DC Showcase - Batman: Death in the Family Review
DC's newest direct-to-video animated movie is also its first interactive project. Batman: Death in the Family is a retelling of the infamous 1988 comic that allows you the viewer to determine the fate of Jason Todd. But does this "choose your own adventure" format help Death in the Family rise above the crowd? Find out in our full review.

  • blaise russo
    blaise russo

    this movie is a missed opportunity they should have just done a prequel to under the red hood

  • Rebekah Segun
    Rebekah Segun

    Is it not going to come out on DVD? I don't have a blu Ray player and my laptop only supports DVDS.

  • Black lightning
    Black lightning

    I saw the batman version of this. Still haven't seen the other two yet.

  • Randy Allen
    Randy Allen

    Cool concept but would have loved to see another original story with jason Todd total let down for me.

  • Lölyta Günol
    Lölyta Günol

    DC needs to do better with Talia I love her and her whole design but the way she acts can’t say the same

  • X

    This is the 590th comment.

  • Todd Wawrzycki
    Todd Wawrzycki

    Wow I'm really mad I didnt read these first

  • Caleb Christensen
    Caleb Christensen

    So if they whole cast comes back, Where's Jensen Ackles????

  • The guy who knows nothing
    The guy who knows nothing

    Imagine there only doing this to see what we want so they can make an alternate under the red hood movie later on

  • Serific

    IGN: *"doesn't make you feel dead"* 9.36246462763466462467627e6/10

  • Outlaw Gamer
    Outlaw Gamer

    Instead a returning Jensen Ackles voice for Red Hood/Jason Todd, we get a voice over of batman on the scenes from the first one😡 so disappointing

  • KD

    Is there a website you can watch all the choices for free

  • Louis Kelemen
    Louis Kelemen

    The choices are sure interesting but quite often disappointing. Especially when most endings are either A: Jason stops the killing cuz "kiLlIng iS bAd" or B: continues to being a killer but goes insane at some point because the movie can't stress it enough that killing mass murderers is bad.

  • Ru New
    Ru New

    This may branch into more interactive movies were we choose the outcome it has grant possibilities

  • Cường Cter
    Cường Cter

    apokolips war is dark but this anime is too dark went batman death 2 time

  • Cardo Richard
    Cardo Richard

    I never should have seen this show. The final episode has made me suicidal.

  • Austin Alexcee
    Austin Alexcee

    I rent this on INlabel but it has non of this it’s like I rented a whole different movie. It was short stories of other things that’s not even about Batman seriously got the beginning with Bruce venting to Clark and then just about world war story and teens getting freaky while traveling. Did I rent the wrong Batman movie or something cause I want to see red hood not teens seemly getting high. World war story was kinda neat with vampires, zombies, and werewolves but it’s not what I asked for and wanted to watch I came to watch Batman vs red hood what part of the world war mentions Batman or has any affect on the main story I came to watch? Not a damn bit so pretty disappointed with renting not sure if I’ll care to try watch this again.

  • Bryce193 Melton
    Bryce193 Melton

    No red hood did not show enough, this should of been the graphic novel in movie form, but instead we get a visual novel game on our blu ray players, deafening the purpose of being called a movie and won't buy cause I disappointed in this action they took with it

  • Bryce193 Melton
    Bryce193 Melton

    Not a movie

  • The Hobbyist
    The Hobbyist

    I just rented the movie and I didn't get to make any choices

  • MaxxSkywalker

    I loved Under the Red Hood. I think I'm going to pass on this one, though.

    • Adde Stj
      Adde Stj

      YES FULLY AGREE WITH YOU i dont wanna ruin that AMAZING movie

  • Tobi

    Well not the entire red hood cast is back. Jenson Ackles isn't red hood anymore

  • mamba4ever 24
    mamba4ever 24

    Worse scam ever!! Should of just rented Batman vs the Ninja Turtles!

  • mamba4ever 24
    mamba4ever 24

    Just rented it digital and I'm still wondering wtf I just watched. I waited 30 mins for the movie to start, and it just talked about another movie smh garbage

  • Johnny Venegas
    Johnny Venegas

    On amazon prime I didn't have the interactive mode why???

  • Big Body Tav
    Big Body Tav

    Do not rent this movie digitally I repeat do not rent this movie digitally I rented it on Amazon expecting for the interactive story feature to appear and I watched the entire movie including the short stories and it never appeared once they don't tell you when you're buying it that you only get that with the Blu-ray I immediately called and got my refund because I felt ripped off because they never tell you that you don't get it if you rent it

  • Cj Parson
    Cj Parson

    I bought it digitally I have made a grave mistake

  • Zee 115
    Zee 115

    One step foward and 2 steps back DC Why even make it digitally?

