The PlayStation 4 Games You Won't Be Able to Play on PlayStation 5 - IGN Daily Fix
In today's Daily Fix, Akeem lists the PS4 games that aren't backward compatible with PS5, Marvel's Avengers devs have a plan to bring players back, and IGN's scathing review of FIFA 21 on Switch.

  • megarith

    Imagine playing the same game for years.

  • Akhil Prasad
    Akhil Prasad

    That's the reason GTA 5 wil re release on PS 5.

  • Grave Dragon Gaming
    Grave Dragon Gaming

    So that means every game on ps4 can be played right? Because im planning to get it so i can download Call of duty black ops 3, Cold war black ops 4, and maybe Modern warfare depending if i have enough space

  • Ishan Kashyap
    Ishan Kashyap

    He really got me when he said RDR 2

  • Beyond Human
    Beyond Human

    Guess I'll just stick with the ps4 then.


    So we are allowed to use our PS4 controllers on PS5

    • Icarus

      For PS4 games

  • Double007 G
    Double007 G

    So far ps5 sounds perfect. Or atleast proof that they pushed everything to the max

  • Kenny Contreras
    Kenny Contreras

    You’re cool man

  • Sev Heart
    Sev Heart

    Only Got Hitman Go from that list

  • Ron K
    Ron K

    FIFA is not worth it


    Great host!!!!!

  • Xx6footBangxX

    There was a second Afro Samurai game?

  • DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie
    DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

    Wifi save data transfer is all i came for

  • Repro Man
    Repro Man

    Marvel Avengers... haven’t played yet, and in no hurry.

  • tonyisdabom24

    Honestly that's what square-enix gets for making such a bad game.

    • GoliathWarfare

      I don't think they even wanted to make it, they were forced to by Disney and Sony and it shows


    The only real loss is shadow complex

  • Electro Duck
    Electro Duck

    We really need to transfer our digital ps4 games via Wifi? shouldn't they just be on our ps5 psn store account

  • Electro Duck
    Electro Duck

    Can you play ps5 games with ds4?

  • Maxx Koggen
    Maxx Koggen

    I guess even Spider-Man couldn't save it.

  • Devansh Chauhan
    Devansh Chauhan

    OH NO! anyways

  • Shunned in the comments
    Shunned in the comments

    Reverse psychology tactic by Sony, why not just say they are gona have backwards compatibility at launch ?! To funny

  • Jack Kuncze
    Jack Kuncze

    This guy is a horrible host

  • Ramsey Schroeder
    Ramsey Schroeder

    Why is this even news? Who even plays these games?

  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez

    So games no one plays anymore

  • Hari McDermott
    Hari McDermott

    that shirt is sick.

  • Andrew McNeil
    Andrew McNeil

    Its EA, money hungry, anti consumer company on its way down.

  • Iliya Mand
    Iliya Mand

    I like this guy

  • banana peel
    banana peel

    Lol 😂 some games be able use some power Xbox we making all games run 60 FPS 😆

  • JP elSucioGuapo
    JP elSucioGuapo

    This guy is trying too hard

  • A J
    A J

    Avengers endgame indeed. 🧐

  • The golden camel from Egypt
    The golden camel from Egypt

    EA will forever be a plague in gaming

  • Night Moon Skies
    Night Moon Skies

    Gutted about Shadow Complex

  • George London King of doctor who
    George London King of doctor who

    No one has heard of most of these games so I don't think that most people will miss them

  • Ian Wood
    Ian Wood

    I got avengers for free and can’t be arsed playing through it played about 3 hours and can confirm it’s garbage

  • Universal Doggo
    Universal Doggo

    This....does puts a smile on my face.

  • Hot Flash
    Hot Flash

    Your grandmother called. She wants her shirt back.

