Dirt 5 on Xbox Series X: 4 Minutes of Gameplay
Approximately four minutes of gameplay from Dirt 5 running on Xbox Series X.

Dirt 5 will be released for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC on November 10.
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  • IGN

    Hi all! As you can tell, this video did not encode properly in 4K 60FPS, you can find the correct version of this video here: inlabel.info/chat/Z2lk18mvtIOCemM/v.html Thanks for understanding!

    • DeSPoTNemanjaS

      @Zaid Ali Khan why?

    • DeSPoTNemanjaS

      @Zaid Ali Khan who cares?

    • LoneStarr

      Probably did it on purpose

    • VINO GAMING 1987
      VINO GAMING 1987

      The graphics still look bad to be honest

    • q̵͑͜w̴̢̅e̵͖͐ŕ̵͙t̴̪̎y̶̻̋u̷͍͠ï̷̤o̷̲͐p̴͈̀a̴̘͛s̸̨͑d̷͠ͅf̴̩͑g̵̫͑h̵̳̓j̵̠̈́k̴͖̔l̶̰̆z̶̘̀ẍ̵͓c̸̩̿v̵͙͝ḇ̵̀ṇ̵̕m̷͍̅1̴̠̒2̸̮̀3̵̹̍4̷̘̆5̵̰̌6̶͑ͅ7̴͔͛8̵͕̐9̶͉̈́0̴͇͋q̶̱̊w̴̻̌e̵̫̊r̷̝͠t̴͙̀y̷̧̐ũ̵̠ị̷̆o̸̺̎p̴̱̀å̴̬ṡ̵̱ḋ̶͙f̶͓̾

      IGN 🧢

  • Megawave79

    Look at what they did to my boy

  • bluefalcon5537

    As the title suggests, this game is truly “dirt”

  • campos3452

    What is up with all that screen tearing??? L😂L

  • Wayne Payne98
    Wayne Payne98

    Why tf do it look so bad

  • unknown

    wow...retro graphic! so interesting game!

  • Borsalino Kizaru
    Borsalino Kizaru

    I love the devs and their passion, but the art and visuals just aren’t impressive by any metric. I feel like we’re getting a console graphics downgrade right at the start of the generation to reach those 4k60 and 120fps targets on consoles.

  • DangleRoot

    Is it just me or does dirt 5 look terrible across all consoles ? Why are they showing this game off like seriously when they could be showing off games like Assassins Creed Valhalla or Cyber punk games with some Ray tracing and actual graphical power

  • I Changed My Name
    I Changed My Name

    Wow!! Mobile games are looking great next gen. do I need a microsoft phone? will it come to Xbox? oh wait...

  • Default Blender
    Default Blender

    Came here from the cherno :)

  • Ioop2777

    This like ps3

  • Gallo Shanker
    Gallo Shanker

    Shocking for a next-gen game. SIS. Ign remove this video. Making MS look like their console is crap.

  • badmoose01

    Now I know why this game is named after dirt

  • La Paz Mundial
    La Paz Mundial

    Why PS5 games look better? I think I'm switching to PS5. MS keeps on letting me down.

  • Jesús Amilcar Arroyo Cavazos
    Jesús Amilcar Arroyo Cavazos

    Thats the Quality on the most powerfull console hahaha, il stay on PC xD

  • Christian Wurm
    Christian Wurm

    Where is the great damage model from previous Dirt Games?

  • Ron X
    Ron X

    This is 4k at its peak

  • Anders Throzell
    Anders Throzell

    Wtf, show us nextgen, what is this..

  • Drew Freeman
    Drew Freeman

    So hot screen tearing there nice

  • XtremeGamer

    lol this like something from 360

  • افضل جزء re4
    افضل جزء re4

    PS5 SSD 💪

  • Bakang Kganyago
    Bakang Kganyago

    If Halo Infinite was a car game

  • ProAssassin84

    Looks like Halo Infinite.

  • Sarah Clark
    Sarah Clark

    I thought the Xbox series X was a next gen console, not a next gen smartphone

  • King Cheems
    King Cheems

    Reminds me of Halo infinite somehow.

  • Kratos70

    0:01 house with brow roof has pop in also rock mountain in the distance of the path has pop in 0:59 tall tree right side has pop in textures 1:06 some pop in on right side of cave entrance 1:21 tall rock left side has texture pop in 2:00 mesh in corner has moving texture 2:07 tree on right side has texture pop in 2:41 look at the Pop In on that Rock 2:56 tree left side has texture pop in 3:02 tree right side has texture pop in 3:10 tree right side on turn has texture pop in LMAO Most Powerful Console My A$$

  • Patrick Elliott
    Patrick Elliott

    Forza horizon 4 destroys this game in every way.