  • zack ll
    zack ll

    Only added Bruce telling the story... Nothing is changed..

  • Brian Camilleri
    Brian Camilleri

    WARNING: DO NOT purchase the INlabel Movies version. It is non interactive and only follows the Red Hood recap story line for 25 minutes followed by an hour and 15 minutes of random DC shorts- and there is no indication of this at all in the description.

  • The Guardian
    The Guardian

    Bruce Greenwood has the second greatest Batman voice next to Conroy. I also love the Joker voice actor here.

  • Chris

    I appreciate the attempt to do something different, but would have much rather had a full feature Death in the Family movie than this choose your own adventure thing. No rewatchabilty value. Wish I would had spent the money on the Deathstroke movie.

  • Wan Shah
    Wan Shah

    Like this concept of storytelling. The "what ifs" story is interesting

    • Adde Stj
      Adde Stj

      they should went anny other batman movie and let this masterpeice alone

  • Danny Soul
    Danny Soul

    It’s just under the red hood with deleted scenes

  • Danny Soul
    Danny Soul

    They shoulda left this movie alone

  • Jeremy Kramer
    Jeremy Kramer

    Hoping they do this with Death of the Family

  • Kriimson

    i feel like they are gonna do this with justice league dark apokolips war story line choose different choices and such would do cool and stuff

  • lew mack
    lew mack

    hi im here to remind you... DONT BUY DIGITAL

  • Hizan Yıldız
    Hizan Yıldız

    The costume is red robin costumes

  • Edwin Beard
    Edwin Beard


  • Random Hispanic guy
    Random Hispanic guy

    Where can I watch this for free?ya boy down bad fr

  • The Anthropologist _Forensic
    The Anthropologist _Forensic

    I was a small child when the infamous "CALL AND VOTE" incident took place, and to be honest I do not think anyone believed that their vote to "KILL JASON" would ever be taken seriously. It was shocking at the time


    Is this the prelude to red hood?

  • Carlisle the Cinephile
    Carlisle the Cinephile

    I kinda hope they keep doing this with other DC properties

  • david hernandez
    david hernandez

    I just felt I got robbed from my money for buying it digital

  • colin gray
    colin gray

    No Jensen, no me. That how this works

  • LunaOfTheDarkestNight

    Can we have a Deathstroke movie already?

  • iHateStevenRice

    I watched all 7 endings/possibilities in one sitting less than 2 hours

  • Rogue Kitsune Productions
    Rogue Kitsune Productions

    If Marvel did the exact same thing with one of their stories, they would’ve rated it a 10. Ign and Rotten Tomatoes. Most biased sources on earth.

    • Blitz VG
      Blitz VG

      @Rogue Kitsune Productions Yikes someone doesn’t know how review aggregates work. You hate to see it

    • Drvnken kvlt
      Drvnken kvlt

      Did you want them to give a lazy recap with a couple extra scenes a 10/10?

    • Rogue Kitsune Productions
      Rogue Kitsune Productions

      @Dylan Rodrigues It’s ok. I know they get tipped off. You can take your bias and leave.

    • Dylan Rodrigues
      Dylan Rodrigues

      No they wouldnt have and you dont understand how rt works

  • HamutaliSebo KingGOLOLA
    HamutaliSebo KingGOLOLA

    It's like they were giving Jason Todd multiple chances!

  • achronos178

    Need more of these types of movies

  • Brandon Keisler
    Brandon Keisler

    Had they included all the content and simply allowed you to edit your own version of the full feature like the Sin City Special Edition Blu Ray instead of so much narration it would have been much more enjoyable. Loved the DEATH animated short though.

  • CrownRoyalz1

    Does this movie have ANY happy endings? Lol

  • Donald Allen
    Donald Allen

    Jensen Ackles should have been in this production

  • ReggieRegg

    Aw no jenson ackles

  • Lou B
    Lou B

    This movie was bad ngl

  • christina budolfsen
    christina budolfsen

    I love it and I hope he Will get more screen time in Young Justice season 4

  • Ian Brennan
    Ian Brennan

    Pros: +Alternate paths are all interesting ++The Batman Saves Robin paths are the most investing (subjective) +Vincent Martella nails it as Jason Todd +Honors the spirit of the original story Cons -Interactive function is not available on digital copies -The Robin Dies path is basically a glorified clip show recapping "Under the Red Hood", though this may be a necessary evil -The Robin Cheats Death path really should be longer than it is I definitely agree with the final rating on this one. It's alright, but for an interactive story, I kind of wish there was a little more out of it. But with that said, it's not a bad (short) film by any means. If you're going to buy this film, 1.) *DON'T BUY THIS DIGITALLY!*, and 2.) Wait for a price drop.

