Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - 27 Tips & Tricks for the Beta
27 Tips & Tricks for the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta.

  • Samurai seven☑️
    Samurai seven☑️

    Thanks for the tips

  • Karol Clark
    Karol Clark

    My favorite weapon so far is definitely the M1911

  • Clementine Schälchen
    Clementine Schälchen

    I accidentally today bought the game on Xbox so I need this 🤣

  • m e l t
    m e l t

    Thanks for the video bud

  • Ima big StupidHead
    Ima big StupidHead

    Could have mentioned now we can see in detail what percentage of decrease or increase our attachments have towards recoil, ADS etc. Something minuscule but I like the look of numbers rather than a bar with either a red or green increase.

  • Fruity Gaming
    Fruity Gaming

    First day and I almost dropped a nuke but go killed by a kid in a hallway with a shotgun

  • TheGamingBluejay

    Lol, this guy has no clue what he’s talking about. Casual

  • Sublime Subaru
    Sublime Subaru

    Is the Beta constantly crashing for anyone else im on XB1X but im curious for all platforms.

  • Alert Saucer
    Alert Saucer

    Communicating in a call of duty game is like committing. suicide

  • Sublime Subaru
    Sublime Subaru

    Im struggling to "adapt" back to the faster paced CoD Cold War playstyle from a year of Modern Warfare.

  • LegiT

    Tip #1: Don't get your tips from the IGN casuals

  • Debendra Nath Mukherjee
    Debendra Nath Mukherjee

    why do i care when the game wont even run on my laptop...

  • Harrison Wallace
    Harrison Wallace

    If the game has no weapon flinch what is the point of attachments that affect flinch?

    • TheEndOfAnEra

      Asking the real questions bro. Not being sarcastic btw

  • J Str
    J Str

    tips and tricks? best one is don't give these greedy corporate bastards your money. this is no longer cod, more like give me your money! no "please" involved just gimmie...

  • gilbert angeles
    gilbert angeles

    Who have andler code here can you please give that to me❤️🥺

  • Lukasz Patryn
    Lukasz Patryn

    Is it better from alpha?

  • Rednecken Illinois
    Rednecken Illinois

    I don’t see why all the hate against this game I will give it a try

  • TropicalParadise

    They have already announced that SBMM will be included in this game. Not even going to consider buying it then!

    • TropicalParadise

      @Big Wagon SBMM creates a situation where you have 0 variety. You essentially just play against clones of yourself all day. Doesn't that get boring after a while?

    • Big Wagon
      Big Wagon

      @TropicalParadise more or less. Every mobile game that I ever played has had Sbmm I don’t see why console games should be different

    • TropicalParadise

      @Big Wagon You must like SBMM?

    • Big Wagon
      Big Wagon

      @TropicalParadise but they aren’t going to do that, might as well improve it.

    • TropicalParadise

      @Big Wagon Regular play should be entirely connection based and involve 0 SBMM whatsoever. Ranked playlist should be the ONLY place to put SBMM.

  • Kaylum Wanless
    Kaylum Wanless

    27 things I already know even though I haven't even played the game as this happens every year.

  • Derrick Vigo
    Derrick Vigo

    I can't wait to see what IGN says about the campaign regarding its maturity and sensitive political topics of the time, after their whole thing last year regarding MW's campaign and how 'uncomfortable' it made them feel. The campaign was intense but nowhere near the exaggerated levels they made it seem.

  • jefduf

    I hope cold war won't have mp related trophies because i hate cod mp lol.

  • Battleaxe Gaming
    Battleaxe Gaming

    Can i get 1 subscriber🥺 My channel isn't growing 😔

  • Hugo Morales
    Hugo Morales

    dude its only the beta chill

  • Dary C.
    Dary C.

    Best tip and trick , play 5 games as a noob for the SBMM , 1 game as a pro

    • Chris

      Yea then when you dont improve at all complain about it. It's not that hard

  • PsYcHo xXSnipZXx
    PsYcHo xXSnipZXx

    Beta progress is supposed to be saved actually

  • John_Cedric

    This would be great if this was a new call of duty: ghost

  • Blake Savage
    Blake Savage

    Help me I can’t get in

    • Chris

      Try today the 2nd weekend starts

  • Claire redfield
    Claire redfield

    this was fun, im looking forward to COD this year


    Why is it saying crossplay beta weekend will begin soon?


