Ghost of Tsushima Devs on Legends, New Game Plus Update
Sucker Punch's Darren Bridges walks us through what Ghost of Tsushima: Legends brings with its new, free multiplayer experience, while game director Nate Fox details what the team wanted to bring to Tsushima's New Game Plus mode, and more.

  • Firuz Majid
    Firuz Majid

    I don't know, the game was totally cool as a Single player one But i think i'll give it a try

  • Haywood2

    The new game plus needs to literally start at the beginning. I would still like the movie feel of this game.

  • Jaqen Hgar
    Jaqen Hgar

    Spoiler Question: So on new game plus it gives me the option to name the new horse that we get, in my game it's giving me the option Sora and Kaze. If I pick Kaze will that carry over even when my horse dies on Act 3 or will I rename my final horse? I really want name Kaze for my endgame horse. So should I pick Sora first then when Sora dies will the name Kaze be the endgame name of my horse? Thanks for the answers in advance.

  • luca scheidegger
    luca scheidegger

    Great best thing is that there is a 2,3 and 4 player Multiplayer

  • Damon Ford
    Damon Ford

    I wish it wasnt damn zombies. I thought it was gonna be the story mode with just coop. Its aight . Not all that

  • Beerus& Whis
    Beerus& Whis

    It's not 7 remake so. . . . *pushes it off shelf* yeaaaaa. . . I'd probably like it tbh but I'm playing games I want to play right now. If I move on to another new game I will just crack under pressure.

  • MrBiscuits

    you can pet dogs now?! best game 10/10 11/10 all the numbers over ten/10

  • Burger Muncher
    Burger Muncher

    They should make legends a standalone thing so more people will hop on since it would be completely free

  • Fickry Q
    Fickry Q

    The worst thing about this update is deciding whether I should be playing ng+ or legends.

  • Asco

    Old skool game Shadowdancer had a dog companion too

  • Kyreem

    This is so much fun! The love and care for Ghost of Tsushima is the standard I hope developers try to reach going forward. Thank you Sucker Punch!

  • Abi Nubli
    Abi Nubli

    GoT next update i guess will be raid boss(es) and PvP

  • 1 2
    1 2

    This is game game is on my top 3 games ever along with Sekiro and the Witcher 3

  • Jack McMahon
    Jack McMahon

    Does anyone know if we can use the armour cosmetics from legends in single player?? That’s what I want want

  • M T
    M T

    Only thing i want is a free roam mode maybe two or more players were samurai and were inspired by the ghost and decided to continue the legend.

  • Jörmungandr, The World Serpent
    Jörmungandr, The World Serpent

    Decent but I'll stick to Assassin's Creed instead.

  • Alexander Shabazz I
    Alexander Shabazz I

    SuckerPunch did E V E R Y T H I N G right with GOT.

  • Vibhav Saraf
    Vibhav Saraf

    Ngl the dog feature was enough to sell it.

  • Peter Winding
    Peter Winding

    AC Can close up shop and start developing a new Splinter cell instead, now. This game totalt rules The genre. Hands down in every category.

  • iPerryL

    with these new mode, this is my GOTY

  • C-Force521

    Sucker Punch and Insomniac are definitely devs of the year

  • Linus Wilson
    Linus Wilson

    NG+ is bugged. I lost all my gear.

  • eSKAone

    I hope for 4K60 on PS5 as a free cross generation update.

  • eSKAone

    I love PlayStation & Nintendo 🙂

  • Kor ProGaming
    Kor ProGaming

    1:40 i loled so much

  • Edgar Ohito
    Edgar Ohito

    Sucker Punch is the gamers' developer studio. 🙏🏿

  • matirishhh

    Best open world game ever made. Arigato Sucker Punch.

  • Syed

    More games should have coop! Make the campaign coop as well!!

  • Drade Gamer
    Drade Gamer

    DLC: Multiplayer - nice Class system - alright New cosmetics - cool Lets you pet dogs - OMFG! Game Of The Year!

  • J M
    J M

    @3:49 where the hell is that hat? Can’t find it ever since i started the new game + anyone knows where to get this one?

  • bowmanpwner

    Does anyone know how many times we can do new game plus and if it gets harder every time??

  • Tomorrow Dương
    Tomorrow Dương

    How are they gonna keep the server up and running. This is insane!! Pls take my money

  • Sean Kyte
    Sean Kyte

    "Train_Suplex" huh...somebody's a Final Fantasy fan, love to see it

  • ghost245353

    Meanwhile, at EA.....

  • Aaron Scorzy
    Aaron Scorzy

    We need an patch for all these bugs lol but it’s freaking amazing so far!!

  • Mr. B
    Mr. B

    Legends is so addicting I'm really enjoying it

  • Witchfall

    The one thing that would get me to buy a play station is thus but im still not going too

  • Lj Castille
    Lj Castille

    These guys should make a definitive "NINJA SCROLL" game.

  • Marcos Danilo
    Marcos Danilo

    gonna be honest, i think just a normal co-op would've been better.

  • Blackbeard

    The MP aint even working

    • Ryan

      Yes it is, and it's amazing.

