Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition Review
Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition reviewed by Jon Bolding on PC.

  • Phenri

    Can you at least get your reviewers a computer that can run the game without stuttering? That was disturbing to watch.

  • Jim D
    Jim D

    I'd chime in and hate on this review, but everyone else already has. So I'll just point out the dude needs to get rid of room sound on his mic. Doesn't sound like professional review.

  • Solo Frog
    Solo Frog

    While i was watching this... i came up with an idea to start a reviewer review channel. The game aside, this is the most obviously biased and poor review ive ever heard from IGN. I dont know anyhting about Age of Empires, but this review if anything makes me want to play it just to spite this horrible horrible horrible reviewer.

  • Kasumi Fu
    Kasumi Fu

    Fellas.. and gal, go out more alright?

  • Christian Abdul
    Christian Abdul

    I was quite terrified when I saw 3k dislikes (currently I'm typing this comment, 28/10/2020) and thought that everyone hates AoE3 DE turns out IGN is just mocking this masterpiece game that gave most gamers nostalgia from 2005.

  • Haddock

    This review was actually horrible... Legit just an aoe 3 hater crying that the game is to complicated and bashing random things he dont like lol

  • Dotsinki

    1 minute in! why did Jon Bolding do a review for a definite edition of a game he personally dislikes? Im not gonna listen to this when I know he dislikes the original

  • robert1235421

    I was thinking someone should make a channel that review's other channel's reviews.

  • xululunp -
    xululunp -

    It doesn't make any sense to have walls, towers and buildings that use stone without the game explaining the reason for not having the collection and the "stone" feature in the game. Negative point of AoE III.

  • Preztoe

    AOE3 might be niche, but niche doesn't mean horrible.

  • Daniel Andreas
    Daniel Andreas

    Wc3 reforged : 7 AoE III DE : 6 May i know what crack that you smoked IGN?

  • Dimitris Oikonomou
    Dimitris Oikonomou

    Hey Jon Bolding guy... you clearly dont like the original and you didnt put much effort on learning it either...why make a negative review if you are already so negatively biased to the game...Give your job to someone else... If you wanted to give a 6/10, you could give it because of horrible game optimisation, constant crashes and innacurate names/flags in the European Civs... (i guess we are the bad guys in this DE, we dont disurve accurate flags and leaders). The campaign is based on historical events but with a fantasy twist and its better than most of what the market has presented the last 15 years!!

  • cctaylor88

    What an absolute clowny review

  • Saptarshi Chaki
    Saptarshi Chaki

    The guy hates the game and gives his subjective opinions.

  • INameU

    Wow this guy definitely is biased towards the original release.

  • Alexander Mortensen
    Alexander Mortensen

    this was painful to watch.

  • Sanguine Rose
    Sanguine Rose

    I love how fans defending game and giving this video dislikes! I proud of you lads!

  • Ro Ye
    Ro Ye


  • Tin Can
    Tin Can

    the biggest problem with the original AOE 3 is its distinct lack of being able to command more than 100 units, or even have that many...... it was a cut down, better looking, less enjoyable AOE 2. hopefully this fixed that, if it does, then hell yes..... considering ive played my fair share of AOE 2... even recently.

  • Arvind Ramachandran
    Arvind Ramachandran

    What happened to age of empires 4

  • Jason

    He sounds disinterested

  • Jason

    Absolutely slaps?? When talking about the music. Is that slang or something?

  • Marc Esparza
    Marc Esparza

    This dude has literally no idea what he's talking about... LOL....

  • procc

    It feels like this person played this game maybe for 1 hour.

  • thegudlife

    Wow this guy is a moron.


    I would prefer a veteran aoe 3 player (not a part of the development team) to post a review. Someone who has some idea on what parameters to rate the DE on. This is a complex RTS game which can't be appreciated by some on the fly review. This is not to say that the game currently isn't riddled with bugs (which will hopefully be fixed as developers work on them).

  • Raj Das
    Raj Das

    I generally don't write comments but this review forced me to. Not only does the narrator have a disparaging tone throughout, but he is also biased and hateful of the game. At the time of writing, the review has just 950 thumbs up but 3K dislikes. This just about sums it up.

  • Jmiester

    Why did he act like the cards are the most confusing thing ever and make it sound more confusing.. lol it's not.

  • mazariamonti

    A bit weird that I was able to figure out the strategies for these different civs when I was, you know, 12 and 13 years old.

  • Thendar

    Ill stick with IGN aslong as you dont stick around

  • Grzegorz Dziub
    Grzegorz Dziub

    Why they dont do this same with age of mythology?

  • Petr Nevecny
    Petr Nevecny

    Like many said: "This guy has no idea what he's talking about..."

  • Kristijan Čolak
    Kristijan Čolak

    Worst review I saw in years, the game is amazing, it just need some bug fixes

  • God, Frieza!
    God, Frieza!


  • The Sorrow
    The Sorrow

    how people loves this type of games ?

  • Gi Nattak
    Gi Nattak

    Is this an out-of-season Aprils Fools' joke?

