The First 18 Minutes of Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends
The First 18 Minutes of Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends, the free multiplayer update by Sucker Punch.

  • emily dickens
    emily dickens

    Does anyone know what they're saying when they are activating their special move?

  • rhythmandacoustics

    your soul is mine ------- whoa mortal kombat right there

  • 12Chris6

    I hope when they make the sequel, they kind of keep the other Ghosts to help Jin. Ishikawa is the Hunter, Masako is the Samurai, Yuna is the Assassin & Noriko is the Ronin (traditionally, monks/priests are usually the healers). With his 4 Ghosts, Jin will rid Japan of the Mongols.

  • Marzee Daze
    Marzee Daze

    I can’t wait to play this on PS5. The hardest choice I had to make all summer.

  • JayD965

    Legends seems like a "dramatization" of the main story.

  • Cory Mills
    Cory Mills


  • Pierre Tepy
    Pierre Tepy

    Yo, which one do you guys think will win GOTY? TLOU2 or GoT?

    • holamoco17


    • JayD965

      *Shhh* Don't put TLOU2 and GOTY in the same sentence. Do you wanna die?

  • Lit211 Nightcore AMV'S
    Lit211 Nightcore AMV'S


  • Sia

    Is that you Mr. Chanchan

  • Gueldi 8
    Gueldi 8

    Can't wait to play it on the ps5

  • Sanjay Raju
    Sanjay Raju

    He sounds a LOT better in Japanese.

  • Mr. I’m not hateful for proving your stupidity
    Mr. I’m not hateful for proving your stupidity

    I’m glad I never got into any of these types of games, looks boring af 😂😂

  • Dada Dodo
    Dada Dodo


  • in4mus85

    Best exclusive ever

  • in4mus85

    Don't mind if we go into lockdown now....

  • Brian

    is the comentator Iroh from the last airbender?!

  • Chameleon_kid17

    Nightmare mode survival is impossible...

  • R3l0AD


  • michael bustamante
    michael bustamante

    My brother and I checked it out last night and it was a ton of fun. One of the best co-op modes I've ever played

  • BaM BaM 05 05
    BaM BaM 05 05

    Uncle?... is that you?..

  • Yaz9

    SCAAM...its just a 17:40 min ..

  • Samuel Ortiz reyes
    Samuel Ortiz reyes

    So far enjoying The Dlc what I'm not enjoying are the frickin Tengu Demons

  • LinThit Myo
    LinThit Myo

    This is like the best thing ever.

  • Richardi

    Oni, not Onii. Oni is Demon. Onii is Big Brother

  • な6IXLXRD

    I AM THE STORM THAT IS... Wait. Wrong comment's section.

  • Gamer's Mud N' Grub Show
    Gamer's Mud N' Grub Show

    "The First 18 Minutes" Video is 17 minutes and 40 seconds...

  • Christopher Vega
    Christopher Vega

    I’m confused I thought this was supposed to be multiplayer unless I’m just completely wrong here

  • omid dr
    omid dr

    Its like farcry 4 when he ag was on drug

  • Doge

    xbox players where??? Haahahahahhaahah

  • Alice Benson
    Alice Benson

    The narrator sounds like uncle iroh from avatar the last airbender

  • Dang Ngo Van
    Dang Ngo Van

    What a garbage DLC. Legends without the real legends from Japan, where's Musashi?

  • Gonzalo Portas
    Gonzalo Portas

    This is what 2020 needed 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Tiffany Scott
    Tiffany Scott

    Game of the year for sure

  • Randal Epical
    Randal Epical

    I'm still waiting for Sekiro boss fight, and not getting any.

  • Frisch Froschen
    Frisch Froschen

    can the old grunt shut up?

  • Kal El
    Kal El

    Every next gen game should be uploaded at 4k.

  • Salako Oluwasegun
    Salako Oluwasegun

    Am I the only one that prefers playing the game In Japanese . Really amazing game by the way

  • tony2000and10

    uncle iroh is that you?

  • King Cobra
    King Cobra

    The Ronin seems like a hulked out medic. Interesting.

  • Richard TT
    Richard TT

    Is the narrator Uncle Iroh?????

  • Drew5876

    GOTY. Was hoping to hear a new Ninja Gaiden in development but no. Thats ok, I'll take this for now instead.

  • Aaron Dave Lim
    Aaron Dave Lim

    The assassin class' voice sounds like kratos' voice

  • Tryan Bryan
    Tryan Bryan

    4:36 Ah I see, the samurai was Shang Tsung in disguise

  • MoneyMan25

    With the multiplayer combined with single player. It’s definitely my game of the year so far. Sucker punch is definitely one of the top-tier developers now if you didn’t think they were already.

  • Crazy Brit
    Crazy Brit


  • Pelon Saiclon
    Pelon Saiclon

    i hope they update Legends mode, so we can fight against bosses, kinda like Nioh

  • Jade Raiki
    Jade Raiki

    that’s Aku from samurai jack speaking!

