PS5 User Interface + Series X Launch Lineup - IGN News Live
Sony has revealed the PS5’s UI, including the new Control Center feature, Microsoft has nailed down the launch lineups for the Series S and X, and there’s probably a guy in a jetpack out there whizzing around somewhere in the American Southwest. All that plus some Cyberpunk 2077 news and much more. It’s your News, Games and More for October 15th, 2020!

  • Dew Alam
    Dew Alam

    It is so refreshing to see an Xbox guy like Ryan admitting how poor the Xbox launch line-up is. The PS5 will have games at launch that already look next-gen, whereas I have yet to see a game on Series X that makes me go wow. On top of this PS5 will also have all the multiplats. So why would I buy an Xbox at launch!

  • • AduL8TioN •
    • AduL8TioN •

    Xbox has a launch lineup? LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Steven c
    Steven c

    Hi guys just wanting to let you know when you guys were talking about Buck Rogers i had no idea what you were talking about until you guys showed me the clips i got to say it looks amazing and the story when he sleeps 500 years to future this is what a great story is having to deal with all the new tech and customs amazing, im a huge fan of shows like farscape futurama etc so im guessing i will like this so right now im going to go watch for first time thanks all for talking about show

  • So fine
    So fine

    So glad my account was finally recovered by @steve.watcher such an incredible hacker. Find him on Instagram

  • David Bithel
    David Bithel

    Jetpacks have been around for years. Last I recall you can buy one for around 600 or 700000. There is an actual company name behind that I just can't recall. Last video I seen had MythBusters main guy with the red hair looking at 1 I'm not sure if he used it or not.

  • King Gabriel
    King Gabriel

    Starts @4:30

  • Gilberto Martinez
    Gilberto Martinez

    I'm like PC gamers, when they upgrades their PC (CPU/GPU/HD/ etc) they don't do it for a game , they do it to have a better PC to run theirs games with better performance and better graphics ! So that's why I buy a new Console ! I have the XB1S and XB1X and now I order the XB Series X not for only a game, I do it to run all the games that I have and the new ones with better performance, fast games load times (NVME SSD) and better graphics (4k - 60fps) .

  • Young_Hov

    This guy said that he likes the moving wallpaper!!! Dude thats not wallpaper but the game running in the background while you're on the control hub. Know what the hell you're talking about when you speak!!!

    • Mecrook


  • The Holy Quran
    The Holy Quran

    ❤️Who wants to hear a voice that relaxes his heart and ends his worries, open my channel💝.

  • Azim sweet sour
    Azim sweet sour

    Ngt like xbox!

  • EastServers

    No theme?

  • Rich Cartwright
    Rich Cartwright

    Thanks for making me feel old. I remember Buck Rogers. I watched as a child. I remember enjoying it but my tastes have changed and things I like back then have lost their lusture. I occasionally quote tweaky "What's up Buck?". In later series it did feature a Rick and Morty esque Birdman.

  • Mohamad Almokhllati
    Mohamad Almokhllati

    A basketball game filling the gap. What have you been smoking, Ryan?

  • Neil VainIAm
    Neil VainIAm

    A whole 22 minutes and 1 second for David to crack open his mouth. Is he camera shy lol

  • Rolling G
    Rolling G

    Really liked the crew tonight. Give us more swaim!

  • Sticks of Truth
    Sticks of Truth

    Xbox didn't have SharePlay so you wouldn't be pinning your friends gameplay, but you could watch cable.

  • shlumpydumpy

    make a psn pc launcher and call it a day

  • The Tinker
    The Tinker

    Imagine, iOS or Android didn't group their phone notifications... And the "hyper link" feature, the card that can take you directly to the other part of the game world (and without multi-instance quick resume?)... don't think a lotta game will feature that :p

    • The Tinker
      The Tinker

      ​@Shawn Adesalu > It’s super fast, faster than the Xbox why would it need quick resume > and it will have some sort of quick resume feature they don’t have > to show everything off topic? Hyper link feature

    • Shawn Adesalu
      Shawn Adesalu

      It’s super fast, faster than the Xbox why would it need quick resume and it will have some sort of quick resume feature they don’t have to show everything

  • iKillBots PT
    iKillBots PT

    The thing is even if i pre order a ps5 i only going to get it in december , like wtf is this sony

  • Mohan Nair
    Mohan Nair

    Thanks for headsup on Wallpaper engine - just bought it and great software

  • Gaming Devil
    Gaming Devil

    Series x has launch line up lmao

  • FastBowtie388

    Not much of a conspiracy they're seeing something. The first time two separate flights seen it the first time. Hopefully it doesn't end in disaster. What is a "safe distance" when it's been spotted at 3k feet and 6k feet around planes taking off and landing? I'm amazed nobody seen it land ot take off. Bond style jet packs only burn for about 1 minute. Nobody seems to know of technology that can get someone to 6k and back down alive. Drones can be tracked by their controls. I'm guessing this is a jet engine type suit that has been proven very functional and could leave the area to land.