  • Puza Bangsa
    Puza Bangsa

    Cinefix guy yeah??

  • Zapatozi

    The movie only lasted hald an hour. 😂

  • Reyes Ghost R
    Reyes Ghost R

    This movie, or movies, feel completely rushed and not developed.

    • Darkly

      i think it was more of a set up movie leading to the possible next movie

  • The Viking Batman
    The Viking Batman

    This is a very deceptive "movie"


    i rented it and i didnt get any options what so ever (i rented on amazon and im on a laptop) also The only thing i got were a couple of shorts afterwards which have nothing to do with batman or anything bat related

  • Stan Henderson
    Stan Henderson

    Sounds like they can do this with other storylines, like the Death of a Superman and Flashpoint. So Kudos to DC

  • Timothy Leeder
    Timothy Leeder

    I bought this but dont have the interactive parts within it?

  • Dank Lynx
    Dank Lynx

    I did kind of almost nearly cried when batman died.

  • kids channel
    kids channel

    Can it work on computer i am a using a computer and the story is jason die

  • Dipolar Gaming
    Dipolar Gaming

    Am I the only one that actually preferred this voice actor

  • Dingo Lingus
    Dingo Lingus

    *That fateful day. That "faithful" day doesn't make any sense.

    • SmileMan64 aka BenjaMan64
      SmileMan64 aka BenjaMan64

      They're easy to confuse, faith and fate. An English teacher I knew did so.

  • GOGETA The strongest fusion
    GOGETA The strongest fusion

    How do we watch it

  • Burst ItDown
    Burst ItDown

    Interactive!? Saw this on a website hmm might buy it or maybe it's on redbox


    3 words very very dark

  • akshay kumar
    akshay kumar

    IGN: You felt like Batman. You could see Joker woth a face paint and Robin was Robin. However still needed more Abby in the series. 2/10

  • psvbarman

    Disappointing, not worth buying it. Maybe if price was lower

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez

    Idk if it’s the same for all of you or where you watch digital movies but mine is from my MoviesAnywhere account, and there is an extras section and it has all of the alternate storylines that you can watch, while it might not be interactive i’m still able to view the storylines which is all I really cared about, I wasn’t all that hyped for the interactive experience anyway 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ but yeah the main movie is just Under the Red Hood with bonus scenes but atleast i’m still able to view the alternate stories which is all I really cared about.

  • Yamieddie

    So what you all are basically telling me, telling us is that the interactive part of the movie is pirate-proof unless you watch the movie on blu-ray. In my opinion, I think it's a genius move and should push you to buy it on blu-ray if you are huge into Batman and the choose your own adventure style of storytelling.


    Where I can watch this movie??

  • Brandyn Heiskell
    Brandyn Heiskell

    So Tim Drake isn’t in this movie and Jason becomes Red Robin?

    • Dipolar Gaming
      Dipolar Gaming

      Not gonna spoil anything, but it depends the path.

  • Nasir Williams
    Nasir Williams

    Mine didn’t do this 🙄 it literally just played the movie all the way through and ended with the diner scene

    • Thomas Johnson
      Thomas Johnson

      @Peter b parker yeah I bought the digital version. I thought it would play the alternate versions afterwards but it doesn’t. I’m using Apple TV so I checked if their are extras I can press and the alt versions will be there but they weren’t

    • Peter b parker
      Peter b parker

      Did you buy the digital version?

  • Patrickbeyondthetoonroom Moore
    Patrickbeyondthetoonroom Moore

    Isn't the story of Death in the Family about Jason finding his long lost mother, as this movie should have mentioned this?

    • Dipolar Gaming
      Dipolar Gaming

      Its doing its own take of the death in the family and under the red hood story

  • Marcus Pearl
    Marcus Pearl

    It was garbage, if they wanted to write a prequel to Under the Red Hood while keeping the Death of the Family perspective, they could have written an actual prequel, while keeping the interactive option for the end EDIT: This review is for the digital version

    • Darkly

      dont really know how this was a prequel

  • TwilightSunXXIV

    Sorry, but that Bruce/Clark interaction is the diner reminds me so much of Public Enemies. Bruce & Clark are brothers in spirit and heart. The contingency conversation was hilarious!

  • HOUOT Titou
    HOUOT Titou

    i buy the movie on ps4 but i have no choice when i watch it . someone know what to do?

  • mc_macapaca

    No Jensen Ackles = no watch


    Can still make decisions on digital purchase someone let me know

  • ShutUpCatProductions

    Who asked for this?

