9 Characters Worth Recruiting in Watch Dogs: Legion
Near-future London is under threat from terrorists, a private army, and an organised crime syndicate. It's up to hacktivist group DedSec to rally the citizens of London to fight back. Here's a look at some of the characters worth recruiting in Watch Dogs: Legion. Sponsored by Ubisoft and Xbox Series X.

  • Otávio

    Give a heart to this comment please

  • TheGameLab /gaming
    TheGameLab /gaming

    I’m gonna find the most stereotypical British person to recruit

  • Hernan Martinez
    Hernan Martinez

    Only buying so I can be a spy

  • Buckhead Blue
    Buckhead Blue

    Imagine if they added a vigilante character in the game that would be sick as hell!!!!!!

    • Buckhead Blue
      Buckhead Blue

      @Anthony Chaker and I dont care I want one in watch dogs legion and Im not talking about the dlc.

    • Anthony Chaker
      Anthony Chaker

      Aiden pearce from watchdogs 1 is a vigilante

  • less is more
    less is more

    So can we recruit the game designer of Ubisoft for hacking the game?

  • Accel Lex
    Accel Lex

    You storm the building with your army of recruits, only to find at the climax, they point their weapons at you. In confusion, you open your mouth, while the main antagonist replies, “You’re not the only one that’s spent time recruiting. Finish him!”

  • SwaggyTJM33 Matthews
    SwaggyTJM33 Matthews

    wow those are some pretty cool character recruits i wanna recruit as many of the best ones i can find in the game, im gonna use only the best members i can find on the streets of UK London October29 is almost here

  • YaBoiSmitt

    I hope we can buy cars like super cars and guns and have that for any character

  • Wyatt Smith
    Wyatt Smith

    Ah yes b e e

  • Le Shadow
    Le Shadow

    I want a fish and chips worker

  • Yosef Elsawy
    Yosef Elsawy



    where is granny on this list remake this and put granny

  • kail and huna show!!
    kail and huna show!!

    1:50 how did they make a veical related ability even better then Franklin time slow from gta5 and the siren from L.A. nora

  • Reverend

    If they didn’t make it futuristic it could of been a banger this

  • Republic of gamers
    Republic of gamers

    এই গেম টা আরও উন্নত করতে হবে।

  • Tomoyuki Fukasawa
    Tomoyuki Fukasawa

    The Pain

  • Zee A.
    Zee A.

    Where's the roadmans?

  • codyknightrouge

    If you recruit everyone, then there will be no one to fight.

  • Zain Solomon
    Zain Solomon

    Wait the 29 it says the 28

  • c.boyle


  • Dobis PR
    Dobis PR

    Going to make a gang of antifa members and terrorize Albion and the citizens both! Just like real life!

  • Raijin

    Nice video and all but we know that *everybody* is gonna go with a full team of Elderly characters to show these whippersanpers how to really hack.

  • lil Skai
    lil Skai

    i hope they polished it a bit more, graphics are meh, facial anims is nothing new n there's clipping, voice acting is weird n not fitting with some characters.. kinda makes it feel like a sort of cash grab

  • Negro Del congo
    Negro Del congo

    Where is rubius?

  • Warrior Webb
    Warrior Webb

    Watchdog: Antifa\hipster edition

  • Sixx

    nice idea for multiplayer but singleplayer..... idts

  • MiGel

    Only driver can hack cars??

  • Predator 69
    Predator 69

    Nobody: Aiden Pearce: Am i a joke to you?

  • Bryan Wheelock
    Bryan Wheelock

    Really unique and creative

  • Oscar Davis
    Oscar Davis

    I wish the football hooligan can be customised to have real football clubs

  • Sincxrity

    You forgot to include John wick!

  • Swaran Singh
    Swaran Singh

    I will Turn on Perma-Death Recruit every single npc and cause them to die just to make the streets of london empty and feel like 2020 qurantine.

  • Tom Perry
    Tom Perry

    0:14 Bowie!

  • Theodore Amadeus Archibald The 3rd
    Theodore Amadeus Archibald The 3rd

    The spy reminds me of kingsman

  • I am Djiamput
    I am Djiamput

    Beekeeper is black mirror af

  • LonghornsLegend

    Can you kick people out after making them an allie?

  • Relentless Entity Records
    Relentless Entity Records

    Anyone want to join my team now so in December we could be one step ahead?

