NHL 21 Review
NHL 21 reviewed by Chase Becotte on PlayStation 4, also available on Xbox One.
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  • Vega Da Wav
    Vega Da Wav

    NHL+ right stick =solved

  • Gilbert Grape
    Gilbert Grape

    The AI is the worst I've ever seen...funny cause I say that every year. So it means the AI is simply getting worst years after years. EA are improving at getting worst.

  • Job for a Buffalo N.y Cowboy
    Job for a Buffalo N.y Cowboy

    I have zero complaint i turn off the commentary i adjust the sliders when needed . I dont play online i can update team rosters when needed. I dont care if my player cant have dreadlocks or a certain visor .i just take the team i choose trade my superstar players and build my team up from the bottom. Therefore I'm fine with this game i think its great!!!! Greetings from buffalo ny

  • Tony A.
    Tony A.

    Haters in comments are worthless incels

  • Scavenger69_MFK

    I would have preferred them fixing the eashl bugs were after finishing a game it doesn't even count towards your stats than conversation in be a pro.

  • Misfit _1647
    Misfit _1647


  • Omen Nagy
    Omen Nagy

    How i can remove that yellow line near the scoreboard?

  • PixelTom

    Just got this game despite having any knowledge about hockey - should be interesting.

  • K.O.M

    I agree. NHL on the PS4/XOne has been shoddy. But still got this for Ovi! It's still fun but don't expect the best game of all time.

  • MissionM0M

    Literally the same f***ing game. Literally.

  • Chris Hodgson
    Chris Hodgson

    I tend to buy the game every other year so noticed a big improvement visually from 19. The game is adjustable enough to to dial back the arcade feel and I play the true broadcast angle which makes it look better. Rosters are outdated but will be fixed. Couple of other bugs but they’ll be fixed too no doubt. Glad I updated.

  • Jack Reacher
    Jack Reacher

    No wonder why a lot of people play this game drunk or high.

  • Thineus Thaddeus
    Thineus Thaddeus

    The fact they call it the kucherov is an embarrassment

  • Honza Marek
    Honza Marek

    Nice retro edition 🙂

  • Patrick Paré
    Patrick Paré

    i honestly thought they were using clips of nhl 20 to compare.... but nope its all 21, legitimately looks exactly the same. Just a $80 roster update . smh

  • Andrew Sevilla
    Andrew Sevilla

    No competition No reason to continue buying a new nhl game every year best to wait like 3 years then get the new one because, by then you’ll feel a substantial change over just minor changes and you’ll be saving money my suggestion is since titles wanna be shared on other consoles and composition is near dead why should a company try to impress its like if your winning the champions every year people eventually slip up in areas and go in cruse control instead of trying to make something more of it or different and new why should they ...there making the money and you guys buying into it stop buying the newer version every year and I believe things will change and you’ll get more content there not in control we are

  • Eric

    It looks exactly like NHL 20 after the last update

  • Generik

    It's about time Be a Pro mode finally got an update.

  • Tone Chaser
    Tone Chaser

    So if anyone gonna talk about the tutorial? They have new moves this year and none of them is in the tutorial, thats terrible. Also funny how gamespot gave it a 9/10 and then doesn't make a video and post it on INlabel like cowards. Can kinda tell they got bought out or something. Anyways, AI goalies are like spider monkey goalies, user goalies feel better this year. Poke check is a bit over the top, one timers is basically the only way to score on AI goalie. Switching your player in hut or online versus is frustrating as ever. Hopefully they patch some of this, wait that would be the next game right lol

  • Sob Baget
    Sob Baget

    Other developers need to make a hockey game

  • Victor Richardson
    Victor Richardson

    I’m not buying this until they bring back the All-Star game 😢

  • Scott Guest
    Scott Guest

    He failed a persuade roll!

  • Rick Monroe
    Rick Monroe

    Let me guess. They added a 1 to the name and subtracted a zero. Same game, new title like always.

  • Simon Jasmin
    Simon Jasmin

    I'm very disappointed with the game since it's the same thing every year since the15-16.. Hopefully, the next-gen on the PS5 will be better for the NHL 22..

  • memenalnurse_24 6
    memenalnurse_24 6

    This game is actually different than the others imo

  • Kevin De Smet
    Kevin De Smet

    FIFA has the same problem, passing is way to accurate and fast which makes the pace of the gameplay very high and arcadey

  • Peter K
    Peter K

    How are the menus? I play exclusively BeAGM mode and the Menus on NHL20 were agonizingly slow.

  • hyde81


  • UGkerto

    Thought I was going to purchase this years version but after watching this. I’m staying away like I have been for the past 6 years.

