Netflix's The Haunting of Bly Manor: The Rules of Being a Ghost
SPOILER ALERT: The cast of Netflix's The Haunting of Bly Manor break down the complicated rules of being a ghost in the new season of Mike Flanagan's horror hit.

  • Chandra Satrio
    Chandra Satrio

    It is horror and beautiful. The cast are alright I guess. While the strength of the Hill House is all over the episode before the finale, Bly Manor brought the climax and all the emotions in the last 2 finale episodes.

  • Jody-Ann Reid
    Jody-Ann Reid

    Hill house was perfectly splendid. Bly Manor perfectly boring

  • Jody-Ann Reid
    Jody-Ann Reid

    This show has nothing on hill house. Lame as hell

  • Pratyugna Manna
    Pratyugna Manna

    I think flora could control all the ghosts then why she could not save clayten from Viola while she was being dragged

  • Anjani Najma
    Anjani Najma

    My question is, if when Peter died he could no longer interact with physical objects, why can Hannah still lift tea cups, mop, or drink from a wine bottle if she was also dead?

    • James hiawo
      James hiawo

      Did u watch the video?

  • pastrana21

    i really didn't like this series over the first one. The little girl was so fuckin annoying, i would of slapped her splendidly.

  • Ollie Ols
    Ollie Ols

    This show was so beautiful! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it

  • Monica Duran
    Monica Duran

    Why isn't Flora scared of the ghost she shushes?

    • Matcha Latte
      Matcha Latte

      She know to give the faceless ghosts stories as to no longer fear them and we know she's sussed out which ghosts in the house are dangerous because she said in one episode that they had warned her of viola.

  • Battleaxe Gaming
    Battleaxe Gaming

    Can i get 1 subscriber🥺 My channel isn't growing 😔

  • aina zain
    aina zain

    nobody : me at 4am after finish all episode : *it's me ,it's you, it's us*

  • Rishabh ʘ‿ʘ
    Rishabh ʘ‿ʘ

    Next installment - The Haunting of White House

  • mary shaffer
    mary shaffer

    I bought James Joyce collected works to read originals of source material.

  • John & Yasya
    John & Yasya

    Even the actors seemed confused by this show

  • Joselyn Lopez
    Joselyn Lopez

    I wonder why miles and Flora's parents who slept in the main bedroom where was in Viola's way were not never attacked by her. I couldnt understand how Flora and Miles realized about Viola.

    • Cat Cat
      Cat Cat

      I assume that it was because Viola was asleep during their time in the house. There were only a few ghost she killed during many years, so that means she wasnt awake everyday. She would be asleep for a long time and then wake up again and walk.

  • John Blake
    John Blake

    The season was really confusing for me

    • Ollie Ols
      Ollie Ols

      For me it was much less confusing after I watched it through twice

  • Laise Correa
    Laise Correa

    This explained the Hannah situation I was so confused abt. Thank you. Amazing show.

  • Dyah_x_Wolf

    Show was boring af

    • Daphney Andersen
      Daphney Andersen

      Why? Cheers.

  • Krissy Faith
    Krissy Faith

    This show is literally garbage in comparison to hill house. I wish someone would’ve saved me the time by letting me know how horrible it is. Closer to the notebook than it is the haunting of hill house.

    • rey kenj
      rey kenj

      Just wow

  • HaloHuntress

    It was too boring. While watching every single member of my family walked away and missed episodes. We couldn't get into it. It was confusing and not scary at all. If it wasn't a horror I don't think they should have marketed it as such. Plus the ending was just unsatisfactory in my opinion.

    • Daphney Andersen
      Daphney Andersen

      Why? Cheers.

  • julie Wallis
    julie Wallis

    The housekeeper dipped out of eating every meal and I spotted that so fast. I knew she was dead.

    • kor

      She was drinking wine too.