  • Pratyush Guleria
    Pratyush Guleria

    so they just took characters from different movies and made them playable npc's

  • theonefrancis

    This game is not going to help my schizophrenia

  • So fine
    So fine

    🇱🇷Awesome, @Steve.watcher hepled me gain back my disabled account in a matter of seconds. Find him on Instagram to get this service and lots more

  • Airwane

    I found it a bit boring that the gateway gy and the spy always go the same car type I wish there was a bit more variaty

  • nguyen bao huy
    nguyen bao huy

    1. Wohn Jick

  • alexisyoann philip
    alexisyoann philip

    And the Real question can you play the queen ?

  • Jonathan .T
    Jonathan .T

    How many classes are there? This didn't even show the street magician that can hypnotize people. Or the living statue performer.

  • Ryan Cochran
    Ryan Cochran

    I’m totally going with all Assassins to have our much-wanted modern day AC game!!

  • Geek Stradamus
    Geek Stradamus

    Video titles in 3 months. Gamer completes Watch Dogs Legion with single recruit.

  • Zach Byrd
    Zach Byrd

    I'm getting serious Mordor vibes and I'm so down for it 😎

    • theonefrancis

      Well hopefully these people don't start killing each other for power hahah

  • Arik Kestelman
    Arik Kestelman

    No one Hooligen asking the enemy witch team he likes

  • Dishonest Track6
    Dishonest Track6

    Who else has been watch all gameplay videos of WDL to hold them over till the 29th?

  • no name
    no name

    And another mtx filled Ubisoft game. Going to be a dumpster fire like GRB

  • Return Den
    Return Den

    No Grandma why?

  • Maxx Koggen
    Maxx Koggen

    I can't believe UBI made a beekeeper that keeps on killing the bees. I feel like all these side missions will definitely turn people away.

  • lil dumpツ
    lil dumpツ

    peaky blinders in London

  • tmm213

    0:36 you forgot to mention protection against COVID.

    • theonefrancis

      Lol true

  • Vαnder Lej
    Vαnder Lej

    Watch Dogs: Antifa

  • Studio 19
    Studio 19

    Seriously more hype with this than Cyberpunk.

  • Quang Phung
    Quang Phung

    just as AC, WD has gone off the original path

    • theonefrancis

      The original path was to take down evil corporations. It's still there.

  • pog champ
    pog champ

    IGN: 9 Characters Worth Recruiting Me: 90 Year Old Granny


    I only need one man, a myth, a legend, a ghost, a vigilante, the fox.......... Aiden Pierce, and maybe Wrench as well cause why the hell not 😂

    • theonefrancis

      Wrench: *makes horrible joke* Aiden: Ugh.

  • Banditoshockydrugs

    i want to recruit some SAS captain with mutton chops and mushroom hat

  • Ace killer 675
    Ace killer 675

    Cant wait to make john wick and kill people, with style

  • muted tomcat4512
    muted tomcat4512

    I'm glad they actually included some new people. I've seen the construction worker, street artist, bee keeper, spy, and hitman so many times now

  • Ike Kimita
    Ike Kimita

    The Bee keepers remind me of the Pain from MGS3. Being able to emulate him in a videogame is pretty epic to me.

  • Bacon Winner
    Bacon Winner

    ok, i just need t o know if you can turn flatbeds into ramps like in watch dogs 2

  • Derrick Angoya
    Derrick Angoya

    Cant wait 2 play this awesome game🤔🤔

  • Kevin Stewart
    Kevin Stewart

    On buy the gold edition.

  • King Khari
    King Khari

    Barret looks like Tracy from What would you do?

  • Dwongkies Shlongky III
    Dwongkies Shlongky III

    *The only worthy person to recruit is whoever the Monarch is at that time in the game*

  • Big J
    Big J

    I just want to play as stormzy and his goons

  • urlovinphantom

    Disappointed there were no free runner characters 😔

  • Arc Ade
    Arc Ade

    Does anyone else feel like we need to have a jail escape method with characters?

    • theonefrancis

      @Ace_SpadesYT well if you hire two siblings you can certainly do that!

    • Ace_SpadesYT

      @theonefrancis big bet I'm gonna purposely get my main character arrested then have his gf or homie break him out so it's like a story idk just some idea I thought of

    • theonefrancis

      @Ace_SpadesYT yes, when they get arrested you can still rescue them from jails

    • Ace_SpadesYT

      @theonefrancis wait really

    • theonefrancis

      You can help them break out with other operatives.

  • The Night Owl
    The Night Owl

    Who else is excited for the spider bot battle mode?

  • Travis letchford
    Travis letchford

    Jacksepticeye: a massive army of Irishmen

    • Anthony Chaker
      Anthony Chaker

      Aiden pearce is irish so he counts

    • Ronin R.D
      Ronin R.D

      @Warrior Webb Theres assassins in the game did you know?