  • Pheonix Fire
    Pheonix Fire

    Oooooh, its so pretty.. Plus the main screen menu/game select sceen looks really cool is awsome

  • adrich fernandes
    adrich fernandes

    Wish xbox buys CDPR 😪

    • The Weekend Stuff
      The Weekend Stuff


    • Boss Micky
      Boss Micky


  • Story Mode
    Story Mode

    Why do I like the opening song to this show so

  • PaF

    The Medium isn't an exclusive next gen game?

    • Boss Micky
      Boss Micky

      I heard it’s exclusive to pc & xbox so that some how makes it exclusive... idk 🤷‍♂️ just what ppl said to me

  • A Y
    A Y

    This UI presentation hit me harder then I thought it would. UI to me isn't anything big in my mind. But the activities function is going to change my play style. Before I didn't bother thinking about trophies because I figured why bother when I didn't have time to go back and fourth with web searches. With activities, I'll give trophies more of my attention. And I suspect this activities will extend some gameplay a bit more.

    • mohamed Mustafa
      mohamed Mustafa

      My exact same thoughts!

  • xo bugs
    xo bugs

    Xbox has quick resume!

    • Manny Fresh
      Manny Fresh

      I do ) !

    • Shawn Adesalu
      Shawn Adesalu

      Who cares it’s only for diskless games

  • 101mylo

    Although I'm sure ps5 will be amazing but I know myself enough to know I would only play those launch exclusives for about a month then I'd go right back to dead by daylight ,cod and 2k and most of the games I do play are multiplat so I'm not missing out on anything on Sony side right now. And my kids are starting to show interest in gaming so gamepass is a win for me

    • Boss Micky
      Boss Micky

      @gamer480 *YOU* , *YOU* have a ps1 & 2 that functions normally, its normal for many technology after decades of non use to have some issue, don’t twist it so it fits *YOUR* narrative.

    • gamer480

      @Boss Micky I have a ps1 and a ps2 and both works well, you'r logic doesnt makes sense.

    • Boss Micky
      Boss Micky

      @gamer480 I can’t imagine a ps1 running perfectly after its been more than 20 years since it came out

    • gamer480

      @Boss Micky It was a joke, whatever is not that difficult ti find a ps1, you just have to buy it online, and the games runs perfectly.

    • 101mylo

      @Boss Micky yeah I love the games xbox has to offer and that's mainly cuz I know the logic of appreciating 2 consoles. And yeah I cant wait to play gears 5 multiplayer at 60fps and a few other games. I know the real exclusives are coming and I'm happy with optimized versions of my favorite games until then 💪🏿plus cyber punk ,Valhalla, and watch dogs will be available and I'm going to playthrough gta 4 again to experience it at 60fps

  • C J
    C J

    That new UI is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • C J
      C J

      @otogigamerThanks for sharing your meltdown - Made me laugh 😎

    • otogigamer

      Yeah it needs to be burned and redone

  • SwordBreaker925

    The new PS5 UI isnt hot garbage so its at least a step up from PS4

  • sw3d3r

    This beat is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Gamer's Mud N' Grub Show
    Gamer's Mud N' Grub Show

    Interface starts at 5:45

  • Chick-fil-A XD
    Chick-fil-A XD

    Like if you’ve been playing little big planet since little big planet 2 the ps3 days 🤣

    • Heroman

      I played LBP 1 & 2 from release till a few years after and stopped playing at LBP 3 cuz it wasn't very fun to me.

    • GameBlast

      Yaaas 🍜

    • Chick-fil-A XD
      Chick-fil-A XD

      @Eli king it brings back a crap to of nostalgia when I would play a lot of level created maps and slap everyone into electric enemy it was fun man

    • Eli king
      Eli king

      What about the og LBP?

    • Chick-fil-A XD
      Chick-fil-A XD

      @Pug Pals 🤣

  • Pedro Lugo
    Pedro Lugo

    Playstation and Xbox should just go virtual, its the best move for them. It’s a new age, new technologies, new way to game, virtualization. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Boss Micky
      Boss Micky

      @Pedro Lugo lmao your one of those guys 😂😂😂😂

    • Pedro Lugo
      Pedro Lugo

      Nevermind losers, Xbox already did my ideal of virtualization in a way that surprised me, its pretty cool and you can play any game you own (no, not that physical disc you buy every month) anywhere you are with their app , just need an internet connection, a controller, and a device with the Xbox app. Nice thinking out the box and not the box thinking outside of whatever that moron was talking about.