    • joko7038

      Me 2, i stick with NHL 17 got 19 with gold but didnt extend gold so cant play 19.

  • Michael Alexander
    Michael Alexander

    I freeze and disconnected 5 to 10 times a night

  • Elusive Pizza
    Elusive Pizza

    Game is the same every year, just like cod, but everyone plays that every year hahaha

  • Ry W
    Ry W

    Gonna stick with 20 till this is dirt cheap 👍

  • kevin timperley
    kevin timperley

    Game is garbage

  • Dustin Nuttall
    Dustin Nuttall

    It's still better than Madden though.

  • Serenity Buckingham
    Serenity Buckingham

    This review was horrible...

  • Marko Korpi
    Marko Korpi

    I cant understand why people are bashing EAs sports games so much, they make improvements to the games every year, its like gamers expect a hockey game to be completely different than it was last year, people have unrealistic expectations of games in general, that is for sure.

  • Sam E
    Sam E

    Bring back NHL 2k

  • Jiu Jitsu Dweeb
    Jiu Jitsu Dweeb

    Honestly couldn’t tell the difference, looks like 2020

  • Brandon Mcfellin
    Brandon Mcfellin

    If you want a true honest review from someone who has played hockey and has played NHL games since n64. Nhl 21 is nhl 18 with 3 dlc packs. The online eashl is the same 1 timers galore and the gameplay is the same. Only thing I will give them credit for is be a pro other than that this game is 2 out of 5 stars tops.

  • jcdeguz14

    "It makes you feel like hockey."

  • RRAH Gold Standard Rope Access Technicians
    RRAH Gold Standard Rope Access Technicians

    My biggest issue is that you can get beat by a player that is less skilled by them just b lining it to a corner and throwing a perfect cross crease pass one timer to beat you continuously while letting the ai play as the defense for them.

    • Makchete

      Git gud

  • RRAH Gold Standard Rope Access Technicians
    RRAH Gold Standard Rope Access Technicians

    It’s literally the same game as nhl 18

  • Rod Munch
    Rod Munch

    Where the hell is franchise mode? What a worthless review.

  • G De Souza
    G De Souza

    Did the fix the "Big hit = Instant Fight"... Even if that player has to skate from a completely different area zone instead of whomever is in close proximity... EA needs to lose their license to Madden, FIFA, NHL, UFC, STAR WARS, and many other... Holding these titles hostage is not the way to earn revenue

  • Brent Kovaltsenko
    Brent Kovaltsenko

    Its more ARCADE?! NO WAY! u can change settings for that each game depending on what type u wanna play? My n my cuz play 1 series and a coin toss on arcade or regular mode.

  • Pushon Bhattacharya
    Pushon Bhattacharya

    Does NHL 21 have all the updated rosters following free agency?

  • James L.
    James L.

    When EA stops handicapping lower ranked players in online VS then i will give a damn until then I could care less. I get they want to make the game more exciting but why play people when the computer makes up so much of what happens. Everytime you get to 750 they will hand you 10 losses in a row to 500 ranked players, its so lame.

  • Nero3335

    Fair review, happy to see some reasonable critique to the yearly formula.

  • Smit1791

    I’m shocked they put that much time & effort into BAP. Imagine if they would’ve done this 3-4 years ago, it would be looking incredible at this point. It is a bit repetitive but is much more enjoyable to play. I’m surprised they did this much with it being the last game in the console generation. Gameplay is definitely a let down with little to no improvements from last year, guess it could be due to it being the last game of the generation. I’ll echo a popular opinion and say that the lack of a competitor is evident this year as it is every year.

  • Chico Yo
    Chico Yo

    Looking at the highlights of this game, took me awhile to realize it's footage from the new game. Looks identical to NHL 20 lmao

  • Andrew Demora
    Andrew Demora

    The only thing I dont like about this game is that teem USA uniforms are wrong and have been for as long as I can remember you would think they could get that uniform right

  • smagmatits


  • phoenixcrusher

    How many times they have to remake this game.

  • Dragon Man
    Dragon Man

    Cmon give it at least 8

  • tim tubby
    tim tubby

    sports games are for playing with friends


    Didnt even know that a new NHL game got released until i saw this video

    • Imitation Station
      Imitation Station

      Yeah I had to look it up lol

    • Rayne Birkin
      Rayne Birkin

      Same lol

  • coltukkor

    This is not an EA problem anymore folks.This is a YOU problem. Step one of recovery is admitting you have a problem.

