One Month to Go Until Next-Gen! - IGN News Live
One month from today, both the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 will be out in the wild. How are we feeling about each launch? How are the launch lineups looking? That’s the big topic for today’s show, along with previews of Xbox launch games Dirt 5 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

  • GrandNoble

    "100 hours to get to the first plot" sick burn on JRPGs lol.

  • GrandNoble

    i think there's 242 games on Xbox Game Pass right now.

  • DM24 DM24
    DM24 DM24

    PS5 has more launch games than Xbox Series X, so IGN decides all Game Pass games should be counted as Series X launch games, but all PSNow games shouldn’t be counted as PS5 launch games. Wow IGN.......... Just wow. Your bias has been taken to new heights with that one. And Johnathan, you sit there and say nothing.

  • Kavish Jain
    Kavish Jain

    Are we gonna ignore they don't know among us?

  • Christopher Vega
    Christopher Vega

    talking up bugsnax, wonderful 🙄

  • Theonetruewonderfly

    "One month to go"? Sorry, but the election happens before the new consoles come out, and there's going to be questionable results/protests/rioting/etc that will last for weeks, and Sony and Microsoft will declare "Forget it, we'll try this again next year."

  • Boss Micky
    Boss Micky


    • Boss Micky
      Boss Micky


  • Nicholas Marshall
    Nicholas Marshall

    As an avid Xbox fan I can honestly say that they did not nail it when it came to looks, Sony really made a work of art both with the console and the controller, I don’t much care for Sony even tho I own a ps4, I bought it for spider man, and literally that’s one of two games I’ve actually purchased, compared to the fifty or so Xbox one games I’ve bought, I don’t care about the technical specs or the small increase in resolution, games play better on Xbox than PS

  • Solas

    What a GREAT cast! You guys did a great job

  • Feverroneous

    Lol, yes, when you list every ancient game from xbox 'the two launch lineupse seem a lot closer than I realized before.' But still, Sony is the only next gen console actually offering next gen games.

  • Rudy Aguilera
    Rudy Aguilera

    Man i really love this theme beat it pumps me up for the show but also keeps me at ease it's definitely the opposite to elevator music or music you would hear when waiting for a call if only it could be used as a ringtone for calls

  • Dave Olsen
    Dave Olsen

    Why bring up game pass and not the 4000+ PS4 games available at launch?

    • Joshua Galmore
      Joshua Galmore

      I was thinking this same thing. How do you count every single game on gamepass as launch games for xbox but then don't count games on playstation now or just games people own that are backwards compatible. IGN is just very biased towards xbox as much as they try to deny it haha

  • Martial Ghost
    Martial Ghost

    Super sad about level 5😿 looking forward to PlayStation 5 😸

  • melodicspectrum

    I just have no hype for next Gen. There isn't any compelling software. Most of the launch games I can already play on my Pro. I've never been less excited about a console launch than this.

  • Talion Gravewalker
    Talion Gravewalker

    One month to go for next gen lol. Don't make me laugh IGN. It won't be next gen for me for at least another 6 months. NOT EVERYONE CAN GET THE NEXT GEN CONSOLES AT LAUNCH IGN!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh Aww Geez
      Oh Aww Geez

      not everything Is AbOuT yOu!!!

  • Devin Walters
    Devin Walters

    It's hard to get excited now since i don't have either one secured and am not even sure if i'll be able to do that since you gotta go through so much just to get a chance to pre order one. A lot of us will be stuck on the other side of the fence having watch others enjoy next gen. Which is like torture depending on how long you've been waiting.

  • Nivek Datadin
    Nivek Datadin

    Ps now has 800 games

  • Yohan Blomquist
    Yohan Blomquist

    What's the name of the track playing in the intro?

