Michael Myers: The Greatest Movie Slasher of All Time
During a time when parents still left their doors unlocked and left their children at home on halloween night, a hulking masked bogeyman slashed his way through a sleepy midwest town...And into the hearts of moviegoers everywhere. His name was Michael Myers and he's the greatest movie maniac of all time.

But why is he the greatest? Join us as we re-visit the career of one the most prolific killers in horror cinema, from his horrible origin story to his invention of the photobomb, Michael Myers and the Halloween franchise will always be pure classics every October.

  • Justin Lauramore
    Justin Lauramore

    Love his music... it kills

  • King Lord Greendro
    King Lord Greendro

    Michael Myers is the goat alright

  • Cleife117

    Not really a movie slasher but the one killer that the thought of scares me is Hannibal Lecter. He doesn't chase you or stalk you, he invites you in for dinner and you don't see it coming.

  • tubewatcher1979

    The Goat.

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User

    ‘Have Michael Myers lookin like a liar swipe his powers replace his knife with flowers and a stack of fliers...’🤣🤣

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams

    Jason is better jk but I do wonder who would win in a fight though

  • Rhowan Johannes
    Rhowan Johannes


  • Nicholas Tumlin
    Nicholas Tumlin

    Michael Myers needs to be in mk11 period hes owed a spot

  • Ezra Y
    Ezra Y

    the beheaded michael was not michael get your facts straight! Jason is the best slasher then Freddy (which technically freddy won jason in a battle even though freddy lose cause jason had help by that lady) Facts: freddy chop jason's fingers, stab his eyes & took his machete aka clear win...SO...YEAH

  • William Gann Jr
    William Gann Jr

    Mike will steal a car. Figure out YOUR whereabouts. And STALK YOU!! Jason or the rest of them are not doing ANY of that 🤔💪💯

    • William Gann Jr
      William Gann Jr

      Drive across country etc.

  • Joey Luddington
    Joey Luddington

    Jason is a juice head WWE version of Michael, Michael is the godfather of slashers

  • I Am ProdAG
    I Am ProdAG

    Phyche! Everyone knows Jason is the Best Slasher Of All Time.

  • Jr G
    Jr G


  • Fredo Santana
    Fredo Santana

    Freddy Kruger 😈

  • Charlief813

    Halloween 6 -1989? lol

  • Battleaxe Gaming
    Battleaxe Gaming

    Can i get 1 subscriber🥺 My channel isn't growing 😔

  • Leonardo Mota
    Leonardo Mota

    Yes, he is, at least for me

  • Øyvind Hanstad
    Øyvind Hanstad

    Love the movies, allways Halloween wathing these movies🎃🎃

  • Jawan Leath
    Jawan Leath

    Nah!! Jason will wash little mickey!!

    • The Thing
      The Thing

      The shape is evil it self Jason is just a zombie

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis


  • Anthony Walters
    Anthony Walters


  • Raptor Rex 44
    Raptor Rex 44


  • Rodan

    Ehh I mean theres jason too.

  • samira belini
    samira belini

    Michael michael mayerssss ❤❤❤

  • Anthony White
    Anthony White

    Jason would DESTROY Michael 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • The Thing
      The Thing

      Jason is a zombie the shape is evil manifested

  • YNW Mitae
    YNW Mitae

    Jason better to me but Michael my second favorite

  • Katastrophic Beatz
    Katastrophic Beatz

    That beat dope af! 🔥🔥🔥 🎶 🎵

  • Toledo T
    Toledo T

    The best park about Michael is he dont talk is strong as hell an kills everything

    • Shotgunfrenzy 12
      Shotgunfrenzy 12

      All except babies

  • YaBoiMagic

    *The Embodiment of Pure Evil*

  • Artie Araiza
    Artie Araiza

    Talking about the original. Shows thumbnail of remake.

  • Bryan Moncion
    Bryan Moncion


  • Adan Zavala
    Adan Zavala

    Rebootquel hahaha

  • David Mills
    David Mills

    Need a Micheal Myers vs Jason movie

  • Kamuy Mamushi
    Kamuy Mamushi

    He kills because he can

  • Jorel Lonesome
    Jorel Lonesome

    This is probably the only Slasher that gives me the creeps besides Candyman. The 1978 film has to be at #1 on my list. It's simply an all time classic.

  • Renzel Gabriel Rogacion
    Renzel Gabriel Rogacion


  • Walter Griffeth
    Walter Griffeth

    My favorite Halloween costume 👌

  • Austin Youngblood
    Austin Youngblood

    Why thank you MICHAEL finally got recognized as the OG. I was tired of hearing about Jason all the time like He’s the best😂😂😂

  • peteajwalden

    Halloween has ALWAYS been my fave horror franchise, Michael is definitely the best “real” life possible slasher. My fave...what I’ll call, FANTASY slasher, will forever be Freddy.

