Assassin's Creed Valhalla - The Final Preview
Vikings aren't the only things new to Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The newest entry in the Assassin's Creed series comes with many dramatic changes that alter the established formula.

  • ryuuji8takasu

    Can’t wait for Assassin’s Creed Caveman: Oonga Boonga edition

  • Nate T
    Nate T


  • Christopher Varela
    Christopher Varela

    Picking this and COD up on release day!

  • Dmnq1992 !
    Dmnq1992 !

    This is gonna be the best assassins creed ever ! Atleast for me ! I love RpG games. Im so happy they went to that gamegenre. And the viking Era is my favorite era in history ! Love nord mythology !! Cant wait !

  • McLovin Jr
    McLovin Jr

    3:44 wtf are those graphics tho

  • Philippe l
    Philippe l

    I didn't know nicole aniston was a viking

  • Brian Boley
    Brian Boley

    BoftW had a huge influence on Ubisoft games. A viking era game seems really interesting! This is the first AC game I am getting since the Xbox 360 days

    • jeck


  • Mohammad Hadi
    Mohammad Hadi

    assassin's creed need to make japan history

  • John Abrahim
    John Abrahim

    i really just hope the cape looks better in the final build since you're gonna be staring at it the entire time

  • Phillip Fox
    Phillip Fox

    Atleast this game hasn’t gotten delayed 4 times

  • Cory Braun
    Cory Braun

    I was going to hold off of this since cyberpunk was going to come out a few days after this, but since it got delayed guess im getting AC.

  • Mind Maze
    Mind Maze

    0:42 earliest rap battle in the history!

  • Ryan Neilan
    Ryan Neilan

    Animations, framerate, voice acting. Everything just looks/sounds janky.

  • Mr Dreadful
    Mr Dreadful

    Should have ended it on EGGS

  • alex

    10/10 much vikings

  • TR3B


  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones

    We need an actual assassins creed game not a Witcher wannabe game

  • Hansi Hans
    Hansi Hans

    Ghost of tsushima is the new assasins creed. Idk what this series has become but seems like there are people enjoying this so have fun. I really tried to get used to origins but that stealth and combat system was so bad it made me sad. Im out playing the ezio trilogie. Cheers

  • Hansi Hans
    Hansi Hans

    Yo whats up with IGN not uplpading stuff in 4k?


    Hey dear ign, i will be playing as a male character. Female viking warrior is so unrealistic . Btw they better put a transgender character, so ur ign team can enjoy it too.

    • jeck

      Found the incel.

  • Robin

    It looks beautiful

  • double dont
    double dont

    whos here after hearing that cyberpunk got delayed again lol

    • loserschmoozer

      Same. Refunded it right after it was delayed again and now just going to wait for the review embargo to lift so I can see if it's still worth getting it or not.

    • Napoleon Dolemite
      Napoleon Dolemite


  • CWGriswald1492

    I just don’t care about this game

    • jeck


  • Jarett Schneider
    Jarett Schneider

    Pass i think

  • Motchie 547
    Motchie 547

    Ghost of Tsushima killed AC open world game

    • jeck

      Not really

  • Adrial9

    We yakuza now?

  • Brandon black
    Brandon black

    Whats next Assassin's Creed- the construction worker? Sorry it just looks weird to see a viking scale huge buildings. Also I cant imagine it being any different from the other AC games....

  • Godzilla

    hey ign say ubisoft that we need a black flag remake

  • Cody Roach
    Cody Roach

    Hello Ubisoft, take my money. I'm sick of waiting for cyberpunk :)

  • Gavin Oldaker
    Gavin Oldaker

    I’m not a fan of having your own settlement to build. I don’t want to spend my time going back and fourth. I like adding to and customizing your character.

  • PROZACK 420
    PROZACK 420

    Seems like another repetitive game

  • Cas The Demon
    Cas The Demon

    I kinda bet they gloss over the whole invasion of foreign powers and forced Christian conversion thing in this game lmao.

  • aflockofchicken

    Honestly watching this makes me not want the game anymore. Not a fan


    Can you play this offline

  • TOX1Cparadise

    It just looks like an Odyssey reskin....

  • Wanizame

    This sounds so much better.

  • Devin Howard
    Devin Howard

    I like how janky the cutscene videos were in this like wtf

  • ldrockmusic

    Does anyone know if this footage is next or the current generation system?

  • AZRubs

    They better give Odyssey and Origins a 60fps patch for the next gen consoles -_-

  • Alex Lambden
    Alex Lambden

    Nice to see a more positive assessment to even out all the whining and negativity

  • itsPat

    This franchise has went so down hill ever since they veered from the black flag/rogue combat system which was at the peak and then the actual assassin themed storytelling and character development of AC2/Brotherhood. Now every game they make is just a face paced smash and run, shoot and loot sandbox experience. I wish they could create a game where they combine black flag/combat & climbing style mechanics (a bit updated but not as ridiculous as it is now), AC2 narrative, theme, characters and heart, then AC origins in terms of map size and customisation/looting system. What we have now imo no longer feels like Assassins Creed, I don't like to write off a game before release but this just looks like more of the same. It's lost it's identity, barely feels like it has anything to do with the creed at all anymore, which was the whole point.