  • DR Doctor
    DR Doctor

    Thank you punch sucker

  • Metallic_Knight6969

    Thank you so much sucker punch

  • Nycto

    I'm happy they've doubled down with charms in single player. I remember getting the one that turns wind chimes into poison traps and my playstyle immediately changed drastically. Great they're adding more.

  • 140694 1994
    140694 1994

    Shame i can't play the legends, because my ps plus account expired

    • Ryan

      You can still play it, just solo.

  • WhatIsTime

    Game of the Year!!!

  • michael river
    michael river

    Just fix the damn error too psn connection random pop up lol only issue I have and some balancing on nightmare but all in all its great amazing fun and just addicting

  • InsTincT

    Yo I just wish you could start a duel w ur friend. That would be absolutely insane

  • Ludens Arahan
    Ludens Arahan

    I played it yesterday. It's like Ghost of Tsushima meets Warframe and it plays like a dream.

  • Jigsaw 203
    Jigsaw 203

    All my boys picked assassin. I went with Ronin, glad I did. His great for healing and receiving.

    • Tiger Bears
      Tiger Bears

      A bunch of Assassins and a Ronin works really well. Assassins have such a mobile playstyle, and if something goes wrong they can just get revived from across the map by the Ronin.

  • Wakanda Forever
    Wakanda Forever

    Now all we need is a story DLC that if need be worth $$

  • Tate Parker
    Tate Parker

    The thing is...if SuckerPunch charged for this I WOULD’VE BOUGHT IT. But the fact that it’s FREE. SuckerPunch I hope your sales jump up even more after this update 🙌 y’all deserve it for being awesome devs.

  • SlyBeast

    Closest we've come to Mass Effect 3's wonderful co-op yet and that's very high praise but with one critical oversight: I cannot believe you don't start with all 4 sword stances. You're just not equipped to deal with certain enemy types at all without them.

  • bhill005

    Legends does not disappoint. Truly amazing...

  • Akuma Zymaki
    Akuma Zymaki

    Can Legends mode go Open world?? Like that would be super great to adventure with friends and all, yknow

    • Spingfire

      I could see that being a future addition 👀

  • Sweet leaf Reznov
    Sweet leaf Reznov

    Just call me black strawhat ronin

  • infinite potential
    infinite potential

    You have no single player DLC... and you are a SLAVE to it!

  • Sam Lim
    Sam Lim

    I can only have one stance I can use?

    • Tiger Bears
      Tiger Bears

      You unlock more with new swords. Some can have multiple stances, and theres a legendary sword that can use all four stances.

  • Eternal Slumber
    Eternal Slumber

    Like most games these days you mostly move around and hold x when you need to fight and the character plays itself. Stiff ,boring

    • Eko Permana
      Eko Permana

      Sorry buddy, you seem looking for endless run mobile games

    • Tiger Bears
      Tiger Bears

      Stiff? Is game has some of the most fluid and engaging combat I’ve ever seen.

    • Ryan

      Not even close to this at all. If you enter a fight in Ghost and hold x, you will jump once, and then be slaughtered by your enemy. Not sure what you played.

  • Aaron Hall
    Aaron Hall

    They made a better Looting game then Avengers 😂😂

  • Zahry Darko
    Zahry Darko

    This update is legendary. Only thing that would be even more awesome would be PvP Duels.

  • smurfpiss

    GOTY for me...

  • Oscar Pozo
    Oscar Pozo

    I need ps plus to play legends?

    • Eko Permana
      Eko Permana

      Just play solo

    • MrClanger1968

      I have been doing stuff without ps+. You will need it to play with others. I am not a great online fan, but for this considering ps+ .

  • Andre Frazier
    Andre Frazier

    I'm about maybe... 40% through the main game. stopped playing to continue it on ps5 this year... can't wait. secondly... all this makes me want is Nioh 3 but with this level of graphical polish

  • John Polus
    John Polus

    Any word on when the raid will be released?

  • Japheth Blankenship
    Japheth Blankenship

    I only got convinced by Iroh at the end

  • Kev Smith
    Kev Smith

    The fact that it’s Free blows my mind. TAKE NOTE !!

  • LemonLime Special
    LemonLime Special

    And it's amazing

  • Joe West
    Joe West

    1:42 lol

  • Owais Behram
    Owais Behram

    Game of the year

  • MrLeonthepro

    I’ve got major respect for Sucker Punch. They’ve made an amazing game! I love it and will play this well into the next gen. SP deserve all the praise and success. They made a gamers game.

  • Lanre Oladejo
    Lanre Oladejo

    The Ghost Classes you can Play as are: - Ronin(Healing Capability) - Assassin(Stealthy Attacks) - Hunter(Bow & Arrow) - Samurai(Melee Katana Attacks) I don’t think Assassins Creed: Valhalla can compete with the output I’ve seen from this Suckerpunch dev team.

  • DennisOswinFunGaming

    Check out my content respect

  • DiabloDex

    Is this sekiro?

