Dirt 5 Xbox Series X Hands-On Preview
We played Dirt 5 on the Xbox Series X and found that while there's plenty of off-road racing content to be had, the next-gen punch was a bit lacking.

Dirt 5 will be released on November 10 for Xbox Series X|S, PC, Google Stadia, PS5, PS4, and Xbox One.

  • J R
    J R

    This is underwhelming. Which is an understatement.

  • Igor Beuk
    Igor Beuk

    I see popping of shadows, ground textures and vegetations and I noticed a crowd bean redused on performance mode...I'm confused

  • Igor Beuk
    Igor Beuk

    I'm speacless, I can't believe this is next gen well be all waiting now...oo no I remember when antialiassing had to be a past but wee still have rug edges and shadows had to become a standard and we waited for couple more years 10 actually and now this at the beginning, not even beginning of next gen games... making games is time consuming and I want to play games but not pushing employers to the edge like majority do, but than we wait for couple of years for a quality API..im so sorry it's looks like 3hrd gen on steroids, HDR+ 4K + ray tracing and here we go again I rather play games that are on the market for couple of years because you can see passion and love made in those games not rushed so we can have it before it even started

  • Sergio Tapia
    Sergio Tapia

    This looks terrible

  • Patrxaa

    I wish people would care more about the actual gameplay rather than the graphics. I don't need a next gen graphics game if the gameplay is complete garbage. I prefer having it the other way around

  • Pratik 121
    Pratik 121

    Doesn't look like a nex gen game at all...!!! Xbox series x ..rubbish 🥱🥱

  • antwane fort
    antwane fort

    I get what IGN is trying to say . But Forza Horizon and Dirt games are really different . I do love both series though . Also Horizon can't do 4 player split screen .

  • CountThrobula

    Your gamertag is Scorched Phoenix? Sounds like one of those randomly generated ones they give you when you make your account lol

  • juan rocha
    juan rocha

    Oh man... for a next gen game this is EXTREMELY disappointing

  • Point Man
    Point Man

    Troy Baker?!? that's it, I pass.

  • Sen Em
    Sen Em

    If it dont look better, it not next gen. High fps is improvement not next gen

  • Clifton Vella
    Clifton Vella

    So Ryan McCaffrey is criticising the game for its graphics and the video they captured for the review maxes out at 1080p60 with shitty quality ..... It's 2020 IGN. You're a 14.2M-subscriber corporate channel. You should have a 4K capture device.... Do yourself a favour and go see Digital Foundry's video of this game, with much more substance and more importantly footage captured at 4K ...

  • shishiMANGO

    Yo I like Ryan, but I gotta say...This game looks cherry. Watched it over on Digital Foundry's site and was not disappointed. Great job to the devs!!

  • Dada

    what the hell is this, looks like you captured it on your phone, weak as piss

  • Richard Adler
    Richard Adler

    This game looks like Project Cars 3 on dirt and is probably just as bad

  • Henry Holland
    Henry Holland

    1:57 I don't owe anyone anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Michael Powell
    Michael Powell

    This is pathetic bashing a company for subpar graphics on a preview build and the dude doesn't even have a 4k capture card ok show what it truly looks like... talk about misinformation. You should just delete this video go spend some money get new hardware and try again... close the windows.. go to bed.

  • Russell Balbin
    Russell Balbin

    IGN being honest

  • Chris Sappenfield
    Chris Sappenfield

    I think it's funny that IGN is uploading it 1080p. Smaller channels have been uploading at 4K for years. And IGN still uploads their videos at 1080p for a review on a next-gen game that runs at 4K.

  • henriqueacabral

    ign's tech analysis when compared to digital foundry's just shows how ign desperately needs someone that actually knows how to dissect graphics.

    • Mog Wi
      Mog Wi

      Lmao digital foundry completely glosses over how awful and blocky the environment looks. The cherno (a game engine dev) did a reaction to this game and I think he threw up in his mouth looking at it.

  • Anonymou5Gh0st

    the fact that this guy doesn't know who James and Nolan are.......