  • Bruciphers Dungeon
    Bruciphers Dungeon

    Ummm no.

  • cristianenache63

    Laurey decapitate a paramedic in michael costume

  • House Wise
    House Wise

    666 comment

  • Liam Dickson
    Liam Dickson

    No jason is the best.

    • The Thing
      The Thing

      He can't be defeated because he is the shape

  • xFINISHxHIMx EA Sports UFC
    xFINISHxHIMx EA Sports UFC

    Freddy Kruger "who even kills People in their dreams" : Am I joke to you?

  • Spook Inflames
    Spook Inflames

    Na friday the 13th is a way better slasher end of

    • markmac

      Never Hike In The Snow comes out tomorrow (Monday).

  • Random Hairline
    Random Hairline

    Michael is the goat.... literally the best slasher of all time

  • fatty controller
    fatty controller

    I prefer Jason Voorhees

  • Azael Gomez
    Azael Gomez

    Can you believe Halloween could’ve been PG

  • The Darwinist
    The Darwinist

    He's not mute, he just has nothing to say.

    • Saleem Frazer
      Saleem Frazer

      I like that idea actually. I like that he has the capability to speak, but has no desire to considering he has no desire to communicate...only to destroy.

  • Saleem Frazer
    Saleem Frazer

    Not so sure on the music used in this video, but yes Michael Myers is definitely the best slasher character in my opinion.


    My favorite and the best imo will always be Jason

  • Philip Riggio
    Philip Riggio

    Out of all the horror movie monsters/killers, Michael Myers is #1 for me.

  • Jason Doty
    Jason Doty

    Michael Myers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Freddy Krueger

  • Dr. Loomis
    Dr. Loomis

    This is my fault...he was my patient

    • markmac




  • Hiei

    I prefer Michael over Jason. He has realism and depth if you really get into his stuff. Jason is just ridiculous.

    • Spaceinvader 6424
      Spaceinvader 6424


  • Ben

    Micheal is great guy once you get to know him

  • Cayden Garrett
    Cayden Garrett

    Jason's my favorite killer but as far as movies it goes to Michael

  • Bizzy Gamer
    Bizzy Gamer

    I just watched every last one of dem man did I have a blast.....yea Michael Myers is definitely the better Slasher then Jason

    • Spaceinvader 6424
      Spaceinvader 6424


  • Gilbert Garces
    Gilbert Garces

    Halloween: 40 years later is the TRUE improved sequel. Recently I may have scared my girlfriend with my new Michael Myers mask, & got punched out! I deserved that🤕😆

    • Spaceinvader 6424
      Spaceinvader 6424

      Uhh okay that last part was random but thats cool I guess

  • Brian Hawk
    Brian Hawk

    Halloween 6 came out in 1995, not 1989. This channel is a piece of sh*t

  • Aetherial02

    He's probably the most real slasher. Not necessarily the scariest. That goes to Freddy for me personally but he is definitely one of the most real killers. And that to me makes him damn scary


      Ghost face. Leatherface.

  • Kay Cee
    Kay Cee

    Mikey is the 🐐!!! A true legend! my favorite of all time!

  • CoreySpectre07

    Still my favorite scary movie when my parents showed me it when I was 5 👍🏼 the original Halloween

  • Tom Ffrench
    Tom Ffrench

    Yeah no. Jason Voorhees is so much better. And most those movies are bad unless it’s part 4 or 6. Micheal is great, but Jason Voorhees is more iconic, which is enough.

    • Tom Ffrench
      Tom Ffrench

      @Sega Arcade yet I don’t care about it. Anything past the first movie shouldn’t exist imo. Jason on the other hand should be in actual more movies as we need a legit great Friday the 13th movie

    • Sega Arcade
      Sega Arcade

      Myers is still more relevant than Jason that shows you who is more iconic

    • Sega Arcade
      Sega Arcade

      @Tom Ffrench that's why they keep making Halloween movies that make money and Jason is a has been, myers wins.

    • Tom Ffrench
      Tom Ffrench

      @Sega Arcade I’m gonna disagree. That Hockey mask is more iconic than the score. I’m not trying to diss Michael Myers, he’s awesome in that first movie

    • Sega Arcade
      Sega Arcade

      @Tom Ffrench sorry but iconic theme iconic Halloween association Myers wins

  • Username Error
    Username Error

    They just dont make great horror movies like they use to.

