Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Unleash Your Inner Viking - Chapter 1: Dual Wielding & Raiding
Ubisoft invites you to join a group of aspiring Vikings on a journey of self-discovery as they learn the ways of Eivor, including dual-wielding and raiding, in the first chapter of Unleash Your Inner Viking presented by Assassin's Creed Valhalla.
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  • Why do I exist
    Why do I exist

    I came here because of the adds I felt bad so I ended up watching this

  • TLS Baran8tor
    TLS Baran8tor

    Never playing this game only because you made me watch unskippable ads

  • Noah Del Cid
    Noah Del Cid


  • Kevin Olguin
    Kevin Olguin

    Came from the ads

    • A Random Account
      A Random Account

      Same lol

  • A Minecraft Player
    A Minecraft Player

    I got the ads lol

  • Sr Chalice
    Sr Chalice

    👬 Unleash Your Inner Bi-King 👬

  • Zaylo

    Wow this is such a weird way to show gameplay... and yet I have a big smile on my face and I’m ready to drop kick a barista.

  • Gersonzero

    N64 promotional VHS vibes here


    I could really do without the skits. Why can't they just put a video together like how Rockstar did with GTA5 and Red Dead where it just shows strictly gameplay and has a commentary in the background explaining things???? Having to keep skipping through the dumb skits to see actual gameplay is terrible.

  • My dick is tiny but,
    My dick is tiny but,

    Hey it’s WASP mom lol

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates

    So this is what Ubisoft spends their money on? A low budget comedy???

  • Jared Laney
    Jared Laney


  • Luthbrook

    These are hilarious, Worth the watch

  • Ramsey Schroeder
    Ramsey Schroeder

    Don’t be a Beta Male, play as male Eivor

  • neoboi

    I genuinely enjoyed this

  • K X
    K X

    can't wait to raid those British in the game

  • Lego Boy
    Lego Boy

    Hey I perordered the collectors edition when will ill receive it like will it be after release or like a day before just wondering

  • Jacob Eliason
    Jacob Eliason

    Hahaha this is hilarious

  • Serranothethird


  • Jackie Treehorn
    Jackie Treehorn

    I thought Vikings were supposed to be scary

  • Ezzy Pierre
    Ezzy Pierre

    I assume that you nerds know U becoming even bigger nerds by watching n playing these games.. do u not see the f’ing message In these videos😂😂😂

  • K R
    K R

    There best be 17 of these

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man

    After the last great AC game - Black Flag, I was done with this series. But this one has me thinking. That Viking thing is growing on me.

  • AmericanCaesar

    Ubisoft: You know who could sell a game about German cultures? The most Jewish actor anyone is familiar with, Brett Gelman!

  • Lord_NeKr0

    Won’t play til you bring back multiplayer. Also is this even Assassins Creed anymore really? Doesn’t feel like it

  • Way2Deep

    1:00 neil druckmann in 10 years.

  • Fauser Charles da Silva
    Fauser Charles da Silva

    does anybody knows the song at plays at @0:25?

  • Fauser Charles da Silva
    Fauser Charles da Silva

    does anybody knows the song at plays at @0:25?

  • TheHornedUltimatum

    Who else thought the video thumbnail was a picture of Sikowitz?

  • Ishan Mondal
    Ishan Mondal

    I don't mean any offence but you are telling a over weight person to sit on couch and play videogames if someone makes her feel bad answer that person with violance . oh wow !

  • Shoddy Giraffe48
    Shoddy Giraffe48

    Yes love Xbox

  • Bomber684

    5:53 name of song!?

  • yuricko sangma
    yuricko sangma

    I am starting to love AC's new blood system lol

  • Battleaxe Gaming
    Battleaxe Gaming

    Can i get 1 subscriber🥺 My channel isn't growing 😔

  • DizzyNW

    This is some of the best marketing I've seen in a while.

  • OX OX
    OX OX

    3:30 wow

  • Latharna Archery
    Latharna Archery

    Everyone's like "omg he's from Stranger Things" While the real OG's are "that's the magician from The Office!"

  • 平平无奇

    When can I unleash my inner Chinese?

    • JD

      When you watch Bruce Lee movies

  • VenturousGamer

    I don't remember this episode of Game of Thrones. Also, why is Paul Giamatti drugging people in the woods?

