RWBY: Volume 8 - Official Trailer (2020)
Check out our exclusive first look at Rooster Teeth's RWBY Volume 8 trailer. In RWBY Volume 8, our heroes' worst fears have finally been realized: Salem is here, and the timing couldn't be worse for the divided Kingdom of Atlas. Fear has turned friends into enemies, while doubt threatens to splinter humanity's remaining allies. With both Salem and Ironwood stacking the odds against them, and the fate of Remnant at stake, it's up to team RWBY to make their play before it's too late. The new season of RWBY premieres November 7.

  • Zetsu

    Wtf happened to this show

  • Alessio Bollich
    Alessio Bollich


  • Grant Heskey
    Grant Heskey

    When's this starting iv been waiting forever

  • Kamri Ray
    Kamri Ray

    im so ready to see penny use her maiden power

  • 神影Kamikage

    I could've sworn Watts was killed by Ironwood.

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson

    Pauses at 0:24 and look how Weiss sword 😂😂😂

  • francesco cappelli
    francesco cappelli

    Salem still found ozpin

  • NightcoreLand


  • Tulinda ni choiii
    Tulinda ni choiii

    What month to have the new episode

  • Mr Raven
    Mr Raven

    7 kasıma görüşürüz gençler

  • CrazyLlama .-.
    CrazyLlama .-.

    Oh my season 8 comes out on my birthday!!!!!!

  • Unknown Doggo
    Unknown Doggo

    0:34 Is Clover actually still alive and just recovering!?!?

  • CrownRoyalz1

    So will the episodes be released weekly? Or will they all be available on release?

  • Safra Hanan
    Safra Hanan

    when the episodes will be released ??

  • Xael 0u0
    Xael 0u0

    I bet all characters from 0:34 - 0:40 are all gonna die in vol8


    Since went did ign support rwby?

  • Sanai Smallwood
    Sanai Smallwood

    Keep watching, too impatient

  • Shin Ryujin
    Shin Ryujin

    pls give us summer rose crumbs this volume

  • Suga Wolves
    Suga Wolves

    I hope we see more of Raven and Taiyang. We were left with a cliffhanger when she went back to Patch on volume 5

  • Ruby Zheng
    Ruby Zheng

    I have high hopes for this volume 1) I need a backstory for cinder 2) Ruby gains full control and enhance silver eyes 3) Ospin and Salem finally talk over their breakup? 4) More of Neo plzzz

  • Nicholas Draper
    Nicholas Draper

    Quick Question, does Salem actually know how to use the relics? I ask because we know from the season 6 backstory episode that Ozma didn't mention them until right before their, let's say divorce. Considering it later showed that one of Ozma's first questions was "Where are the other relics and what do they do?", it might be possible that Salem doesn't actually know how to use any of them or what effects they might have beyond their names. If she doesn't know, then her line about bringing the one who knows how they work to her might be referring to Qrow, the one in prison that presumably Watts or Tyrian could easily reach instead of Oscar who's in the wind currently.

    • FluxIsntCool

      Yeah, Ozma never explained it so she doesn't know how to activate it. Smart call by him. The reason why people think it's Oscar is because the Grimm was sniffing the relic for someone's scent. Since oscar had it for most of last season... his scent is all over it.

  • tyler dragon rider
    tyler dragon rider

    i can't wait for volume 8

  • The Stiggy Stardust
    The Stiggy Stardust

    Is it bad that the first 15-20 seconds looked like garbage to me?

    • Soakaliz Laminectomy
      Soakaliz Laminectomy

      I mean it doesn't look different than the last 3 volumes of the show so... idk

    • XL B
      XL B

      Not at all it's your opinion!

  • enderson garcia
    enderson garcia

    Penny has a male aura, so how she has the power of the maiden? (Unless is not the maiden power)

  • Slashing Sparrow
    Slashing Sparrow

    Less shipping & more character development

  • Mischievous copycat
    Mischievous copycat

    The relic in beacon is choice and the vault can be opened by the fall maiden cinder is the fall maiden. Either she is going to chose a different path or she is going to die and emerald is going to have to make a choice. And now Oscar is targeted my poor cinnamon roll.