  • Henry withAW
    Henry withAW

    Hard skip they didn't get Jensen Ackles has redhood

  • Sigma13

    My main issues was it being very narration heavy and the overuse of the word son

  • Kwadwo Adjepong-Boateng
    Kwadwo Adjepong-Boateng

    As a fan I feel utterly let down. Little to no interactive components when bought digitally. No Ackles, nada

  • YNOT _02
    YNOT _02

    Don't waste your money you're watching the entire movie it is nothing but a recap and a bunch of clips.

  • CJ Douglas
    CJ Douglas

    Guys, DO NOT rent this movie on INlabel. All the interactive functionality is gone and not only that, they don’t even show you the alternate versions of the film, it’s literally a narrated, 30-minute recap of the “under the red hood” film followed by 2 more random short films. Waste of money unless you buy the disc version.

    • CJ Douglas
      CJ Douglas

      @the_other_guy 2134 right. You’re much better off just getting the red hood movie cuz at least you get a complete story and a movie length film.

    • the_other_guy 2134
      the_other_guy 2134

      @CJ Douglas it doesn't even feel like the mini stories were even 20 mins

    • the_other_guy 2134
      the_other_guy 2134

      @CJ Douglas they could have easily giving us actually full stories alot of it no matter what was just old scenes with a few new ones I would have rather have gotten under the read hood on Blu-ray

    • CJ Douglas
      CJ Douglas

      @the_other_guy 2134 exactly

    • the_other_guy 2134
      the_other_guy 2134

      @CJ Douglas to be fair we still got ripped off we were expecting a hour long movie we just got 20 minute recape of each story some would have been better if they got expanded on

  • Makk3w44 Gaming
    Makk3w44 Gaming

    I cant even shoise anything its just 1 movie where bruce wayne tell story then 4 differend strory and they dont even batman

  • Makk3w44 Gaming
    Makk3w44 Gaming

    In trailer there is hush but in the movie there is no hushbor twoface or cheetah!

  • lawish writer
    lawish writer

    Where ca you watch this movie

  • Boogie

    *Digital versions don’t come with interactive functions* “The fans will remember that.”

    • Dreux Love
      Dreux Love

      Pissed me off when I got it on appletv

    • Camilo Nuñez
      Camilo Nuñez


    • avace917

      @Thomas Johnson you have to buy the Blu Ray

    • Davion Guthrie
      Davion Guthrie

      @Gavin Medina what you said 🙄

    • Shaky Rob
      Shaky Rob

      Wait what?! I gave my Dark Knight loving friendy my digital code like I usually do! Bah but he's gonna be pissed and Im gonna have to let him know to cool the kettle. FFS DC.

  • Kelly J
    Kelly J


  • Ab Raj
    Ab Raj

    "Don't go after joker alone" should have listened to the world's greatest detective

    • Ab Raj
      Ab Raj

      @Darkly thats what batman defines batman mate! The moral code of not killing criminals

    • Darkly

      his logic makes no sense tho, in the red hood comic where red hood kills penguin batman is like *im gonna brutally beat up my son, who killed a murderer super criminal who killed innocent people*

  • Peter Tennant
    Peter Tennant

    Or Batman do The comic Death of the family fully done. Jason goes and finds his mother and go to a middle eastern country and Joker the ambassador of that country joker had his mother and she turn on her son but Both get kidnapped. Batman finds out and goes to find jason. Joker beats Jason with the crow bar while his mother is watches. Then he set the bomb up and get out of Jason. Jason try to ulock the door but lock. He see the time is almost up on the bomb. As Batman just get to the warehouse. Jason jumps infront of the bomb and kills him. Batman finds Jason in the rubble dead. The next day Batman is in his hotel going to meet the Joker. He is going to have a spech at the United nations. Batman is going to kill Joker. Clark come telling him he can't go. Joker has diplomatic immunity. At the UN. Joker speech he gasses the UN. Bruce was their so was Clark who Flies in. Superman uses his super lungs and inhales the gas and flies into space to release it Batman goes after Joker. Joker is escaping by helicopter Batman knocks out Jokers henchman and get out to the helicopter. As fight starts Joker misses Batman and shoots the pilot. Their going down. Batman see joker and just get out of their as the helicopter crashed. Joker couldn't of made it but his body is missing. Clark as Bruce is he could of saved him. Bruce said it was split second decision either I get out their or we both die. Clark doesn't believe him. Bruce said he killed Jason. (Joker power is you need to see him die, if he fall to his death he isn't dead)

  • Artificial Flavors
    Artificial Flavors

    I thought it was pretty cool. Though it does have it flaws. I’m just bias because I love Jason’s story hehehe

  • Toto Pogito
    Toto Pogito

    Is this a remaster? I think this is released years ago.

    • Artificial Flavors
      Artificial Flavors

      Some clips are from under the red hood and then others are completely new

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