  • Shane Larfleeze
    Shane Larfleeze

    amazing professionalism among these individuals especially sydney goodman , respecting each other opinions and no cutting

  • Arham Maher
    Arham Maher

    Steam Starts at 2:14

  • looks legit87
    looks legit87

    ''it held at 120 at 180? what? lol

    • joo baggs
      joo baggs

      probably meant 120fps at 1080p

    • Sando Player
      Sando Player


  • looks legit87
    looks legit87

    did he say '' sacrifice resolution to hit 4k'' ? lol

  • Issam Najde
    Issam Najde

    with game pass xbox has around 300 games.. with ps now playstation has around 750 games to play.. Weird to bring game pass up

    • Ares williams
      Ares williams

      @Gaming With Ryan ps now has downloading too tho 😐

    • Gaming With Ryan
      Gaming With Ryan

      Every game through game pass you can own and download it and not worry about input lag, if it was a competition youtubers would bring it up but your looking for something to cling to

    • Issam Najde
      Issam Najde

      @M. lit not really

    • M. lit
      M. lit

      Totaly diffrent services?

  • Rando Calrissian
    Rando Calrissian

    Welcome back sydnee! Go away forever daemon.

  • The Mangolorian
    The Mangolorian

    When did time happen?

  • Visitor

    You can't include the gamepass games. Those are old games that you can get anywhere and most of them are crap.

  • Vishal bharadwaj
    Vishal bharadwaj

    I think this daemon guy doesn't know anything about like PSNow which is having like 4000+ games like gamepass . but going into next gen, these gaming journos are showing their bias towards MS

  • Dustin

    'Next Gen' consoles are already last gen when compared to PC performance.

  • Vance Dawson
    Vance Dawson

    Why does IGNs Playstation guy (Johnathon) literally just sit there when they downplay PS? Like come on. You let them bring up Gamepass without mentioning PSNow? Then let them tie in the 3rd party line up as part of it the "main line up" when you know all the exclusive games we're getting in the next 6 months? Weak bro...

  • Joshua Turner
    Joshua Turner

    No cares about bug snacks.

    • careless

      Dude you're crazy bug snacks is gonna be a goty contender for sure

    • Devin Walters
      Devin Walters

      It's been turned into a meme. And most just like it because of the catchy theme song.

  • Joseph Bailey
    Joseph Bailey

    1 month for America but for me it's on the 19th of November

    • conrote1

      Stay strong it's only 1 more week 💪PS5 will be worth the wait 😁

  • North South
    North South

    Timestamp, lazies!!!

  • NickBLeaveIt

    Crusader Kings III isn’t even announced for consoles; honestly a game shouldn’t even be allowed to be on Gamepass at all unless it is natively purchasable on both Xbox consoles AND the Windows 10 store.

  • Haq mubeen
    Haq mubeen

    They are totally biased to xbox disappointed

  • Sudhir Raghu
    Sudhir Raghu

    I want a new PS5 and can easily afford it but if they are assembling in China, sorry- I'd rather stick with older consoles. That goes for Xbox too, don't buy if they assemble in China. I currently use a PS4, again made in China, but that was bought 4 years ago and I am currently under a no China made oath.

    • ALI M.ALI
      ALI M.ALI

      @DDot98 the heart of a dying star

    • DDot98

      where else do they assemble them tho?

  • King

    Can’t wait I got my ps5 😀

  • Ronin Christian
    Ronin Christian

    Dornbush Bagels

  • Erlaxis

    PS5 is gonna be great.

  • tombstone Gaming
    tombstone Gaming

    I am hyped for the new consoles

    • Talion Gravewalker
      Talion Gravewalker

      Shut up Craig!!!!

  • T Time
    T Time

    I love how he just acts like PSnow doesn't exist, and acts like they dont have a huge game library as well mind boggling.

    • careless

      @M. lit alot u can download tho

    • M. lit
      M. lit

      Yeah to stream... In worst quality than stadia

    • Tegasus Baccirra
      Tegasus Baccirra

      Word of life

  • Joshua Ryan
    Joshua Ryan

    Someone sounded a little bitter about not getting their hands on the Xbox

  • Joshua Ryan
    Joshua Ryan


  • Timmy

    PS5 is Better.

