Batman: Death in the Family - "Robin vs. Two-Face" Exclusive Official Clip
Jason Todd, aka Red Robin, confronts Two-Face in this sequence from Batman: Death in the Family, the first interactive DC animated movie.

The film allows fans to choose where the story goes through an innovative navigation guided by the viewer's remote control.

Batman: A Death in the Family, which includes four additional shorts from DC's iconic canon, arrives on Blu-ray and Digital on October 13, 2020

  • Chris

    I appreciate the attempt to do something different, but would have much rather had a full feature Death in the Family movie than this choose your own adventure thing. No rewatchabilty value. Wish I would had spent the money on the Deathstroke movie.

  • Montesama314

    Did anyone else wince when that giant phone hit? Man, that looked like it HURT.

    • RSBrowning74

      Now it is time for the flip of the coin. Heads Red Robin lives, Tails Red Robin dies.

  • Montesama314

    Red Robin with guns? Come on. Just because it's Jason under the mask doesn't mean he should act the same in EVERY alter ego.

  • Raven Reyes PTZ
    Raven Reyes PTZ

    I farted 8 times yesterday

  • Gaming Central YT
    Gaming Central YT

    Don’t give me hate but this is basically if spiderman web of shadows was a movie

  • Kyle Andrei Marasigan
    Kyle Andrei Marasigan

    That's Not Even In The Movie!!

  • Ethereal Dweller
    Ethereal Dweller


  • Spayy

    can't believe this movie has so many different choices to the point where you can turn jason todd into red robin

  • Israel De la Rosa
    Israel De la Rosa

    At this rate we're gonna watch the whole movie using just the clips.

  • 142doddy

    Why is Jason wearing Tim's suit?

    • AmazingAmari400

      because it was originally going to be his if he didn't die. But since you can change whether he will die or not in this movie, this is Jason if he survives and lives on to be red robin in this movie.

  • B.M Phyrose
    B.M Phyrose

    Where can I see the other parts of this interactive movie

  • Elijah Prince
    Elijah Prince

    Please don't tell me that no matter what he's still going to die, because that's what I'm assuming will happen :(

    • AmazingAmari400

      what are you sad abt? They asked fans years ago which robin they would want to be killed off and ppl voted Jason Todd, so its technically our fault lol.

  • Roweman

    So this movie trying to tell us that if Jason wasn't killed and resurrected he still gonna became Red Hood

    • AmazingAmari400

      Red Robin*

  • Faze Knight
    Faze Knight

    No one buy it on psn it doesn’t let you choose

  • Its Ronin
    Its Ronin

    So im guessing this is how he ends up of he listens to Batman instead of going to fight joker and dying

    • Elijah Wright
      Elijah Wright

      I think this is if Batman rescues him.

  • Puroo Kumar Roy
    Puroo Kumar Roy

    That was super easy, barely an inconvenience.

    • Bat Taku
      Bat Taku

      Ah, so you watch the Screenrant Pitch Meetings, too

  • Diddle Dulanyi
    Diddle Dulanyi

    Jason Todd A vigilante A robin A detective A gunmaster A sharpshooter A assassin A crime fighter A cool powerful character on dc universe

  • Slimeball Demon
    Slimeball Demon

    How can I watch online

  • Josh64440

    So either this is based on a rebooted storyline where Jason becomes Red Robin or this names are wrong

    • Phantom

      Basically, I think it's more of a "what if?" thing. If you choose to save Jason he becomes Red Robin. If you choose to have him cheat death, he becomes hush, and we all know what happens if actually dies

  • Spencer Pauley
    Spencer Pauley

    if you can dodge a grenade you can dodge a sign

  • Skooma Guardian
    Skooma Guardian

    Wait wtf since when Red Robin uses guns??

  • Jordan Foreman
    Jordan Foreman

    That's not Jason that's Tim

  • Ian Brennan
    Ian Brennan

    I know that Tim Drake is usually Red Robin, but the guns clearly scream Jason Todd.

  • Jagger Austin
    Jagger Austin

    Only one more day I can’t wait let Jason die

  • Wrestecfull

    Damn, the animation is better than DCAMU

  • Pablo Silguero
    Pablo Silguero

    La vi ESTUVO buena:)

  • Indrani Ghoshal
    Indrani Ghoshal

    Ahh yes. The identity crisis of the new age.

