Monster Hunter: Exclusive Game to Movie Creature Comparison - Rathalos, Diablos
Director Paul W.S. Anderson showcases his film adaptation's versions of Diablos and Rathalos to the Capcom game series' director Kaname Fujioka and producer Ryozo Tsujimoto for their approval.

Behind our world, there is another: a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity.

When an unexpected sandstorm transports Lt. Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her unit (TI Harris, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta) to a new world, the soldiers are shocked to discover that this hostile and unknown environment is home to enormous and terrifying monsters immune to their firepower. In their desperate battle for survival, the unit encounters the mysterious Hunter (Tony Jaa), whose unique skills allow him to stay one step ahead of the powerful creatures.

As Artemis and Hunter slowly build trust, she discovers that he is part of a team led by the Admiral (Ron Perlman). Facing a danger so great it could threaten to destroy their world, the brave warriors combine their unique abilities to band together for the ultimate showdown.

Monster Hunter, directed by Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil's Paul W.S. Anderson, will open December 30, 2020.

  • BoomBoomBro 101
    BoomBoomBro 101

    If there is not a turf war in this film I will be very disappointed

  • Jared

    i wonder if they showed them the U.S. military strolling up and shooting all the monsters too. I wonder what they would say about the accuracy on that

  • Omoshiroi Yohan-kun
    Omoshiroi Yohan-kun

    I can't imagine the isekaid characters swinging Greatswords same as what characters do in the game.

  • 300-I.Q. Prower
    300-I.Q. Prower

    The monsters look accurate sure but almost EVERYTHING about their *behavior* is hilariously inaccurate

  • DaRkMaNxSaMa

    They probably only showed them the monster shots and nothing regarding the story.

  • Sloth Armstrong
    Sloth Armstrong

    "It's very very close to the game" Well, I can now the see reason why you're wearing glasses in the first place; I think it's time for a replacement buddy.

  • IXO

    "If we can deliver for you we can deliver for the fans" 6 horrible resident evil movies later....

  • Sky -desu
    Sky -desu

    tfw you used a rocket launcher against the diablos Bow: Wait, did you just... *enraged mode intensifies*

  • Ian Stuart
    Ian Stuart

    What if I told you guys that Milla Johovich is going to have flirtatious feelings with the Meowscular Chef

  • Paul Mims
    Paul Mims

    Hey Anderson could you show them the Nerscyllas too because they need a tad more work.

  • Your brain on egg
    Your brain on egg

    I just want lore sized B I G S N E K in cg

  • Еримей Свечников
    Еримей Свечников

    I really wanted to hear why the Morden military is teleported to the monster Hunter... Universe??? It's cannon, or the spinoff like MH Story 1 & 2,or just not link to any cannon or spin-offs 😰???

  • Jacob Ellinger
    Jacob Ellinger

    I'm calling it the sequel will take place in our world

  • ken Yamada
    ken Yamada

    Is this the American version of isekai?

  • GEN_X Kaz
    GEN_X Kaz

    One word. Disgusting

  • kiko

    “What we can deliver for you, we can deliver it to the fans.” Military.

  • Unravel

    I mean nobody is complaining about the monsters they look just the Isekai thing....

  • NepD3stiny

    Man, the new Call of Duty movie is looking great

  • James Patrick
    James Patrick

    The monters are excellent though..

  • TheGamingFedora

    Playing two hours of the game itself will be more worth my time than seeing this movie. Ditch the modern setting and give me real hunters, give me a village or a city with its own culture, give me palicos. Not a jeep full of US soldiers that we all know are there because it costs less money than what we really want.

  • Blueberry Boi
    Blueberry Boi

    This is why Hollywood needs to play the game before making a movie from it.

  • kwi lah
    kwi lah

    Americans: what's the monsters have??? Tony ja: oils

  • sudipto Mazumder
    sudipto Mazumder

    I am just gonna see it because of tony jaa

  • Jackson Simile
    Jackson Simile

    This is what fan fiction looks like with a budget.

  • Akrid X
    Akrid X

    Where's my DRAGONATOR?!!!!

  • Bleeding Edge Prime
    Bleeding Edge Prime

    I am definitely gonna watch this movie ONLY for the monsters. nothing else.

  • Fiat McNuggets
    Fiat McNuggets

    0:34 The ecosystems are going to be more than just desert, so that's a relief. (Unless it's just an oasis)

  • DreadKing Inferno
    DreadKing Inferno

    Sorry but seriously making a game into a movie is a hot garbage idea. Monster Hunter is not a movie based game.

  • Raditya Awanda
    Raditya Awanda

    "If we can deliver for you, we can deliver for the fans" *Well, about that...*

  • Kokekoko

    2hr movie 1:50hr of american military 10min of monster

  • Tebon

    I mean, youre going to watch it and you know it

  • Kyoung Yul Lee
    Kyoung Yul Lee


  • Blade Strife - Fillypine Brony
    Blade Strife - Fillypine Brony

    99.9% of the comments here are mostly bitching about a movie that's wasn't even out yet! How am i disappointed with you guys!