  • mc5353t

    they should hurry and sell rwby since RT is done

  • Anson Borneor Lindi
    Anson Borneor Lindi

    Who will continuous to held Pyrrha's next legacy?

  • Anson Borneor Lindi
    Anson Borneor Lindi

    Will Cinder be the feral or just going to be a Salem's top Final General?

  • IM Ma Fav
    IM Ma Fav

    I hope we see more of the love Stories of two couples - straight couple and girl Love couple. Forgot the names though 😅

    • Mark Mulumba
      Mark Mulumba

      You mean the two couples that barley have any development and only exist to pander to the shipping community

  • Nicholas Wilson
    Nicholas Wilson

    Cinder... I get the feeling that she's troubled. She seeks a lot of power, but is undoubtedly fearful of Salem. Even though she's a fictional character, I can feel a sense of hesitation and anticipation from her. Some backstory would make her near a hundred times better, I feel. Some lore to back her hunger for power. She was a child once, and she might have even had a family for all we know. Or did Salem raise her? We won't know till it comes out.

  • MesiMyst

    "This game is not yours to win, it's mine. All you need concern yourself with is your ability to act when i tell you to" "Without you i am nothing" "Atlas is only Salem's current target.Once she's done here,she'll move on to the rest of remnant" "There are people here who need us right now" "We need to warn them!" "Then lets go for both,get Amity up and running and evacuate Mantel" "Salem will destroy Atlas and within any hope humanity has left" "I have questions for you,but first i need the one who can show me how" "Bring him to me"

  • Rr Ee
    Rr Ee

    Not gonna lie this trailer is kinda weak

  • Tyler Vivas
    Tyler Vivas

    What if a Prime Grimm can control all the grimms.. Maybe a half human and half Grimm who has the power of the Prime Grimm can control all the grimms against Salem forces? I mean she may able to control the Grimms but not without the Prime Grimm. The Prime Grimm, the Grimm that controls all the Grimms.

    • Goddess Salem
      Goddess Salem

      There is a prime Grimm she goes by the name of salem


    I honestly want more jaune character development

    • Mark Mulumba
      Mark Mulumba

      Hes more of a joke now

  • The super gamer
    The super gamer


  • STEVEN B?????
    STEVEN B?????


  • Lauren Blacker
    Lauren Blacker

    I really want Jaune x Weiss to be canon this volume, if not, make it volume 9, it has to be somewhere :)

  • neopolitan Ice cream
    neopolitan Ice cream

    *Sitting in chair evily*

  • B H
    B H

    Still looks bad. ;v

  • Joaquin Cantoran
    Joaquin Cantoran

    Salem: Bring him to me! Oscar: ...anyone else getting a "you're so dead" vibe right now?

    • Rule 34
      Rule 34

      More like your gonna be limping for a bit.

  • Me

    why'd i just finally get the notification for this- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • DaNk SpoNge
    DaNk SpoNge

    I want this will be the day as the final battle song between Ruby and Salem

  • Rose Min
    Rose Min


  • Thomas Hartley
    Thomas Hartley


  • Deadpool Chimichangas
    Deadpool Chimichangas

    Ah yes this is beautiful and amazing can’t wait to see it!

  • monty_ maniac
    monty_ maniac

    Yeeees yeeessss finnaaaalllly i am sooo sooo psyched for this thing

  • solo wolf
    solo wolf

    nora don't die nooooo.

  • psyxypher

    Most shows are finished by their 8th season. They've just been dragging out the plot, like Steven Universe.

    • Mark Mulumba
      Mark Mulumba

      In a way it did die because we will never know his original plan for rwby

    • psyxypher

      @Rai It's the truth. And not speaking the truth is what caused this mess.

    • Rai

      @psyxypher Don't say that. It's really rude constantly bringing up the dead at this point.

    • psyxypher

      @Rai The show died with Monty.

    • Rai

      Not really period Steven Universe had character development period and also the only reason why it went on for as long as it did was because it kept being on hiatus. Meanwhile come over Ruby I'm like begging them to go on hiatus so that they dont rush and could have a more coherent plot.