  • Mr. Horseshoe
    Mr. Horseshoe

    I usually wait a few years into the new gens to buy a console. I have plenty of current and previous gen games to play. Heck, the games I’m playing now are on SNES and PS1.

    • Subtegral

      I'm still using a Vita 1000. It rules!

    • T Time
      T Time

      I can definitely relate to playing older systems im currently playing GameCube, N64

  • Planetdune

    My PC has been next gen for a while now.

    • gamer480

      @Planetdune i don't see on pc what i see in Rift Apart.

    • Planetdune

      @Erlaxis No it means I can play every PC game with the need to buy. Unless I wanne be like Guybrush.

    • Erlaxis

      Awesome. That means you can play every single series x game without any need to buy it.

  • Spenser Baez
    Spenser Baez

    Welcome to current Gen . Which started about a year ago. We're already on Zen 3 architecture so these are already out of date. And the new 3080 RTX

    • gamer480

      @Spenser Baez Sure..

    • Spenser Baez
      Spenser Baez

      @gamer480 Lots of games use portal like implementation on PC . So it's nothing revolutionary

    • Spenser Baez
      Spenser Baez

      @M. lit Waiting for the other cards . So no

    • gamer480

      @Spenser Baez Not only exclusives, i don't see on pc what i see on Rift Apart.

    • M. lit
      M. lit

      Yeah do you already have the 3080 RTX??

  • I like Video Games
    I like Video Games

    I guess Daemon has never heard of PSNow and the 927 games on the service that will be available at launch of PS5 haha

    • Sando Player
      Sando Player

      Yeah he only mentioned the ps plus collection, not psnow, Shame on him

    • Subtegral

      Or the 4000+ PS4 games ..

  • Overshot

    Everyone besides Jonathan is absolutely clueless. Pathetic.

  • Subtegral

    haha. Dornbush's hair..

  • yornkunitachi

    I don't care who wins anymore. As long the next gen consoles manage to sell well in this pandemic year/s.

    • Shin Voldemort
      Shin Voldemort

      Hoping 2021 to 2026 will be better

    • Ultron Sigma
      Ultron Sigma

      You can always go digital shopping to be safe...

  • Josh Kays
    Josh Kays

    Starts at 2:15

  • matt R
    matt R

    One month to go and half of us still can’t get our preorders in...

    • GrandNoble

      i got my XSX preorder. can't wait for Nov 10.

    • SectionEight

      Yeah really... :(

    • Adrian Franco
      Adrian Franco

      half? try 90%

  • Janitha Prabodha
    Janitha Prabodha

    Oh okay

  • HeartAche

    *Who else went straight to the comments?😅*

  • This Is What Awesome Looks Like
    This Is What Awesome Looks Like

    Xbox Series X has backwards compatibility...

    • Gaming With Ryan
      Gaming With Ryan

      @Nabil Idr halo hasnt mattered since bungie left

    • Nicholas Barreto
      Nicholas Barreto

      Huggy ala Conga somebody is salty... 😂

    • Huggy ala Conga
      Huggy ala Conga

      Series X nott ready, Ray tracing patched, system crashing, freezing, heat, to much focus on power and backwards compatibility, rather then the games just like last gen. Showed Halo didn't learn from that and showed Dirt 5. Now xbots trying to cap it. Why not show the games that show off the system is this because as Digital Foundry reported that some Developers are having issues and saying it's not as user friendly and Sony developers they spoke have not one negative comment. Focus in house first and enjoy your console instead of putting all your energy in bashing Sony. When you should be CLEARLY using that for your console...

    • Nabil Idr
      Nabil Idr

      does it got halo infinite on launch ?

    • Living Tribunal
      Living Tribunal

      And maybe waifus!

  • OuterSpace90

    "One month to go until next gen" ...And most of us arent going to have one apparently 😅

  • Greek Goose
    Greek Goose


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