  • Chau Hien
    Chau Hien

    You hate the game then don't review it and let someone else loved the original review it.

  • zapataporsiempre


  • vlad ciolache
    vlad ciolache

    Never played this type of game on PC and I was wondering if I should try this one but the ppl in the comment are saying this is a bad review lol. Im new to these types of games should I still give it a shot?

    • Jim Smith
      Jim Smith

      Yeah bro it’s so fun

  • Angela Pilar R.
    Angela Pilar R.

    There's still time to delete this worthless review IGN...

  • Boom Knight
    Boom Knight

    "The cards are too hard to understand." There is online guides for meta builds if you don't want to figure out the card system brah. Because of the cards it's the most player expressive RTS that anyone cares about where two people can play the same civ but play it miles differently with one person taking more unit shipments or some one taking more upgrades that will last till the end of the game. Often some where in the middle being a lot of people's set ups. When I notice people tend to take about half of the cards that are meta in a deck. It's the swapped out cards that help show who is newer or experienced to the game. With out the cards the play expressions is a matter of who has a better order in AoE2 when 3 having that order can be bad for what you want to do.

  • Impatient Samurai
    Impatient Samurai

    This is just a sad sad man

  • packbh

    Positive: The game is more sensitive... Negative: The game is complex... Dafuq is this guy problem? This is an old school RTS game... If you want something less taxing for your brain go play Mario or Fortnite Mr. Bolding

  • Lidija Sreckovic
    Lidija Sreckovic


  • Bone Boy92
    Bone Boy92

    Find another job Jon, You clearly dont know wtf you are talking about.

  • Ak Iraa
    Ak Iraa

    Lol those are basically the graphics of the game my childhood memories include.

  • Crypto Jack
    Crypto Jack

    people who work at IGN are just some dumb fcuks who dont play games.. go fcuk urself IGN

  • Ismail Montazir
    Ismail Montazir

    The review feels like the narrator never managed to win the Morgan Black campaign

  • আহমদ ইর্তিজা
    আহমদ ইর্তিজা

    The reviewer keeps saying AOE3 is the 'weird' one, but fails to explain the wording. Exactly how it weird? Comparing to which "normal" RTS game? In which aspects? And if he finds the card system complicated, he should not play RTS game let alone "review" it and get payment for this job. Random unexplained words, undefined logic, lack of comprehensibility, totally a garbage review, 9/10 from me.

  • Alex Christensen
    Alex Christensen

    WTF?! I love this game, and still playing the original.. 6?!

  • Ganga In Denial
    Ganga In Denial

    Uploads a review about a 4K remaster @ really average looking 1080P lol

  • Peaceful Incel
    Peaceful Incel


  • 09. Dixit Arnav Shriram
    09. Dixit Arnav Shriram

    AoE is a childhood memory

  • N4itsirk

    Yikes, so biased.. AOE3 is far more strategical than the older games..

  • Javier Enrique Paredes Mendoza
    Javier Enrique Paredes Mendoza

    the card system is amazing, gives you plenty of customization for your build, unlike Age 2, the first 10 minutes are not the same for every civilization.

  • Marco

    wow he attacked one of my favorite games just like that? this game was amazing and is still amazing specially for fans of strategy games.

  • Sina

    This game deserves a solid 7 at the very least.Did he really played the game?!1?

    • gtone339

      Guess he hasn't tried out the online feature yet lol. Incomplete review ign!

  • Sean Yang
    Sean Yang

    IGN should stop letting this guy reviewing any games LOL

  • Dan Horgan
    Dan Horgan

    You lost me at "slaps"

  • prakhar mittal
    prakhar mittal

    looking at the comments and the video, I can see the glaring truth that you hate the game for no reason at all and isn't fit to do a review for AOE 3

  • sachiko yoshida
    sachiko yoshida

    Three days passed from a sale date. This game has been already performed "a program invasion" of. PvP has an illegal player. The fair game is already impossible!!!!!!

  • Orpheus Rindsbibbel
    Orpheus Rindsbibbel

    He didn't even review the Definitive Edition but AOE3 itself. Hell it isn't even a review. More of a commentary. Biased as frick. If you hate the game why bother to "review" the DE? Do a proper review or don't do one at all! This is dogshit!

  • José Da Franca Taborda
    José Da Franca Taborda

    Biggest comment this review made is that the reviewer is too dumb to even understand the game... cmon dude... its a trategy game, suposed to make your head work and not be an easy game, super intuitive and boring after 1 day

  • Vampire The Immortal God
    Vampire The Immortal God

    IGN, if you don't fire Jon Bolding, you're gonna loose reputation and subs and views.

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck

    Do you think I can play this with Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 1050ti 4GB VRAM 16 GB RAM 1080p 60Hz monitor

  • Bubul Doley
    Bubul Doley

    Ohh boy! What a disastrous review. Smh. Clearly this review is done by someone who hates RTS.

  • Muhtasim Mahin
    Muhtasim Mahin

    never played this series but i disliked the video anyway.