  • Zso Vin
    Zso Vin

    Actually reported this video. Misleading

  • Zso Vin
    Zso Vin

    Usual shite review from useless IGN. Using 1080 capture

  • cgamyes

    Dirt5 is playing the Role of the obligatory xbox series x race game? Its on ps5 as well though... way to upload this gameplay at potato resolution Ryan🙄

  • Kosm _
    Kosm _

    Dirt and codemasters used to be such a respected and amazing series with some of the best racers. This looks like they're trying to be that former self but completely missing the mark and abandoning what made those games great. It makes me sad.

  • Benjamin Phillip
    Benjamin Phillip

    Why is this video uploaded in 1080p. Whoever captured this footage in 1080p should be fired.

    • Shellshock

      IGN "The game look's terrible"...Then proceeds to upload it in 1080p, to look even worse.

  • isturbo1984

    Everyone is dunking on Ryan and this video with this bad take, lol. Dont you slobs at IGN get tired of being the butt of the gaming MSM?

  • Ray Pen
    Ray Pen

    If this game looks bad to you it well look worse on Ps5 the far weaker console And the Pc and Xbox series X we’ll share the same visuals this game we’ll run at ultra on the XBOX SERIES X

    • Ray Pen
      Ray Pen

      @albo181 ahh how cute another butthurt pony 😂😂😂

    • albo181

      Your tech knowledge is limited apparently

  • Ray Pen
    Ray Pen

    IGN Miss information campaign Against XBOX continues best believe they well not give the same Treatment to PlayStation

  • Thats Tuff
    Thats Tuff

    PS5 Games versus Xbox series X Not even close

    • Shellshock

      Its a multiplat, it'll look worse on PS5.


    I checked the auto display IGN is trying to bash Series X I just heard of this & Had to check it out for myself... You wanna talk about "Next gen" But going to play games at 1080p/720p😂😂


    What's the difference between frame rate mode and 120Hz mode?

  • Stavanger Ghost
    Stavanger Ghost

    Like what the hell where you exspecting grafically ? Seriously ? The game isn't finished yet.. but curious what you where exspecting. And uploading it in 1080p-60fps 🤷🤦 Ta least uploaded it in the full quality, if your going to talk something down. And let people judge for themself. Why, is IGN broke ? 1080p capture card, when your job is literally reviewing games ect ?😂 (That's so damn unreal tbh)

  • j0hnc00

    It's an XBOX one game running at 4k 60fps and 120fps 1440p folks

  • gamers best
    gamers best

    no mention of recorded in 1080 or preview build? hmmmmmmm

  • Malo Shark
    Malo Shark

    Poor video capture quality does a disservice to this game. And fankly I think few people expected Dirt 5 is going to be next gen’s graphical showcase, but presenting it like this makes it seem intentionally much worse than what it is. It feels like undeserving backstabbing at both game and Console that are still under PREVIEW status. People who want a deeper and much fair presentation should check digital foundry’s take on dirt 5.

  • Yam Marcos Garcia
    Yam Marcos Garcia

    Wow did you guys record it using a potato? lol I know Dirt 5 is prettier than what you just showed.

  • Gav Rawlinson
    Gav Rawlinson

    Lol uploaded in 1080p with a out of sink capture card with youtube compression wow

  • Dekar

    Meanwhile on my RTX 3080 dual 32" 144Hz rig ..

  • Mark Whitcombe
    Mark Whitcombe

    Are you capturing that footage on a Nokia 3210 lol you might want to update you're setup that way you can review it properly. IGN this is why you are struggling recently

  • Doubting Lee
    Doubting Lee

    IGN hires nothing but dummies who know next to nothing about what they're talking about.

  • EJS

    This is sad, a huge corporation as IGN, uploading next gen games at 1080p and not being able to actually talk the real next gen advantages on this game. DO yourself a favor and go watch DIGITAL FOUNDRY's video. This casual, wanna be gamers haven't had an idea of what they have been talking for years now.