    • Animation Chronicles
      Animation Chronicles

      @Hot Flash I like how you reacted to this . I respect your response

    • Hot Flash
      Hot Flash

      It's just a joke you uptight pricks. Besides, if he wants his own style he shouldn't have stolen his grandma's.

    • Timothy DeMarre
      Timothy DeMarre

      Let the man have his own style bro

    • youthinkshelovesyouforyourtuxedo


    • Gum Ass
      Gum Ass

      i think its cute

  • Mr. Snake
    Mr. Snake

    Hopefully those ones weren't major important games.

  • Ccubed92

    Look at all the little kids or grown people living In their moms basement finding negatively in a IGN video to make themselves feel better lol

    • Internet surfer
      Internet surfer

      What are they saying? Sorry I didn't look for them in this comment section.

  • MiztarBriteCide

    I clicked like.. then he told me to wear a mask. So close pal 😅

  • Gentleman Traveller
    Gentleman Traveller

    Avengers will pick up once the next gen consoles arrive

  • Zachary Dale
    Zachary Dale

    Will the PS2 classics work on PS5?

  • izuwan

    At least. There is a game can be play by ps4 and not ps5. It make ps4 more something then he is when ps5 come out

  • Sarthak Srivastava
    Sarthak Srivastava

    EA still thinks fans are fools.

  • Savageworld_gaming314

    THESE GAMES WONT WORK ON THE XBO... Aw nvm lol i read this wrong 😂🟢🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  • Bob Lenin
    Bob Lenin

    Will Bloodborne finally run at a more stable frame rate?

  • KneePit 67
    KneePit 67

    When you said red dead I was about to get PISSED

  • Huy Tran
    Huy Tran

    Nice shirt bro. 🤙 but hell yeah go Sony!!

  • Dj Ravix
    Dj Ravix

    The list of games that is not compatible has only 10 games on it And one of the developers of one of those games already came forward that they are working on an update to make there game work on PS5 ... so in other words the list will only get smaller As for games that have glitches ... just report those to the developers and some might even fix those with an update

  • Muzi Tshabalala
    Muzi Tshabalala

    Why does this list even exist?

  • kill3rbyysight

    red dead is an overrated game... it's plasticy & without innovation... just shoot shoot & shoot & then ride your house for infinite distance.. smh

  • kill3rbyysight

    how can you say that you cannot transfer ps4 saves to ps5 via cloud service ps plus.. it's clearly mentioned in the blog that you can do it

  • Aniruddha Prithul
    Aniruddha Prithul

    I like this guy. He is kinda funny and cool.

  • Tats Sacs
    Tats Sacs

    So FF14 will work?


    4:40 SOOOOO much fun.....

  • Jordan Dolosais
    Jordan Dolosais

    IGN:"RDR2 won't work on ps5" Me:"I've finished it, it is behind me now" IGN:"It just a joke, it works on ps5" Me:"k"

  • everyday learning
    everyday learning

    🤢 Sony flushed their own Legacy by killing: PS1, PS2, PS3 & couple PS4 games.. History is only considered 7 years now.

  • Noor Aiman
    Noor Aiman

    I mean it's EA. They don't care about fans 🥰

  • Red One
    Red One

    Hahaha 😂 love the jokes

  • Prateek

    I like this funny little black guy. He's cool. IGN should use him more often

  • Warboy88

    cant wait until I get my PS5 probably next year :)

  • Matthew Mendez
    Matthew Mendez

    So is it in any way possible to play PS5 games on the PS4?

  • PR Kingdom
    PR Kingdom

    There’s only 10 garbage 🗑 games that won’t work on Ps5 💩ign💩

  • James Cornwell
    James Cornwell

    great host.

  • yungdadi

    So AC,ACC, PC2,GTSport are compatible

  • Lotus Warrior
    Lotus Warrior

    I'm just happy Life of a Black Tiger is backward compatible!

  • Satya Singh Bhati
    Satya Singh Bhati

    IGN biased against Sony for some reason form some time now or is it just me who feels like dailyfix has been doing this. BTW, bad choice of Thumbnail and presenting basic news in a controversial way.