    • Elvis P
      Elvis P

      Nhl 21 be a pro storymode enough said sorry people didnt get what they wanted but i finally got what i wanted

  • Tony H
    Tony H

    I actually like the game, weird I know

  • Michie Frank
    Michie Frank

    Eeeyyyy @arcaderegiment made it in!!!

  • Frank Quartarone
    Frank Quartarone

    Biggest problem with sports video games in general is the amount of athletically challenged people trying to get a video game to replace actually going out and playing the game and then bitching and complaining that it doesn’t, news flash, IT NEVER WILL LOL

  • xDemolitionDx

    There will never be a major sports title rated. 9 or more. If you are a hockey fan, you will love the diversity in NHL21. And it is no surprise that IGN would rate this game low. Be a Pro mode findnjf I

  • Logan Eibich
    Logan Eibich

    I find the game cool and enjoyable, Way better than last years so I got it

  • Scott Andermahr
    Scott Andermahr

    How does a financial heavyweight like EA think that some static images with dialogue options are going to cut it for a career mode? Why do people keep buying this garbage, guaranteeing next year will be the same low effort showing?

  • G20

    Lmao at 1:34 I’m on the away team at the start screen. We won btw. Gg to whoever captured this though 😉

    • Imitation Station
      Imitation Station

      Nice dub 👌

  • r

    Nhl 13+14....ea sports.... Go back to where it went wrong at nhl 15 and bring us that next Gen nhl 22 next year please

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    In 3v3 is it your created player you use?

  • Quade Vellacott
    Quade Vellacott

    You can fake svech tho so it useful

  • Indranil Roy Chowdhury
    Indranil Roy Chowdhury

    Thumbnail player looks like geralt. 🤣

  • Tekton

    Jesus Christ, licenses the NHL out to another f n studio.

  • Jason B
    Jason B

    momo challenge

  • iluvthesedins22

    I mean, the criticisms aren't wrong.. But, man, turn the difficulty up from rookie and you wont have 90% passing.

  • I N
    I N

    The NHL games have become too unrealistic.. again.

  • James Noto
    James Noto

    They added some dekes, honestly I wish they removed some dekes. It's toe drag and deke overkill. I'm having fun with be a pro but let's be honest its not anywhere close to a story mode of nba2k. It feels more like an update of nhl20 then anything

  • Wilhelm Krauss
    Wilhelm Krauss

    The puck handling is garb now

  • MorbidSwe

    Bring back 2K!

  • Tony Miami
    Tony Miami

    Fuk EA!

  • Ryuken

    Looks like a ps3 game.

  • Brady MacNeill
    Brady MacNeill

    Nhl messed up when they took out OTP

  • Ole Larson
    Ole Larson

    They need a competitor or a reboot. NHL is booooooring

  • KingTut

    So far FIFA 21 has the highest aggregate score among the sports games

  • Sports Games
    Sports Games

    This game is still the best NHL game ever made lmao

    • mb36

      I just looked at your channel haha sorry man. keep making content

    • Sports Games
      Sports Games

      @mb36 sure because ea hasn't made games in the past and neither has 2k or nhl hitz and those stuff.. are u slow or something

    • mb36

      because its the only hockey game.. lol

  • Bones Jackson
    Bones Jackson

    If I want arcade hockey I fire up NHL Hitz 03. If I want sim hockey I.... wait.

  • Camaro69z

    This is the first time since 1998 I'm skipping buying this game. I played the alpha/beta/brandedDonyouDareTakeScreenshotsOfThisMasterpeice NHL 21 and it was enraging. I was so pissed I only played it that night. The damn 40GB download or whatever just wasted my time. Minimal tweaks. Same crap. Sick of it! Monopolies ruin everything.

  • Mapled

    Haven’t played an nhl game since the ps2 so I hope to get back into it this year

    • Makchete


    • Fun Times
      Fun Times

      Wtf... Why???

  • Simvalify

    why is the net made of steel?

  • BeTaTrEv217

    I only pre-ordered this for the Happy Gilmore POP! Figure. I’ve never played NHL before. Trying to figure out if I’ll keep it or Re-sell /refund it

    • Elvis P
      Elvis P

      @X Marks The Spot keep it well worth it

    • X Marks The Spot
      X Marks The Spot

      @BeTaTrEv217 No worries. I too preordered for the Pop! 😆 Debating wether I should keep or return game.

    • BeTaTrEv217

      @X Marks The Spot I actually ended up keeping it haha, wish I could give you an answer though

    • X Marks The Spot
      X Marks The Spot

      If you returned it did you have any trouble doing so because the bonus was a Pop figure?

  • Daniel Gibson
    Daniel Gibson

    Last hockey game I played was on sega & I loved it. I was going crazy with Wayne Gretzky 😂. This game looks pretty fun. Again, I haven't played a hockey game in years so the recycled gameplay wouldn't matter to me.

