9 Major Changes Coming to iPhone 12
Apple just announced the new iPhone 12, and IGN is going to break down the nine biggest changes in this new phone. So, if your looking to upgrade to an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Max, this video is for you.

Throughout the video, we'll be discussing the differences in the different Apple iPhone 12 models' screen sizes as well as the phones newer features like 5G and LiDAR.

The video will also talk about the Apple iPhone 12 camera specs, including the phone's new abilly to shoot RAW photos with Apple ProRaw and shoot HDR Video.

For more on the Apple iPhone 12, be sure to check out IGN.
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  • Jordzyi1

    What a laugh 😂

  • MB Films Studio
    MB Films Studio


  • SamDeFallenNumbers

    What? i think all this is just iphone 10 or mabye even 6

  • Sarath Murali
    Sarath Murali

    Sponsored video by apple!!?

  • dylan kershaw
    dylan kershaw

    All New Charger ! Sold Separately

  • Fr At
    Fr At

    so fanboyish

  • Bargainteers

    I literally just watched the iPhone 4 in a bigger size

  • Solange Iwa
    Solange Iwa


  • Traverse 1010x
    Traverse 1010x

    'Major' changes . . . 😂

  • adventurer

    the removal of fortnite is a welcome feature, less toxic 12 year old.

  • Ronald Rivera
    Ronald Rivera

    Pretty sure apple introduced wireless charging on the iPhone X and 8. I know because I have a X model, so no, it wasn’t on the iPhone 11 that they introduced wireless charging on.

  • OBC_ Sean
    OBC_ Sean

    Has anyone ever just listened CLOSELY to the background music and heard “the hub” or is it just me??

  • omanzo7

    12 pro. think pro max is great but size is too big.

  • QuidEst Nunc
    QuidEst Nunc

    Please get back to all of us after you have actually played with the iPhone 12's in your very own hands. Thanks. Peace.

  • Herman Sidiq
    Herman Sidiq


  • Aarjav Jain
    Aarjav Jain

    so they're trying to save the environment by making us buy chargers in more boxes which will ruin the environment

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith

    How is it managing waste if it’s boxed sepretatly for you to buy

  • Emirza Irfan
    Emirza Irfan

    why am i hearing Big Shaq's Man's not Hot?

  • Securisec CTF
    Securisec CTF

    What is the intro song?

  • Joe Blogs
    Joe Blogs

    Still no sd card?

  • 5 Minute Psychology
    5 Minute Psychology

    I think Apple sure know how to use psychology.

  • PSN DarkTrilla
    PSN DarkTrilla

    Umm. Wireless charging has been introduced since the iPhone X..


    The same Phon 12

  • Chih Chang
    Chih Chang

    nobody needs a better camera at this point. can we innovate something else? Or are we all out of ideas?

  • Clark Wayne
    Clark Wayne

    Apple: Removed adapters to produced slimmer boxes for iPhone 12s to be more 'environmentally friendly'. Also iPhone: Sold adapters fitted in another box.

  • Rovenel Premont
    Rovenel Premont

    I thought this was a channel about gaming

  • Huang Chung Chuan
    Huang Chung Chuan

    I used to have iphone 6. Then the constant updates caused the phone to use up the battery faster. So i used my Air Miles to get a samsung a50. 64 gb did not last long for me and now i use a huawei with 256 gb.

  • Anon Nymus
    Anon Nymus

    What was Apple thinking? They keep setting new trends of smartphone making the other companies like Samsung will follow later.

  • Being Honest
    Being Honest

    Lmaooo environmental goals so it won’t come with ear phones. Yea okay apple that’s clearly because u want to “help” the environment

  • Liam

    Don't buy made in China!

  • Darrell Garrett
    Darrell Garrett

    A $700 magnet!

  • Kaseem Adams
    Kaseem Adams

    I have the 11 pro tell me again why should I upgrade

  • MikeZablo

    I’m happy with my 8plus & xr .. £1000 + for new phone every year 🤦🏻 you can get for this money both next gen consoles!

