The Freak Brothers - Official Minisode (2020) Woody Harrelson, Tiffany Haddish
"Edibles" is a special Freak Brothers minisode featuring Tiffany Haddish, John Goodman, Pete Davidson, and Woody Harrelson. The Freak Brothers is an upcoming adult animated comedy based on the beloved Gilbert Shelton underground comix series. You can keep up with all things Freak Brothers by following them at!

  • Zero F's
    Zero F's

    I feel so sorry for all the pathetic millennials that just don't get or appreciate this. We didn't have a lot of the tech that everyone has these days to entertain ourselves!! These kids today are so jaded and unfazed by everything having access to everything at their fingertips

  • Melody Costa
    Melody Costa

    did they get tased bc they said ‘dope‘ as nobody calls bud dope anymore and the cops thought they had harder drugs on them or am i just overthinking it and the dispensary was going to get raided anyways??

  • MaxMadV8

    I was reading of the comics the other week! it's brilliant to see they made a series!

  • Mr. Magic English
    Mr. Magic English

    New oldschool

  • Micheal Kelly
    Micheal Kelly

    Lol there's nothing boomer about this, what 80 yr old boomers you know? Awesome series gonna be great!

  • Nayrb _
    Nayrb _

    What was any of that and why is it on a gaming channel??

  • Mattie H
    Mattie H

    I;m too high for this

  • Jefe

    Least the art style and color is cool.

  • Matthew Mendoza
    Matthew Mendoza

    This feels like boomer comics mixed with many of the bad adult cartoons, but maybe it’ll pull a bojack horseman.

  • Mr. Hollidayy
    Mr. Hollidayy

    one of those tv shows u turn on while ur playing games on ur pc lmao

  • Blue Checkmark
    Blue Checkmark

    So it's Bill and Ted but instead they're 3 boomers.

    • Mark Foster
      Mark Foster

      These guys were around long before Bill and Ted.

  • MoreToKnowShow

    So, the big question: When/where are we gonna be able to watch the series? They keep promising like a dealer, when does it hit, we gots to know!!!

  • shanetm

    In the comments: oblivious people who never had fun parents who knew and told them about this rediculous series

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      Spread the gospel!

  • S - Gaming
    S - Gaming


  • Ethan Bowden
    Ethan Bowden


  • FZJanimated

    what a waste of time.

  • Brandon Harper
    Brandon Harper

    Why .... who ....

  • Peace Azulay
    Peace Azulay

    I don’t care and don’t like what I see, but the background man wow.

  • Saleh Alotaibi
    Saleh Alotaibi

    I wasn't offended , I want the time I wasted on this video back

  • Satch

    I remember reading these comics when I was a kid, along with the the Russel comics.

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      We're bacckkkkkkk

  • Tetsu Hatano
    Tetsu Hatano

    Hell did I just watch?

  • Zer0W1nZ

    There's something up with the sound

  • pranjal s
    pranjal s

    I think it's cool.

  • Fernando Hernández
    Fernando Hernández

    Was this supposed to make interested in the series?

  • Smokimus Dankimus
    Smokimus Dankimus

    This is brilliant!

  • Eric Celestino
    Eric Celestino

    Was expecting better jokes kind of disappointmented

  • G W
    G W

    Hard pass bro , wtf

  • Robert Bobson
    Robert Bobson

    Wow omfg, never would have expected this. I remember reading then buying all the original comics. This is totally unexpected, what a fringe comic series to revive, wow.

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      We'll if we were going to make a comeback, we had to do it big! Make sure to follow us on social for more content and updates!

    • creekandseminole

      I know right? If they are doing this what's stopping them from animating R. Crumb comics? Oh wait... He always stated that he hated Fritz the Cat lol.

  • Rebecca Shuman
    Rebecca Shuman

    This episode is super weird

  • Dinnos100

    I thought this was going to be some sort of comedic short. Needless to say, I'm disappointed.