  • Mizel Star
    Mizel Star

    1000th comment

  • Cesar Flores
    Cesar Flores

    Jen Taylor is such an amazing VA

  • Cesar Flores
    Cesar Flores

    So is no one gonna talk about penny being the next maiden????

  • Matthew

    Say what you will about the writing but can we talk about how much the animation has improved over the years?

  • Airdash5678

    Final season huh?

  • DivinePhoenix901

    0:35 is that a giant seer???

  • Michael Lasano
    Michael Lasano

    2020: Exist RWBY and Rooster Teeth: Y E E T!

  • Heartstorm Games
    Heartstorm Games

    I personally don't care what the rwby community thinks about this show I'm happy is still going and I hope thay keep the stance of not doing what the fans want just becouse the fans want it

  • ck 1464
    ck 1464

    Oh boy i thought this series is dead

  • SongDog7
    SongDog7 Grimm things.... ew... oh dear gods ew....

  • Andrei Ogaya
    Andrei Ogaya

    Salem: This game is not yours to win It's mine. Gamers: Time to clutch bois.

    • garonx

      Wake up tenno... Wake up.

    • amgde G
      amgde G

      Clutch it yourself *changes team*

    • bitronic

      ez 1v5

  • Cyan Orange Studio
    Cyan Orange Studio

    The show has improved sooo much! Can't wait!!

    • spizy

      right?!?!?!? i dont get it why people r hating on this

  • Undertale Fan
    Undertale Fan

    Can we talk about how they haven't found the summer madien yet!!!

    • Mark Mulumba
      Mark Mulumba

      Also they only found one relic which was stolen from them and the others are still locked away

    • Undertale Fan
      Undertale Fan

      @Perseus Harrington true and hopefully it will be

    • Perseus Harrington
      Perseus Harrington

      The summer maiden is most likely in the desert of Vacuo at Shade Academy - currently where Sun and his team SSSN and team CFVY are. The next arc after the Atlas battle *should* be in Vacuo with the next relic, the sword of Destruction

  • muzzique1

    Omg I can’t wait now

  • kish45

    0:47 Calling it right now that grimm is Summer Rose.

  • Big Al
    Big Al

    What's that red thing in the bottom corner at 0:35 when cinder is looking at Atlas.

  • The Spanish Inquisition
    The Spanish Inquisition

    The rule34 art is the only thing saving this show

    • Mark Mulumba
      Mark Mulumba

      Heh yeah

  • I am pi
    I am pi

    People still watch this show?

    • Gummun The VA
      Gummun The VA

      For the ships, moneh, hotness of characters, and so they can learn to become hypocrites.

  • B0bby J08n
    B0bby J08n

    Am i the only one who has already seen the trailer more then twice and is just watching it because it was recommended to you?

  • bebospartan117

    The first sentence I heard I thought cortanta was talking

    • Kevin A.
      Kevin A.

      Same VA.

  • Vincent Hardison
    Vincent Hardison

    something is off about nora...

  • Cata pizarro
    Cata pizarro


  • Garfield Logan
    Garfield Logan

    Oh no. Nora didn't she her semblance since volume 5 I wonder what will happen now

  • Andy M
    Andy M

    Dude i cant wait for this to come out i so excited


    Till this day I still never bother looking at this show,😂😂 so why the hell did it pop up on my INlabel recommended

  • Allan Vang
    Allan Vang

    They had 8 seasons and still haven't beaten Salem. Its just dragging on at this point imo.

    • Mark Mulumba
      Mark Mulumba

      I hope silver eyes won’t hurt salem

    • Rai

      Season four and five probably could have been one season. volume 6 probably could have been like a few episodes I literally don't remember how it's 12 episodes, I just don't remember that much of it. Definitely could've been just 3 - 4 episodes.

  • Andre Uva
    Andre Uva

    You know... I'm looking forward to watching but the trailer feels underwhelming. Usually you'd expect them to reveal or allude to something, a new element, game piece, or returning character, but these all felt like basic scenes of the conflict we already fully understand. Salem bad. Rwby underdogs. Must stop. Yada ya.