      @Chris thanks now i can playy

    • Chris

      Because it starts October 15 you can look up what time exactly where you're at

  • Ryan lex
    Ryan lex

    Why the Soviet guy on the cover look so dark? Like wtf! 🤦

  • Milan Hassebroek
    Milan Hassebroek

    I feel like cod gets worse every year. Very long kill time. The enemy healthbar. Strange point of view angles. And only 2 lmg both with little damage. Luckely all the old games servers are still online so play the part that you like personly. For me that was ww2 and black ops 1 and 2

  • Tim Warren
    Tim Warren

    The first 6 of these tips could fall under "adjust the settings"



    • Milestone

      The Cold(Coronavirus) War is already here

  • Jamie Baxter
    Jamie Baxter

    Am I the only one happy to just keep playing modern warfare?

    • Big Wagon
      Big Wagon

      Probably. Mw seems to be hated by the hardcore fans

  • Ed

    The narrator said shotguns are now in the secondary slot. They’ve been like that since COD 4.

    • Some random fox
      Some random fox

      The more recent cods besides BO4 have kept shotguns to primaries.

  • Jenna Talia
    Jenna Talia

    this game is full of cheaters on consoles using aimbot called aim assist.

  • Juan lopez martin
    Juan lopez martin

    No Sbmm!

  • River Crummett
    River Crummett

    I love call of duty, but no man on this earth says “Can you take out that spy plane” in the middle of a match

  • Gamer D
    Gamer D

    How they keep making the same game every year and selling it for 60 bucks Is beyond my understanding

    • AuT0 0utput
      AuT0 0utput

      I bet u play fifa

  • Brandon Gearo
    Brandon Gearo

    Anyone else feel like the game is too sluggish? Like theres so much drag between the controller and the game. Maybe because in used to an Xbox controller for COD instead of PS?

    • Chris

      It felt normal to me but I've always played ps idk if that changed anything

  • Brayden

    tip #1: uninstall

  • OgBigNut

    Hate to be that guy but would appreciate if some of y’all checked out my most recent black ops upload 🤙🏼

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man


  • Ghostface1984

    A few new Maps and a few new skills. Here it is, your new $60,- COD Game! I can't believe that people get into the trap.

    • Chris

      Lmao dont get it then if people wanna spend the money they worked for on it why should it matter to you what they get in the game

    • YouTube Hero
      YouTube Hero

      It’s got a new campaign and zombies...

  • onlygameplay

    Here's the list of maps I like the most: Satellite (no campers) Moscow (few campers) Miami (few more camper) Cartel (most players are camping) I didn't play combined arms, got bored of it.

    • onlygameplay

      @MadMax Channel nope there were two modes

    • MadMax Channel
      MadMax Channel

      Isn’t it the only available mode?

  • Aditya Sinha
    Aditya Sinha

    First time playing cod on PS4, damn the controls are so tough I mean it’s very difficult to point at a player and start shooting plus all the other players are pros. So by the time I put my crosshairs on the enemy I’m down to ground.

    • Chris

      You gotta get used to it and they aren't pros especially if you barely started and you played the beta cause of sbmm. You're just not used to the aiming

    • YouTube Hero
      YouTube Hero

      It’s my first time to but I found it easy ngl

  • Michael Mehta
    Michael Mehta

    Ahh, aim assist, how you make noobs straight to intermediate players

  • Andre Vieri
    Andre Vieri

    First tips:"get yourself 1TB SSD for this game"

    • SectionEight

      "...and then watch it quickly fill up right before your very eyes after a couple of updates."

  • Robert Angelo
    Robert Angelo

    Tip #28 pick up your friggen dog tags!

  • Dr.Crog

    Using the battlefield play style intresting

  • Chriz hmmm
    Chriz hmmm

    Does ps4 version of cod cold war supports gyroscope?

  • Shurm O
    Shurm O

    I'm not buying the game, just watching the video just cause 🤣

    • Michael P.
      Michael P.

