PS5's UI: The 5 Biggest Gamechangers
At long last, Sony has finally given us our first full look at what to expect with the UI for the upcoming PlayStation 5. IGN is here to sift through and breakdown the biggest key takeaways from the presentation.

In this video we're going to look at the swift nature of the UI and how it appears to be a drastic change in speed over that of the PlayStation 4.

We'll also cover off on some new social implementations and what they mean for experiences within the PS5's friend implementations and so much more!

For so much more on PlayStation 5 and the next generation of gaming in general, stick with IGN.

  • Jordzyi1

    What a laugh

  • Nickz Wolfz
    Nickz Wolfz

    Yes I am going to get clash of clans

  • The Rogue Mandalorian 2020
    The Rogue Mandalorian 2020

    This is the only thing I want for Christmas

  • Lee Joseph
    Lee Joseph

    Im retiring my gaming pc for a PS5

  • David Borhi
    David Borhi

    Overlay at the bottom Zoom meeting style

  • Yamakawa

    Why is the game in the description clash of clans???


    💐. 📲.

  • i ViRuZ i
    i ViRuZ i

    Those 5 changes would be 1. Ps5's 2. UI 3. Is 4. Way 5. Better.

  • Buffy Plays
    Buffy Plays

    ps2 UI > ps5 UI

  • ghost rider
    ghost rider

    I just want to see how fast ps5 can boot up a game like red dead2

  • ghost rider
    ghost rider

    Oh dam that boot up to the game was fast in the beginning. I didn't even notice the game had started already 😂😭. Was like 1second

  • MrBartman002

    Too bad I’ll have to wait a year or go to bk


    looks realy fast

  • Bhanu Prasad Khuntia
    Bhanu Prasad Khuntia

    The slowdown in Ui will be seen after 7yrs

  • bloomalloo

    Why is no one talking about trophy progress tracking? I'm most excited for that

  • Sanjiv Pradhanang
    Sanjiv Pradhanang

    No web browser?

  • FreshKaiu

    I can’t see myself having more than one game open... but I’ve already pre ordered Miles Morales, Cyberpunk, and 2k21 so it’s a MAYBE 🤣

  • Mister M
    Mister M

    Ahh, so now its even easier for me to skip all the puzzles in games.

  • Pizza Man
    Pizza Man

    I love the fact that their embracing multiple windows upon each other, definitely gonna help if your playing a game and need to know something, or if your just bored

  • esau rodriguez
    esau rodriguez

    Oh damn I thought ps5 had an ultra instinct mode

  • Elliot Campbell
    Elliot Campbell

    Will ps4 themes work on ps5??

  • Kokoromi Fourleaves
    Kokoromi Fourleaves

    I also wanted the original ps5 home screen.

  • Vaibhav Joshi
    Vaibhav Joshi

    Will ps5 support the same way of game sharing and ps plus sharing as ps4?!

  • Nathan Hetzer
    Nathan Hetzer

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like the idea of in game quests being controlled in the PS menu instead of the game itself?

    • Ample17

      I'm not a fan of the whole feature tbh. It doesn't seem like something I'd use at all 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Saleh Alotaibi
    Saleh Alotaibi

    "It's a gaming console" ign 10/10 masterpiece

  • Scuba Dog
    Scuba Dog

    I wonder if this would effect speedrunners? Is hopping levels from the ui allowed or do you have to do it in game?

  • JeiVii

    I'll stay with ps4 atleast 3 more years

  • Steven Martinez
    Steven Martinez

    1. Nothing 2. Nothing 3.nothing 4.nothing 5. Xbox is better

    • r/woosh me bitch • 9 years ago
      r/woosh me bitch • 9 years ago

      ok Xbox fanboy

  • Tangeni Iiputa
    Tangeni Iiputa

    This are some big features.

  • All Gamers Accepted
    All Gamers Accepted

    *The first and best change is that: YOU CAN NOT PRE-ORDER IT OR HAVE IT, thanks Sony!*

  • Martin Christensen
    Martin Christensen

    I don’t care much for game help, but i think the ease of sharing both pictures and video’s through the party directly to a friend is awesome and also the picture in picture feature could actually be really neat 😁

  • Max

    Sony up to something with that PS5 controller microphone 😏 Hopefully the microphone can turn off 💯

  • MrMoustacheNinja

    I can’t tell if I like this more or less then PS4 lol

  • honghong nguyen
    honghong nguyen

    Woooaaaaaaahh I like this PS5 UI ..... Next month ready buy PS5 , I have money money saving money...

  • ArthurMuneh

    Hope it has 21:9 support

  • Nathan Mansfield
    Nathan Mansfield

    It just seems hopeless watching all these news updates on a system that won’t even be available until far after the holidays, since there is no control over the purchasing of multiple systems. It’s like that episode of South Park where Cartman buys a theme park and advertises the fact that no one else can come.

  • Colby Nguyen
    Colby Nguyen

    I worry if developers will actually make use of these features.

  • j3kwe

    " Defeat 3000 flying type enemies". Current progress 1796 flying enemies defeated 1204 left. Love it.