  • John McHugh
    John McHugh

    Game looks way more polished than it was a few months ago, can't wait

  • Infinite Elixor
    Infinite Elixor

    Ubisoft : Unleash Your Inner Viking* *Uplay+ required :)

  • 3bood

    Starbucks get ready for me

  • uchiha bomber
    uchiha bomber

    Isn’t this a game about Assassins tho?

  • Rogue Flame
    Rogue Flame

    For a moment I thought that was the original graphics of the game seeing the thumbnail

  • Dvir m.l
    Dvir m.l

    Normal people: video games don't cause violence. Ubisoft:

  • Murzsa Roland
    Murzsa Roland

    dual wielding Two handed axes.... sold!

  • Benjamin Hould
    Benjamin Hould

    You get back here and pillage my village & wife!

  • King Ragnar Lothbrok
    King Ragnar Lothbrok

    You may go full viking, but don't forget whos king.

    • mohammad saleem
      mohammad saleem

      @King Ragnar Lothbrok cool. I will make my character look like you.

    • King Ragnar Lothbrok
      King Ragnar Lothbrok

      Only by name, I will be in Valhalla drink ale from curved horns, waiting for my sons to meet me in Odins hall.

    • mohammad saleem
      mohammad saleem

      Just wondering. Are you in the game ragnar?

  • DeathStalker

    VERY Obvious that Americans are behind the Marketing for this game... :P


    I hope the game itself is worth more than the marketing because Ubisoft makes an effort market their game.

  • Dylan Jackson
    Dylan Jackson

    My boy Hollow

  • Milos Rusimovic
    Milos Rusimovic

    Birdemic 2, Assassin's Boogaloo

  • Podgester

    Why Ubisoft... why...

  • Travismt0

    The game looks cool, but at this point I don't know if it's really even Assassin's Creed anymore. It seems like they are going out of their way to try to justify how it fits into the canon of AC but it might be better suited to being it's own entity.

  • Zebrave

    thank you for immersing us in the world of assassin creed ubisoft . i'm ready now.

  • 3M naufal
    3M naufal

    Just finish Vinland Saga Imagine they put thorkell in the game

  • Jerrad Trahan
    Jerrad Trahan

    Hamish from Another Period!

  • Point Man
    Point Man

    This makes me wonder... do marketing dep guys _know_ that those who play to "play as" the character are a fringe part of the audience?

  • Mario M
    Mario M

    Assassins creed should be taken out of the title.

    • Child of God
      Child of God

      @Mario M Just wait and see.Ashraf Ismail worked on this game , so you don’t know what to expect.

    • mohammad saleem
      mohammad saleem

      @Mario M hidden ones/assassins

    • Mario M
      Mario M

      @mohammad saleem Vikings of Valhalla.

    • mohammad saleem
      mohammad saleem

      @Mario M assassins too.

    • Mario M
      Mario M

      @mohammad saleem Nah the game has vikings.

  • GhostFox 66
    GhostFox 66

    xbox is great at marketing this, the fact that it was xbox controller instead of ps4 wow

  • MR Shamrock
    MR Shamrock

    3:25 -----3:45 fukin epic comboo

  • stevo stevens
    stevo stevens

    Ubisoft could have saved a ton of money and just released next gen gameplay


      That's some comic marketing and it's a big starting move in any marketing process, this is what goes viral and attract people first ,then the gameplay keeps people interested ,if u don't understand this either u r a kid or u r a foolish judgemental hater, u r just a f**king Steve😂😂

  • Solo play's
    Solo play's

    Well, the music was great...... and the guy from ST :)

  • Sunny Bee
    Sunny Bee

    I came here because of that funny guy from go on

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin

    Valhalla on Series X looks so clean and nice. excited for this game!

  • Money Singh
    Money Singh

    Ubisoft channeling its r/imsorandom aura

  • Jack johnson
    Jack johnson


  • WeberMT406

    Jesus this was awesome. Props to Ubisoft for stepping out and doing this.

  • Brock Whiting
    Brock Whiting

    Alright. Ur making it real hard for me to care about this game now. You hire brett gellman for an advert? Lol ok

  • S Dharsey
    S Dharsey

    Brett Gelman reprising his role as Greg Colter but in a Viking setting. What a legend.