    • Saleem Frazer
      Saleem Frazer

      They still do...they're just not as many sadly. But they're out there.

  • Nintendoboy91N


  • Emerald Videos 8D
    Emerald Videos 8D

    I hope that one day we get a moment where michael is not fast enough to catch his victim in the midle of the road or something and he slowly starts running after them with his theme playing in the background

  • dulkowski47

    They love Halloween so much that Halloween 6 came out in 1989 lol

    • Spaceinvader 6424
      Spaceinvader 6424

      @dulkowski47 oh I was so confused for a minute lol

    • dulkowski47

      @Spaceinvader 6424 yes 1995 but the video said 1989

    • Spaceinvader 6424
      Spaceinvader 6424

      ??? H6 came out in 1996 ???

  • Escada Gordon
    Escada Gordon


  • Jordan Roach
    Jordan Roach

    Mike about to drop the greatest album ever with that thumbnail photo.

  • Sprite Five
    Sprite Five

    Myers is the best but most underrated is Matt Cordell.

  • Q

    Hello IGN, I have a “Mr. Vorhees” on the phone, he says y’all are full of it!

  • FishingWithDee

    Been obsessed with him and the franchise since I was 6.

    • Spaceinvader 6424
      Spaceinvader 6424

      @FishingWithDee that's reassuring

    • FishingWithDee

      Spaceinvader 6424 Yanno, I don’t remember doing so. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Spaceinvader 6424
      Spaceinvader 6424

      When you were 6 years old did you happen to kill you're sister by any chance?

  • Unknown

    I honestly don't know why michael myers was not in mk x and now mk 11 has a chance, but would netherrealm honor the character?

  • wolf soul
    wolf soul

    Ghostface is number one for me.

  • TN NG
    TN NG

    Hire the boogeyman. And I do mean John Wick.

  • AndyPandy

    We need Michael Myers in Mortal Kombat

  • MKMyers 1978
    MKMyers 1978

    If I were to write a Halloween movie, I would take a page out of DC’s Joker and give Michael multiple possibilities on who he was and how he came to be. People through Haddonfield would each have a theory on why Michael kills from just being mentally insane to being possibly the re incarnation of the Anti-Christ, and every time it seemed like one theory would be true, Michael does something that straight up deconfirm it. In the end it’s up the the audience to ask who Michael really is.

  • Jason Gomez
    Jason Gomez

    I only care for Halloween 1978-2009.

  • PunkRockZombie205

    Not even close. Freddy, leatherface, Norman Bates, and even his twin Jason are far better. Tho the Rob Zombie remakes did improve opon the boring originals quite a lot

    • DJ


  • Quint

    Wrong. Predator is the greatest slasher of all time.

    • kombat Trilogy
      kombat Trilogy


  • jose andujar
    jose andujar

    0:10 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Milos Jevtic
    Milos Jevtic

    And he is not on Mk11 😒

  • stripe801

    it’s aLways between MichaeL, Jason & Freddy

  • stripe801

    the Rob zombie & 2018 movies are some fo the worst movies i’ve ever seen.

  • Luke-Adem Saunders
    Luke-Adem Saunders

    I agree Michael is awesome but if ur going to make vids like this maybe atleast know the story and watch the films? He was never decapitated in the original line of films, that was an emt :/

  • Difference Too Stoned
    Difference Too Stoned

    Rob Zombie film is the best



  • ZOOM 15th
    ZOOM 15th

    Love any version! Roll one up.. lets Halloween kill🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

  • ZOOM 15th
    ZOOM 15th

    #1 for me as well... no talk,straight get to work.

  • luedriver

    maybe they should make a movie vs Jason

  • Liana Verwood
    Liana Verwood

    I would say freddy is the greatest based on movies and staying power.

    • DJ

      But freddys unrealistic I like Freddy don’t get me wrong but Michael Myers is a killer U could encounter in real life

    • Kris Andreasian
      Kris Andreasian

      I agree, Freddy's the best 😈

  • Justin Assalone
    Justin Assalone

    I think there should be Michael Meyers vs Jason movie

  • MadelineLulu

    No. JASON!

  • K Deloris
    K Deloris

    Don't forget Freddy and Jason

  • Dale Owens
    Dale Owens

    Halloween (1978) is the greatest horror movie of all time.

  • Taner Archibald
    Taner Archibald

    The thing that makes Micheal Myers so frightening is he is this expressionless blank face, he feels nothing and kills just to kill.

  • Space Beast
    Space Beast

    He should have had spanish parents. They would have beat the crazy out of him then take him to church for his communion.

  • jill stanhope
    jill stanhope

    Jason and freddy are way better slashers. As for the best movie maniac ? Not even close .

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