  • Sean Turchetta
    Sean Turchetta

    Xbox has been achievement tracking for like 3 years now lol

  • Jay F
    Jay F

    I think it's a very unique UI. It may just take a little getting used to.. I only wish that the primary background color is blue 🤔

  • Wunderkinddd

    They have improved massively! I’m so happy to be getting a PS5 :D

  • Rozwell Jones
    Rozwell Jones

    So damn fast it's ridiculous.

  • cjay

    i wonder if they released any information about gamesharing...

  • Primothios zaruon
    Primothios zaruon

    The menu looks busy and awful to ues

  • CyanKnight_Q9


  • lewis coltman
    lewis coltman

    if you base your console on the home screen ui , you are a fool and a sheep who cant make their own mind up about anything

  • LT. Leech
    LT. Leech

    I hope the damn game disc pause thingy doesn't happen on the ps5.

  • Major King Quan
    Major King Quan

    Im getting this for my birthday 🥰

  • SpiderLuke

    I was kind of underwhelmed by the UI and overwhelmed by the cards at the same time. Just seemed like a bunch of crap I don't need and boring at the same time.

  • Isaiah Curtis
    Isaiah Curtis

    A lot of dumb fluff for me.

  • D L
    D L

    Pointless Not Interested With All That Crap Just Wanna Play Games...Hate It!💩👎🏻

    • Yennefer of Vengerberg
      Yennefer of Vengerberg

      lol! ridiculous..then dont use it.. nobody is forcing u to, just play the game

  • Davey Baxter
    Davey Baxter

    Wow they fixed problems we didn’t know we had, what a breakthrough 🙄

  • ID IE IM O IN Last Name
    ID IE IM O IN Last Name

    Go Xbox!

  • leaf16nut

    There’s people out here that’s actually care about trophies? Talk about pathetic! 😂😂😂

    • Yennefer of Vengerberg
      Yennefer of Vengerberg

      maybe cause it brings more challenges to games, gives games more of a lifespan after completing them and makes them more rewarding.. why do people care about doing in game stuff, why do people grind levels in games, why do people spend hours trying to unlock certain weapons/items etc? its not much different to that. I think ur the pathetic one for calling out people for the way they choose to play their games. grow up kid

  • Limetree Boys!
    Limetree Boys!


  • alabasterindigo

    Hoping Dreams thermometer dramatically increases in capacity with PS5! That’s an off the rails statement but hey, it’d be nice.

    • Suleiman Shah
      Suleiman Shah

      No certainly, I agree completely :)

  • Yarn

    i am switching from ps3 to ps5 i think its an big upgrade

  • Dillon L
    Dillon L

    I feel like VR should be standard by now

  • Ez-8

    I wanna know about its web browser. Will they keep it up to date or half a@@ it like they been doing on the ps4.

  • Raaj Kapoor Singh
    Raaj Kapoor Singh


  • Olivur_

    Getting a PS5 this year, and will probably get a series X next when it gets some new games.

    • Salvatore Anzalone
      Salvatore Anzalone

      @super burger maybe not everyone has a pc?

    • super burger
      super burger

      Why even get an xbox if all the exclusives are gonna come to pc anyways while ps5 has its own fair share of games

    • Rozwell Jones
      Rozwell Jones

      I got a pc, so I'm just picking up a ps5 day 1 and I'm set.

  • King Delta Productions
    King Delta Productions

    I'm greatly hoping that Themes aren't overshadowed by the background artwork of my games when in the homescreen. On top of that, they really should've showed off the Playstation Store, Media tab, THEMES, Library, etc.


    Thanks for telling me everything the guy in the official video told me

  • Robin2 Baby6
    Robin2 Baby6

    I hope free online

  • Mario Gomez
    Mario Gomez

    This ui looks like a big mess confusion like the playstation party chat is 🗑

  • Petrojam-Ltd

    That’s UI was utter rubbish

  • vidaett

    Didnt see a web browser option.

    • gtone339

      Pre-production according to Sony. Final version will be more up to date!!

  • Sam D
    Sam D

    Xbox are completely dicking PlayStation. I’ll be swapping allegiances next generation.

  • lewis coltman
    lewis coltman

    IGN really going hard on the old take money from sony and be bias as anything trick they so often preform

  • BADsniperLOL

    Lets be one will use these features,well me and most of my friends

  • Vig

    I'm unbelievably hyped for this.

  • Yajnaji

    The future of gaming: even the consoles UI hand-held you. sigh

    • Yajnaji

      @Lamont Christophe Yes, but it looks very VERY intrusive.

    • Lamont Christophe
      Lamont Christophe

      I mean, it's not like you are REQUIRED to use those features. Enjoy what you do, and forget what you dont.

  • Squicx

    looks confusing as hell

  • Mr Smiley
    Mr Smiley

    #1 Spyware

  • Nicholas Girouard
    Nicholas Girouard

    Only problem is the new cards system has to be supported at the developer level. Sack boy is a Sony developed game so they focused on those features. It will be interesting to see if developers actually implement the new cards system.

  • Bishal Roy
    Bishal Roy

    That's why ps games will come expensive.

