The MIX Next Games Showcase Live
Join developers from around the world as they reveal new game content, announcements, and show off what's coming up next in videogames!

  • Starvin Marvin
    Starvin Marvin

    So many great looking games!

  • Mushy Cookies
    Mushy Cookies

    Where's that Dude in the Comments who posts Timestamps ?

  • Modern Wolf
    Modern Wolf

    Thanks everyone for watching. Hope you enjoyed Kosmokrats and Rogue State Revolution :D

  • LTB

    Thanks for awesome show guys!

    • MR MOO
      MR MOO

      gotta agree, MIX managed to pull off a great Gamescom ONL like virtual event.

  • mr White
    mr White

    Ok then Why did you came here? WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS!?!?

    • Sponge man
      Sponge man

      Because this comment Is dumb..

    • Hydro High-Danger
      Hydro High-Danger

      Because I can, there is no reason for my chaotic thinking mate!

  • Brudda Tanos
    Brudda Tanos

    Don’t bother y’all it’s just indie games

    • Rekka Sketch
      Rekka Sketch

      Fall guys and among us are indie games. Who knows, maybe one of these might get as popular

    • Brudda Tanos
      Brudda Tanos

      @Doctor squeaks uhh i know you can read bro Did you even read my reply?

    • Doctor squeaks
      Doctor squeaks

      @Brudda Tanos no we can read, we know what we clicked on,

    • Brudda Tanos
      Brudda Tanos

      @J Godden some may cling to the idea that they might show triple A games i’m just giving them a heads up

    • J Godden
      J Godden

      No way, the big indie game showcase only showed indies!? The hell's that about?

  • Parallel

    Greetings. I am developing a game called Parallel.

    • mr White
      mr White

      You win a sub parallel

    • One Up
      One Up

      Nice what platform?

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