    • Charizard 822
      Charizard 822

      I agree with you although his track record isn’t great we can hope the game directors have a tight grip on the situation

    • Raditya Awanda
      Raditya Awanda

      Honestly it's understandable, given the director's history of ruining an IP based movie, but like with Sonic, gonna wait for the release

  • Geralt of Rivia
    Geralt of Rivia

    When the Game has better VFX than the actual movie

  • Selven Eleven
    Selven Eleven

    Not for the fans.

  • Shogun productions Films
    Shogun productions Films

    The creators of monster hunter were probably held at gunpoint to be there

  • daniel leduc
    daniel leduc

    How does Paul W. Anderson keep getting work with such mediocre films?

  • Andres U. De Assis
    Andres U. De Assis

    Am I the only one actually excited for this movie??

  • General Indominus
    General Indominus

    Better to be optimistic, but don't put any high expectation or you'll fall painfully

  • phantom3442

    Put a couple of Devil Jhos it might attract movie goers 😁

  • Solaireofastora 599
    Solaireofastora 599

    If the monsters don't die easily to bullets then ok but if they do, the fuq

    • Samarth Gour
      Samarth Gour

      Yah they are already doing the whole portal of monsters thing from Pacific rrim

  • Troy Lake
    Troy Lake

    Can't wait for this disappointment.

  • 3dd gaming
    3dd gaming

    They should made a Gibli Film

  • mindblast 4
    mindblast 4

    "We can deliver for the fans", they say? I think you already fell flat on the trailer my guy.🤣

  • Bluer Sora
    Bluer Sora

    You could tell a great mh story with only showing one main monster but this guy can only show cgi monsters and tell no story.

  • Bluer Sora
    Bluer Sora

    The only way this could've worked is if the main character was Geralt. Edit: but Hollywood is 💩.

  • brian wong
    brian wong

    The F*cking handler is everywhere 0:39

  • Maximus Worlds
    Maximus Worlds

    Prepare to be disappointed on catastrophic level peeps.

  • Tank Master
    Tank Master

    I'll be very disappointed if I don't see lance mains tanking some monster attacks

  • Noob$lay3r

    This movie will flop so hard

  • Lil Darkheart
    Lil Darkheart

    If this man does Deadrising imma riot

  • DJDeezy ThaTruth
    DJDeezy ThaTruth

    -Hope all the budget didn’t go into the CGI.... Monster Hunter is also a hidden “Glorious Outfit” game, much like Warframe and also it’s whimsical character/s. Like your little Followers or the Pig you Pet. Just watching ur character tier up to Greatness, fail just to win... whole lotta grit.

  • Ernesto Rodriguez
    Ernesto Rodriguez

    Does rathalos looks wayyy biger biger on the movie x7 then normal compared to mhw games??

  • phobicpigeon

    i'll just watch the movie for the monsters.


    "If we can deliver for you, we can deliver for the fans" I can't believe he actually believe what he is saying lol

  • Kasrkin

    Ho the monster looks like the one in the game ? So let's play the game instead

  • Bazelgeuse 24
    Bazelgeuse 24

    OK, I get hopes again for this movie

  • Kasrkin

    We want the Monster to be like the game that's why the Rathalos Land on his wing like in the game i told ya

  • Fumoaririki

    I'm only going to be watching the movie for Tony-Jaa, That's it LMAO

  • Samarth Gour
    Samarth Gour

    Capcom Pls don't do this stop this man U know what happened when he crapped the resident evil movies Pls capcom u are better than this....

  • David Sepulveda
    David Sepulveda

    This dude is the clear example that you can make self inserted fanfiction into high budget crappy movies. I just imagine the dude's notes full of his fantasies about his wife replacing megaman, dante and everything that capcom makes lol

  • whitechocolate029

    Garbage, and so is ign.

  • Bình Nguyễn
    Bình Nguyễn

    Diablos in the trailer look like a Tigrex with Diablos head. He even use Tigrex's iconic move.

    • Charizard 822
      Charizard 822

      The diablos charges at things that’s literally what it does besides dig what do you mean


    Wait this is actually happening?

  • VelvetTrigger

    You know... Maybe I am glad that Capcom hasn't made a Devil May Cry movie. Surely they'd just ruin it.

    • Samarth Gour
      Samarth Gour

      Probably didn't make cuz cant adapt dante's personality in a movie 😂

  • P A
    P A

    Explore the Whorefrost region.

  • Turtle Woo
    Turtle Woo

    Why bone weapons?

  • Tevion Tinnon
    Tevion Tinnon

    Honestly the teaser trailer wasnt really reaching out to me at first. But now seeing the weapons, more monsters, and armor has actually got me excited to see this movie!

  • JusticeWeeb

    Soooooo, after release, I'll only look for videos that have the monster parts sewn together. The rest of the movie is irrelevant.

  • Jessaurus Rex
    Jessaurus Rex

    Hope they will change the plot like they did change Sonic's design!

  • Nope Naw
    Nope Naw

    Dear Mr. Anderson. On behalf of the gamer community at large and humanity in general, I say this, with the utmost respect and sincerity; PLEASE GO AWAY AND HIDE IN A CAVE! STOP RUINING GAME IP'S WITH YOUR TAINT FUMES!