    • ACHIKUR rahman
      ACHIKUR rahman

      Thts why see the video above ...just directly commenting without watching the video...dumbs

    • ACHIKUR rahman
      ACHIKUR rahman

      Bro...u cn interact with the things as long as u dont know u r dead

    • Zach Morgan
      Zach Morgan

      @Ngã Hm, maybe I spoke too soon. I’ll go check it out. But also, I never said she couldn’t interact with the real world. I’d maybe argue that she noticed everyone else’s reaction to the tea and went with it. I know this may seem like a cop out answer, but I honestly chalk it up to older Jamie using liberties to tell her story. As an unreliable narrator, she could’ve gotten a number of details wrong or embellished to fill in the gaps (especially since she should have no knowledge of how Viola died) Or maybe I’m just wrong and they kept her sipping on accident

    • Ngã

      @Zach Morgan Furthermore, why would Peter say that Hannah was still able to do the clean up and whisked about the manor if like you said she wasn't unable to interact with the physical world? This plot point is quite inconsistent.

  • A Barracuda
    A Barracuda

    Who is Flora shushing here at 0:08? Is that Perdita? Damn she gets no respect hahaha

    • Mak

      @ITS TErry oh nice have fun!

    • ITS TErry
      ITS TErry

      @Mak no I’m watching it now

    • Mak

      @ITS TErry did you finish it? They show her story later on

    • ITS TErry
      ITS TErry

      @That’s So Fetch! how did she die?

    • ITS TErry
      ITS TErry

      lol I watched it yesterday that scene was so creepy😰

  • A Barracuda
    A Barracuda

    Im just wondering how Jamie knows all that Viola stuff. I understand a lot of it is creative license but idk that arc wouldve given her a clue to help release Dani before she drowned. Did Dani get privvy to Viola's life? Wouldnt it make sense to try to tell the Lady her name and or find Isabel Lloyd's family instead of leaving the door open. Haha idk still love the show

    • Zach Morgan
      Zach Morgan

      That crossed my mind too. What I eventually kind of decided on was that she basically had to fill in the gaps in order to tell her story effectively to the kids. It'd probably take them out of it if she just went, "Oh and then there was this dead woman without a face that tried to drown you but you don't remember which is probably for the best." Haha

  • Hanako Mihara
    Hanako Mihara

    I love this Netflix series ☺️

  • Agung Sandang Prayogi
    Agung Sandang Prayogi


  • Ahmed Humud
    Ahmed Humud

    The set up of this show is magical and the story telling is on another level . I enjoyed every bit of it

    • Ollie Ols
      Ollie Ols

      This story was beautiful and the ending hit me hard❤️

    • PAbcentral

      Me too man. The way they did memories and time with being a ghost was amazing. Like how they look like their best selves but in picture their bodies look dead.

  • KitKatKaelyn

    Wish I got more of miles was such a cute yet sad character

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody

    Oh so that’s why she wasn’t eating anything!

    • Arc lieutenant Jesse
      Arc lieutenant Jesse

      What are you doing here Cody?

  • Spideog FoH
    Spideog FoH

    Don't know all of them but I'd say avoid ghostbusters is a biggie.

  • mijan hoque
    mijan hoque

    I was very mixed about the whole season but the last two episodes were very solid and saved it for me and not to mention were very emotional. Overall I’d give it a 8.5/10. Episodes 1-3 were great, 4-7 were meh, 8-9 were amazing.

  • Kick MeBitch
    Kick MeBitch

    I loved how finishing the series made me even want to go back and piece everything back together now that I know what I know. I now realize that perita wasn’t even harmless she was just tired of viola smacking her around, hence why when she was harmonizing with flora and when flora shushed perita it feels like a resemblance of how scared she is of viola.

    • Zach Morgan
      Zach Morgan

      I'm really looking forward to revisiting it. It seems like it's one of those shows or movies that really benefits from a second watch with added context

  • Nathan Gravitt
    Nathan Gravitt

    I can’t believe so many people like this season. It is such a disappointment for me.

    • Daphney Andersen
      Daphney Andersen

      Why? Cheers.

  • Joshua Harmon
    Joshua Harmon

    Rule number one: Don't tell the living who killed you! Rule number two: Finish your tasks!

    • Heena Chaudhary
      Heena Chaudhary

      Among us?

  • Kaia [f.u.ск мe] ТАР 0N МY РIC
    Kaia [f.u.ск мe] ТАР 0N МY РIC


  • Jori Roberts
    Jori Roberts

    See guys even ghost have to ask for Consent... 👌😂

  • Abbas Timmy
    Abbas Timmy

    It is different from the Hill House and I felt it was a little short in the horror theme. Nevertheless, I still thought the mystery behind the characters, the complex plot, and the different horror style, mixed with a group that bwcame a family and love story was amazing! I was surprised by the unraveling of the events and pleased to see the magnificent storytelling. I hope they continue with a 3rd part of the superb anthology.

