Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Welcome to The Diner Trailer
CD Projekt Red teased The Diner, a spot to get the upgrades you'll need to rule the streets of Night City.
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  • Brandon Lincoln
    Brandon Lincoln

    december 10 ...... I been having these weird thoughts is any of this for real ...or not

  • hex ex
    hex ex


  • Ivan Mad Vejarano
    Ivan Mad Vejarano

    Please cd projekt red... Stop!!

  • Sayak Chattopadhyay
    Sayak Chattopadhyay

    and despite all this the guy has to wear glasses himself?

  • That Sky Kid
    That Sky Kid

    What platform will u play cyberpunk 2077 on? Me: INlabel

  • S B
    S B

    am gonna be like batman accept ill be killin' folks.

  • eckosama

    is this the infamous joes diner i keep hearing about?

  • Priest Guardian
    Priest Guardian

    Please take my $$$$$$$

  • zapataporsiempre


  • Vib3s

    Nice to see that so far into the future, they *_still_* have a 50's thing going. :)

  • LightSnow Heaven
    LightSnow Heaven

    Who else is gonna pre-order / buy day of release?

  • Mental Glitch
    Mental Glitch

    All of the dislikes are from people who hate ign

  • Sagwe Man
    Sagwe Man

    Guyz what u choosin watchdogs or cyberpunk

    • Bruh Moment
      Bruh Moment

      Who tf chooses watch dogs over this

  • Jake Hoffman
    Jake Hoffman

    Goodfella vibes

  • Holly Eaton
    Holly Eaton

    Really really hoping I'm not stuck with that gruff Brooklyn-ish accent. I don't like it. But V is very beautiful, I love his deep soulful eyes and the dark bags under give him an edge.

  • Rein Steep
    Rein Steep

    Tom Misch kinda changed style

  • Ed Findlay
    Ed Findlay

    Need the PS5 upgrade!!!

  • datstache

    19 old : can't wait to play this 26 old :can't wait till my kids can play this

  • Synthhead69

    Can nov 19 be here already

  • Džony XDDD
    Džony XDDD

    I feel like cartman waiting for this game

    • Mental Glitch
      Mental Glitch

      I said that on Facebook earlier 😂

  • User name Redacted
    User name Redacted

    I know its probably a no but i wounder if you can play the whole game with out any cyber implants

  • Sir Ronvid
    Sir Ronvid

    guess what! Im IN too!!! FINALLY YES! YES! YES!

  • TheRhythmMan

    imagine if this game turns out to be the worst game of 2020

  • Ahsen Mirza
    Ahsen Mirza

    Who else will be playing as Default V ?

  • Im Retro
    Im Retro

    Is ps4 preload available

  • Echoes Act 3
    Echoes Act 3

    It looks like he has glasses built into his face

  • Travis Thrasher
    Travis Thrasher

    Bro V is so fuckin sexy

  • Moises Hernandez
    Moises Hernandez

    Im so invested in base male v that I probably won't customize him n just keep him base lol

  • diRiG

    This game NEEDS multiplayer, i want to play it a lot but damn I always go back to games where my friends are at and in party chats.

    • Moises Hernandez
      Moises Hernandez

      It doesn't need multiplayer. Its an rpg singleplayer story game. But there is a mutliplayer version of cyberpunk 2077 coming out that isn't correlated to this project.

  • Ivan Gonzalez
    Ivan Gonzalez

    -Supercar? Big house? You want to rule the night city? -I want pictures of spiderman

  • Alexander Valencia
    Alexander Valencia

    I feel like if I play cyberpunk 2077 on my PC 1 I will explode or 2 my electric bill will make me homeless

  • 635574

    This most likely one of the "not happening in the game" trailers

    • Moises Hernandez
      Moises Hernandez


  • Sean Quek
    Sean Quek

    What i want is a souper up Tumbler and a off the market ZF-1

  • KingLattice

    I wanna play this game without Cybernetics

  • Pit S.
    Pit S.



    Not ingame graphics...