    • loserschmoozer

      Yea it definitely lost it's identity a while ago man especially when they decided to remove the hidden blade completely and just throw the word "templar" and "assassins" around in the game to try and loosely connect the game's narrative to the original AC games so at this point I just consider the new games after Black Flag/Rogue a part of some parallel universe or something. Seeing these new "AC" games as more of influenced or inspired by older AC titles instead of calling them part of the AC series makes me a feel better about them and more open-minded. Many others believe and feel differently but this is just my humble opinion.

    • Eratosthenes

      Agreed... should have updated gameplay from the earlier titles and the worldbuilding quality of origins...

  • NCeeJayM

    Zzzz, looks boring

  • Thor LaFrance
    Thor LaFrance

    They should just stop calling them Assassin's Creed when they deviate so far from the source material.

  • Ruckus

    Instead of “eggs, eggs, eggs” should’ve been “pancakes, pancakes, pancakes”

  • Halima Kada
    Halima Kada

    It has a little something for everyone.

  • Pureified Agony
    Pureified Agony

    Will there be PvP against other players where we can actually lead and pillage? I mean we are a leader of Vikings :3 it can be defend against others too...

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort

    ⚠️ TODAY'S QUESTION: do PC Gamers play a game like this with keyboard and mouse or with controller? ⚠️

  • Young dizz stomach
    Young dizz stomach

    I hope this has a DLC we’re you go Valhalla or Asgard just like you go Atlantis etc in Odyessy

    • This isn't tennis?
      This isn't tennis?

      I think i read about a Asgard DLC coming short after release

  • Young dizz stomach
    Young dizz stomach

    Tbh I rather have the ancient games rather then games with guns

  • Dist0

    I miss the stealthy assassins creeds

  • Xiaochuan Wu
    Xiaochuan Wu

    only 6 hours of play?, you should play at least 20 hours then tell us again

  • eggy

    Kinda have to question how there hasnt been an assassins creed in the eastern roman empire

  • Emmanuel Mbala
    Emmanuel Mbala

    Ubisoft should rename this "Animus Project: Valhalla". That way they can stop pretending they care about or want to make an Assassin's Creed game. True AC fans get it. You can make more money by making these generic RPG, Witcher 3 wanna be, RDR2 lookalike but with no soul games. So go out and make your money. Hell, even use the AC lore as base to transition your players smoothly. Just PLEASE remove the 'Assassin's Creed' badge at the beginning. We've suffered enough.

  • Adam M
    Adam M

    I want to see Assassins Creed American Civil War (Assassins Creed: Secession?). Assassins vs Templars in the backdrop of Union vs Confederate. Have your character play pivotal roles in battles like Antietam and Gettysburg. Meet historical figures like Lincoln, Meade, Grant, Sherman, Lee, Longstreet, and Chamberlain.

  • Josh Spawn
    Josh Spawn

    They make great worlds, the problem is the quest and characters are so boring and hard to get invested win for anything other than rewards

  • Fix

    Retire the eagle jump into haystacks.

  • Oscar Villanueva
    Oscar Villanueva

    Oh the same exact game nice

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    the horse riding and movements is still way too fake

  • R35

    If you played one you've played them all 😴

  • Sir-Charles

    "rivals games like the Witcher" hahahahahaha

  • Marco Puma
    Marco Puma

    The lighting looks awful, apart from that it looks fine

  • Kris Williams
    Kris Williams

    Slow increasing hand clap job well done! You earned my $60... *small tear forms haven’t beat a assassin creed since 3.

  • digduck

    Vikings that can't kill civilians during raid. 0/10

  • Noc Fox
    Noc Fox

    I'll get Cyberpunk for SERIOUS X launch title and then pick up Valhalla for the inevitable $20 that every AC game drops to in no time. You can get Origins and Odyssey together for $30

  • sahil saini
    sahil saini

    It's Viking Creed : Valhalla 🙂

  • Jim The
    Jim The

    0:18. Did he just say rdr 2 is an rpg😂 I love the Rdr 2 but in no way shape or form is rdr 2 a rpg apart from different endings and that’s it there’s no big dramatic choices only at end. Rdr 2 is one of best games ever but it ain’t an rpg

    • Keenz Beanz
      Keenz Beanz

      It has some LIGHT "rpg elements" ...

  • JamieLan2011

    what's with the stutter?

  • M. D.
    M. D.

    Will it run at 60 fps on the Series S?

  • Texmatt21

    I mean, it looks cool, but Cyberpunk 🙄

  • Sagres d'Amor
    Sagres d'Amor

    Looks fantastic. Hard to beat witcher 3 though. And why do they have women kicking arse. They stayed home.

    • Alex Lambden
      Alex Lambden

      Actually there's some evidence to suggest women fought in battle. Graves of females have been found containing weapons, but historians can't agree on how they got there. We just don't know, but we can't say for sure that they didn't.