    • Gummun The VA
      Gummun The VA

      They got no ideas no more dude.

  • Anthony Carmichael
    Anthony Carmichael

    This still going?

  • Tyler Vivas
    Tyler Vivas

    This is not the end... this is just the beginning... and the war.. It has Begun! The Wrath of Salem.... begins.

    • Goddess Salem
      Goddess Salem

      And I can't wait to see it

  • Said Angel
    Said Angel

    Place your bets! Place your bets! Will this be RWBY's final season after RT's gutting Edit: I say Yes.

    • Said Angel
      Said Angel

      @Kevin A. Well you never know. With all the turmoil and chaos going on at RT at the moment, It would not surprise me at all if WB just pulled the plug on RWBY for cost cutting reasons.

    • Kevin A.
      Kevin A.

      Volumes 8 and 9 got greenlit last year and volume 9's script was finished earlier this month. So no, volume 8 will not be the last.

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson

    This trailer is boring......

  • Michael Sali
    Michael Sali

    2020: I'm bad. Rooster Teeth: Hehehe. Think again, loser.

  • Unravel

    i love rwby

  • B3N Walker
    B3N Walker

    Here’s to hoping they improve this season

    • FluxIsntCool

      How do you think they did last season in your opinion?

  • Johnodarod

    At this point I m cheering for salem to finish RWBY.....

  • Billy Hargrove Deserved So Much Better
    Billy Hargrove Deserved So Much Better

    I once again, see no Mercury or Em, and thus, I sleep.

  • J G
    J G

    Weren't the 3 questions used up already?

    • Kevin A.
      Kevin A.

      No, in V6 it's revealed that Oz lied and that there were actually 2 questions left. Ruby used one which led to the entirety of volume 6 chapter 3. There is still one question left.

  • Jorge Alan
    Jorge Alan

    Finally english dub

  • The Vault The Official Channel
    The Vault The Official Channel

    Why is Cinder Fall so sinister? How far back do Watts and Jacques stretch? And how can exact words save the day?

  • Nathan Tuttle
    Nathan Tuttle


  • Captain Fives
    Captain Fives

    Cinder: Without you, I am nothing. Me: You are nothing but a power hungry girl anyways.

  • DragonNinja 365
    DragonNinja 365

    I'm sorry, but I'm just done with this show. I doubt it can redeem itself at this point. Everything after volume 4 has been a nosedive down. The only thing that these newer volumes had was nice animation.

    • Gummun The VA
      Gummun The VA


  • Jonathan Heineman
    Jonathan Heineman

    I'm a tad scared for Jaune. Salem is targeting someone, Jaune is pretty selfless, and the character he was inspired from dies in flames.

    • All four one 6ix
      All four one 6ix

      Nothing better happen to him or I’m done with this show. And I’m pretty sure Salem is targeting Oscar and Salem doesn’t use flames (from what I’m recall). And if anything, something should be happening FOR Jaune not to him

  • Angel Leon
    Angel Leon

    Lol... ooh RoosterTeeth...😅

  • David Dunbar
    David Dunbar

    Ironwood was on their side until they lied to him and screwed him over but sure lol

    • David Dunbar
      David Dunbar

      @Amanda Leigh it's like they just gloss over the fact that team RWBY screwed that up and are making ironwood out to be some tyrant when his motives are clear

    • Amanda Leigh
      Amanda Leigh


  • โชติตระการ อิกูจิ
    โชติตระการ อิกูจิ

    Am I supposed to Hype for this?... My Hype Die since End Of RWBY The Official Manga....

  • Aldair Lara
    Aldair Lara

    Can we get more Momma Kali

  • some one
    some one

    Wow , 5 years changed a lot of stuff.

  • Keegan Seltner
    Keegan Seltner

    I don't think Salem knows how to use the lamp of knowledge. she needs ozma.

  • Jessica nichols
    Jessica nichols

    Am I the only one who is so excited for volume 8? BECAUSE I CANT WAIT SNJJSJCJJTZJE

    • spizy


  • Júllia Oliveira &
    Júllia Oliveira &

    Treiler vol 8: ... Me: *help me*

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