Monster Hunter Movie: Every Monster in the First Trailer Explained
Get ready hunters, the first full trailer for Monster Hunter is finally here, and we're going to hunt down every last monster in the trailer. There are some classic fan favorites (Rathalos), some creepy critters (Nerscylla), and one that we're absolutely shocked to see in the trailer (Gore Magala?!). We're breaking down what these monsters are named and what they can do, all based on the video games.

The trailer shows shoes Artemis, played by Milla Jovovich, get swept into the Monster Hunter world through a mysterious portal with an elite group of soldiers, and it's there that they must team up with Tony Jaa's character "The Hunter" to beat these fearsome foes. We're going to size all of the monsters up to see just what our heroes are up against. Then, we'll see how it all plays out when the Monster Hunter movie releases on December 30, 2020

  • Kevin O'Bill
    Kevin O'Bill

    I wonder if Fatalis or Safi'jiiva appear in movies

  • Batman

    Rathalos Did a superhero landing without any paws...

  • lackmaa mohan
    lackmaa mohan


  • Starnixx

    No one notices Zorah magdoras in the trailer the big red and black mountain is zorah!

  • Grand Adobo Man
    Grand Adobo Man

    Since they are modern day soldiers who are used to firearms, they'd naturally pick up bow guns. But nooooooo.

  • Mix Master
    Mix Master

    Imagine how bad the second and third one will be

  • dgyye deric
    dgyye deric


  • Crossnime Xs
    Crossnime Xs


  • odd things
    odd things


  • mildlymenacingmeem

    To everyone here who says they want to watch the movie for "fun" or for the cool monsters: just play the games. you will actually fight the monsters yourself with cool fantasy weapons rather than spectating someone do it by blasting a rocket into its face.

  • Rui Ribeiro
    Rui Ribeiro

    I don't think those are Nerscylla, if they are tho, they're newborns, baby scyllas. I thought of Hornetaur at first but they're nothing alike in the end... Still don't understand what those bugs are.

  • Fullyn20

    "I Will use Fire Dual Blades on a Diablos and Rathalos" Genius

    • A Ghost Without a Past
      A Ghost Without a Past

      We were all rookies once.

  • Cuicas007

    Where are the palicos

  • Cuicas007

    I can't wait to see my favorite monster in this movie... a carry ant, I already got both crowns.

  • Xgamer2462

    Great video

  • Afterfall81

    Where is PAUL W.S ANDERSON ?? Isn't he included in the movie as the monster 😂

  • Archaic Soul
    Archaic Soul

    Oof that casting...

  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos

    I am excited to see ratholes!!!

  • Zectro Animations
    Zectro Animations

    i want To see Xeno”jiiba in this movie😁

  • Martin Piesch
    Martin Piesch

    I want some "sharpening hammers footage" in this movie 😂😂😂

  • ZeroSteel45

    Using a rath sns to kill rath is best kind of punishment for them

  • Ian Greene
    Ian Greene

    Ummm, the Diablos is an omnivore. It's just as content with eating you as well as cacti.

    • A Ghost Without a Past
      A Ghost Without a Past

      Diablos is a herbivore, it's just that they're territorial like hippos are.

  • Sigma Φ
    Sigma Φ

    This is just Vin Diesel movie Pitch Black but with Dragons

  • I like girls
    I like girls


  • Еримей Свечников
    Еримей Свечников

    I love to know what is the great rathalos, the variant of the rathalos that dell against with the ancient civilization for generations ago????🤯

  • Team Truth
    Team Truth

    I really LOL at IGN title as if your viewers need explanation on the monsters that they have known for years? Seriously IGN?

  • Michael Ponadon
    Michael Ponadon

    Wow. Titanus Scylla from Godzilla: King of The Monsters lose Weight. Also Moran is in the Movie. I saw his Goblin Like Shark face in the International Trailer.

  • Manny Johnson
    Manny Johnson

    My favorite monster was deerbras, at least thats what they called it in the movie.

  • d i s g u y m a n
    d i s g u y m a n

    With those skills, I'm pretty sure a Kulu Ya Ku will wipe that squad

  • blueskdragonFX

    I'm rooting for the dragons, seeing how Rathalos rips apart jumbo jets, cars and VTOLs.

  • Allosaurus

    I hope valstrax is in the movie.

  • Pop

    Why always American soldiers? 😒

  • Black Thunder
    Black Thunder

    I think they made this movie for attract a new people to know monster hunter franchise. Honestly, this movie will become a garbage for us (whos play the monster hunter games). They should made the story that focus on the Hunter's itself, not the army.