  • Jimmy Steele
    Jimmy Steele

    is this a joke, those are terrible graphics 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kiwi Kicker
    Kiwi Kicker



    Que grafico horrivel depois do Dirt 3 não foi o mesmo game!

  • Dashter

    Next gen? Really? Looks like xbox 360 graphics 👎🏻

  • chris white
    chris white

    Don’t look no different to PS4 or Xbox one

  • kseries1981

    looks like an xbox one title. lmao

  • Anfmethodjor

    Super easy mode 🤔🤫

  • Ghani Mohd
    Ghani Mohd

    oh..the screen tear up

  • Tranquility

    Is this halo infinite 2? Cuz horizon 4 looks slightly worse on last gen, mind you.

  • José Almeida
    José Almeida

    I feel disappointed

  • Daniel Estrada
    Daniel Estrada

    This looks like a title for people who hate cars and themselves I was hyped for a new dirt series game until I saw the style it is so arcade like and even dirt 4 didn’t have the same presentation of a kids game. The physics also look worse than dirt 4’s somehow, I will stick to dirt rally 2.0 and will wait years for 3.0

  • Gideon Nessi
    Gideon Nessi

    Looks amazing

  • Ishtiaque Hossain Khan
    Ishtiaque Hossain Khan

    Wrong game to showcase console gameplay for the first time.

  • Brazil Magic Land
    Brazil Magic Land


  • 8D Songs
    8D Songs

    Engine fraca

  • 8D Songs
    8D Songs

    Gráficos horríveis

  • General Banana
    General Banana

    Should've showed off Tetris instead

  • Pereira REI DELAS
    Pereira REI DELAS

    O carinha que está jogando é bem ruim de roda ein! Hahaha pqp 😂

  • Filipe Melo
    Filipe Melo

    Ps2 graphics

  • Mike Miles
    Mike Miles

    Ing looks blehhhh, please visite digital foundry for a great quality video of dirt 5💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • Troll Face
    Troll Face

    Ok but wtf is wrong with the tyre..its looks weird tbh.

  • Randy Bradley
    Randy Bradley

    This game will look better on our 4K Televisions but will it look that much better? Codemasters is becoming a shovelware developer/publisher because these games clearly are not crafted with a passion to detail.

  • Alex Morell
    Alex Morell

    What about this looks better than how it would look on the one x?

  • Nimestro

    I’m gonna be honest here: As a next gen game, this looks horrible. There’s just bland physics and noticeable popping. It’s just like Halo Infinite.


      @Kai Stephens the Xbox series x may be harder to develop for hence the bad graphics and many developers have complained about developing for the series x

    • Mr. BLACK jacket
      Mr. BLACK jacket

      @Nimestro a lot considering that you are looking at one of the worst gameplay videos of IGN only to make the game and XSX look bad, you can actually see gameplay of it on other channels such as Gamespot and looks 20 times better.

    • Nimestro

      @Mr. BLACK jacket Doesn’t change the fact that the game is gonna release on 16th October. How much improved and developed can this game get in 2 days?

    • Mr. BLACK jacket
      Mr. BLACK jacket

      You knew that the quality of the video is lower because of an upload issue and this is still in the polishing phase on the development right?

    • Nimestro

      @Kai Stephens You don’t. You choose a PS5, plug it on your TV and play 🎮

  • Exotic Gamer
    Exotic Gamer

    Me in 2006 watching this gameplay: wow next gen graphics 😯😯

  • GossamerCross20

    The first game on the gamepass but tell who asked for this 😑 ign would you and xbox want to make a quick million with possible feedback ? Xbox is literally at 1% as soon as the ps5 drops (fortnite down sound*)

  • EFO

    Kötü grafikler.

  • albo181

    At least there's AS Unity guys...lol

  • Павел Смирнов
    Павел Смирнов

    Выглядит как dirt 2 с современной графикой!

  • Matan D
    Matan D

    This is not next gen. This is ps 3 gameplay

  • Respexct_MaRq

    Nice upgrade

  • Carlos Montiel
    Carlos Montiel


  • Mojtaba B.A.
    Mojtaba B.A.

    Is this a joke? it's not funny... Dirt 3 on PS3 is way better than this.

