Jiu Jitsu: Exclusive Official Trailer (2020) - Nicolas Cage, Tony Jaa, Frank Grillo
An ancient order of Jiu Jitsu fighters faces a vicious race of alien invaders in an epic battle for the survival of Earth.

Nicolas Cage joins a cast that includes Alain Moussi, Frank Grillo, Rick Yune, Marie Avgeropoulos, Juju Chan, and Tony Jaa.

Co-written and directed by Kickboxer: Retaliation's Dimitri Logothetis, Jiu Jitsu debuts in Theaters, On Demand and Digital on November 20, 2020.

  • Artemis Christodoulou
    Artemis Christodoulou

    Damn whatever youtube channel made this movie, has to got a big budget to hire Nicolas Cage.

  • Antdoggy25

    Only Cage is crazy enough to beat up a predator with his hands

  • TheAnanaki

    I have no idea what it is I just watched but whoever made it already has my $$$. Nick Cage is a national treasure (no pun intended).

  • Randy Roberts
    Randy Roberts

    a movie so corny you have to watch it. you know, like sharknado

  • Caleb Vinson
    Caleb Vinson

    Why is it called jiu Jitsu??

  • meow

    Please don't let this movie be the representation of the martial art that i love

  • Elliott Padditey
    Elliott Padditey

    Mortal Kombat Redefinition - definitely watching this fun movie.

  • JuanPiece

    Oh!!! You mean "Predator 2020"

  • greg brayman
    greg brayman

    Where is the jiu jitsu?

  • legionaireb

    Seriously, this is just 'Predators' set on Earth. If there's not a Dead By Daylight killer based on this by the time the movie drops, somebody isn't doing their job. And is 1:13 not the most self-aware moment in N-Cage's whole career?

  • Nicholas Burch
    Nicholas Burch

    LOL wtf?? There's literally no Jiu Jitsu in the trailer?

  • Lo Deeds
    Lo Deeds

    Nicolas Cage "there's no honor in killing crazy" Batman has entered the chat Nicolas Cage "I can fly too" Batman has left the chat

  • Omar Mendoza
    Omar Mendoza

    This movie has nothing to do with Jiu Jitsu

  • Christopher Da Mota
    Christopher Da Mota

    awesome now my friends will think i'm a doomsday prepper getting ready to fight aliens. I knew I should of just trained UFC.

  • hil roq
    hil roq

    Call the Power Rangers!

  • Sonnet

    I guess all the Hollywood Screenwriters are home with Covid so they had the intern come up with something.

  • Alyne Mara
    Alyne Mara

    Sim, mas cadê o Jiu Jitsu? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Prathit Deshpande
    Prathit Deshpande

    Who is here for Tony Jaa...

  • Chee Pen
    Chee Pen

    Movie director: let's make a martial art movie. CGI team: May I suggest you something? Actors: That's a great idea to film indoor for these days. Producer: Ok, let me finish my weed.

  • Twist Xtra
    Twist Xtra

    I cant believe predator is gonna fight naruto jutsu with ghost rider.



  • R3DLiFE

    this looks like a mortal combat movie XD

  • nothsim

    I do hope it makes it to the theatres

  • Maurício Rodrigues
    Maurício Rodrigues

    Movie's name: Jiu Jitsu. Who fights Jiu Jitsu? No one.

  • Norbert Glenn Timbal
    Norbert Glenn Timbal

    Mortal kombat and Predator in 1..lol Let the face off begin🤫🤭🤭🤭

  • Aswar123 Warren
    Aswar123 Warren

    Oh, a new Predator movie!!!

  • Khalil Kessa
    Khalil Kessa

    okay ...

  • Reelo Ting
    Reelo Ting

    i see Mr.Cage still can't say no to ANY scripts.

  • Jordzyi1


  • Martin Quintanilla
    Martin Quintanilla

    Damn are you serious? Not one of the consultants involved in the movie didn't bother to advise against to the title?

  • MTC Tecnologia
    MTC Tecnologia

    Predator made in China....

  • john smith
    john smith

    have you seen mortal kombat and predator well u are going to love....

  • john smith
    john smith

    strate to DVD

  • Psyberduck

    Cage: You are the chosen Jiu Jitsu fighters. Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I dunno think it means what you think it means.

  • asabadjan

    I don't understand how movies like this get funded

  • Craig Lau
    Craig Lau

    Look a movie named jiu jitsu that talks about jiu jitsu and has zero jiu jitsu in it. F you 2020

  • Adler Rodrigues da Silva
    Adler Rodrigues da Silva

    Oh Yeah baby those who desliked it don't deserve to watch this masterpiece anyway

  • Apartment 105
    Apartment 105

    Okay, I will say it. Looks Amazing!!

  • Manny M.I.A
    Manny M.I.A

    Wow . Just assimilate as much as possible

  • Kamko Beats kaname 1
    Kamko Beats kaname 1

    Marrese Crump is here too awesome❤🔥

  • Rubens Maciel Enes
    Rubens Maciel Enes

    Mano que 💩

  • P A
    P A

    Predator and Mortal Kombat had a baby.

  • Akos Danco
    Akos Danco

    Marrese crump vs wu jing awesome fight

  • Gary Kalambayi
    Gary Kalambayi

    What happened to Nicolas Cage? I need to talk to his agent😑🤦🏾‍♂️

  • J T
    J T


  • JustDaggers

    Smells like something they will talk about on Cannibal Video

  • mysong music
    mysong music

    I from in Myanmar . get it movie began bagoda story. I love it and thank you.

  • Folactics

    Scuffed Predator??