    • Pedro Lugo
      Pedro Lugo

      @Chris VDA Great job creating more waste for this world

    • Chris VDA
      Chris VDA

      @Pedro Lugo I have got a disc game every 3 months on average since the PS1 😂

    • Boss Micky
      Boss Micky

      @Pedro Lugo thats not thinking outside the box, its the box thinking outside of you...

  • David T
    David T

    Guess PS5 fans will be looking at the UI more than playing games as there's not many. Get a Switch, Nintendo Switch!

    • David T
      David T

      @Shawn Adesalu Nintendo aren't competing because they're dominating Sony/ Microsoft!

    • Shawn Adesalu
      Shawn Adesalu

      Nintendo aren’t competing with Sony they are doing their own thing, why will we be looking at the ui you’re a massive tool

    • gamer480

      You'r brain is just like the Nintendo hardware. Too limited..

    • Juan Montanez
      Juan Montanez

      Lmao 😂 that’s the funniest joke I’ve heard all day.... lol no ones talking about the switch right now this isn’t their year buddy but nice try

    • Erlend Hamborg
      Erlend Hamborg

      You need glasses if you think ps5 have nothing to play. And the Nintendo library was pretty dry after Mario Odessey and BoTW tbh. Edit: and ps5 will have plenty of 3rd party games that Switch won't be able to play.

  • Edy Benz
    Edy Benz

    Ps5 beautiful

    • Manny Fresh
      Manny Fresh

      @Pug Pals LOL

    • Shawn Adesalu
      Shawn Adesalu

      @Pug Pals you look like a chicken nugget don’t like someone’s opinion don’t comment

    • Pug Pals
      Pug Pals

      The ps5 looks like a chicken nugget.

  • vishnu varthan
    vishnu varthan

    Starts at 04:27 You're Welcome

    • soridosuneku

      de nada

    • Nigel Calloun
      Nigel Calloun

      Why do they even upload before starting

  • Brandon Ike
    Brandon Ike


  • Erlend Hamborg
    Erlend Hamborg

    ps5 has the better UI imo. Especially with the screen share feature.

    • otogigamer

      It needs to lose the cards and clutter

  • Jonis Paz
    Jonis Paz

    Bryan Myers is my best freand

  • Hunter Bowser
    Hunter Bowser

    Y’all sleeping on the falconeer.

    • Hunter Bowser
      Hunter Bowser

      @blackspar falconeer is an exclusive open world panzer dragoon style game. 12+ hours on content. Fully dynamic open world that’s entirely ocean. The entire world has a operating ecosystem where stuff happens even when the player isn’t around. The ocean that makes up the world is always in motion with boats and other craft traversing it. It uses no textures and was made by one person.

    • mohamed Mustafa
      mohamed Mustafa

      Whats a falconer.

    • blackspar

      Wait are you serious or being sarcastic? I really nned to know

  • Chris_ Robby
    Chris_ Robby

    Xbox Series X is way better than the Ps5

    • Heroman

      @Huggy ala Conga This person gets it

    • Manny Fresh
      Manny Fresh

      Series X the better console no kap

    • Shawn Adesalu
      Shawn Adesalu

      Xbox only has gamepass nothing else so it’s not better it’s far behind

    • Huggy ala Conga
      Huggy ala Conga

      SeriesX Same UI no innovation 1080p UI not acceptable. Fans need to demand better Batteries in 2020 Newish controller no innovation again basically the same controller. No new games to show the power of the console. Hence why your pushing Game Pass. Launch games day 1 are poor no 1sr party games Relying far to much on backwards compatibility. Not learning lessons from showing Halo by showing Dirt 5, Yakuza, Having to post patch ray tracing because it's not ready. PS5 New UI in 4k HDR New Controller to take advantage of games. New Audi with dedicated sound chip New games, better launch day titles and over the next year... I could go on and on these are the FACTS

    • 77STEEZY


  • shayan dilmaghani
    shayan dilmaghani

    ps5 > series x

    • Pug Pals
      Pug Pals

      @Mario Gomez demon souls hahaha

    • Mario Gomez
      Mario Gomez

      No reason to buy a ps5

    • Pug Pals
      Pug Pals

      Your mom>you

    • blackspar

      Also, Actual Next-Gen Games > Game pass fodder half finished microtransaction machines.



  • Jean mark Estephan
    Jean mark Estephan

    ryan the xbum

  • Old gamer
    Old gamer




  • Jayden Torres-_-
    Jayden Torres-_-


  • Cool_Dude With_Bread
    Cool_Dude With_Bread


    • Pug Pals
      Pug Pals

      No your not hahahaha

    • Ivo Milo
      Ivo Milo

      And only 😅

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