  • Neil Manoj
    Neil Manoj

    Gore Magala pog

  • John Ong
    John Ong

    No need to explain. They've just ruined the franchise

  • Zeratul

    So this movie is the origin story of the bowgun. “AMAZING”

  • Howard 79
    Howard 79

    I just want to see a monster fight going perfectly as planned until deviljho busts in and wrecks everyone. If they include the giant angry pickle, I don't care if there's millitary with rocket launchers or space ninjas with laser cannons, this movie will be perfect. 😂

  • tony choi
    tony choi

    The helper was never more beautiful bravo.

  • nyapism

    what im excited to see in the movie? charge blade and switchaxe.

  • mob2uz

    lol, my Palico is named "Artemis".

  • 015uio2

    Lol "explained"

  • Dakota Roberts
    Dakota Roberts

    The rathalos was my favorite monster form the first game I can not wait to see it on the big screen

  • Loclac

    2:26 wait a min.. Is that a real Handler? lol

  • Loclac

    Ah more military troops movie.. its an american thing.... Its the same thing again.. they dont learn anything from all those years of making movies?..

  • Julian Lina
    Julian Lina

    The fiery mountain looks like it might be zorah magdaros.

  • Mahbu

    I am insulted this movie exists.

  • 神皇

    Ready to fight

  • Jared Peacemaker
    Jared Peacemaker

    Get outta here with that low rank monster crap! I wanna see some real threats! Give me Deviljo! give me lunostra! Give me Kirin!! Looks depressing. My best guess is the main baddie will be rathalos and he'll do a lost world of Jurassic park bit and slip into our world at the 3rd act and .... yeah I'm right on the money arnt i..... Edit: no HH no watchy!!!!!

  • Neonant

    All fun and games till they run into an apex Rajang cause of gore.

  • bahmat

    I don't remember ever playing as the US military in any of the MH games.

    • Wil Camayudo
      Wil Camayudo

      We had one close call, remember Snake's skin and Bosses' from Freedom Unite?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Gore is in the house

  • Anthony Hull
    Anthony Hull

    I am excited it we are missing one thing the PALICO

  • Jr

    Why is it modern

  • Mcgillis

    We don't need USmilitary

  • ShunkenOne

    "Nerscylla" No, those are generic spiders. Temnocerans, at least the ones we've seen, are quadrupeds.

    • John Feare
      John Feare

      Look at 'em again, they are thankfully also quadrupeds in the film, most likely baby Nerscyllas. And the one that shattered the rock and lounged at the camera's most likely an adult.

  • grim_

    I know there's a lot of people mad that the military is in this movie, but keep in mind they had to think about the non-MH fans too

  • ShuToshio

    not too worried? looks like she's using the matched slicers -.-"

  • ShuToshio

    who cares about the monsters, we're more interested in the Handler

  • ダン戦LOVEなハンターアキラ

    逢魔ディアブロス、、、 なんでお前だけ日本語だよ

  • Space Megalodon
    Space Megalodon

    So those bugs were Nerscylla. They look smaller than normal and don't have the spikes on their back. Maybe they are young Nerscylla? That would also explain why there are some many in the same place.

  • Onca L
    Onca L

    Films like these are so dumb, a dragons that’s as big as KONG juvenile that can take down another behemoth elder dragon spawn but fails to defeat lil 50-100kg human🤣

  • Cardboxboard


  • Mark Elwick
    Mark Elwick

    That huge tower shown before the gore pops up sure does remind me of the arena you fight dalamadur in...

  • amazo88

    but will this movie survive 2020?

  • vHezz YT
    vHezz YT

    They should of made it Avatar style

  • Akane Kitaouji
    Akane Kitaouji

    Another excellent game ruined by Hollywood movie....

    • Ryan

      @Jack Fahey Not my fault a fanboy like you get angry at the truth.

    • Jack Fahey
      Jack Fahey

      @Ryan Ok salty

    • Ryan

      Let's not forget the story of the games are quite poor. So the movie might actually give the games the storytelling they desperately needed.

    • Ryan

      "Excellent game" Yea, gotta love that repetitive gameplay, farming the same monsters over and over for RNG loot. The actual games themselves are short if you fight each monster once. Though due to the repetitive nature of the games, you guys farm the same monsters dozens of times for random materials and call the game excellent.

    • The Andymacm
      The Andymacm

      literally none of the video game movies ever had any effect on the actual games. Never even put a dent in any of the games franchises.

  • Alfi Putra S
    Alfi Putra S

    I don't care about the monster, I just wanted to see Felyne and Melynx... (Edit) I don't want to see helicopter flying through or a car try to run in entire movie, I want to see Felyne or Melynx accompanied the Hunter all the time and how they cook in the hunter's house....

  • peter roberts
    peter roberts

    I hope that there is a monster Hunter 2 movie

  • DoRaYaGi M.G.
    DoRaYaGi M.G.

    Not bad.