  • Greg Harper
    Greg Harper

    At this point all I’d like to see is some anime costumes please!! That’d be amazing!!

  • Connor G
    Connor G

    Anyone else had a problem with new game plus not saving progress? Had to start all over again, just wondering incase I need to change something in my saved

  • Xurse The Worst
    Xurse The Worst

    In my room blasting wutang clan while slashin and dashin on survival

  • NightTroid

    I would love to see a cross-over event in Legends with Nioh 2 at this point :)

  • Sponge man
    Sponge man

    This game is dead now, temporary game for stayed at home situation

    • Brandon Hasting
      Brandon Hasting

      @Sponge man i hope u know every game can be temporary dickhead

    • Sponge man
      Sponge man

      @Brandon Hasting not hate, just facts

    • Marcus Kane
      Marcus Kane

      Stop talking about Avengers mate.

    • Brandon Hasting
      Brandon Hasting

      Damn the hatred leaking out of you

  • Bloodmoonzero Darkseaa
    Bloodmoonzero Darkseaa

    No micro transactions STILL WTF THIS IS AMAZING

  • Greef Havoc
    Greef Havoc

    When is this out

  • Marcus Kane
    Marcus Kane

    OK lads, this game has no contenders for GOTY now.

  • Eriko. Oy
    Eriko. Oy

    I like how it's not just mindless cosmetics and fluff, they actually thought it through design-wise.

  • doubleDelsewhere

    Wish they made a more brutal gory mode where arms limbs come off more and manga style squirting blood etc be awesome

  • iMad

    Anyone else getting error code 1 when trying to join a friend?

  • DanteEx

    Games and and Studios like this is what made me be a PlayStation fan. Always deliver the Best Quality! I'll never support Microsoft seeing how they use xbox Just to sell more pc.. I know why im buying a PlayStation - For the games!! Ghost of tsushima is a True gem!!

  • PaoloDiCanio문재인박근혜처럼부패된시발놈아

    It takes too long to lvl up. And Gold survival is almost impossible. I got the feeling Raid will be even worse. The devs should have made the game more playable for RANDOM parties cause that's like 99% of the players concerned.

    • AKVelo

      99% of games don't work with randoms communication is key

  • Mohsin Ghafour
    Mohsin Ghafour

    Does anyone knows what the max level is

    • Scrunge Digger
      Scrunge Digger

      I think 115 around there, I'm 110 and there's more

  • Unknown

    Will it have a trophy list with a platinum?

  • ChillZ Gmz
    ChillZ Gmz

    Even the different environments in multiplayer are amazing usually multiplayer graphics downgrade from the main game

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    I know this is more than anyone could hope for, but if at some point they would create some team battles (preferably with pve content in them) in this setting/style.. it would be like a dream come true.

  • Patrick Rossier
    Patrick Rossier

    Still pissed off my Platinum won't unlock

  • Stack Machine
    Stack Machine

    Crazy that sony made two exclusives this year that end up becoming my two favorite games of this generation

    • AKVelo

      @Eko Permana I literally edited the comment before you commented

    • Eko Permana
      Eko Permana

      @AKVelo yeah, with an edited comment LoL

    • AKVelo

      @Eko Permana business is easy to understand it's based off of profit if you spent 100 million making the game you want atleast 300 million in profit so if you're constantly spending bare minimum and still making money you don't have to worry

    • AKVelo

      @Eko Permana I literally replied to both parts on how scoring can be based on 1-10 and how fifa still makes money

    • Eko Permana
      Eko Permana

      @AKVelo read my comment again, and think about it, if you have time

  • Riosxx

    error communication to psn lost.......

  • Jules Rules
    Jules Rules

    I somehow don't have access to the loadout feature. How can I open it?

    • uplands777

      Gamer tag: uplands777

    • Jules Rules
      Jules Rules

      @uplands777 thx! I didn't check the options yet

    • uplands777

      Go into options. From there you can enable the function.

  • Alexandru Crimson
    Alexandru Crimson

    This new mode is amazing, the way your class develops and getting new items that actually change your playstyle, Love it closest thing to Tenchu as well if not Just like tenchu. LOVE the Co op element!

  • m zeek
    m zeek

    Make us skip the cut scenes pls

  • DerangedBeetle

    I'm so glad we got all of these things, legends is great I've enjoyed it so far and can't wait for the raids, then the story is getting more I wanted new game+ but the little twist to it instead of just the usual you have everything and you repeat the story, Sucker punch did this game well and I'm glad I bought it

  • Matt Mcandrew
    Matt Mcandrew

    BUT CAN WE SKIP CUTSCENES IN NEW GAME PLUS????? This is a huge must for me. I'll still watch all the important cut scenes but there are so many side missions with multiple boring cut scenes in them that really don't require a second watch.

    • Matt Mcandrew
      Matt Mcandrew

      @Zaid Moolla this is fantastic

    • Zaid Moolla
      Zaid Moolla

      Yes sir you can skip

  • Shade Reedy
    Shade Reedy


  • LukeIMG19

    Shame none of my friends bought this

    • Captain America
      Captain America

      Get new ones from the Playstation community

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