  • Bevan

    I just don't know what to say am just reading the comments.

  • biofrog

    I really like this commercial for this game until all sudden you seen Xbox controller that just ruin the whole video

  • Eric Hernandez
    Eric Hernandez

    Trojan man??

  • milyondolarlıkadam

    I hope that combat footage is still beta. Seriously, it looks terrible.

  • darthmon26

    So this is what Dr. Colter is doing now?

  • SNG

    So this is where their money goes...

  • Austin Maddison
    Austin Maddison

    Omg wasp mom

  • Jose Pichardo
    Jose Pichardo

    Lol definitely not buying it's basically the last assassins creed but with vikings

  • OfficialDeadPixel

    Now what dong is that ?

  • Fsword86


  • T El
    T El

    I’m gonna name my character Cristinith

  • roi avidan
    roi avidan

    Thank you for letting me know how WEAK the story in this game is gonna be.

    • roi avidan
      roi avidan

      @ABHIJIT HARSH but the story gonna be weak anyway.


      That's some comic marketing and it's a big starting move in any marketing process, this is what goes viral and attract people first ,then the gameplay keeps people interested ,if u don't understand this either u r a kid or u r a foolish judgemental hater, u r just a f**king Steve😂😂

  • georgy roy
    georgy roy

    is this viking costume?..looks more indian than viking.

    • georgy roy
      georgy roy

      @ABHIJIT HARSH dressing up as an indian?... you find this as a comedy kid?...


      It's comedy dummy

  • I bring Thunder into Gaming
    I bring Thunder into Gaming

    Stranger things guy 🤣

  • Miroslav Zahariev
    Miroslav Zahariev

    Don't know if this is my mistake but somehow I taught this is a game about Assassins... My bad...

    • Fucking Kill me
      Fucking Kill me

      @mohammad saleem no no no. You dont get it. No ezio no ac game for them

    • mohammad saleem
      mohammad saleem

      Watch the story trailer?

  • Dr Frank
    Dr Frank

    Wow this was actually funny

  • chrisguy98TM

    They hire this guy when they cant get anyone else lol

  • Amogh Bhurke
    Amogh Bhurke

    Since when did EA buy AC? Damn this is more fifa than fifa21 itself!!

  • Abdullah Al Marhuby
    Abdullah Al Marhuby

    Glad to see the game looking much more polished.

  • sixstar

    There's more cussing in this one video then in any ubisoft Game ever

    • sixstar

      @mohammad saleem I forget far cry Is ubisoft

    • mohammad saleem
      mohammad saleem

      Never played a far cry game, huh?

    • Arnell Long
      Arnell Long

      False lol.

  • And then I fired And I missed
    And then I fired And I missed

    Nobody: Everyone in the comments: 6:31

  • Black White
    Black White

    Errrrmmmm...... What the hell is this?

  • ファタンzaki

    Real karen becoming real Viking.......!!!

  • JuiceSauce

    Community: Can we have an Assassin's Creed game, about Assassins, stealth and parkour? Ubisoft: haha epic vikings go brrrrh

    • JuiceSauce

      @mohammad saleem I don't to turn it into an RPG considering it doesn't work at all with what it is, a narrative focused open world action based game

    • mohammad saleem
      mohammad saleem

      @JuiceSauce I don't want to turn assassin's creed into an fps game with assault rifles and gernades though.

    • JuiceSauce

      @mohammad saleem I'd say the same to you.

    • mohammad saleem
      mohammad saleem

      @JuiceSauce don't get a job in game development anytime soon. Please.

    • JuiceSauce

      @mohammad saleem also, call of duty should be a third person mmo fantasy rpg with magic and swords and shields, because the franchise is getting stale.

  • Smexii Wade
    Smexii Wade

    This is fun ngl 👌

  • Vichingo 23
    Vichingo 23

    Remember the old days when being a badass Assassin was the lure to buying Assassins Creed games.



  • Dellaith

    You don’t fool me Bald Eagle

  • Hammid

    What happened to Assassin's Creed?

  • Soul Master
    Soul Master

    I want to experience the game's story and combat system

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