  • ROYZ

    'Sigh' alright let's see what you got this time Paulie.

  • IceDogg03

    Man, you think we can bully them into fixing it like we did for Sonic??

  • E Catty
    E Catty

    With the monsters looking accurate is pretty awesome this may be a fun movie to watch not many films have monsters looking this accurate

  • Neth

    Players often knows better than the developer of the game. That last sentence pretty much is putting yourself on the chopping block.

  • ATX

    New weapon-Greatsword bow

  • Jzilla117 THE OG
    Jzilla117 THE OG

    He also accurately adapted zombies, Nemesis, axe man, and Cerberus from the RE games but look how that ended...

  • Geralt of Bongs
    Geralt of Bongs

    You know Ryozo Tsujimoto and Kaname Fujioka were dying inside.

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H

    Let's hope the military thing is only the beginning of the movie and bow and sword hunting is the rest.

  • brian lockett
    brian lockett

    The comments are full of ridicule without even seeing the movie first already. So sad

  • Taco048

    Here we go again with people being way to critical of something that hasn't even been released yet. They're complaining about them being army people with guns, when they don't even bother to consider that these army people have to learn to give up their guns and learn the way of the monster hunters in order to beat the monsters. All people do now a days is complain. Pathetic. Judging something that took years to make just based off of like 15 seconds of screen play. Only thing you can actually judge is how that one guy put a scope to his eye that was closed. Yeah maybe trying to go into the perspective of the people in the world of monster hunter would have been really cool but this concept of people from our world seeing these things for the first time could be pretty cool too.

    • Taco048

      And as for the whole "I bet this movie is going to make these monsters seem nothing more than just scary monsters that need to be killed and they won't even show them as actual animals that just want to survive." D U M B A S S. Don't you know the reason why they kill these monsters in the *actual* monster hunter games is because they threaten the ecosystem and humanity itself as well?? Nothing really changes if they do this...

  • william phan
    william phan

    when the first trailer release, im pretty disappointed. when this i see this video, okay dont judge before see all of the trailer

  • Pire Aí
    Pire Aí

    How is Paul W. S. Anderson still making movies with his wife in Hollywood is beyond me, what a weak storyteller

  • Sora 4 Smash
    Sora 4 Smash

    Movie is gonna bomb hard

  • Numbingbird

    I put like 500 hours into tri and I'm past 700 into world and still going strong. I see a lot of people complaining about the story but dude... this series can handle weirdness. The Metal Gear crossover mission was bizzare and people accepted it back then so why not this? I get it you want more lore but the games are all about fun and this movie (although corny looking) looks fun too.

  • Daniel Zhao
    Daniel Zhao

    0:31 Gold crown Rathalos

  • PandoraGAMING

    We'll see how it goes when it comes out not going get my hopes up over this 🤨

  • tribalation

    Oh No , our monster hunter movie is not in safe hand but at least the monster is accurate

  • Nuglhat Æ
    Nuglhat Æ

    0:50 I can see the clap but I can also see them crying inside


    Kindly edit T.I. when he used the wrong eye to view the scope, it's embarrassing

  • Rucika Mila
    Rucika Mila

    you can tell that both the producer and director are holding their pain inside.


    i hope there will be nargacuga and tigrex

  • Jan M
    Jan M

    00:23 Dude, I've never seen Rathalos land like that (like Tigrex does)

    • Jan M
      Jan M

      @Kasrkin and I am inevitable

    • Kasrkin

      I think you mistaken with Ironman

  • leon kenedy
    leon kenedy

    Please stop this madness. Its not worthy to carry on the legacy of MH.

  • Bryam Jimenez
    Bryam Jimenez

    This movie looks like it's gonna be fun. Terrible, but fun.

    • Bryam Jimenez
      Bryam Jimenez

      @manaquri Definitely! Just with nicer visuals. I hope we get an awesome monster fight between Diablos and Rathalos or some other monsters.

    • manaquri

      I feel like it's gonna be dumb fun, like the mega shark vs movies.

  • Brayden Hafdahl
    Brayden Hafdahl


  • Dan Thanatos
    Dan Thanatos

    Please put a cooking scene before a hunt at least. Wanna see the palicos doing some of that felyne cuisine.

    • Dan Thanatos
      Dan Thanatos

      Bilalazhar fk yeah!!

    • Bilalazhar

      Palicos & meowsular is in the movie. Confirmed by the director.

  • burns0100

    So why even bother adding the army soldiers with guns in the first place? why not just have a world where giant monster hunting weapons is the norm? I mean it just seemed so weird in the first trailer to even have that. Monsters do look awesome so congrats to the people who worked on those, they deserve a raise, though we might want to fire the guy who wrote the script.

  • FullMetalBiscuit

    This is gonna be exactly like the Transformers movies...the robots look amazing every time you see them, they're what you want to see, but the film will focus on some boring human centric plot for 90% of it's runtime. And I still can't believe they had to base it around the US military...

  • Pillar Men
    Pillar Men


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