  • eargentine

    Is there going to be a way to turn off the numbers showing up on screen? I really hate that! They have a health bar already

  • martini flips
    martini flips

    grapics are garbage

  • Billy Mech
    Billy Mech

    I’m glad they worked on the exploration side. I love odyssey but it felt like everything outside of the main story was a chore or not random feeling. Red dead redemption should be everyone’s goal when it comes to random encounters. And this one looks better

  • Ricky

    Did you say AC rivals RDR2.. someone suspend this man

  • Grey

    I give this 6 meh’s out of 10.

  • Celt Hughes
    Celt Hughes

    i hate the fact that they switched the series to an RPG, honestly so disappointed, i loved the original style of the games :(

  • FBicoolshaman

    BORING pass

  • tamil voice reaction
    tamil voice reaction

    ghost of tsushima isbthe best

  • Amzo Tall
    Amzo Tall

    am I the only one noticing all these frame drops every time there's footage outdoors? Should we be worried? 🤔

  • Dustin D.
    Dustin D.

    I think this game will be better than origins was and oddysey because of the stronger focus on the story. Most the side quest in the other two games were to boring and repetitive anyways. If this game can do more with the world events I welcome the change it looks promising, I already see improvements in this game just from seeing the gameplay.

  • Adam Delgadillo
    Adam Delgadillo

    Haters it looks sick

  • DerrickDU

    the witcher 3 assassins creed edition? lol

  • Luke Teague
    Luke Teague

    I’m hyped for the settlement system. This seems like the renovation idea from revelations and rogue, mixed with the settlement missions from AC3.

  • Martial Arts Junkie台灣囝波萬
    Martial Arts Junkie台灣囝波萬

    Kind Succesion:This game would probably have a discount in Christmas and 50% a year later with DLC bundles.

  • mặp mặp
    mặp mặp

    tiktok nathanchen mithzan queennaija thegitup spawnwave

  • gimme jokers
    gimme jokers

    This still looks rather like a collage of other games and update of previous ones with the sole purpose of just existing to sell another title called AC

  • Austin James
    Austin James

    5:11 "this time around the team wants to create a more cohesive synergy between you and your bird."

  • Shoi Nagase
    Shoi Nagase

    I know it’s wishful thinking but I hope that one day they return to the old mechanics, similar to unity (excepts polished) and return to assassins. Japan or something maybe

  • Raul Reis
    Raul Reis

    “A game that rivals the Witcher” Me: No “Red dead redemption 2” Me: No

    • Namish Chhabra
      Namish Chhabra

      Yeah origins shouldn't be compared to these awful games

  • Vali Dascalescu
    Vali Dascalescu

    The viper eggs quest crapped me up =)

  • Bryant N
    Bryant N

    Honestly they should just remove the title of “assassins creed” it just doesn’t feel like an assassins creed game.

    • Bryant N
      Bryant N

      @Mitch91PyroisB0SS I still like the game I don’t think they’re bad I just think they should make it a separate series

    • Mitch91PyroisB0SS

      There it is, I knew this comment would pop up, go away kid don’t buy the game then

    • hothefa ali
      hothefa ali

      I do agree

    • Sagres d'Amor
      Sagres d'Amor

      @Ozzy Sage then you're a tool. It has all the assassins creed attributes and then some.

    • Ozzy Sage
      Ozzy Sage

      I 100% agree with you. This is no longer assassins creed. Not saying it’s gonna be a bad game or anything but it no longer has assassins creed identity

  • Barry Braynen
    Barry Braynen

    Ac Origins was never even close to rdr2.

  • Gregasaur Smith
    Gregasaur Smith

    Why have people started ignoring the fact the fighting looks like a ps2 game

  • Hideous Henry
    Hideous Henry

    "Doesn't have traditional filler side quests like Odyessy & Origins" ..... "Go tO tHeSe DoTs oN tHe MaP tO FaRM tHeSe ThInGs iN EvErY ZoNe"

  • Aye_mar 300
    Aye_mar 300

    Assassins creed used to be my favorite series. It fell off so hard to me. I miss the original simplicity and Templar vs assassin driven story.

  • Emanuele Bonura
    Emanuele Bonura

    2:00 that's a korok seed right there

  • art nbb
    art nbb

    don't understand why Ubisoft makes trailers so spectacular and when it comes to the gameplay does't look even close,there is nothing special in AC valhalla graphics comparing with AC odyssey and AC origins

  • Maggie’s in the mud
    Maggie’s in the mud

    I kind of hate the fact there isn’t side quests, that’s the issue with the older assassins creed is there was little to do afterwards

  • John Scully
    John Scully

    "rivals the likes of the Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2" i mean... i guess?

    • Nicolas Neal
      Nicolas Neal

      Eh it's not to bad for a first attempt at making a game that tries to combine two amazing assets of other incredible games it could definitely be a lot worse

  • PapiSantoes S
    PapiSantoes S


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