Pros & Cons of Buying at Launch - Next-Gen Console Watch
Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch 2020, our show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. This week we discuss the pros and cons of buying a next-gen console at launch, the PS5 UI reveal, and the best television specs for your new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.
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00:00 - Intro
00:29 - Pros & Cons of Buying at Launch
08:12 - Best TV Specs for The PS5 and Xbox Series X
14:20 - PlayStation 5 UI Revealed
17:19 - Poll Results: What's Your Dream Next-Gen Console Color?
18:35- New Poll & Outro
Here's a rundown of what our team has discovered:
PS5's UI: The 5 Biggest GameChangers
Xbox Series X and Series S Launch Lineups Announced by Microsoft
Xbox Series X: The Final Preview
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  • IGN

    What’s your favorite PlayStation and Xbox launch games lineup of all time? Don’t forget to vote at and we’ll share the results with you on next week!

    • Hip-Hop not Wick Wack
      Hip-Hop not Wick Wack

      Halo Infinite ftw 🤙

    • Fawkk YuTuu
      Fawkk YuTuu

      @Joe Peoples launch window for me means the first 3 - 6 months *max* .

    • Fawkk YuTuu
      Fawkk YuTuu

      Best overall launch of all time = DC My personal favorite launch = PS1 or NES Best overall Playstation launch = PS2 Best overall Nintendo launch = NES Best overall Xbox launch = 360

    • edwin german TORRES GONZALEZ
      edwin german TORRES GONZALEZ


    • Star Killer
      Star Killer

      The PS2

  • Skyler H
    Skyler H

    I mean... I can't even get a preorder for a PS5 and my friends that have aren't seeing it till March or February...

  • Matt768

    Demon's souls. Nuff said.

  • Doctor Stringz
    Doctor Stringz

    whats the cheapest version of a tv with all these specs? including hdmi 2.1

  • Bpb Porter
    Bpb Porter

    What about gamepass bundle with the series xbox seem like a great deal

  • Joel Miller
    Joel Miller

    Also need hdmi 2.1 feed thru on your surround receiver. Ugh

  • Joseph Biney
    Joseph Biney

    What is the name of the headset they are using? Looks and sounds great

  • KingSingh Squad
    KingSingh Squad

    This video is sponsored by anonymous so of course these people will make a better case for PS5....but every one know Ps5 is no comparison to Xbox series X

  • Gta God
    Gta God

    I wasn’t going to buy a next gen console on launch day but my current Xbox just gave up on me ! Everytime I plug in a hard drive for more storage, my Xbox kills it. I don’t have space for my games so I’ll just buy the Xbox series x

  • Puppy Soda
    Puppy Soda

    I lasted 22 seconds Just to much geekiness for me!

  • M4KERB

    I grabbed one hoping MS knows how to make a console in 2020 without it overheating now. Also, I have a 1060 3GB GPU and I think I'm just going to make the switch to console gaming, I don't currently have an Xbox One.

  • Zapro

    I wouldn't buy these consoles on launch, for 3 reasons, firstly both are way too big, secondly history has shown us that the first model can have some major defects, like the red ring of death on xbox 360, ps3 disc issues, base ps4 heating issues etc and finally there aren't enough games to warrant a purchase, im going to wait for the slim models.

    • Zapro

      @David Jay 3 years id say, 4 max, I think its just the right amount of time for devs to be able to develop games for the system.

    • David Jay
      David Jay

      How long you reckon it will take for the slim models?

  • Air Moon
    Air Moon

    It’s honestly no reason for new consoles right now, especially during an pandemic..

    • Nathan Hartman
      Nathan Hartman

      That’s the whole point of it, people want something to do, and most of people that get this will be gamers who have the budget for these kind of things

  • Fingergun112

    Can I have a Translucent Human?