      Sure..... ;)

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black

    Still looks the same... after how many years?? This series needs a reset.

  • Mark Seven
    Mark Seven

    Will the beta come back to play for the people who didn’t preorder?

    • YouTube Hero
      YouTube Hero

      It’s free for PS4 players on the 15th and pc and Xbox you have to pre order

    • Jake H
      Jake H

      This weekend yea. For all consoles n pc. Preorder will get it 1 day early

  • Bag of Bones
    Bag of Bones

    Played the beta felt amazing def buying day 1

  • SPT

    Here’s a tip for everyone! Don’t buy it.

    • ayaan bazaz
      ayaan bazaz

      @SPT how did you go from english to gibberish that quickly

    • SPT

      @ayaan bazaz yer da sells Avon

    • ayaan bazaz
      ayaan bazaz

      don’t tell other people what to do with their money lmao, not our fault that you wanna whine about how much you don’t like the game

  • Ree _ DV9
    Ree _ DV9

    Should have stopped at modernwarfare for awhile nothing new besides a ping and setting

  • Ree _ DV9
    Ree _ DV9

    Forget everything you know about other games proceeds to tell you what you already do in shooters

  • Ccubed92

    Look at all these nerds clicking a call of duty title just to be negative for likes to make themselves feel better about themselves lol

  • Tom Xander
    Tom Xander

    27 tips and I have yet to see an actual headshot with a primary in the video LELZ Highly doubt the person who plays in the video is the same as the one explaining it xD

  • tombstone Gaming
    tombstone Gaming

    I can’t wait black ops Cold War next month

  • IrishViperr

    Gave it a go played a few hours it is utter garbage a huge step backwards from modern warfare, they are clearly praying that Warzone will carry it,I for one have deleted the beta ( yes it’s over ) will not be playing next weekend or buying it.

  • Username

    Lol why would you upload this after the beta weekend ended

    • Ultra Finest
      Ultra Finest

      I guess for the next weekend

  • العبسي 404
    العبسي 404


  • alejandro acevedo
    alejandro acevedo

    Baddddd game

  • Quilliq

    I had so much fun playing this beta. Cold War maybe my favorite COD to date. TTK and map design are great

  • Michael Carroll
    Michael Carroll

    The only tip you need for COD is Hold L3 to run around and when you see someone hold L2 and R2. That is literally all the game is lol

  • Jeff Bryner
    Jeff Bryner

    This serious needs to stop lol

  • LopezBOT

    So overall, just have fun. Okay, got it. :)

  • Mephisto

    Literally gonna buy this game just for the campaign lol

    • Big Wagon
      Big Wagon

      Zombies? And don’t campaign is way too short for 70

  • janman40

    FREE TIP ! You can cut few sec of reload time on the launcher as soon as the ammo turns to 1 you can double tap Y ans its loaded !

  • Lupin The Third
    Lupin The Third



    Tip #1 skip this game 🙅‍♂️

  • Xyphor

    How long does the beta go for?

  • Black White
    Black White

    Well most of the players are watching this video so there goes my advantage

  • DrPoopyButtwhole

    is it just me or did that guy just disappear in the sand 3:11

  • Vitalis Obidi
    Vitalis Obidi

    Seems like it plays like 90% of other CODs. You either a Black Ops person, Modern Warfare person, or an every year person. I'm gonna stick with Modern Warfare

  • Chris Krahn
    Chris Krahn

    Should keep expanding MW and have cod have 2 year between each game feels like it needs more development time

    • AuT0 0utput
      AuT0 0utput

      Mw needs to die games are not made to keep going it ruins the atmosphere behind cod this any of the black ops if any of the cods would and should be the ones that last longer than a year and have

  • Poofanator Times
    Poofanator Times

    the guy playing doesn't to seem to be caring about the objective. Pick up your tags

  • Poofanator Times
    Poofanator Times

    slow and smart = camping?

  • Rubbish Ambush
    Rubbish Ambush

    I would say that im average when it comes to Call of duty, but I like how the score streaks are done because it feels like I can actually do something.

  • PokemonAshGreen2

    I got to rank 21 in the open beta, love how the new maps play. Still learning my new favorite guns

    • xxthehuskycaboosexx

      Mark Seven yea

    • Mark Seven
      Mark Seven

      Will the beta come back to play for people who didn’t preorder?