  • 0

    This review is bad.


    The numbers Mason! What do they mean?

  • Daniel Leest
    Daniel Leest

    That ign put this review online is absolutely barbaric

  • Yuri Cordozar
    Yuri Cordozar

    Worthless review, could of spent a little bit of time talking about how this games balance is broken & what they did to fix it. The rest of the stuff is bad the reviewer doesn't even know the game. BAD!

  • adac7786

    lol every single time i click on a ign review like once every 3 months it has 90% dislikes. seems like a great review channel.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    When you thought IGN couldn't go any lower... lol

  • Cape Gooner
    Cape Gooner

    is the stutter on my pc or is it the video?game?

  • Choudhary Asad
    Choudhary Asad

    Is it on any console?

  • Luc Skickweller
    Luc Skickweller

    This review is absolute garbage. IGN wtf¿?

  • Nicholas

    LOL just a review I would expect from a sellout review company.

  • Ivonsir Coelho
    Ivonsir Coelho

    If you hate the the original dont do a review

  • Qman7

    How are the cards confusing? It just takes trial and error. IGN please delete this review and let someone who appreciates AOE3 review this.

  • LockeNL

    Who is this guy?

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    This reviewer is so legitimately unprofessional. I also liked AoE 2 more than 3 but the incessant whining and nitpicking this guy just spewed as a "review" without even backing up a single complaint is laughable.

  • Dean Humphreys
    Dean Humphreys

    eh I never even liked the original that much. Age of empires 2 was the best RTS ever made. I still play to this day

  • Joris Brouwer
    Joris Brouwer

    Horrible review.

  • Dr Mohd Sajid Umar
    Dr Mohd Sajid Umar

    Ign dont know what they r doing, first person shooter reviewing strategy games

  • Venkat Ramaswamy
    Venkat Ramaswamy

    The multiplayer still has the same problems as the regular edition. You still CANNOT reconnect to multiplayer games due to crashes or lags which are common in long multiplayer games. Dota2 has reconnect.

  • TeamRespawn

    And this is exactly why people can’t stand IGN.

  • Tyler Scow
    Tyler Scow

    If you found this game confusing then I'm sorry but you probably aren't all that Intelligent. Stay in school folks so you don't end up writing mediocre biased reviews for ign

  • Fathan Akbar Muhammad Dzaki
    Fathan Akbar Muhammad Dzaki

    Give me liberty or give me coin

  • T-800


    • M00rtin

      He is biased towards aoe 2 and compares it to thos games more then The game itself.

  • Dante Duong
    Dante Duong

    Is this some kind of early April fool joke?

  • Ike Johnson
    Ike Johnson

    “It’s difficult to strategize” Yes because this is not tic tac toe. It’s a strategy game.

  • mongl redmen
    mongl redmen

    😳 What was that a review i thought it was

  • Sir Pommes
    Sir Pommes

    very bad review. but not to beat about the bush: IGN cant do better in these days. its as simple as that :) dont take it too serious

  • Kevin Bjork
    Kevin Bjork

    This ‘employee’ should be fired. He says the music was made better which is not true, there are major issues throughout the soundtrack if you listen to it. He just wanted to seem like he noted a single positive thing to avoid hate. He’s clearly an AOE2 fanboy who will whine about this game isn’t an AOE 2 2.0. Then, he said that “cavalry charges take down muskets”.... um... no.

  • TechRevs

    Poor review, I very much enjoyed the original AOE 3, and what is he going on about historical inaccuracies, just enjoy the damn game

  • Peyman

    this review is absolutely ridiculous

  • Núndal Atacama
    Núndal Atacama

    What a terrible review and an insult to the fanbase of this game (most of us, millennials). This guy obviously thinks shooter-arena games are the best and putting a guy so weak minded like that reviewing a such superior game like this is a horrible idea. Please, re-do this review and fire this Fortnite fan boy.

  • Frak The Gods
    Frak The Gods

    IGNs decision making is still awful. How did this review even get the okay. Awful is an understatement. Maybe have someone review it who doesn't hate the game already?

  • Some Simple Gaming
    Some Simple Gaming

    You sound like you were born in 2005. You have no idea what it was like playing AoE growing up. You have no right to do this review. This game is amazing. Please delete this video. I will be unsubscribing until I see this video gone. Everyone boycott IGN. I will be unsubscribing newsletter and will no longer purchase this magazine.

  • L7 MS
    L7 MS

    I don't get the hate this game's been getting all these years. I've been consistently playing AoE3 since 2008 and I still find it just as much fun as the first time i played it. do people expect the developer to just recycle the same formula as AoE2 instead of experimenting with new features? Personally i find AoE2's mechanics too tedious and pointless and the economy is too complex for someone who just wants to start training musks and jump straight into action. Also i find the way you manage your deck to play different strategies and experiment with them on each civ very neat and adds tons of replayability value. In addition, the fact that they got rid of the grinding aspect is a great improvement especially for players who have been loyal to the title and don't feel like starting from the bottom.

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