  • HeGotSauce XXIII
    HeGotSauce XXIII

    Watching this on my pre ordered XBOX SERIES X 🙌


    I'm upgrading my PC as I would rather have a high end PC than a next-gen console. I will eventually get round to buying a PS5 but nothing has made me hurry to buy it so far so PC is the way to go for me

  • Kevin Molina
    Kevin Molina

    I have the Standard ps4 so I would like the upgrade

  • Sam Wright
    Sam Wright

    Brought to you by Sony, the makers of PlayStation

  • Aydin Buchanan
    Aydin Buchanan

    Hey he has the same ceramic r2d2 I do

  • hakjie11

    These IGN guys became so much older...

  • Mike Luck
    Mike Luck

    What about cyberpunk? Probably will look completely different on old consoles

  • john_blaze39

    I mean I already have a capable PC with a geforce RTX 2070 I'm gonna hold off until a boxing day sale or something. I can't think of any incredible launch exclusives

  • SuperBabyMario0C

    Maybe now i can buy a swithc since everyones else tryna get the next gen consoles lol

  • halodis ciple
    halodis ciple

    You don't need to buy a new TV to play PS5 and Xbox Sereies X/S. You can still play on your old 720p TV. If I were my grandparents listeningto this, I'd think I'd have to buy a new TV.

  • ShowtimeLil

    Well I already have 2 80 inch 4K TVs lol so I’m just waiting for my series x and ps5 now 😁

  • Benjamin I Meszaros
    Benjamin I Meszaros

    Sponsored by Sony lol

  • Prophet 710
    Prophet 710

    I’m on a 500gb slim so the upgrade will be real for me but, I don’t current have a 4K tv so the investment is gonna be sizable 😂

  • Никто

    I feel like I have to wait for PS5 Pro now.

  • Anton Szandor LaVey
    Anton Szandor LaVey

    I've got an xbox one x and a 4k TV. I'm gonna stick with it for another year or so i reckon. If cyberpunk was only out on the series x i would go and buy one.

  • ben19

    i am 100% without a doubt buying a ps5 on launch day assuming i can find one. if i had a ps4 i definitely wouldnt but i only have a switch currently and there’s so much stuff on ps4 ive always wanted to play

  • Albastine S.
    Albastine S.

    3 years of gamepass collected, a high end tv, auto hdr, and a ton of power. The choice makes itself for someone in my position.

  • Matthew Hager
    Matthew Hager

    Pros and cons: 1) You can say, "I got the console!" On the internet. Cons: NONE

  • SquigglyGull179

    When is the giveaway being announced??

  • Harlen Alvarez
    Harlen Alvarez

    XSX to play AC and Cyberpunk, those two games along is enough to want to upgrade.

  • Stevie Antonio
    Stevie Antonio

    1440p 144hz should be standard! NOT 4K!!!!🤷‍♂️

  • Robert Walker
    Robert Walker

    He does not mention Dolby Vision on TV's which is going to be available on the Xbox Series X. It's much better then HDR10 . For future games. And movies as well.

  • Sin3007

    🙂 I'll wait till a few years from now to get a ps5

  • Erik

    Probably gonna wait until Final Fantasy 16 to invest in a Ps5. My RTX 2070 is still holding the line on PC.

  • Beetlejuice

    Disadvantges: 1. Scalpers 2. Lack of games 3. No special edition consoles 4. Expensive 5. Fighting for preorders 6. Buying a new TV

  • Mr. Cordero
    Mr. Cordero

    I’m tired of playing in a crusty 1080p Xbox one. So I’m going ahead with the series x.

  • adam Kondracki
    adam Kondracki

    I Didn't pre order PS5..Didn't pre order the last two generations..Got both of them day 1.. I'll get ps5 day 1 as well..It's called hustle muscle;)

  • Error Error
    Error Error

    No. The whole reason I'm here is for 120fps and faster loading times. I'm fine gaming at 1080p as long as I have those things.