  • MitchCyan

    It’s too different, I’m not buying it

  • SKARLET 073
    SKARLET 073

    Is this the same guy that said kingdome heart 3 is easy and when the DLC came out he said that it is so hard IGN is definitely Drunk

  • So fine
    So fine

    Awesome, @Steve.watcher hepled me gain back my disabled account in a matter of seconds. Find him on Instagram to get this incredible service and lots more ✔

  • Tw Productions
    Tw Productions

    i would hope fresh out the box its fast 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • wasap doc
    wasap doc

    Please Jonathan keep Sydney away from PS news. She is extremely biased and we can't stand her.

    • ArthropodSpidey

      @Spider Dave no, we’re talking about about Sydney, Australia. Dumbass.

    • Spider Dave
      Spider Dave

      You talking about Sydney goodman?

    • crashpal

      @ArthropodSpidey her reviews don't even make sense either. I've seen GameSpot review games better than her

    • ArthropodSpidey

      Yeah she’s a Xbox fangirl and has played like one game in her life.

  • Tizz Chapman
    Tizz Chapman

    0:41 - Why if I own the game is the price displayed. This confuses me on the PS4 with the option to buy a game I already own and play. So great to see poor UX choices are still being made.... /s

    • Tizz Chapman
      Tizz Chapman

      @ghostjessep nah its on the PS4 too. Seems to be if you're using a disc version of the game it has the option the buy from the store, was so confusing when introduced but I imagine its due to the system not countibg that in your 'library ' . A better experience is if the full game is detected the option should just be hidden.

    • ghostjessep

      It’s the demo they are displaying

  • Tommy Yau
    Tommy Yau

    Now this is an upgrade in User Experience! I'm very surprised that MS more or less did nothing for XSX?

  • rasssclaaart

    Hope you can delete or disable all the cards looks like its made for little kids :(

  • ojah

    All this fancy stuff just for them to ruin the social aspect of PS4 with the recenf update.

    • Follow the howl
      Follow the howl

      "ruin" If you think them adding an option to report people using the party chat to throw toxic abuse and threats at people is ruining it, Then sure, They're ruining it. The only people that's effectively negatively is the people who scream abuse and threats over party chat.


    Where they say most ?

  • Richard Benson
    Richard Benson

    Great video!..investing in cryto should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decisions you made today.

    • Yohan Christian
      Yohan Christian

      @Billy Adam Thanks , placing my trade with her Asap

    • Paul Graves
      Paul Graves

      @Philippe Vincent Really you'll know her? I even thought I'm the only one she has helped walk through the falls and fears of trading

    • Philippe Vincent
      Philippe Vincent

      I can believe that, i got victory with her ,i was so sad after receiving the first payment knowing i invested so low with fear😤

    • Nina Rose
      Nina Rose

      I've worked with 4 traders in the past but none of them is as efficient as she is, her trading strategies are awesome

    • Billy Adam
      Billy Adam

      You can actually get to her through her google profile or perhaps you can easily text her on whats'app through +1 7 7 37 9 6 3 2 22

  • Kyle Turner
    Kyle Turner

    As a Sony fan boy I think respectfully Xbox has a better interface.

  • Steve Harrop
    Steve Harrop

    Only have to wait a few more weeks to try the new UI out........... ha......... speak for yourself. We didn’t all get our preorders confirmed for launch.

  • Mappy Bc
    Mappy Bc

    Please Sony, allow INlabel and Twitch apps to be used in game and PIP mode. That way devs dont have to waste time doing guides and you'll make INlabelrs and gamers happy.

  • dat fatguy mason
    dat fatguy mason

    So what I’m hearing is I can have a Combo video on the side while I’m practicing in a fighting game... plz let this be true 🙏🏼

  • janman40

    Hey is anybody's ps4 "fried" of the new update? Lag is now power :D

  • Uber BARBIE
    Uber BARBIE

    Playstation are all about innovation. Where as Xbox seem to be going for backwards compatible gaming as there primary objective send to be quite the opposite to innovation.

  • Jose Acevedo
    Jose Acevedo

    Ps5 day one, xbox series x day mmm mi bad i will never goin to buy xbox never again in mi life. Ps5 next gen king console.

  • iSolvano HDR
    iSolvano HDR

    I love how Xbox got rid of the Snap feature and then here comes Sony copying it lol

  • Gummiphone Instagram
    Gummiphone Instagram

    I really like it a lot

  • Paulo M.
    Paulo M.

    All i want is the UI telling me how long i played a game. Just that. Why did cinsoles remove that?

  • MKGaming

    I love watching the news while playing sports games so having a small box in the corner is great. Having the ability to adjust the volume on-screen vs the one in the small box would be a great touch too

  • GgordoNR 27
    GgordoNR 27

    No slowdown here?? Well that we’ll see once the hard drive starts filling up Right now there were only two games in here

    • HoodedDude

      there's no hard drive in the console

  • T1NG2011

    I just hope all options can be turned on and off. I don't want to be interrupted by all the intrusive pop ups while im gaming.

    • Grant Stisi
      Grant Stisi

      i’m sure you can do that you could do it on ps4

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