  • Aaron Greenall
    Aaron Greenall

    "Apple introduced wireless charging to the iphone 11 last year." are you serious? How about you try saying "Apple introduced wireless charging to the iphones back in 2017 with the iPhone 8 and 8+." Hire me to write your tech scripts IGN.

  • Zojiro

    I have the 11Max and still okay but I’ll upgrade once Apple does a Fold Phone, like the Samsung Fold

  • Suman Kugadasan
    Suman Kugadasan

    this beat didn't have to hit so hard, but it did

  • MrBig s
    MrBig s

    Iphone 11 and 7 videos shot in 4k cant be edited on computer ! Well partially but not fully ! 😡 has this issue been resolved in iphone 12 ? ? No use bringing out new shiny phones when previous problems still there 😡🚽

  • Stephen Vaughn
    Stephen Vaughn

    This BEAT Tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Babajide Israel Oroh
    Babajide Israel Oroh

    I’ll be getting the 12 pro

  • V3RM1LI0N


  • Vandole

    How did "apple introduced wireless charging to iphone 11 last year" pass any sort of review? I'm charging my iphone 8+ wirelessly right now.

  • Jast

    Wow this is the most pointless upgrade i would have expected, why tf is that notch still there

  • game over
    game over

    still on my iphone7 . maybe getting an apple 12 pro next year,

  • Talvinder Singh
    Talvinder Singh

    Vastly improved camera??????????

  • Imagination King
    Imagination King

    I’m wondering will it still Need a case?

  • Brandon

    Still got the bezel. Nope.

  • angel Izquierdo
    angel Izquierdo

    Just get an android phone at the same price range...

  • Mayur Deori
    Mayur Deori

    When did IGN became a tech channel?

  • rigiids • 2 centuries ago
    rigiids • 2 centuries ago

    Imma get me an iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Dondaileyii

    We want you to buy the stuff that used to come with the phone. That saves the environment.

  • s a m s a r a
    s a m s a r a

    "...almost complete lack of bezels" lol sure

  • Karen Carter
    Karen Carter

    The biggest.

  • Oscar Leon
    Oscar Leon

    $600 you said maybe it’s time to upgrade my iPhone 6

  • Protonumus

    Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max specs compared to Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G and Asus Rog Phone 3. Hmm seems to run short in hardware attributes. What about Spotify?.

  • Mr President
    Mr President

    2030: you buy the iPhone but you have to return it next year or they charge you twice as penalty for not being environmental friendly.

  • William

    So basically the same thing year after year but now with a magnet. Revolutionary Apple!

  • Slim

    I don’t usually get the latest iPhone when it comes out but that 12 pro lookin😗😗👀

  • Chillence

    “MagSafe is back” haha a true apple og

  • cameron conger
    cameron conger

    USB c ports are not the standard right now. So for everyone saying use what you have at home won’t work. Apple knows that, and will happily charge you 30+$ to buy the block. I have a love hate relationship with Apple. They make great products, but a billion dollar company wants more!

  • Ross Reyes
    Ross Reyes

    I just want the iPhone 12 mini to play Fortnite.

  • Ian Woollard
    Ian Woollard

    I’d like to get the pro max. I’m still using a 7 plus and have been waiting on a 5g iPhone as the reason to go for a major upgrade. Will get the maximum storage capacity as I plan to stick with it for a long time.

  • Zeeplays

    If I hadn't just upgraded i'd be very tempted with by the more cost friendly iPhone range

  • Wolfram Florian
    Wolfram Florian

    I will get an iPhone 12 mini next year, when the price drops... until then i'm still holding on to my iPhone 6s 😅

  • Corey Collins
    Corey Collins

    At some point I just stopped caring about upgrading. I used to be an early adopter. Always had the newest phone. Now I just don’t care anymore. All upgrades are the same thing. More cameras and bigger screens.

  • Ahmad Nael
    Ahmad Nael

    I have not bought any iPhone before is the iPhone 12 (normal) recommended for a new iPhone user like me?

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who

    so many android fanbois jn the comment section.