    • Ccubed92

      Dont watch pretty simple logic lol

  • Dark Cloud
    Dark Cloud

    This dude is great and gots humour we don’t need c goodman😜


    EA......EA.............EA......................................................EEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHH!!!

  • GrandNoble


  • Ayushman Verma
    Ayushman Verma

    Am I the only one who didn't know of those games...

  • Eric Lane
    Eric Lane

    With all that being said just keep your problem.

  • SW

    Well I have now been made aware that there is an Afro Samurai 2 game

  • P U S H Y A M I T R A
    P U S H Y A M I T R A

    We need this host in the videos

  • shorty shelly
    shorty shelly

    Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  • Tree Tree
    Tree Tree

    Square Enix towards Consumers: There was an idea, Stark knows this, called the Avengers Initiative Game. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, played by consumers to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them to come online and fight the battles we never could." Devs: Few weeks Later they Vanished and I believe one day they will resurface

  • Justin Mcare
    Justin Mcare

    That moment when you realize ps2 and ps3 games conveniently aren't "backwards compatible" but are then found on their store to buy on all the new consoles. Money = compatibility lol

  • fastbay

    All sports games are guilty for not making a new games or trying to make an effort to improve the game.

  • The PJ Guy28 Is back
    The PJ Guy28 Is back

    Hitman Go doesn’t work In PS5?!

    • Mia Brscic
      Mia Brscic

      It is a mobile game,.. I suggest you platinum it on PS4 it is quite easy plat

  • Omega8kilo

    ❎BOX meanwhile 💪🏻

  • GamerRag

    Do I need dualskock to play ps4 games on ps5 I don't have a PS4

    • TomoDaniel

      No u can play with ps5 controller

  • username

    How do I play my DISC Ps4 game on Ps5 digital edition ? can I turn hardware game to digital ?

  • hellazu

    I love this host.. Dude you are a Rockstar

  • leo carvalho
    leo carvalho

    "soccer"? You mean foo... you actually said footbal

  • brscic

    well strange thumbnail,..Hitman Go is a mobile game

  • shaiba tossu
    shaiba tossu

    I will never touch Marvels junk again and i didn't.

  • mohammad_dymax

    Guys just Deal With it.

  • Mark Tracy
    Mark Tracy

    My subtitles don’t work and out of everyone Ive watched today your the most quiet. Turn up your mic.

  • Cazacu John
    Cazacu John

    Hitman Blood Money game remastered please working Playstation 5 or 4?

  • Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee
    Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee

    You can transfer any PS4 games with save to the PS5 but any PS4 game you own you cannot automatically own it on the PS5... Should I dare comment on this?

  • Espurr

    Oh no not Afro samurai 2 🤧

  • aWαIѕ FαRнAи
    aWαIѕ FαRнAи

    Where sydney goodman gone?

    • aWαIѕ FαRнAи
      aWαIѕ FαRнAи

      TomoDaniel hhhh

    • TomoDaniel

      She is right next to me in my bed

  • _ 3nekos
    _ 3nekos

    Oh man, poor Avengers game trying to pull the 2015 wool over our eyes. May as well go F2P at this point.

  • Black Plated
    Black Plated

    That RDR II joke was great.

  • Hardcore Panda
    Hardcore Panda


  • 945 Podcast
    945 Podcast

    That’s one of the ugliest shirts I have ever seen


    All avengers needed was a pvp team.vs team mode


    Sony has issues with backwards comp working properly and or removing it like they did with PS3 smh... makes me kinda wonder what they will do for backwards in the future

  • BillyBet YT
    BillyBet YT

    So you’re saying it’s not ALL PS4 games?

  • breezyamar

    I like this guy

  • Mr Wizzo65
    Mr Wizzo65

    I love this guy. Smooth presentation !!

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