  • Frankenstein 4 life
    Frankenstein 4 life

    I can’t wait for tomorrow

  • yhmjack1

    "The film allows fans to choose where the story goes through an innovative navigation guided by the viewer's remote control." Isn't that how Jason died in the first place?

    • Meko Deon Evans
      Meko Deon Evans

      Where can i find it

    • k0bra 3eak
      k0bra 3eak

      That's why they decided to do the movie like that

    • AmazingAmari400

      That's exactly what happened lol.

    • Blair


  • Mr Carr
    Mr Carr

    Why is he wearing tim drake Red Robin suit

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      No idea. But Jason was the first to wear the suit in the comics because of an adventure on an alternate Earth. The second was some bad guy (whose name escapes me) who stole the suit from Jason. Tim was the third.

  • Darren Khosasi 2020
    Darren Khosasi 2020

    In real life no one can pull a grenade pin with their teeth as it only damage the tooth and the pin will still stuck there

    • Blair

      Yes you can

  • Paul Bauman
    Paul Bauman

    I thought Robin doesn’t use guns

  • Reina Amaturi
    Reina Amaturi

    I wonder what kind of choices u have to make Jason into red Robin 😁

    • S Williams
      S Williams

      Probably when Bruce made it in time and he wasn't that badly damaged.

  • Chraven Stow
    Chraven Stow did you do to robin?!

  • anab0lic

    wow looks terrible.

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain

    Currently, I find Jason's voice a bit weird.

  • Bobby Farmer
    Bobby Farmer

    Two face is amazing in bulletproof vest and carrying twins ak 47.

    • DEAN 5897
      DEAN 5897

      Also those are M16s (at least I think that’s what their called Ik their called that in COD) not AK47s

    • Blair

      He is so scary

    • DEAN 5897
      DEAN 5897

      Yeah but it should’ve been twin Tommy guns 🧐😂

  • JoltyVappy / PinkSylveon
    JoltyVappy / PinkSylveon

    Damn, didnt know iPhone 12's could kill. Hope he has device protection.

  • Henry Belman
    Henry Belman

    I was under the impression that this was jason if you chose the "batman gets there in time option." in which case it would make sense for him to want to kill two face since two face killed post crisis jason's dad. precrisis, both parents were killed by croc

    • Blair


  • Senor Grav
    Senor Grav

    Bro why this look like Ben 10

  • elliott j-s-r
    elliott j-s-r

    Wait i watched the wrong thing today i watched batman telling superman all about the red hood film



  • Frudiv Nganga
    Frudiv Nganga

    I was Just on a Zoom Class. Then I saw the Notification...

  • Fragile*Paradox

    Wait.. interactive?

  • WDCain

    It irks me that Jason's tactics stay the same regardless of what happens: Gun-kata mixed with acrobatics. That works for Red Hood but maybe as Red Robin he should be more ninja-like and Hush use just traps/poisons since he's basically a cripple.

    • WDCain

      @Blair In a trailer for the Hush/Jason bit, it shows Jason is *WRECK* after surviving Joker's explosion: Skin grafts, muscle surgery, medical staples literally holding him together. He really doesn't look like he could feed himself, much less be able get in a John Woo gunfight.

    • Blair

      @Bill Cipher That makes more sense

    • Bill Cipher
      Bill Cipher

      @Blair Hush is the cripple. He has half his face burned off.

    • Blair

      @Donman So red robin means he is a cripple?

    • Donman

      i agree!

  • Eendm1

    Bro where can I watch this online? I watched the movie and it was only 30 mins long there was no interactive movie whatsoever

    • Shryne

      @Eendm1 If you want the "interactive movie" than you need the blu-ray version which can be watched either with a blu-ray player or a modern console that has one built in like a PS4 or Xbox One. Digital storefronts should have the film by tomorrow I imagine, not sure why they didn't sell it "early" like some of their more recent ones. I personally use the Microsoft store/app "Films & Tv" for my digital copies of things as I can watch it both on the Xbox &/or PC.