    • elusive mg
      elusive mg

      Same here

  • Error Error
    Error Error

    Short answer: Only if u want better performance or are on the basic Xbox One (or S) and PS4.

  • Brandon Phoummany
    Brandon Phoummany

    PS5 is 720/1080?

  • David Ackerman
    David Ackerman

    To everyone in the comments who sees this, the number 1 and number 2 TVs of 2020 for gaming are the LG CX and LG BX. All other TVs this year are having issues hitting all the checkboxes to fully take advantage of new consoles. Save your money, wait until black friday and get one!

  • Teyon Alexander
    Teyon Alexander

    I'm still rocking a launch PS4 - upgrading is going to be something I'm looking to do sooner than later.

  • Amat Mulisha
    Amat Mulisha

    My first priority now is a sony 90h 4k tv and ps5. Maybe not in the launch day as the current financial crisis due to the pandemic. My target is around end of December or early January next year! Resident Evil 8,hype most and of course GOW 5.

  • mike head
    mike head

    Definitely waiting just wait buy one 7 months later they'll have a ps5 pro ect

  • james Little
    james Little

    Plus with the launch of PS5 you will get more games then Xbox: Series X...I just can't wait to play Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales and Call of Duty new game!!

  • ShadowTom

    Ps5 is 529€ in finland, not 499€ as promised

  • Nelki Halim
    Nelki Halim

    Should i say these to everyone? Xbox series x:Has a huge memory storage,start at 1 tb with reasonable performance and capacity,serve as the Spock. Xbox series s:Has same memory storage as a original xbox one despite having a better performance and abilities,serve as the McCoy. Ps5:Start of with a larger mass and size than a ps4 along with its digital edition and many catridges to make up for its moderate memory storage increase,serve as the Kirk.

  • Arrowinaknee 277
    Arrowinaknee 277

    having this sponsored by Sony was a terrible idea. I can’t take anything you say about the PS5 seriously considering the makers of the PS5 are literally giving you money to talk about their upcoming product

  • Calvin Garzinak
    Calvin Garzinak

    Dude that’s an Xbox One S

  • LukAz Os
    LukAz Os

    Quick launch game comparison Games with next gen Versions/Update within first week On Both Systems: Assassin's Creed Valhalla Borderlands 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Nov 13th) Cyberpunk 2077 (next gen update not confirmed for day of release) (Nov 19th) Destiny 2: Beyond Light Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition DiRT 5 For Honor Fortnite Just Dance 2021 Maneater Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate (Nov 17th) NBA 2K21 Observer: System Redux Planet Coaster Warhammer: Chaosbane - Slayer Edition Watch Dogs Legion First Party Games PlayStation 5 Astro's Playroom Demon's Souls Destruction All Stars Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sackboy: A Big Adventure Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 4 Gears 5 Gears Tactics Grounded Ori and the Will of the Wisps Third Party Console Exclusive Games PlayStation 5 Bugsnax Godfall The Pathless Xbox Series X Bright Memory 1.0 Cuisine Royale Dead by Daylight Enlisted Evergate King Oddball Manifold Garden Tetris Effect: Connected The Touryst The Falconeer War Thunder Yakuza: Like a Dragon Yes, Your Grace And of course back compat Playstation 5: so far all ps4 games except for i believe 10 games that won't work Xbox Series X all xbox one games and a lot of xbox and xbox 360 games - i don't know the exact number

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    i bought a samsung u9600 or whatever is it called 60 in UHD TV so I'm just waiting for PlayStation 5 to be available without me having to go purge I just spent the money on the TV a month ago since I knew I was not going to be able to get a PlayStation so now I'm ready and they will have more games when they are

  • cblakewagner

    Lmao Microsoft did what sony is doing with th ui last gen!

  • Charlie Milroy
    Charlie Milroy

    If you want a PS5 eventually, you might as well get it earlier rather than later, especially if you have the launch PS4.

