roman Withrow

      I counted about 7.

  • Jeremy Thelen
    Jeremy Thelen

    What if Steve isn't a mistake. Someone at Smash Bros just likes Minecraft.

  • vjay11435

    Its sad as a society that the developers have 2 walk on eggshells 4 ever thing. We clearly know wats going on wit his win screen, but like elementary school kids that don't know how 2 act. The teacher has to fix the situation in order for us to be able 2 focus

  • Brooklyn Gamer 77
    Brooklyn Gamer 77

    Choosing female.

  • MistahSpidey

    They knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

    • Freeswine07

      this is the same company that had link get R*ped by the great fairies, this is definitely not outside their line of work

  • genito 10
    genito 10

    BROS, Steve just wanted to SMASH

  • LMAC

    Grow up

  • MidgetTiger

    A Steve’s a big man and needs big meat. I don’t see the problem.

    • AegisNoti

      @Mark AJ Steve is tan

    • Mark AJ
      Mark AJ

      @Sam Steve is brown

    • Sam

      That's the issue. IGN doesn't like strong *WHITE* Men. That's misogynistic.

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