    • ZMG ZMOD
      ZMG ZMOD

      Eendm1 do u have a console or a movie player?

    • Eendm1

      Shryne so how would I be able to watch the movie?

    • Shryne

      @Eendm1 The digital format will not have the interactive feature, instead digital versions will be 3 short films/extended animated tv length episodes one for each of the 3 main routes Jason can go down. They said this film is shorter than the others which is why they are bundling 4 of there other short films with it which have been about 20-30 minutes a piece.

    • ZMG ZMOD
      ZMG ZMOD

      Eendm1 ya some people pre ordered it

  • Existential Selkath
    Existential Selkath

    I'm really hoping this comes to Netflix or something. I'm guessing I'm not the only person without a blu ray drive

    • Israel De la Rosa
      Israel De la Rosa

      A PS3 and 4, or maybe even 5 can all play Blu-Ray movies

    • Blair

      @Максим Бугаенко Who are those people?

    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan

      Can't believe people still use blu ray in 2020

    • ZMG ZMOD
      ZMG ZMOD

      I just use my console that has blue ray

  • Veer Pal
    Veer Pal

    For those wondering why Red Robin is using guns, it’s because this is Jason Todd as Red Robin not Tim Drake

    • Storm Raider 34
      Storm Raider 34

      Oh I thought tim was being real depressing again

    • Veer Pal
      Veer Pal

      @eon001 yea that is the case and they’ll probably explain it but many are commenting wondering why Tim is using guns but this isn’t Tim

    • eon001

      I thought he picked up the guns as Red Hood. I always thought all the Robins were gun free.

  • Bat Taku
    Bat Taku

    In the description you have the identity wrong. Its Jason Todd, not Tim Drake

    • Bat Taku
      Bat Taku

      @Y B I already knew that

    • Y B
      Y B

      This is an interactive movie, you make certain choices, if you go down a certain path Jason Todd becomes red Robin instead of red hood

    • No name
      No name

      Jason Todd was the FIRST Red Robin. The Batman of earth 51 gave him the costume and name.

    • Anish Singh
      Anish Singh

      @JLacay nah this is a make your own choice movie soooooo

    • JLacay

      For once, I can't blame IGN thought Tim Drake is Red Robin in the movie because he orignally dons the mantle of Red Robin in the comics but they changed to Jason Todd

  • Mr.Incredi Venom
    Mr.Incredi Venom

    Wow first animated for Red Robin and also my favorite restaurant YUM

  • Just Some Guy with a Mustache
    Just Some Guy with a Mustache

    Does Jason now have the ability to summon delicious burgers at reasonable prices?!

    • Hawa Sankoh
      Hawa Sankoh

      Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

    • Arnell Long
      Arnell Long

      @carrier It's still early...give it some time haha.

    • carrier

      I finally caught you with no likes!

  • Shadow Puppet
    Shadow Puppet

    To be clear Jason was meant to be Red Robin when he turned 18 if he didn't die of course.

    • Blair

      @Israel De la Rosa Makes sense

    • Israel De la Rosa
      Israel De la Rosa

      @Blair Red Robin... Red Hood.. Also Red Robin is also supposed to be a clearly edgier version of Robin which fits Jason to a T. Tim Drake... Not so much.

    • Blair

      @B W Why red robin tho?

    • B W
      B W

      @Blair It's from an alternative Earth history in Countdown to Final Crisis.

    • Blair


  • Elssworlds

    *Red Robin *Jason Todd Christ IGN get your info right (YES I KNOW THAT JASON WAS RED ROBIN BEFORE TIM DRAKE)

    • No name
      No name

      Jason was the first Red Robin actually.

    • Elssworlds

      @BoringLex yeah

    • BoringLex

      That’s Jason.

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds

    Can’t wait for tomorrow

  • Sfv Join the madness
    Sfv Join the madness

    so uhm... people in the batfamily use guns now? i must've missed something

    • YunaTheSida

      It's just Jason being Jason, also Batwoman using Gun

  • Tsuria Dragon
    Tsuria Dragon

    0:28 Oof

  • hoodedshadow7

    For all my decisions it will be all about Red Robin all the way to the end. Then we watch it and go with the hush Saga.