  • Pain le roux
    Pain le roux

    the amount of trailers and gameplay they are dropping !!!! and yet i feel like I know nothing about it !!

  • Corey Mendoza
    Corey Mendoza

    Official bathroom trailer official eyes trailer official colors trailer official official trailer before the trailer

  • CaptainBardiel

    Is there going to be an achievement of not accepting any upgrades?

  • jedslather

    HELL YEAH!!!

  • Demonitized

    The fact that we are symbolised by this guy because we'd be 70 at 2077

  • Just_Stupid

    Trailers, trailers everywhere.

  • Indie Honkai 3rd
    Indie Honkai 3rd

    Who would you choose M or F ?

  • Sumit Chand
    Sumit Chand

    Jai Shree Ram.

  • Amitabh Mishra
    Amitabh Mishra

    Time to get ready Samurai 🔥

  • Gavin

    Who else is gonna stick to the default male character?

    • Moises Hernandez
      Moises Hernandez

      @Killculator not really?

    • Killculator

      that's just sad

    • Ravi Shah
      Ravi Shah


  • Jessie

    Just release it already

  • Richard

    15 second as on a 30 second video.

  • Anurag

    Dude , the render was so 🔥🔥💥💥🔥🔥

  • Garret Simpson
    Garret Simpson

    I am ready spaghetti for this game. After the long wait.

  • Harit chavda
    Harit chavda

    After all this hype I hope it don't turn out flop.

    • Harit chavda
      Harit chavda

      @Killculatorright. looks like it but remember no man's sky ?😂

    • Killculator

      It isn't even released and it's already successful bro

  • Debasish Dutta
    Debasish Dutta

    Wanted pirate?


    Game Of The Year 🔥🔥🔥

  • Geralt Of Bolivia
    Geralt Of Bolivia

    Thought he sounded like frank woods for a second there

  • Alpha Scorpii
    Alpha Scorpii


  • TenacityXL

    I love the fact that he has eyeballs that literally have a brand name on them

  • The Magnus
    The Magnus

    But you can't buy a bigger house in this game. The devs confirmed it.

    • Moises Hernandez
      Moises Hernandez

      Its a cgi trailer. Not an ingame features trailer bud.

    • Nonso_

      You can't? That's disappointing

  • Mark Souza
    Mark Souza

    Swallow was what Ciri called his sword, a real gnomic gwyhyr from Tir Tochair.He is used in combat,take look in slowmotion

  • thisbarb

    Jack into me, daddy.

  • AlphaZeno

    Cyberpunk2077 took 7 years to dev StarCitizen took 7 years, but still in alpha

  • Alan Birdman
    Alan Birdman

    Ffs, isn't this game hyped enough already.

  • Death Stranding Falling Over Sim
    Death Stranding Falling Over Sim

    Gamers everywhere on all platforms unite.

    • A Person
      A Person

      Except switch

  • FGC

    I’ll be spending about 24 hours making my character

    • Killculator

      @Fake Account yes, he will.

    • Fake Account
      Fake Account

      @Killculator no, he wont

    • Gnome de Plume
      Gnome de Plume

      24 is optimistically short tbh

    • Killculator

      @Fake Account Yes, he will.

    • Fake Account
      Fake Account

      No, you wont

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood

    has any game ever had as many trailers as this one ?

  • Jeremy Kitchen
    Jeremy Kitchen

    Anyone else really looking forward to this?

  • Jay Ng junior
    Jay Ng junior

    My hair looks like his

  • Jezza Lenko
    Jezza Lenko

    I know the first thing I'm gonna upgrade... 🍆

  • er D
    er D

    I wonder if this is what the real game looks like, it is supposed to be "next-gen"

    • Tyler Rogers
      Tyler Rogers

      Uh, it's really easy to find out that this is not the game. They've put out videos of it for the last few years. They put out videos of gameplay on the same day this CG trailer came out. It's not even supposed to be "next gen", it was announced 8 years ago.