  • MOONWOLF7395

    "Every monster explained" Me: in my best Ron Swanson voice "I know more than you"

  • Osiris xanz
    Osiris xanz


  • Rem D.
    Rem D.

    I think that wasnt a black diablos. More like a frenzied one.

    • ninjaruss

      it would make sense since gore magala is here

  • splashyDIAMOND

    US military? Really?

  • アビスブラッド


  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me

    Why is this narrator saying the names of these monsters like she's even played the games? Butchering the names, damn fake gamer.

  • tyler198924

    I need an explanation to the terrible casting......

  • Jose Robert Chan
    Jose Robert Chan

    This already flops with the community... There are no PALICOS

    • footthumb

      There are going to be Palicos, the director confirmed it a few days ago. It's also gonna include the Meowscular Chef having some kind of flirtatious interactions with Mila.

  • Swapnil Dubey
    Swapnil Dubey

    I am so so so much excited for Monster Hunter.

  • Sisko

    A better storyline would be a hunter coming back to his village only to find that it's all destroyed by a type of elder dragon. The hunter slowly progresses hunting many types of monster to a point where the hunter finally hunts down the elder dragon that destroyed his village only for a twist that hunted the wrong elder dragon. I would say Kushal daora.

  • Dragnova

    Wait, I saw there were at least IGN had atleast 11K Dislikes from AngryJoeShow's perspective. And now There;s only 351??? SUSPICIOUS...

  • Spaceknight105

    did anyone saw toho? they are the owners of godzilla, animators of -demon slayer movie -lotl -haikyu -godzilla and ultraman anime -beastars -and more! and now in monster hunter! next kong vs g man

  • The Goose
    The Goose

    Am I the only one who’s looking forward to this? Lol I mean come on. The monsters look dope. The sound effects they make are spot on. Give it a chance and stop being so negative

    • Doctor Cobbley
      Doctor Cobbley

      nah, i saw a turd actress use an RPG against a diablos, that is so out of character woth the MH universe

  • Ananda Mytratama A
    Ananda Mytratama A

    Even the narrators care a lot more about the movie than the directors...

  • john new
    john new

    Zero Crits with those fire dual blades!!!! :|

  • oldcowbb

    maybe the real monster was the director all along

  • Pie Guy
    Pie Guy

    I have played a combined 1 hour of Monster Hunter and was semi excited for the movie thinking there's no way you could fuk up a monster hunter movie the game is simple. But here we are with a shitty portal excuse and the US military.

  • Myxth

    The reason why the monsters are bigger is because they survived the frenzy virus from gore magala aka Apex monsters. Apex monsters in the games tend to be bigger than their normal selves.

  • AXF-2

    The stuff that is actually related to Monster Hunter looks awesome. I am not entirely sold on the plot, but I'll give the movie a chance. I'm most excited for the merchandise that will come out of this movie.

    • Wil Camayudo
      Wil Camayudo

      Just don't include the actors face Im ok with it.

  • Marello EG
    Marello EG

    US Military Mysterious Portal (Showcases Dual Blades) DEFINITELY, This is a movie for the non-MH players aka normies/casuals.

    • The Andymacm
      The Andymacm

      UN Military*

  • Cutz McOnions
    Cutz McOnions

    the only monster here is Hollywood

  • J'avo Yoshika Miyako
    J'avo Yoshika Miyako

    Of course they brought the mary sue of the resident evil movies...

  • Hhsvsv Hsheja
    Hhsvsv Hsheja

    What’s the beetle staff called again

  • Hhsvsv Hsheja
    Hhsvsv Hsheja

    The rathia was a horror in mh4

  • Limgel Margen
    Limgel Margen

    Excited for this movie since most mon are from MH4

  • Hhsvsv Hsheja
    Hhsvsv Hsheja

    I remember how hard the gore magala was to defeat and the elder dragon was a nightmare

  • Lena Canfield
    Lena Canfield

    Me: * see’s gore * Also me: * monster hunter 4 ultimate flash backs * Me again: Shits about to go down in this movie

    • golden king
      golden king

      This movie most likely takes place in MH4 from all the monsters that take place.

    • golden king
      golden king

      Gore was the most hyped monster in this movie

    • Lonely Wolf
      Lonely Wolf

      Strat having Rajang pstd oh no

  • Gutsy Gh0st
    Gutsy Gh0st

    Wtf is this garbage?

  • Riolunator1820

    what, were those baby nerscylla? IT HURT

    • Fate's Design
      Fate's Design

      Not sure they came in swarms most nerscyllas hunt alone and are generally much LARGER like rathalos sizes and from what I’ve seen they dont have the dead skin in their backs

  • JpaniK

    Where Michael Bay at?.

  • Justin Riley
    Justin Riley

    The U.S MILITARY invades everything from Transformers to video game movies now.

    • Fallen

      They have to try and convince the nerds to give up their lives too

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