  • Flying Gander
    Flying Gander

    Im pretty sure that isnt Tim Drake. That is Jason using the mantle.Tim doesn't use guns.

    • Veer Pal
      Veer Pal

      yea it’s Jason

  • Jessen's Channel
    Jessen's Channel

    this is not tim drake

    • Veer Pal
      Veer Pal

      It’s Jason

  • Planet Awesomeness Pro.
    Planet Awesomeness Pro.

    0:26 OOF

  • Henrique Fonseca
    Henrique Fonseca


  • Brad Hoover
    Brad Hoover

    Meh...the comic was so much better than this wretched retelling.

    • Veer Pal
      Veer Pal

      Eliel Andrade exactly plus there’s still a version where he becomes Red Hood

    • Eliel Andrade
      Eliel Andrade

      You’re failing to understand the purpose of the movie. It is supposed to be a fun, interactive experience that lets you choose how the story will progress. If you want a retelling of the original the simply watch the Under the Red Hood movie

    • RajOfColumbus

      Well, it's a retelling

  • Blue Blood
    Blue Blood

    Wait robin has a pistol now ?

  • John_d 31
    John_d 31

    Red Robin using guns?

    • Veer Pal
      Veer Pal

      might be cause it’s Jason Todd

  • William H.
    William H.

    Grenade: Lmao rolls away Sign: *So you have chosen death.*

    • William Hammill
      William Hammill

      A fellow William H. What's up man?

    • Ok Roomer
      Ok Roomer


  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    0:25 Well, that definitely killed him.

    • Rappers Unreleased
      Rappers Unreleased

      Erin V123 how ya know? I think there’s an option to let robin die or two face die

    • Erin V123
      Erin V123

      It’s an interactive so you could it as though it doesn’t happen


    Tim Drake the smartest robin

    • ZMG ZMOD
      ZMG ZMOD

      Mark Craft it is Jason

    • Mark Craft
      Mark Craft

      I gotta feeling that was Jason because everybody knows that the only weapon that Tim drake use is a bo staff

    • Veer Pal
      Veer Pal

      That’s Jason


    Is this a movie or a video game Is it on pc

    • Bat Taku
      Bat Taku

      It’s an interactive movie

    • Veer Pal
      Veer Pal


  • assassinsknight

    True fan test, who was the first Red Robin?

    • Bat Taku
      Bat Taku

      Jason Todd

  • TheSilentGamer

    Batman is my all time favourite Superhero cause I really feel like Batman watching the shows movies and especially the Arkham games

  • JeydonBean

    Jesus Christ the more clips u guys upload the more spoilers there gonna be

  • Theworldsbiggestfailure

    does the digital version include these scenes?

    • Shryne

      @Enda McNabola The Microsoft "film & tv" store/app is where I get a lot of my digital versions. Can get it on either the Xbox or PC.

    • Shryne

      I imagine the scenes themselves will be for the most part, however the digital format will not have the interactive feature, instead digital versions will be 3 short films/extended animated tv length episodes one for each of the 3 main routes Jason can go down.

    • Enda McNabola
      Enda McNabola

      Digital version? Where?

  • Peader-Man

    Description: Tim Drake, aka red robin, confronts Two-Face. Me: That isn't Tim. That's Jason taking over as red robin in that time-line.

    • Koyin Productions
      Koyin Productions

      @Mr Carr it’s only Titans of tomorrow tim that used guns, main tim has never used them.

    • Hilmi 329 AR
      Hilmi 329 AR

      Well they changed the description now lmao

    • Nick A
      Nick A

      @Mr Carr give proof, which you can't do, because its not true. Learn when your beat kid.

    • Mr Carr
      Mr Carr

      @Nick A you don’t the read the comics just say it. I know who tim drake is and he has used guns before and anybody who disagrees are clearly just cartoon or movie fans they don’t read the comics

    • Blair

      @Nick A lol

  • bruno

    sooo why is red robin with guns?