    • Zach Morgan
      Zach Morgan

      @sc I feel like it was Mike Flanagan speaking through adult Flora when she says that it's a love story, not a ghost story. And I think that's why it worked for me. Even though it was less scary, all of the characters were so well done that the last ten minutes of episode 9 had me in tears. As soon as it cut back to Carla Gugino and you notice she's wearing the ring.

    • sc

      Abbas Timmy even the creator says it's more gothic romance than gothic horror. And I love that

  • Voma Sharma
    Voma Sharma

    The ending is always sad...... For Victoria. Great series though

  • 231doughboy

    So is it in the Netflix contracts that every new show must now have lgbt characters? It's getting too obvious at this point lol.

    • 231doughboy

      @Nat 666 Oh so you acknowledge that it is a thing with new media. How interesting.

    • Nat 666
      Nat 666

      231doughboy No I got your point, as dumb as it was. There were about 8 straight-passing couples on the show, yet you felt the need to complain about the one lesbian couple. If you can’t handle seeing people who are LGBTQ+, then stop watching new media and stop going out in public. Easy peasy !

    • 231doughboy

      @Nat 666 It's almost as if you completely missed the point.

    • Nat 666
      Nat 666

      231doughboy it’s almost as if LGBTQIA people exist in the world and movies/shows are reflecting that.

    • Mild Misanthrope
      Mild Misanthrope

      Jagoan Neon Just use triple parenthesis.

  • Actual Pancake
    Actual Pancake

    was really disappointed by this - really overly convoluted story and no payoff

    • Pretty Perfect
      Pretty Perfect

      I wasn’t disappointed by the story itself but the writing in some bits did seem lazy to me. There should’ve been some sort of vague realization about Hannah interjected in the story long before we found out she was dead.. small scenes where either Jaime or Owen noticed she wasn’t there but heard Dani and the children speak of her so it didn’t immediately raise any alarms. Hannah’s denial being the sole reason she could be visible, interact, have tea, even babysit seems so minuscule to me.

    • Dream

      Christoper Bacani you’re also so wrong

    • Christoper Bacani
      Christoper Bacani

      Namit Malhotra you’re so wrong too.

    • Namit Malhotra
      Namit Malhotra

      You're so wrong man. It's an amazing gothic love story and it's just perfect. Especially the ending. Sad and beautiful.

  • Tacos and Beer
    Tacos and Beer

    This series was beautiful.

  • Vin Petrol
    Vin Petrol

    I am a ghost and I approve this

  • iSolvano HDR
    iSolvano HDR

    No homosexual tendencies intended but is this show worth the watch?

    • Francesca Bailey
      Francesca Bailey


  • Cookie Griff
    Cookie Griff

    This was amazing.. i watched it in a day.. it was so beautiful, sad, emotional all at the same time.. And guys, please do not compare this with the "haunting of hill house". Theyre both totally different and amazing in their own ways. Can't wait for more from the "Haunting of .." series

    • Cole Carlson
      Cole Carlson

      Don't compare it's an anthology? It was also not even close to being on the same level as the original

  • Shawn

    Ending had me in tears

  • Arkham B
    Arkham B

    Binged watch in 1 day What a show ! Beautiful

  • Merik Hendrick
    Merik Hendrick

    “How each of us, when we fall in love, is kind of giving birth to a new ghost. Something that’ll follow us for the rest of our lives.”

    • Gigglin Gyspy
      Gigglin Gyspy

      Especially if it's toxic but I guess equally so for healthy love

  • dennis camacho
    dennis camacho

    It's all fun and games till you start to remember the show right before you go to sleep.

    • Sarah

      Lmao yesss😭I watched this right before I went to sleep and it was a bad idea💀

  • Navin Maliyakkal
    Navin Maliyakkal

    This season is perfectly splendid....❤️

  • Lemuel Baruela
    Lemuel Baruela

    heyyyy , this will be great !!

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    PB Ki GaminG

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  • Lance scott
    Lance scott

    Love ur content

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  • Xd Faze Hybrid
    Xd Faze Hybrid



    This is one of my best horror movie.

  • HeartAche

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  • Ace_Operator

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