  • syazh1

    Gamers industry : yeah keep milking..

  • Strong Wimen
    Strong Wimen

    I like how the game is not camper-friendly. Me likey 👍

    • Antariksha Jana
      Antariksha Jana

      Very rush maps

    • RafaelTC

      The combined arms has 8 million campers sniping


      Shii campers always going to camp

    • OnlyAero

      This is still the beta, it could be much worse in like ground war black ops cold war (i did not play the beta but its mostly like this most of the time)

    • Byron Barrientos
      Byron Barrientos

      That night hotel map was camping haven throughout my beta experience Slowest games of my life ! I'd always leave the lobby when I get that map.

  • Link1986

    literally all these tips are things that have been in previous games and or wrong, there are laser attachments that will give away your position smh ign

    • Jake H
      Jake H

      And first cod on console that lets you change ur field of view fov.

    • H8timusPrime

      They said it WON'T give away your position. You clearly don't listen.

  • Sydrox

    didn't mw just come out? Wtf lol

  • Jojo LaFlèche
    Jojo LaFlèche

    Zero recoil

  • TheBlackItalianGamer

    All you need is a towel near you cos you are going to sweat

  • BIG E
    BIG E

    I'm sick of this halo jumping while shooting

    • Whatthehell808

      @Michael P. the funny part is that Cold War doesn’t even have “halo jumping”

    • Michael P.
      Michael P.

      Then you must really hate the IW, BO3, and AW with a passion lol

    • Whatthehell808


    • DelisGreat

      TY! That crap doesn't even seem possible

  • SE T0O
    SE T0O

    This seems more arcadey for sure.

    • Big Wagon
      Big Wagon

      It is

  • Kieran Machin
    Kieran Machin

    Tip one avoid multiplayer and that's it

  • Micro Mind
    Micro Mind

    Can I use the progress from the beta in the full game?

    • Micro Mind
      Micro Mind

      @Taran Jett thx

    • Taran Jett
      Taran Jett

      They already said in the video, no.

  • nope don't wan to
    nope don't wan to

    "Keep shooting until the enemy is actually dead" What other valuable tips will IGN give us next? "Remember, don't eat the game disk" or "Turning your console on is essential"

  • Dillon Kinder
    Dillon Kinder

    Is this really all you do in the whole entire series it’s literally the same thing every single year a new one comes out

    • Dominic Cancel
      Dominic Cancel

      @Dillon Kinder I meant that in gameplay terms

    • Dillon Kinder
      Dillon Kinder

      @Dominic Cancel i don't know they all look exactly the same thing you're just running around in small maps trying to get the most kills win repeat same thing with zombies mode you're just in a small map slaughtering endless zombies to see long you survived and many zombies you slaughtered

    • Dominic Cancel
      Dominic Cancel

      You can at least admit it was a big leap from Black ops 4 to modern warfare

  • Fyjz

    Dammn theys shotguns make me sad.


    Ok you can’t tell me that the thumbnail doesn’t look like Jackal from R6

  • Jason Aponte
    Jason Aponte

    Days are dragging so much 🙄wanna play the campaign n zombies already

  • crzcGamer

    Does anyone know the size because if it's anything like mw I'm nt bothering

    • Brian M
      Brian M

      @Jason Aponte the beta is 25 gb

    • Jason Aponte
      Jason Aponte

      Brian M u trippin if u think zombies multiplayer campaign war zone will take only 25 look on google to says 100 as well

    • Jason Aponte
      Jason Aponte

      Brian M no it’s not

    • Brian M
      Brian M

      Its 25 gbs

    • crzcGamer

      @Jason Aponte thank you, seems like an ok size for now

  • Marcelino Ayala
    Marcelino Ayala

    This game is full of sweats like Modern Warfare. I felt as if I was playing in a COD League Tournament against all pro teams. WTF!

  • Odin Ponzi
    Odin Ponzi

    The fight against communism destroyed Africa and Cuba just came out of the cold war, after Obama and death of Castro. I hope interesting stories are being told and not just the usual anti-Russia propaganda by COD.

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