  • Jack .Stravinsky
    Jack .Stravinsky

    X cuse me, but this looks like a this gen game & not next gen!

  • Meme Roberts
    Meme Roberts

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  • Lets Roll
    Lets Roll

    Wow looks like crap.why is “dirt” coming from the tail lights

  • トーキョーグール-Uta

    Jesus this is series x gameplay... the supposed powerhouse of a console. Yeah after watching this I'm staying with PlayStation. This is worse then the base ps4 gameplay of driveclub. I feel real bad for people that bought the series x. I can't even imagine how gameplay is on the series s...

  • Lucas Borges Veloso
    Lucas Borges Veloso

    Meu Deus que terrível

  • Parsad singh
    Parsad singh

    0:58 I have no more stress thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • 稲田浩太郎


  • Bry_Fo LetsPlay
    Bry_Fo LetsPlay

    4K Game rendered in 1080P?

  • vvhale fccd
    vvhale fccd

    Pretty sure you can make this game on Farcry mapeditor

  • Matt Dargis
    Matt Dargis

    Go watch video on this game at digital foundry.

  • Void 6
    Void 6

    this loos like a last gen game like Halo infinite

  • Flaw3dGenius

    This looks awful... Was it captured on a potato??

  • Gino Bling
    Gino Bling

    These graphics did not do the Xbox series X any justice

  • AJ_ Mastabeatz
    AJ_ Mastabeatz

    So much screen tearing

  • Jordan Vallejo
    Jordan Vallejo

    This has to be the Switch version surely??

  • SNES Head
    SNES Head

    Looks the same

  • Carlos Soares
    Carlos Soares

    This game is for XBOX 360 and/or PS3?

  • Felipe Paulini
    Felipe Paulini

    Que bosta de jogo

  • madinsane

    Ps3/x360 in 4k

  • Yacine YGamer
    Yacine YGamer

    why do i have a feeling that Dirt 3 looks better last gen ? !!!!

  • Lawfer Rhamard
    Lawfer Rhamard

    Now I get it! It's just a base last gen Xbox @60fps!

  • the flash
    the flash

    We can only truly feel the next gen when first party game developers take full advantage of the consoles power, like naughty dogs, sucker punch, 343 industries,

    • the flash
      the flash

      @Fabian Vargas thought of that..but forgot lol..u can see the comma after 343 industries..

    • Fabian Vargas
      Fabian Vargas

      Do not put 343 industries on that list, they are not worthy, put the coalition on there...

  • Andre Bessa
    Andre Bessa

    gran turismo 1 has better graphical fidelity than this

  • Luis Rendón
    Luis Rendón

    This is a PS2 game?

  • Yan

    IGN sinks too new low, claim not next gen enough, then upload 1080p compressed video.

  • X BURK
    X BURK

    I'd check out Dealer - Gaming's latest video in regards to this IGN post above. It's become clear that IGN is not the place to get credible news.

    • Alan Baker
      Alan Baker

      But dealer - gaming is defending the poor xbox games like crackdown 3 and state of decay 2


    No wonder it runs 120 fps

  • John Connor.   Leader of the resistance.
    John Connor. Leader of the resistance.

    I hope there is local split screen

  • angel cuellar
    angel cuellar

    To all the people that say this looks bad go watch the video of this on Xbox series s on Xbox channel and think twice

  • Adilson Oliveira
    Adilson Oliveira

    No v-sinc?!

  • ATRecording

    Seeing this makes me appreciate dirt 2 even more that game still holds up

  • Henry Sharp
    Henry Sharp

    Guess I’ll wait until the next gen after this one then..

  • Farrakh Yasin
    Farrakh Yasin

    Is this for real? Because this seems like a joke. Games on the Xbox One / PS4 look better.

  • Norm Price
    Norm Price

    Doesn’t look any better than my Xbox one X

  • koch 8
    koch 8

    Looking like iOS game

  • ThaRealCstylez

    the back tires look like to xbox box series x's lol

  • DoubleOyimmy

    Yo this looks bad

  • Psycho_Realm

    Graphics looking alittle last gen, like ps3 era. Lol

  • Yan Martin del Campo
    Yan Martin del Campo

    How come it looks like 720 when i put it at 1080. Xbox is truly next gen

  • иiитеивоу

    Wow look at that screen tear 🤢 Now compare this to Spider-Man and demon souls on the ps5 night and day difference PS5 is the best.

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