  • TrickyPanda 65
    TrickyPanda 65

    What do people expect its an xbox one and ps4 game true next games come in 2023

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    1440 p 40 fps = sériesX

  • Gabe S.
    Gabe S.

    Give us outbreak back. literally best game mode ever lmao

  • Phil Drake
    Phil Drake

    This is like 7th gen ps3/xbox 360 literally I'm not joking

  • Iris Lubbers
    Iris Lubbers

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Nicolas Ruiz
    Nicolas Ruiz

    That has nothing to do with Xbox and everything to do with Dirt development


    If you want a graphics showcase, then grab a PS5

    • sleasy01

      Yea right. Not for third party. This game looks like this on series x. It will look worse on ps5

  • RockSolitude

    Every video I've seen of Dirt 5 on the Series X has lots of really noticeable screen tearing. Lots of noticeable pop-in too.

  • Johnny Oliver II
    Johnny Oliver II

    They recorded this in 1080p. What a bunch of clowns

  • Ian Lennon
    Ian Lennon

    Terrible review I like digital foundry

  • Damon J
    Damon J

    The Dirt 5 devs have already said this game is still in development and will look and play better at launch. The devs say 4k and ray tracing aren't on so why IGN put this video out so early i have no clue, it just makes people upset cause it doesnt look next-gen. Also it makes the Series X look bad having unfinished games playing on it not showing off the full power of what it could look or play like

    • Misio Puchatek
      Misio Puchatek

      Stavanger Ghost I know it isn’t finished and this is even more frightening as there is pretty no time to finish it to look like next gen. Microsoft should show it’s own games not multiplatforms. So far they are showing really bland games (oh this Halo...) and we hear every single time - but it is not finished. But when you look at PS5 games, even in alpha stage as was Ratchet first time, they looks a lot better. Lighting, models, design, gameplay. Just another level. So what’s wrong?!

    • Stavanger Ghost
      Stavanger Ghost

      @Misio Puchatek game isn't finished. And this has nothing to do with the hardware..

    • Misio Puchatek
      Misio Puchatek

      @Mark Whitcombe But still it is Microsoft who gave them this game and allow to test. Removing screen tearing there are still popups, strange shadows, current gen graphics and no RT. This is not how you advertise a high end console.

    • Mark Whitcombe
      Mark Whitcombe

      It's probably due to the fact IGN are ps fan boys

    • Misio Puchatek
      Misio Puchatek

      How many days they have? Game has to be produced and distributed. It isn’t done over the night.

  • CrexTV

    Are you guys showing a nextgen game that run in native 2160p in a 1080p video? Like, wtf is wrong with you? Excluding the fact that this video run on low bitrate, so show nothing but compression.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy


  • Borderlands808

    Imo car games are the worst to “show off” a new consoles graphical improvements.

  • bristol rc
    bristol rc

    More scumbag tactics by ign not even capture in 4k low fps as well they done nothing but hate on xbox I fell sorry for ign staff and they hate

  • Bryan Lee
    Bryan Lee

    Why isn't this in 4K? And when did Dirt every come close to Forza in graphics?

  • Arron Cusick
    Arron Cusick

    It looks like the was in 120hz mode which would scale the resolution to 1440p or 1080p if it's not on a hdmi 2.1 capable display.

  • m k
    m k

    You really need to upload a better quality video . The quality here is shocking . It's 1080 and 30fps. To all the people who think Ryan is referring to the visual fidelity displayed in this video I would point you in the direction of the much better video done over at digital foundry . This is shocking how you represent games at ign ...0 effort

  • Michael Ellis
    Michael Ellis

    Ya'll should pull down your shitty uploads and get better equipment.

  • ezra stepney
    ezra stepney

    That is so crazy digital Foundry basically said to complete opposite of what you said

  • Rob Michels
    Rob Michels

    This isn’t A 4K video. What are you doing IGN?

  • ReynaldoRay

    So the racing games are still gonna look horrible then I guess

  • GreaserGoon

    Ryan mcgoofy does it again!