    • Warrior Webb
      Warrior Webb

      @Domas Baliulis some of the Irish assassins too from AC Shay Macormac

    • Domas Baliulis
      Domas Baliulis

      how about the sean devlin? the saboteur? it would be fun using old fashioned dynamites while hacking stuff and taking some nice cigar like nothing happened.

    • Warrior Webb
      Warrior Webb

      That’s called the IRA

  • Simon Wyzik
    Simon Wyzik

    Robot bees in London where have i seen that before? Cough black mirror cough

  • Abdul Mohammed
    Abdul Mohammed

    We can play as ANTIFA :)

    • Yu Jin
      Yu Jin

      10/10 would drown again.

    • theonefrancis

      Time to beat the fascist to a pulp with a megaphone.

  • terry mcginnis
    terry mcginnis

    im gonna be honest here first i person i want is the old lady i wonder what her codename was im going with ms penny

  • Stanley Deakin
    Stanley Deakin


    • Slice of Sparta
      Slice of Sparta

      Up to 40!

  • UrbanCarnage

    This are really really dope I love how each NPC has different abilities and skill sets, I cannot wait

  • Bobinspace 21
    Bobinspace 21

    i need that spy

  • thevoxdeus

    Is it bad of me that I just want to have the football hooligan beat up the protest leader and anarchist? Too many buildings near me were looted and burned by "protestors" this summer.

  • Leon Chow
    Leon Chow

    Where is the John wick specialist

  • ChriS Hawk
    ChriS Hawk

    Is this BLM: the game? Or is it ANTIFA: the game?

  • FlavourE

    where's the bootleg john wick?? thought id see him in this list

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk

    Can’t wait!

  • xKrayzZe

    I wonder if you can recruit Banksy🤔

  • Let's Learn Together
    Let's Learn Together

    I believe this game will be a successor.

  • lonecourierjoeyV2

    “9 characters worth recruiting” Me: Lists 9 types of elderly people

    • Bas van Heumen
      Bas van Heumen

      It's a shame though that most eldery people in the game aren't allowed to participate in the bareknuckle boxingring. Still, some elders certainly pack a punch of firepower. They may have low mobility, but some have LMG's to compensate for that. Also, the Queen probably isn't in the game, but I guess we can find an elderly woman who looks a lot like her and pretend it's her.

  • Satheendran

    John wick!!!!

  • Isam Abdullah
    Isam Abdullah

    Cant wait to be that spy guy!

  • Den Kaneki
    Den Kaneki

    It’s time for the army of homeless to take over!

  • Hamakua Sledgehammer
    Hamakua Sledgehammer

    I wanna know more about the Hitman type characters. I’m just glad we’re getting Aiden Pearce and Wrench. It’d be even cooler if we eventually get characters like Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell with his Karambit (hopefully voiced by Michael Ironside if possible ) and maybe Nienke Meijer from R6S.

    • Twinodoom

      @theonefrancis *Laughs in Game Theory*

    • theonefrancis

      Wouldn't make much sense. Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs share the same universe, the other games don't. That's why they are including these two ingame.

    • Voren Redden
      Voren Redden

      Agent 47. :3

  • Samuel Harrison
    Samuel Harrison

    Can the anarchist toggle the mask off In The weapon wheel??

    • theonefrancis

      Probably not, but you can alter his clothes.

  • Dj

    I’m going for that spy

  • Zenitura Gaming
    Zenitura Gaming

    Before being hyped for this remember that this is a ubisoft game

  • Pyrandom

    We can't forget the upcoming characters: Older Aiden Pierce, Wrench, and the assassin from Assassins Creed.

    • theonefrancis

      Didn't know wrench and the assassin were a thing.

    • Pyrandom

      Tbh I think mina might be the best because of mind control.

    • Lol

      Mina: 😭😭😭😭 you forgot me😥😥😥😥😭😭😭

  • Tanner

    Who cares about this series anymore

  • Mr Gdn L3
    Mr Gdn L3

    Need roadmen 100%

  • EnderYeah

    Annoying you have to complete missions to unlock specific character types. Makes it feel less organic and reminds me I'm grinding out missions like every other game.

    • EnderYeah

      @Lol that's not what I said

  • TechFoodie

    Watchdogs: Brotherhood

    • theonefrancis

      Assassins Creed Legion 😂

  • AtomicCPU3

    Will defiantly be getting myself a taxi getaway driver

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