  • Kuestenjung

    Somehow this looks like a Mortal Combat movie with Nicolas Cage being Raiden

  • jessica mu
    jessica mu

    Myanmar Pu gan is in this video ohh

  • Telvin Kipapa
    Telvin Kipapa

    Hélio Gracie is rolling in his grave 🙈

  • Len Xiang
    Len Xiang

    Insane looking film.... maybe the Ju Jitsu is a hidden move only comes at the end

  • One-sided Nightcore Myanmar
    One-sided Nightcore Myanmar

    0:14 Is this Bagan?

  • MrRykage

    The plot made less sense than Nic Cage's entire career. Can't wait to watch it day one.

  • Craig the brute
    Craig the brute

    Lol people get triggered because is a movie called jujitsu and show others martial art that are not JJ.......Guys. it's a movie about martial artists fighting ALIENS. If you want to see real fight go watch the UFC, but this is a fictional film that shows you over the top action. It's fake fight? Yes but that's what make this more entertaining. And this come from a UFC fan

  • Blue Boat
    Blue Boat

    Utter garbage. I have a blue belt in jiu jitsu and there was zero jiu jitsu in this trailer. This is embarrassingly bad.

  • Asif Dutchmaster
    Asif Dutchmaster

    Jiu Jitsu, minus the Jiu Jitsu.

  • aditya mehta
    aditya mehta

    Nicholas cage took an oath not to sign for movies with IMDb rating more than 3.5 😂

  • jay korudo
    jay korudo

    Click bait movie

  • Abdul Rehman Butt
    Abdul Rehman Butt

    Gonna be another flop.

  • amirul anuar
    amirul anuar

    Predator, with more martial art.

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera

    So this is a predator knock off? Cool.

  • M.S. C.
    M.S. C.

    The first-rate actor's fall into third-rate movies.

  • conscarcdr

    AI trying to complete a Nicolas Cage film.

  • Joseph Merullo
    Joseph Merullo

    This is just flat out disrespectful to jiu jitero's worldwide...change the name

  • Forty Four
    Forty Four

    This movie would've been great, in the 80s 👀

  • Boi Chuah Sang
    Boi Chuah Sang

    Looks great. Cant wait! :D

  • Daegog The Wyrdmake
    Daegog The Wyrdmake

    (Predator + Mortal Kombat)^Nicolas Cage = ?????

  • Weston Muse
    Weston Muse

    I can never get enough bad nick cage movies

  • Jesta

    Ninjago x predator basically

  • CevaGelada


  • David Ferriday
    David Ferriday

    Cage is riding that pony straight to the bank.

  • Caleb Yu
    Caleb Yu

    I've always wondered where Jiu Jitsu originated 🤔

  • J3SS3 H
    J3SS3 H

    Fun fact: Nicholas Cage is actually a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Royce Gracie. He also trains in Wing Chun, Karate, and Jeet Kune Do.

  • Headbutt Studios
    Headbutt Studios

    You just need nic cage doing jiu jitsu on people, that's a movie

  • Kamen Rider
    Kamen Rider

    Jiu Jitsu??

  • Kappin R-M80s
    Kappin R-M80s

    So this movie has a sci-fi setting, looks like a crossover of Stargate X Mortal Kombat X Predator, is starring Nick Cage and Tony Jaa -- who is known for Muay Thai, and featured clips that had 0 jiu jitsu. Yet it's called Jiu Jitsu... this movie looks terrible and I love it already.

  • Rurouni Kenshin
    Rurouni Kenshin


  • Musicomanca Music
    Musicomanca Music

    Yoshimitshu at Home

  • Naing Ko
    Naing Ko

    Where's Bagan? I didn't see it. It might be a bad movie.

  • ndhoox12

    I didn't know Citizen Kane had a sequel

  • Wai Yan Linn
    Wai Yan Linn

    Finally, aliens come to my country. 😛🤣 🇲🇲

  • Nash T
    Nash T

    It's funny to see this movie setting and theme because it takes place in myanmar where almost everyone is overly brainwashed by religion. LoL

  • abemie Kelate
    abemie Kelate

    That Alien is afraid of Royce Gracie

  • Vadelrion Neskara
    Vadelrion Neskara

    What is Bagan related to this??? 😐

  • Phyo Wai Aung
    Phyo Wai Aung

    0:19 The spelling is in the Burmese language: ဂျုဂျစ်ဆု

  • Aerial Phyu
    Aerial Phyu

    Wtf wtf wtf wtf!!!! I can’t wait anymore Bagan, 🇲🇲🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Khant Khant
    Khant Khant

    Is not 👎👎👎👎

  • Auggie Swummy
    Auggie Swummy

    0:18 I was surprised when tattoo is written as ဂျစ်ဆု 😂

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor

    This looks incredible. I'd watch it just for Tony Jaa. Been a fan of his since Ong-Bak.

  • JB S
    JB S

    this should've been released in the 90's. Would've been a cult classic.

  • Elvijs

    The perfect movie for Nicolas Cage of today.

  • Pixar Salazar
    Pixar Salazar

    Rouge Jim Jitsu Monster Hunter They all look like they should be on Netflix

  • The Cyclone
    The Cyclone

    There is literally no JuJitsu whatsoever

  • Dylan

    A predator knockoff?

  • Alpha_Nerd


  • Leonardo Hickssen
    Leonardo Hickssen

    Lembrando que o Jiu Jtsu vem do Hapkijtsu - Onde se originou o Bjj!

  • Leonardo Hickssen
    Leonardo Hickssen

    Da hora que venha o próximo “CAPOEIRA” com Mat Damon - Cristian Bale - Jackie Chan - Donie yen e Mike Tyson

  • Vídeos desenhos infantis
    Vídeos desenhos infantis

    Patético um LIXO

  • andoo boi
    andoo boi

    Nicolas cage has never moved on from the 90s

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