  • Isaias Palafox
    Isaias Palafox

    🤤 rn. 🤣

  • solarflaredragoon

    IGN really has drifted away from what made it coverage. This is the 2nd mj video now at least in the past few months. Putting an adult label doesnt stop kids from watching. Kids are subscribed to this channnel! Smdh.

  • Jaltheos


  • D VT
    D VT

    The bar’s been set pretty low on comedy now, huh?

    • Husnain Ali
      Husnain Ali

      When family guy, jimmy fallon, rick and morty and TBBT are the bar...

  • Cool man
    Cool man

    This is the most weirdest thing ever

  • Kreddit

    Bro....weed...dude weed

    • Kreddit

      @The Freak Brothers I was mocking your shitty show dipcraps

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      Did someone say "weed"???

  • Nick Woodman
    Nick Woodman


  • DarkVisage


    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      you can follow us on social media and our INlabel page for updates and more content. We'll be announcing soon where you can watch the full Season 1!

  • michael cityoldtimer
    michael cityoldtimer

    I'm confused are these mini episodes the full thing or we getting a half an hour TV show of this sometime this year?

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      These are just teasers - we'll launch the full 30min show later this year! Follow us on social media to keep up with updates and new content.

  • creekandseminole

    I can't believe they made this into a cartoon. I wasn't born until 1984, but I know about this underground comic. This is hilarious

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      And this is why we are back from the underground...for OG fans like you! Follow us on social for more content and updates on where to watch the full Season 1 when it launches.

  • nguyen cong
    nguyen cong

    shakeitoff eso sneeze dirtyheads markweins moneyball

  • PigzWigz

    The animation makes me think of Dan Vs.

    • Peace Azulay
      Peace Azulay


  • L Murphy
    L Murphy

    Weed will set u free. If only there was weeds shops in England fk Boris

  • Manly Syrup
    Manly Syrup

    Is this boomer humor?

    • shanetm

      Well considering it came out YEARS ago, it may accurately be called that but not like the shitty slang disrespectful mongaloids like to use

    • creekandseminole

      Yes definitely

  • King Crazo
    King Crazo

    It’s funny how they all stop and looked when she said vape

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      We're from the 1960's - what the hell is a vape?

  • musizlover2008

    They say adult animation shows can't get any worse, they were wrong.

    • musizlover2008

      @HamsterFacts So apparently this is an adaptation of an underground comic released in Texas during the 60s. The artwork was made to reflect the newspaper comics of that time. And it is being made by the makers of Rick and Morty.

    • doorknob

      Isn't that bad

    • TimmyTimeTurtle

      Better than dysfuntional family generic standing position number 67 (Aka Family Man and American Boy.)

    • flying paper
      flying paper

      Well, this is very amateur to be honest

    • HamsterFacts

      This is miles better than a lot of what they have to offer, but yeah, as stylized as it is, not a fan here either

  • Dave turbo
    Dave turbo

    Man this is weird.

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      We are a bunch of weirdos from the 60's - so thanks!

  • nostalgia dude
    nostalgia dude

    Style reminds me of 90s nick

  • awesomet1d /jj
    awesomet1d /jj


  • Danielfallz Rothman
    Danielfallz Rothman

    People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      The true Freak Brother sway - RESPECT!

  • waitwhat

    The music at the beginning sounds like Futurama.

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      It's the legendary jimi Hendrix - he time traveled with us from the 60's

  • Young.artgod on ig
    Young.artgod on ig

    My man put acid on the joint and went to the future. That’s my kinda show. He’s a real gamer.

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      @Brainworm Fatigue Sounds like this is a "Freak Brothers" approved move

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      Game recognize game - RESPECT

  • Koomiest.Koom

    Looks dope, no pun intended

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      We see what you did there!

  • HMGamer 993
    HMGamer 993

    Not gonna lie this looks interesting.

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers


  • Bharath Menon
    Bharath Menon

    Classic youtube

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez

    Don't know wat I just watched 😂

    • The Freak Brothers
      The Freak Brothers

      You must have been high like us - it's cool

  • Krishna Panwar
    Krishna Panwar

    89 views my record

  • Sirmel11


  • John White
    John White


  • Kyle


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