Rogue Company Review
Rouge Company reviewed by David Jagneaux on PC, also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Taking clear inspiration from its contemporaries, Smite developer Hi-Rez's Rogue Company is a solid team-based shooter with a great foundation and fair free-to-play model.

  • Serianna Rockswold
    Serianna Rockswold

    They teach you during the tutorial that you can peak above objects AND shoot 😂, you don't have to stand lol. Nice video though. Just got the game (free) and recommend!

  • Ohene Boahens
    Ohene Boahens

    Deserves higher than 7

  • Antonito G
    Antonito G

    I legit got the game a couple hours ago and I know more about the mechanics than the reviewer does lmfao

  • Tyrone titwaffle
    Tyrone titwaffle

    I don't get the hate on demolition its been my favorite mode since the first time I played.

  • Quincy Willis
    Quincy Willis

    He rated it too high

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller

    Does this game have a storyline?

  • # Ananas
    # Ananas

    Dirty Bomb?

  • Andrew Farley
    Andrew Farley

    This a bad review so it’s on point for ign lol

  • Ricardo Aguirre
    Ricardo Aguirre

    10 out 10 review

  • Chillz

    Ditch the third person 🤢

  • I Steal Yo Girl
    I Steal Yo Girl

    As someone who played in closed beta it has improved a lot since the now open beta and the developers continue to update and listen to the gaming community so it's only going to get better! ✌

  • friendlySkeletor

    the best part of this game is it's perfect for the "I wanna hop on and play a few quick games" attitude since rounds are short.

  • ShrekLiveActionMovie420

    I want to thumbs up this because of the game is fun. I also want to thumbs down it for the poor review.

  • Uyên Đỗ
    Uyên Đỗ

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  • stc94

    If you're reading this, check this game out. I haven't had this much fun with a shooter since cod4. Gameplay is super smooth. Ranked coming soon!

  • Baddy187

    Bad review. Game is really great.

  • Call Me Travesty
    Call Me Travesty

    There was a lot of information that was wrong in this review. I do wonder if maybe IGNs reviewers are getting a little old. I don't mind people having a difference of opinion but saying things like "You need to stand to shoot over cover" is literally wrong and there are more. How many hands do these reviews go through? Because your credibility is becoming genuinely questionable. (Edit: I actually agree with the score as the game is right now, I take issue with the misinformation and poor research)

  • RavensNation-Super Bowl 55 champs
    RavensNation-Super Bowl 55 champs

    "Lacking creatively" can be applied to many shooters out. All of them basically borrows ideas from past games, with this, as well as Valorant, being base heavily on CS:GO and Overwatch.

  • XxX AlPhA eVeRyThInG XxX
    XxX AlPhA eVeRyThInG XxX

    Why wouldn't a free game have normal call of duty like deathmatch in it?

  • BigTbomb

    this looks like a mobile game

  • Rob Krajewski
    Rob Krajewski

    This guy was so negative from line 1. You can tell they don't want to like it.

  • L3Z99

    It’s sooo hard to get originality in shooter games. The genre is so over saturated that everything has pretty much been done already. Just focus on the fact that this game does everything that it has implemented very very well.

  • Hang Thu
    Hang Thu

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  • Dave C
    Dave C

    Everyone in the comments section are pretty mad


    It still feels empty there needs to be more modes like wave survival, spec ops story missions, escort modes, team death match just to name a few.


      @Gonzalo Valenzuela Soto I know but it be nice to have more than 3 modes.

    • Gonzalo Valenzuela Soto
      Gonzalo Valenzuela Soto

      ANGRY FOX ZD dude it’s a free game...

  • Chobits PH
    Chobits PH

    Feels like lowkey Mercenary Online before it was gone at the Philippines.

  • Mike Welch
    Mike Welch

    I know ign reviews are awful. But holy hell this is bad.

  • Rishi

    I haven't played this, but that critical undertone (without much matter behind it) is downplaying the entire review.

  • md. tasnim Rahik
    md. tasnim Rahik

    Keeps me pretty occupied with this game. Had tons of fun playing along with my friends.