  • davey - bgames
    davey - bgames

    Its 2020 and you are still up loading in 1080p why? Ign are lazy as hell.


    Bro. Next gen graphics are exactly the same

  • Batnab

    This game just makes me more excited for Forza Horizon 5!

  • Geoff Willis
    Geoff Willis

    IGN the Huge company that cannot capture or upload 4k for a 4k 120hz game which is its main selling point and not wowed by the graphics which they never expected to, ITS DIRT it was never going to be forza! It is also NOT an Xbox first party or exclusive

  • ADommM Laughing at Boomers
    ADommM Laughing at Boomers

    Why did you guys not properly upload the game? The bitrate is terrible

  • Jason Yuen
    Jason Yuen

    haha the same awful textures like the ones in halo infinite. this is what microsoft deems next gen. hahaha. its laughable at this point. this looks like a 2012 game and not a 2020 game, and its about to turn 2021 in 2 months.

    • Pancho Villa
      Pancho Villa

      @Josh Martin i know. It's funny the op doesn't have a clue.

    • Jason Yuen
      Jason Yuen

      ​@Josh Martin lol ps5 strengths dont lie in "teraflops" and or 3rd party games. lol, and i doubt ps5 owners would bother picking dirt 5 up, when they got their own exclusives to play. its really sad at this point. no laucnh titles, and the so called 3rd party games advantage cant be seen.

    • Josh Martin
      Josh Martin

      @Pancho Villa just saying facts lol

    • Pancho Villa
      Pancho Villa

      @Josh Martin 🤣

    • Josh Martin
      Josh Martin

      Hate to break it to you bud...but this is coming to PS5 too it's a 3rd party game and it will look 100% the same.

  • Ibrahim Pallikkal
    Ibrahim Pallikkal

    In the beginning of this video we can see AMD RADEON costumed car and I think this car runs amd CPU, that’s why this car is too performance.😅😅😅

  • jonathan Perez
    jonathan Perez

    Damn not impressive cmon xbox wheres the power

  • Christine Wolfe
    Christine Wolfe

    I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥

  • BRANtheDON33

    Lol at everyone hating. They didn’t even upload it at 4K and the capture card ign used for this is horrible . Check out digital foundry video on this and it way better. Every hating for no reason.

    • Bridget Okorie
      Bridget Okorie


  • santhosh sridhar
    santhosh sridhar

    Fun fact: James and Nil from Donut Media are voicing characters here. It's what Ryan mentioned.

  • Spenser Baez
    Spenser Baez


  • CG Indo
    CG Indo

    cant wait to play party mode

  • SMOKiN GRAMZ 420
    SMOKiN GRAMZ 420

    wish it wouldve been forza horizon 5 smh

  • Billy Onwer
    Billy Onwer

    The other Two Guys are from Donut Media a INlabel channel

  • Joshua Clark
    Joshua Clark

    I recommended everyone check out the DIGITAL FOUNDRY breakdown. It really helped me understand why this is nextgen.

    • Igor Beuk
      Igor Beuk

      Digital Foundry works for Xbox and it's clearly, just look how they disect every PlayStation game and no Xbox game, for me they loos all credibility

    • Eddie T
      Eddie T

      If it's required to watch someone explain why this is next gen then the game has fundamentally failed to do so with its visuals and performance.

    • shriram._

      @HG504 um what ? !!!!

    • HG504

      It looks worse than Driveclub 2013 on PS4.

    • Pranav Mahajan
      Pranav Mahajan

      DF is not the best or the most unbiased place to understand things

  • Pop Fiction
    Pop Fiction

    My takeaway from this is it may not be a graphical showcase but there's a lot to do in the game so I think we should probably focus on is the game fun rather than does it look real

  • Chris

    There's no series X gameplay that can impress me.