  • INTENSE Action
    INTENSE Action


  • Billy Noble
    Billy Noble

    Me waiting to play Cyberpunk 2077 My pc : 00:14

    • Adonis

      @Billy Noble 30fps probably

    • Billy Noble
      Billy Noble

      @Sumit Roy I'm getting an rx 580 with my ryzen 3200g I'm pretty sure it'll run fine with ultra 1080p

    • Sumit Roy
      Sumit Roy

      you need a 1060 to play this awesome game, and then there is watchdogs which is like 'meh' and that needs a 3080 to get 60fps at 4k.

    • Mental Glitch
      Mental Glitch


    • Michael Snedden
      Michael Snedden


  • MrMeddyman

    "so what do you want? Super car? Big hou- wait what was that? No big houses? Oh OK. How many cars you want kid?"

  • the salty sniper
    the salty sniper

    Stop releasing trailers and release the game already

  • Kanden

    I feel like I would try to be as little augmented as possible. In my first play through.

  • Lostinplayland

    He's so hot

  • Suryansh sinha
    Suryansh sinha

    Graphic are not even near like this cut scenes... very 😥 😔 😟 sad All this 7 years of wait ...and not even ground breaking visual realism.

  • Danny_ DeCheeto8
    Danny_ DeCheeto8

    Take mah fooking money already

  • Payo REDsHoCK
    Payo REDsHoCK

    The guy in the video picture is like drug adict Nero lol

  • DEADENDzero

    well im in too

  • Ashley Richards
    Ashley Richards

    That shot of the girl tho 🤤

  • Unnat Sadh
    Unnat Sadh

    Well a time might come where we simply cannot distinguish between a human and a game character. Or is it time🙄??

  • morgana roberson
    morgana roberson

    biggest flop in videogame history incoming

    • Hecki 01
      Hecki 01

      Has somebody forgot about no man's sky?

  • Akash Adak
    Akash Adak

    Just think about what if those graphics were from in game gameplay...😶

  • ThatOneGamer

    Reminds me of the scene in Gta iv when nika bellic says "I am in" Damn i m getting so pumped up rn!!! Woooohooooo lets go!!

  • Paper Guy
    Paper Guy

    I hope you can save this year as well CDprojektred

  • ZERO 0
    ZERO 0

    Is anyone going to play this game without killing people just wondering?

    • Fabricio Osuna
      Fabricio Osuna

      My friend is playing a full pacifist run XD

  • Rubix Psyche
    Rubix Psyche

    That dude. *Really* reminds me of Sean Pertwee

  • I eat Grass
    I eat Grass

    I've always saw V's face very familiar, but now I realized he looks exactly like one of the quiet kids back at my high school, but younger. 0:28 gave it away.

  • Oliver

    We will actually get to play this game in just a month! I'm so excited

  • Crow reed
    Crow reed

    so this is where Paul Walker's been hangin'

  • Valentin Schönweiß
    Valentin Schönweiß

    I am in

  • Martin Saad
    Martin Saad

    Any one who thinks that this game would go so well with push it to the limits

  • John Sim
    John Sim

    These graphics will be achieved in-game at the end of the new generation or at the start of the next

  • MrFuggleGuggle

    I just wanted a burrito.

  • Painted World
    Painted World

    Can wait to see the Tears in Rain Monologue ref

  • BPrimeTimeL

    Cyberpunk 2077 - personal hovercraft, human augmentation Actual 2077 - you want to play with AR pets on your phone?

  • Andrew O'Boyle
    Andrew O'Boyle

    I got a trailer for Cyberpunk before I could watch this trailer Cyberpunk lol

  • Fraay

    I was gonna play as female, but this guy looks awesome... might play him.

    • Zigeuninja 忍者
      Zigeuninja 忍者

      You do realize you can customize your character any way you want?

  • Jaskirat sohal
    Jaskirat sohal

    I'm in

  • Ryan lex
    Ryan lex

    Better then Spiderman 2

  • Terrain Up
    Terrain Up

    Looks like zayn Who agrees with me??

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