  • Charlie Milroy
    Charlie Milroy

    Xbox Series X clearly isn't ready for launch this year. Without some games the launch of the Series X was chosen just to match the PS5. The Series X won't be worthy of being purchased until there are some next generation games available for it that are system sellers. The promise of the Series X is quite compelling, but the price of the console might even come down when it's worth buying.

  • AJ Keashon
    AJ Keashon

    As someone who has the original ps4, I made sure I preordered the ps5 immediately. Super excited to finally fully utilize my 4K tv I’ve had for over 3 years 😂

  • Jeff Raimo
    Jeff Raimo

    How to buy at launch? More like it.

  • Blackbeard

    Smart people buy after a year or two

  • Bruce Rivers
    Bruce Rivers

    I'm grabbing the Playstation 5 asap because I got the original Playstation 4 so it's going to be a huge upgrade for me. Plus I've been waiting seven years for this moment.

  • kevintemido

    There are no pros to buying an Xbox

  • R R
    R R

    I pre ordered the PS5 but I’ll simply just purchase the PS5 Pro too when it drops in a few years

  • scary_baby

    I had a ps5 pre order day 1 but then I got refunded lol I I'm just going to wait till I can pre order from sony directly . more patient the more years the console will last until a new PS6

  • l337z0r

    I'll wait for price drop after PS6 comes out. All these suckers buying the console at FULL price.. just wait, and use the money you save to buy a second controller. Worth it.

  • Rutiger Sampson
    Rutiger Sampson

    You need HDMI 2.1 to get 4K 120, auto low latency, etc. If you’re buying a new tv make sure you get that. Most LG oleds have it. LG 2020 models can’t do 12bit color gamut only 10 bit. They still offer the other 2.1 features though. 2019 Lg oleds have full uncompressed 2.1 ports if you find them used.

  • Member Berry
    Member Berry

    Consoles aren't worth getting at launch. This should be a lesson with the 360 launching at a 54% failure rate and the shitty exclusives we've seen in the last 10 years

  • jrsun19

    Hey guys big fan of the channel My young son has a gaming channel and needs subs. Please help him reach greatness. Ty. “MONICK1215” Check him out

  • Beez Neez
    Beez Neez

    Yea I will wait for the Xbox Series X all digital. $100 cheaper and no need for wasted space when I haven’t used a disc drive since the 360 and only external hard drives and wifi to download and play games. My one X is doing quite fine in the meantime.

  • David Prodigy
    David Prodigy

    Just wait a year. The cost will probably go down a $100 and they'll throw in a free game for free. And then the bugs of all be worked out.

    • Jean

      @David Prodigy Ah. But that's kind of a special case though lol

    • David Prodigy
      David Prodigy

      @Jean PS3

    • Jean

      Down $100 in a year? Has that ever happened?

  • Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy

    I agree but it depends on what console you got. If you already have PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, I guess you could wait but if you have the original Xbox One or PS4 its definitely a bigger upgrade difference but at the end of the day, its your money.

  • ShawnM 923
    ShawnM 923

    They say it’s better in PS5 but every single game they have for PS5 is one PS4. The video is sponsored by Sony

  • Tubby Lumpkins
    Tubby Lumpkins

    I'll wait for the Xbox BF6 bundle.

  • Errold Tumaque
    Errold Tumaque

    dude on the left reminds me of Tyler Carter

  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy

    What happens if your tv doesn't have HDMI 2.1? Most tv's don't have that standard and I doubt people will be running out to buy a tv with that standard just for their console

  • Brian Cohen
    Brian Cohen

    Doesn't really matter if it's worth it or not, if there aren't any units to purchase.

  • Sidney Taylor
    Sidney Taylor

    I'm getting a ps5 all digital or Xbox Series X (more likely) on my birthday in February. I'm going to wait due to financial viability. I also have a Xbox one all digital and xbox game pass so most likely the Xbox Series X it's just a beast. And Xbox is an American company so that's a plus too. I cant wait to stop the long loading screens.