    • bruno

      @Veer Pal indeed

    • Veer Pal
      Veer Pal

      @bruno yea I know I’m sure maybe they’ll explain it

    • bruno

      Veer Pal yeah saved by Batman, he wasn’t murdered or anything

    • Veer Pal
      Veer Pal

      Maybe cause it’s Jason Todd

  • DreSaidSo

    drops in especially 18 hours and 7 minutes cant wait

    • Blair

      @ishtar inanna weird

    • Blair

      @speedingahead Where?

    • ishtar inanna
      ishtar inanna

      @Blair i found it but just 30 min of bruce narrating under the red hood :/

    • speedingahead

      @Blair I found it on Blu-ray earlier today

    • Blair

      It's 13th of October here and I can't find it online.

  • Parallel

    Greetings IGN, I put on Steam the game I'm producing called Parallel, producing games is not easy, promoting is also very complicated. 🙏

  • Square Bob
    Square Bob


  • Caleb Byrd
    Caleb Byrd

    Jesus Christ!! Robin!!

  • waz

    But Batman has no family

    • Veer Pal
      Veer Pal

      The Bat Family

  • Rowan Llew
    Rowan Llew

    Timtim wotcher doin with them there guns ?

    • Rowan Llew
      Rowan Llew

      Jason wotcher doin cosplayin timtim and committing crimes

    • AmazingAmari400

      it's Jason not Tim lol

  • Jake Rutigliano
    Jake Rutigliano

    How fitting, considering Two Face killed his father.

    • Light Knight
      Light Knight

      Not in the comics no

    • csaj egy ember
      csaj egy ember

      @Mosh that's not what i meant. I misread what the other guy wrote. I thought he was talking about Jason until i read it again.

    • Mosh

      @csaj egy ember That's Jason wearing Tim's Red Robin costume.

    • csaj egy ember
      csaj egy ember

      @Jake Rutigliano that's Tim Drake.

    • Jake Rutigliano
      Jake Rutigliano

      @Adam Grimes But this is Jason in the suit.

  • Akhilesh Appu Mj
    Akhilesh Appu Mj

    Happy to see redrobin

  • B. Wayne
    B. Wayne

    Joker: ''Two face just killed Tim drake!... *SO* who's robin these days?''

    • AmazingAmari400

      @Blair Red Robin is basically robin, but not under Batman's wing, in other words, he's not Batman's sidekick anymore.

    • Blair

      @The Joker Why is he red robin and not normal robin?

    • ZMG ZMOD
      ZMG ZMOD

      goodnesswhy ya they got it wrong

    • Box Box
      Box Box

      goodnesswhy it’s wrong

    • The Joker
      The Joker

      In this time line Jason Todd is Red Robin.

  • Capical

    Tim drake!!!!

    • MAC 132
      MAC 132


    • Diego Pansini
      Diego Pansini

      @Rappers Unreleased Cool

    • ZMG ZMOD
      ZMG ZMOD

      Capical it’s not Tim

    • Rappers Unreleased
      Rappers Unreleased

      Diego Pansini there’s more choices then 3. I heard there are 7 different endings

    • Diego Pansini
      Diego Pansini

      @Capical This movie is interactive and it gives you three choices. Those choices either lead Jason to become Red Hood, Hush, or Red Robin.

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    1 sub before 2021?

    To the person who is reading this: Your amazing stay blessed stay safe and have an wonderful ‘rest of your day!💫

    • SabakuJoseph


    • MAC 132
      MAC 132

      @MAN AWAKES that’s what I’m thinking man.🤨🤔

    • Dale Johnson
      Dale Johnson

      You too


      Are you a bot..?

    • Kohelet Calaforex clan
      Kohelet Calaforex clan

      Ty, same to you

  • Oussama BEKK
    Oussama BEKK


  • Sound Wave
    Sound Wave


  • Help Me Get To 5000 Subs with 1 video challenge
    Help Me Get To 5000 Subs with 1 video challenge

    *to the early squad reading this: sending virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. always stay safe, read my name btw 💫*

    • Matthew Hager
      Matthew Hager

      I have no intention of staying safe.

    • Jaden Alvizures
      Jaden Alvizures

      Thanks man, hope you’re well

    • Sound Wave
      Sound Wave

      Help Me Get To 10,000 Subs with No vids challenge! I hate you so much

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      Tech Droid Shahid


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