  • Grant Podue
    Grant Podue

    General Iroh

  • cao tâm
    cao tâm

    IGN is this game will be on the ps5 ? Hope u respond

  • Malik McNeese
    Malik McNeese

    At first: .... oh it’s like For honor might pass on this.... At the end: Okay I’m SOLD!! I’m buying this!!

  • Twyin Lannister
    Twyin Lannister

    Its free so hell yea but i will say its kinda boring...the campaign should be co-op

  • Eric Lewis
    Eric Lewis

    Thank you uncle Iroh for the intro

  • BlackFyr

    This is sooo dooope

  • jong kit
    jong kit

    This should be the ACreed 😅 like not rpg with witch stuff

  • Kyle Swisher
    Kyle Swisher

    As an Xbox user, damn I wish I could play this game

  • Zion Lumaquin
    Zion Lumaquin

    Extra THICK

  • Hpone Naing
    Hpone Naing

    Yo this is uncle iroh

  • BØNK

    yo i dont wanna watch it all, so wtf happens ?

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M

    This game was a waste of $$$

  • Sabdiasep Mercado
    Sabdiasep Mercado

    Incredibly disappointed my PS4 gave up the ghost the day before this dropped...

  • Devang Kangad
    Devang Kangad

    this is what we expected assasiann's creed to be...

  • DarkLordFluffee

    Sees all the different classes: wow i dont know which ill choose first! Sees ghost doggos: nevermind!

  • Valfader

    I wish this preview was voiced in Japanese.

  • Thavisay Sisamout
    Thavisay Sisamout

    Interesting this was a fresh game play run, the samurai ability didn't hit the last guy behind the 2nd one and he had to fight him head on lol.

  • Mother Mushroom
    Mother Mushroom

    oh so its nioh but for casuals.. got it

  • Inhale Exhale
    Inhale Exhale

    Am I the only who still hasn't played this game? =(

  • ImSofaKingGood


  • Garamatana

    GOT : Shadow Assasins

  • Mat Payne
    Mat Payne

    Better than dark soul

  • Nickson Cheah
    Nickson Cheah

    Is this the dlc for the main game of ghost of tsushima? Im still waiting for my pre-ordered Game to arrive. (Malaysia)

  • 최현민

    1:12 레게노스

  • Amrit Punjabi
    Amrit Punjabi

    Definitely worth it!!! Loving every second of it

  • Leonard Mejia
    Leonard Mejia

    I dont wanna watch this whole video. Will online be free roam like gta and rdr2???

  • bleachwales

    Gyozen sound like uncle Iroh from atla

  • Gregasaur Smith
    Gregasaur Smith

    Can you play this offline?

  • T 2
    T 2

    Is this out now

  • Zdiculous

    Ah... Can the Ronin heal other player's toxicity?

  • Txkis

    This actually feels like onimusha series

  • Mahendra A. W.
    Mahendra A. W.

    WHY YOU USED ENG DUB?????????

  • TheBatman617


  • L.A

    The voices in english sound too...idk... brash. Especially the all of a sudden its LETS GO! *BASS BOOSTED* like wtf lol Other than some kinks with emotes and their ultimates, this looks like a gift from the video game gods. Awesome that its free

  • Kit Maniquis
    Kit Maniquis

    These guys are called Ghosts, Jin Sakai is The Ghost cuz he's basically all of them..

  • Dele Mala
    Dele Mala

    It slowly become Sekiro or even Onimusha

  • Christy Thompson
    Christy Thompson

    The best things in life are really free

  • Cameron D
    Cameron D


  • Boom Cube
    Boom Cube

    This game is so historically inaccurate. Female Samurais who actually fought were so incredibly rare.

  • Jaemin Liebler
    Jaemin Liebler

    The narrator sounds like Iroh

  • Exypher

    Best free DLC ever made.

  • Ritch Eagan
    Ritch Eagan

    No ninja?

    • holamoco17

      Well the assassin is the "ninja" class

  • Roope

    Got the game and my ps4 dowloaded twise a dowload which was named the same is this normal. On top of that there is a notification which says that waiting to dowload. Even though my gam is the latest version.

  • Sonictheheghoge

    Will we be able to use time is full mask??

  • Antoine Lessard
    Antoine Lessard

    im addict

  • Nasrul Haq
    Nasrul Haq

    So can you play it offline solo?

  • Rummenigge Bayern Legend
    Rummenigge Bayern Legend

    I played it over 1 hour and i deleted it ... The game not allowed me to go anywhere i want ... And at the enemies camp i wanted to approach and kill stealthy as a stealth fan, but the game not allowed this too ... So these pissed me off and i deleted it

  • Gin Yoshida
    Gin Yoshida

    It's 2020 people still upload gameplay videos on 1080 without 60fps -_-

  • Ruki Ruru
    Ruki Ruru


  • Cassius

    This is cheating.


    The sounds they make during their super ability is pure supernatural.

  • ashif21

    Perfect for Halloween.

  • CrazyJean魔怔人李傑瀚


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