  • E

    Better than TLOU2.

  • InnerMind Visuʌlize
    InnerMind Visuʌlize

    Downloaded it last week and just played it tonight, so far better than Apex Legends and more optimized.

  • Sidsi

    imo the game feels too clunky for how unforgiving the gunplay can be might just be that im used to first person, not third, but i can't be the only one who feels this way

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man

    Tried it today. Really fun game.

  • zapataporsiempre

    beautiful game

  • ASMR Med Mira och Charlie
    ASMR Med Mira och Charlie

    Why cant u leave

  • ASMR Med Mira och Charlie
    ASMR Med Mira och Charlie

    If u get into a match with afk,s u cant leave

  • Dope Budz Gaming
    Dope Budz Gaming

    So I'm assuming you skipped the tutorial lol how do I apply for this job

  • Donk

    anyone know if the crossplay works between console and pc?

  • Laupis


  • ineko

    i'm glad that doc disrespect partner with this game, more recognition

  • Recluse13

    Make anything 3rd person and I’ll try it. Gears of war is my favorite franchise and surprisingly not a lot of 3rd person shooters that aren’t a battle royale. I play this game in bursts because the art style gets me bored sometimes but nonetheless it’s a HiRez game so it will be supported as long as there are players. Not a bad game to invest your time into.

  • hương đỗ
    hương đỗ

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  • Willy BFN
    Willy BFN

    This game company needs a lot of appreciations and supports as they make an optimized game which running well for all kind of PC. Unlike big company that only makes unoptimized games and only playable on high end PC.

  • Ryan PMR
    Ryan PMR

    Who came here from Mr. Beast

  • jon gretty
    jon gretty


  • 6 times
    6 times

    Who’s here after the mrbeast video

  • le mao
    le mao

    I like how this game forces player engagement giving almost everyone a wallhack ability. Makes matches quicker and not boring

  • S-MSniper

    This review is off, such a fun game and first shooter (FPS/TPS) I’ve played in a long time where I don’t hesitate to find a new game after every match.

  • televisionghost

    you saved me from an install, i thought it had a single player campaign

  • Zawazuki

    This looks whack

    • False Theory11
      False Theory11


  • Cyancat123

    This has to be the worst take I’ve heard all day.

  • Cyancat123

    My main problem with this game is the lack of any story/campaign mode. You can’t just go and give us the beginning of the plot and not give us the rest :/

  • Tom Bombadil
    Tom Bombadil

    *for a second, i thought this was yet another mobile game by NetEase. Lol*

  • Steven Carrillo
    Steven Carrillo

    Little bit of Apex, Fortnite, and CS Go

  • Randy Marsh on Cod
    Randy Marsh on Cod

    game is straight doo doo

  • Xio Pik
    Xio Pik

    How can we have a review for a game that’s in BETA!?

  • D3MI G0D
    D3MI G0D

    So for this game hirez is killing paladins.

  • Brummie Deano
    Brummie Deano

    IGN should change there name too I have no idea how to do something so i miss inform people and say it cant be done. IGN NEEDS DELETING

  • Townee Rivera
    Townee Rivera

    I been on this super tuff since it dropped. 8.5/10 and it's only in beta.

  • ex xo
    ex xo

    Did you aim with your feets ?

  • Elros04

    this looks like a cheap cash grab... not interested at all...

  • esecresy duduaco
    esecresy duduaco

    yeah fun but youre wondering why youtubers dont have a plan to make content on it why cheaters are now everywhere simple banning system making the game much more shittier such a shame the game wasnt like this when it was alpha state

  • OmgIT’s Skie
    OmgIT’s Skie

    I’m the 666 comment

  • K P
    K P

    Oh look a failed poly sci major

  • Anthony Clawson
    Anthony Clawson

    Ign is a joke

  • Audio Dramas
    Audio Dramas

    Still better than Cod by far 😎

  • Alan Brady
    Alan Brady

    im beeing playing this game about 3 months and i still love it

  • Jason Hoffman
    Jason Hoffman

    It's almost like this person played the game for 30min and made a full review. The negative points made by the reviewer show they don't know how to play the game. And it's a pretty simple game....