  • SophisticatedAss

    This will just run much inferior on the PS5 cuz the significantly weaker hardware

    • Shellshock

      @Josh Martin I wouldn't count on it. Games almost always take into account the performance given out by each of the consoles or by a PC, this generation. What makes you think it'll be any different next gen? You could very well see games running at a locked 60fps @4K on Series X and only 30fps on PS5 or games running at 120fps on the SeriesX and only 90fps on the PS5. Or even games running at the same frame-rate and res on both, but the Series X has better quality graphics and 'full' RT, where as the PS5 has reduced graphics and 'basic' RT. It'll pretty much be similar to the situation now, where we'll have a game on PS4 Pro running at 30fps @1620p, 30fps @4K on XB1 and 60fps+ @4K (Ultra +RT) on some PC's.

    • Josh Martin
      Josh Martin

      Lmao I don't think you understand how 3rd party games work...this will run exactly how it ur see it on PS5

  • Alipt Shrivastava
    Alipt Shrivastava

    Dirt 5 might be great but nothing can match forza horizon 4, it's just another level

  • Randle Yo
    Randle Yo

    So XSX got pop in in halo infinite, yakuza like a dragon ,dirt 5 and more to come...

    • Josh Martin
      Josh Martin

      Sorry didn't Sony show a PS5 trailer for Grand Turismo with pop ins? 🤔



  • dark Gam3r
    dark Gam3r

    consoleros loolzzzzzzzzz!

  • Marco Brancorsini
    Marco Brancorsini


  • daffa Rzky
    daffa Rzky

    Where's luke Reilly?

  • Into The Gaming
    Into The Gaming

    Will I be able to play Xbox series X at 1080p with 120hz? Please someone tell?

    • Anthony Clayton
      Anthony Clayton

      Go check digital foundry out they go into way more detail

  • James Caley
    James Caley

    Digital Foundry gives you a better idea.

  • FroggyTWrite

    what a lazy review...

  • The real Dipshet
    The real Dipshet

    You guys need to stop testing games on those TCL TVs. Maybe your games will look a lot better.

  • B J
    B J

    Interesting take by IGN that doesn't align with Digital Foundry's assesment

  • Icon Futureme35
    Icon Futureme35

    Looks better than grand trasimo.

  • Huck Finn
    Huck Finn

    I think Microsoft pushed the developers to the 120fps for marketing reasons. Rtx 3090 i9 can handle a normal game(the Witcher) 4k 100fps. When you reduce rt(dynamic lighting) clouds, crowds,.. you can hit 120fps. I rather have a great game in 30fps with ray tracing and great details. This native 4k is a gpu (fps) killer. Dynamic 4k with upscaling nobody can tell a difference, but noooo people complain, spoiled kids this days. It's a console for only 500 not a high end pc,

  • El CTM
    El CTM

    2:36 That screen tearing tho.

    • Bridget Okorie
      Bridget Okorie

      @blackspar Get shut down fanboy.

    • Josh Martin
      Josh Martin

      @blackspar didn't Grand Turismo have pop ins 🤔 or are we gonna just forget about that completely

    • blackspar

      "World's most powerful console!!" lmfao, i never saw anything like that from the ps5 gameplays we've all seen thus far. this is getting ridiculous at this point.

  • Shawn Adesalu
    Shawn Adesalu

    if Xbox didn’t have gamepass the series x/s would die out


      @Ripperooney if Sony did not exist the world of gaming would be dead. U should thank Sony u are a gamer today because they are the first revolutionary console ☺️🤫

    • Shawn Adesalu
      Shawn Adesalu

      Ripperooney if Sony wouldn’t have done their what need to explain more and Sony exclusives drive sales I don’t understand what you mean?

    • Ripperooney

      If Sony wouldnt have their one and done exclusives, they would file for bankruptcy

  • PSN Apollo24zZ
    PSN Apollo24zZ


  • Trioptical.Me

    That's 0 for 2. Come on eye melting games!

    • Trioptical.Me

      @sleasy01 Yeah, I think my bet is on NBA 2K21 for now since the others have more out there and nebulous release dates.

    • sleasy01

      Nba 2k or resident evil. Or Forza. These are games known to be visual showcases. Not dirt or Halo. Hellblade is another.

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