    • Imitation Station
      Imitation Station

      Yeah last hockey game I got was NHL 11 on 360 so I will probably be blown away. The Sega games were amazing by the way. Still play them also especially tecmo super hockey and NHL 94-96

  • Mr. Bacon
    Mr. Bacon

    Better than nhl 20 tho

  • Tiresome

    Wtf is NHL

  • samuska123


    • Owen Bernier
      Owen Bernier

      Mine never lags that’s you

    • Tag Thehash
      Tag Thehash

      @samuska123 hmmmmm, mines connected and my game never lags. Have you try to reboot your internet server?

    • samuska123

      @Tag Thehash it is connected to my xbox and no other game lag

    • Tag Thehash
      Tag Thehash

      dude connect your ps4 to your ethernet cable.

  • AlphaOscarRomeo

    I bought a discounted NHL 20 earlier this year - the first time I’d played it for a few years. I literally played it twice before deleting it. The commentary actually made me feel anxious and when Snoop Dogg made an appearance, that was it for me. From what I see here, there’s nothing that makes me want this. Sports games have hit their peak on PS4.

    • Act Nasty
      Act Nasty

      @AlphaOscarRomeo ohhhh thats how you meant it. Yeah definitely agree. I thought you meant the best sports games in general have been on ps4 and wont get better next gen haha

    • AlphaOscarRomeo

      @Act Nasty They have peaked on PS4 have they not? My point is buying any sports game on PS4 is not going to offer you anything different anymore.

    • Act Nasty
      Act Nasty

      @AlphaOscarRomeo you said they peaked on ps4. We are currently in ps4. We havent seen next gen sports games really yet. Not that i have hope.

    • AlphaOscarRomeo

      @Act Nasty Where have I said it isn’t?

    • Act Nasty
      Act Nasty

      This game is for ps4 lol

  • Dave Ressman
    Dave Ressman

    1:38 is all I needed to see to confirm 100% I’m not buying this garbage game again. 2 years in a row.

  • Shane Owens
    Shane Owens

    EA sports and realism don't mix

  • All up in the videos....
    All up in the videos....

    Still better than madden 21 lol

  • Eric

    We need 2k sports games again the only sport 2k has is golf

    • Sin3007


    • Coby Houle
      Coby Houle

      Basketball ?

  • Eric

    Is it any better than nhl 20 I play franchise mode mainly

  • Matt York
    Matt York

    The game is decent but I understand the frustration. Still, it seems they try harder with NHL than their other franchises even though it's got not even a fraction of the budget with a smaller team. Yes. The game is still pretty end to end and the flow is pretty much the same as the last few years. Goalies are better for sure and AI is improved as well over 20 in both opponent and teammate. I don't like how after NHL 19 they nerfed the crap out of Dmen . Point shots are still basically useless so no one even tries them anymore. Every rush is just looking for the one-timer . I wish the gameplay encouraged more cycling and strategy which is why it kinda feels more arcadey at times. I buy this game every year. I don't think I've missed an NHL game in a while. There's some I missed from EA because I jumped to NHL 2k for a few years (2k4, 2k5, 2k6) Also had 2k on Dreamcast. The excitement has been kinda dwindling this gen for the franchise. I have way higher expectations next gen but what I really want is 2k to come back and get another shot at a hockey title. I always thought EAs game was more arcadey.

    • Matt York
      Matt York

      @Silver Animation EA doesn't own the license for NHL. It's all fair game. Anyone can make an nhl game. You're right though. I don't think the money is there for anyone else to jump in and take the reigns. NHL doesn't make the money most other franchises do and going head to head with EAs established franchise is a risk. Another competing game is the only way this game is going to truly evolve. Maybe one day..

    • Silver Animation
      Silver Animation

      I don't think 2K will come back because of not having the licenses, they're too focused on other franchises like NBA, and their NHL games towards the end didn't sell well.

  • Giant Namekian Dende
    Giant Namekian Dende

    Wow this looks like the same old crap, with conversations added and I cant stand conversations in games its why I stopped playing 2k

    • 23oel

      @Elvis P storymode😂

    • Elvis P
      Elvis P

      Its called storymode and its legit best thing theyve done with be a pro , sorry you cant read or enjoy great games

  • Dale Wilson
    Dale Wilson

    You played your Jr career with the Kitchener Rangers? Atta boy

    • Sports Maniac
      Sports Maniac



    U really think this game is worse than 20 or 19. U excuses that u could've said for the past 4 games. Try to find things wrong that u couldn't say in other games

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