    • James Gardner
      James Gardner

      ik like wtf? I already have 6 hours and am still finding new stuff with the limited characters I have. This game is great man

  • Kadir Güloglu
    Kadir Güloglu

    Habe die Agentin die schwarze gekauft stand 15.000 hat mir 20.000 abgenommen fake ab sockeeeeeee scheiß SPIEL👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Dale Wyngaard
    Dale Wyngaard

    Don't review a game if you not going in with an open mind. I don't like third person shooters, but at the same time this game is better than a 7.

  • Blooded Predator
    Blooded Predator

    gets boring quickly

  • How are you Today
    How are you Today

    For a game that wants to be competitive I still don’t know why a competitive mode isn’t available. If this game was casual then it wouldn’t have a surrender mechanic. The game can be fun it’s when people leave, disconnect just to reconnect after 2 rounds, or go afk and it’s annoying when I want to surrender when it’s 0-2 and no one votes yes. I wish people were more self aware of how the game worked but I can’t expect much from a free game.

  • Tobi Taktlos
    Tobi Taktlos

    So ... 3rd Person Valorant?

  • Omega Storm
    Omega Storm

    The game is fun to be honest, we all know IGN is waiting for that ps5 black ops game to give it 9.9/10 (not really a B.O Game, it is just mw2019 with the black ops branding on top of it to sell)

  • FNX harryvc
    FNX harryvc

    NAH the game is a nine

  • Michael Sleep
    Michael Sleep

    15 rogues, you are forgetting about the 2x

  • Ace Winters
    Ace Winters

    AND this game has Dr Disrespect in it, which makes it a 10\10

  • Ryan

    Gears of War mixed with Valorant and free to play? I’m in.

  • WhySoSrs?

    I miss Gunz

  • terribly dank persøn
    terribly dank persøn

    Since ign gave it a 7, so for me it would be an 8.5 at least as of now.

  • Flraven79

    Rogue Company is great especially when your the rouge English speaker on American servers.

  • TankorSmash

    typo'd 'Rouge' in the video description

  • Aman Mourya
    Aman Mourya

    But this is really enjoyable, off course there is no hacker right now but in future 😭

  • Tramaine B
    Tramaine B

    Fortnite + apex + BO3

  • cpr731107

    Feels better than Valorant, it should be at least an 8

  • B0ston F4n
    B0ston F4n

    Dear Hi-Rez, I swear i'm not trying to cheat. It's just my RGB program that you see open.

  • Borgatiger Games
    Borgatiger Games

    Looks like The Division.

  • Isael De los santos
    Isael De los santos

    This is why I don’t like big company’s like ign

    • Isael De los santos
      Isael De los santos

      IGN aren’t real gamers

  • José Medeiros
    José Medeiros

    Boas não consigo entrar

  • Silv3rXs

    This game is really fun. I recommend this to everyone.

  • Xavier Nwameme
    Xavier Nwameme

    The light insults he's casually throwing around along with the comparisons. Lol.😃😂

  • Pavle

    And valorant is original huh?

  • Jonathan Haigh
    Jonathan Haigh

    I play a Martin D 42. Not relevant. But I enjoy saying it.

  • The amazing guy
    The amazing guy

    I don't care that it copies CSGO, it is so much better than most CSGO clones and CSGO itself

  • Lust94

    I've only played no more than 10 hours and the game's pretty fun and enjoyable but I'm pretty sure it's probably never gonna receive any recognition and "die".

  • F Bacurau
    F Bacurau

    This game is awesome, having a lot of fun with it - 100% recommend

  • Junior Bangura
    Junior Bangura

    I wish for the collectibles they did what overwatch did

  • Motorola Samurai
    Motorola Samurai

    Capitalizing on that Cyberpunk hype, I ain't mad at it xD

  • SophisticatedAss

    Valorant must be so desperate to put their ads on videos about competitor games

  • Reverend Pain Hernandez
    Reverend Pain Hernandez

    I played the demo, and was bored almost immediately.

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