  • Jake Ciasulli
    Jake Ciasulli

    I think it needs a fingerprint scanner, tired of fusing with my mask or passcode

  • Nehemiah Fields
    Nehemiah Fields

    Like to average consumer they aren't going to care about high refresh rate, but they definitely could have done at least 90

  • SatelliteSurfer

    Why are they omitting items from the box in the name of the "environment" when they are polluting just as much, if not, more by selling the charger and headphones separately. Hmmmmm🤔

  • Renzo Torr
    Renzo Torr

    why do u say "since the iPhone X" as if it released like a decade ago or something

  • sans :/
    sans :/

    NO Charger! 9.5/10- IGN..

  • Faiq Ajmir
    Faiq Ajmir

    sony:changes 4 to 5 for ps5 logo everyone:sony is so dumb apple:enlarges iphone 5's body and adds iphone 11's camera everyone:wow apple is so smart

  • Meme_ Loader
    Meme_ Loader

    Next year it’s gonna be 8 new

  • PolyKidd

    im gonna guess there's a 999 dollars stand for the iphone 12.

  • Brandton White
    Brandton White

    So your telling me. IPhone 12 cost over $1,000 and the Charger is sold Separately. Wtf 🍎

  • guil. meister
    guil. meister

    It's all fun and mocking until Android phone OEM's stop including accesories...

  • foxroano9t

    MagSafe Charger, Because lighting cable charger can be hard so we made it simple to charge your phone.

  • foxroano9t

    5G! Fast! But can't play Xcloud that's a shame. And Raw ONLY on Pro modes?

  • mariokart MADMAN
    mariokart MADMAN

    You ever get the feeling Apple’s just selling us the same phone with a different number on it...

  • Matt Moreland
    Matt Moreland

    Says they’re being more environmentally friendly, includes cable that no one can use

  • Ronald Doucette
    Ronald Doucette

    Budget, HEY FRANK! I have an idea let’s not give headphones or give them the charger block this time around they will have to go out and spend money when the old one they have brakes. Oh actually you know what else frank tell them it’s because we want to save the environment yeah they will believe that. Cough cough 😷 in the mean time they still produce them for you to buy on the side.🧐

  • Diego Echeverria Rios
    Diego Echeverria Rios

    I have most of these features in my Sony Xperia


    All I want is the lock button on the top I’m so tired of accidental screen shots And to be able to play music while charging your phone you don’t know how annoying that is ... Everything else about the design is fine If you can do that with a white gold skin I’ll be a buyer it’d be close to perfect iPhone I’m sticking to my iPhone 11 for now This literally looks like an iPhone 11 with 5g

  • WiZard

    Every year Apple says it’s their best. Next year will be their “best iPhone yet” also, and that iPhone will be plagued with bugs too.

  • Xgamer2462

    Not going to upgrade until that notch gets significantly decreased in size

  • Ezequiel Diaz
    Ezequiel Diaz

    I like the bigger size for gaming 12 pro max 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Ezequiel Diaz
    Ezequiel Diaz

    12 pro max 👍🏼

  • Brant Phillips
    Brant Phillips

    I love the pacific blue color

  • Purealyzed

    I honestly wanted them to do something new to beat samsung but they just remade there last phone


    None of this crap on the Iphone is anything new, Samsung already has done it 3 years ago.

  • caribbean joe
    caribbean joe

    I can't help to think less of people who own iphones

  • ceruspen

    6.5 to 6.7 inches now that's a major change

  • Morty Jr
    Morty Jr

    I'm glad I switched to the Note 20 Ultra 5G, it shits on everything apple.

  • Subtegral


  • un1fy

    Still a Notch...... yikes

  • Jaissal S
    Jaissal S

    How about a iPod 8th gen with this design?

  • Rick Mageddon
    Rick Mageddon

    and again, im sticking with my android device

  • Chugalug

    Same stuff for 500 bucks more now I want that!

  • Johnny Blue
    Johnny Blue

    I'm a lifelong Android user, so I'm just watching these videos to see what the hype is about and to see what Apple calls "improvements".


    Let's be serious we laugh at iPhone users

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