  • Kyle Frame
    Kyle Frame

    Its not the 2020 debate lol. Why try to act like it?

  • Fionn MacCumhaill
    Fionn MacCumhaill

    If there wasnt a lockdown I wouldn't buy one. However gaming is great right now so an upgrade is very welcome

  • shan aiman raed
    shan aiman raed

    just a question, if im buying a ps5 at launch, should i just buy ps4 games to go with it? we know that ps5 supports backwards compatibility, so im wondering if im better off buying ps4 games or ps5 games

  • alphach1mp

    Who fully expects a 1-2 Gb's of fixes for both consoles in day 1?

  • AnimeEpicAdventure

    Xbox because support is far better. Dont argue if you have never filed support for recovery account. Xbox also because of the spying. I dont want ps5 spying on my convos with friends lol

  • yoda8802

    Ehhh the argument for "watch out for bugs" or "red ring" or anything else is silly IMO. It seems like the people dissuading people from getting one....are getting one... Bugs will be patched, hardware failures will be fixed as it's under warranty, and life will go on. Is it a pain? Sure. But it's not like your up the creek. If you want to wait, cool. If you don't, cool. I am getting the ps5 at launch: 1. I want to replay the W3 with the upgrade when available. Same with Cyberpunk. 2. There are games I want to play that should be out in 21', and I don't feel like struggling to get a system when the games I want finally launch. 3. FF16/Gt/Re:V.

  • Halloween Dude
    Halloween Dude

    I need Demons Souls

  • Ahmed Hasan
    Ahmed Hasan

    can't wait for Tetris...

  • isturbo1984

    Getting one (the only one i could get) at launch for early access. And the other, later down the line to grab some games i missed, but only as a secondary. I think its ridiculous people are hinging their next gen singular purchase based off a couple of exclusives that will make up less than 1% of their gaming.

  • Landon Miller
    Landon Miller

    listening to Ryan go through the series X launch titles was just........jesus 🤦‍♀️

  • Rob Will
    Rob Will

    The answer is Noooooooooo 😲 ! Just wait 🥱

  • MacOS Gamer
    MacOS Gamer

    Always wait a year. It gives them time to find and correct bugs (example 360 red ring).

  • Bob Digi
    Bob Digi

    Quicker loading times is such a boring thing to get excited about. By the time I've got my drink, been to the toilet and got comfortable, the games been ready for 6 minutes anyway. Also i want a black ps 5. If i have to have a huge wifi router looking console, I'd rather it didn't stick out like a massive white sore thumb. Plus in a year it'll be cheaper, with more games and any bugs cleaned up! It's really a wonder why anybody would buy on release.

  • Todd Hilehoffer
    Todd Hilehoffer

    If you are going to buy one anyway you may as well just get one. What's the point in waiting for year or two?

  • Kyle Novak
    Kyle Novak

    On pc, overlays reduce performance.


    There was an original xbox that was clear right?

  • Ray Lamar
    Ray Lamar

    I'm waiting. Then I shall buy both.

  • Jaxon Holden
    Jaxon Holden

    “I think Astro Bot is one of the best platformers this generation” Oof. Not even close. Play Mario Odyssey and DKC Tropical Freeze. They make Astro Bot feel like a Kirby game by comparison.

  • UnlimitedTriForce

    I'm only getting a PS5 day 1 because Sony never cheated on me unlike my ex

  • Snap Blast Play
    Snap Blast Play

    Why does that guy say “beyond” EVERYTIME? He’s like officer doofy from Scary Movie

  • Mathew Reeves
    Mathew Reeves

    This Episode is brought to You by Peer Schneider's mew Television LMAO!!!

  • Jonathan Liadis
    Jonathan Liadis

    how do you check if your tv is 4k or HDR, i purchased a 65" tv last year but i cant remember for the life of me if it was 4k

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